Lay Gnosis 108 Iran Now Has a NON-MUSLIM MAJORITY!

Iran a brutal theocracy since 1979 simply wants world domination by Shia Islam. They are just another type of threatening globalism. Realising their weak position in terms of military capacity they set about doubling their population to have lot more taxpayers and industry and soldiers to sacrifice to take on the “Great Satan the United States” Well, they just about have doubled their population but the mullahs have badly miscalculated because their average citizenry is rebellious teenagers who tend to reject the theocratic establishment. So doubling the population has been a great fail and will ironically contribute to the removal of the Theocracy. LOL Colour revolution will likely succeed aided by Facebook etc. 1979 there was no Internet when the theocracy arrived. But this new Iranian generation is born into a networked Internet chattering society. Even the Iranian states firm control of social media giants and TV stations only provokes more rebelliousness from youthful netizens. Am quite sure foreign countries will play a role in the downfall of the theocracy. Its better than a war between Israel/US and Iran as it sits on 20pc of the worlds oil, and is strategically positioned to choke off the world oil supply. With just a few hundred mobile missile launchers, that Russia kindly supplied.

So disobedient youth could well be the undoing of the fanatical Iranian theocracy.

Almost humorously, but rather dark, The Obama administration paid Iran 142 Billion dollars ( crates of cash in planes) to keep quiet about the fact that Seal Team 6 did not kill Bin Laden Because Iran knew the raid was coming and snatched Bin Laden at the last minute. replacing him with an impostor. Described publicly as a nuclear peace deal was the blackmail payment to keep quiet. Obama staged this Bin Laden kill incident as a re-election stunt. Critics were quick to point out the only “killed picture” of Bin Laden was a 2 year old chatline photo. And muslims don’t do burials at sea. Never. And last but not least Seal Team 6 was killed when they were put into the slowest helicopter from Vietnam days and flown over enemy anti aircraft batteries to ensure their death. To ensure nobody could blow the whistle on Obama. The word is, it was a Stinger missile supplied by Hilary Clinton who covertly armed Isis and destroyed the modern nation of Libya, allowing swarms of illiterate Africans into Europe. The rabbit hole goes on forever.

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