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Good morning, everybody. Today is Friday, October 7 of 2022. Now, today’s prophetic word is a little bit different. I gave you the first one I heard on October 1 yesterday. Now, this is a combination of a couple. So to two of these prophetic words I heard during a prayer time with my prayer team right before we went to the tent revival that his glory had on. It was past david scarlett and his team, they had it, and we were invited as a speaker. So we were praying over this event like we always do, every event. Well, prophecy started coming, so one of my team members got their phones out, and they started recording it. Then two happened at that particular point in the afternoon. Then when I went to the revival that day, when I spoke that night, another one came out. So this is eight pages long. It is very powerful. Not only powerful for the United States of America, but it’s also powerful for the body of christ in general. So it doesn’t matter where you live. If you were in the body of christ, this word is for you. This is what our heavenly father is directly telling you. Before I get to that, if you have any prayer requests or praise reports, please go to our website@jgminternational.org under our contact page. Or you can write us at julia green ministries, PO. Box 1252, bettendorf Iowa 52722. Now, when I give this word out, it’s called again. It’s harvest time for my children and for the world to see. I’m not done with the United states. Yesterday’s word was October 1. Yes, this was also October 1. So there were four different prophetic words on that day. I just want to make it clear. Four different words on that day so the date is not wrong when you see it on our prophecy page, when it gets up there. Okay, again, this is from Saturday morning, and I’ll give you the part where it was Saturday night. This is Saturday morning’s part.

All the miracles I have done previously, I’m doing again right now. So expect to see them. Expect to see miracles from me. Expectancy, expectancy, expect from me. There are no limits, but my children have limited me with their small thinking and small talking and their small expectancy they didn’t expect from me. I’m raising up my children now to new levels of my glory, new levels of authority, new levels of miracles, new levels of signs, and new levels of wonders. When you speak what I tell you to say, no, that I will perform my word. Expect to see it manifest that quickly. You are not living in a time anymore when the timing is slow or prophecy is said and there are many years in between. No, you are living in a time when prophecy is spoken and then the prophecy is fulfilled. When a word of knowledge is said, and then it is fulfilled. My manifestations are coming as quickly as the words are spoken. Because this is a time you are living in. You are living in a time of harvest. A great harvest it shall be. There is a harvest of seeds that were planted by your ancestors. These seeds were planted many generations before you. Your ancestors never saw the harvest of the seeds they had sown. But this is now, the time for that harvest. So become good reapers. Reap the harvests. Call them in, even the ones you didn’t Sow. I am saying right now to call it in. This is another mandate, my children. Call in those harvests, calling those miracles. Call in the lands, call in the countries, call in the governments, call in the economies that were meant to be yours already, Lord. You said economieS. I say YES, economieS. Because this is not just about one nation. This is about all nations around the world where I will flourish and thrive. I am greatly distinguishing each and every one of my children in these days. So raise your expectancy higher and higher. You say, Lord, I’m expecting more. But I say no. Go higher. Think big. And then when you think big, think bigger. Think higher. Because, my children, I am raising you as high as you can be. I’m bringing you up with me. So raise your expectancy higher. Get into your prayers and praises with me now. I will show you what to believe me for and what I have for you. What you have seen is nothing. It has been a barren wilderness. It is time for the great harvest and time now for you to move into your promised lands. It is not just a land like it was in Canaan. No, this is a land or a way of life you have never known before. So get up with me. Raise your expectancy. Because I’m about to do something for my children that I have never done. So get up. Get up. Get up this day and believe me, for the impossible to be possible.

I say it’s time for the sower is right next to the reaper. I say the fields are ripe for harvest. That is why you’ve seen such darkness. That is why you’ve seen much opposition. So many of my people, my children, think that when they spoke my words, it was just easy. But when you spoke my words, you ran into opposition. You ran into times where it looked darker and harder than times before. That was when your enemy was trying to stop you from getting to this point, to this level of receiving this from me. So I am saying, press on, press through. Get up. Get your swords, the spirits sharpened. This is a time when you will see a great battle on earth, a battle not just the soul of one nation, but a battle for all nations. You are going to see a battle because evil was trying to destroy the soul of the Church. A great battle. But do not fear what you see, because what you see is your victory. What you see will bring shaking. What you see will bring a silence. What you see will bring many people to their knees. I say the more you press into me, the more freedom you will receive. More wisdom, knowledge, understanding you will receive, because this is a time to receive from me. You are under an open heaven. So when you pray, believe, you receive, and then you will have it. You will see the manifestation of it quicker. These are the days under an open heaven. That is why I’m telling you, my children, to rise higher, start thinking bigger. Bigger, bigger, the biggest. I want you to expand. Expand your tense, expand your way of thinking, because the more you expand, the bigger you and your thoughts are and the more you will receive. So shake off the small thinking and the small talking. Don’t speak small. Don’t speak limitations. Only speak my words and only speak what I tell you to speak. These are the times when you need to be careful what you say. Be careful of your mouth. Realize how much authority it has. Your words can manifest in a good or bad way. So more speaking. So no more speaking of the pain, affliction, disease or magnifying what your enemy is doing. Only magnify me and what I have already done for thee. These are the days when your work will go forth and there will be either blessing or cursing or curses. Whichever one you speak, you will see the manifestation come quicker. So be thoughtful before you speak. These are the days of declaring decree. These are the days when you will see me. These are the days of more visitations from heaven, more angelic visitations, more visions and more dreams, more to a point where it is an escalating time. Or this will flow, flow and flow again. These are the days. Receive, receive, receive your harvest. This is the time, your harvest, saith the Lord.

This is not the time to be feeble. This is not the time. This is the time to rise up from your prison cells. We’ll say that again. This is not the time to be feeble. This is the time to rise up from your prison cells. Weakness, sickness, pain, affliction, fear, anxiety, depression, weariness, doubt and belief. Get up. Get up, I’m saying. Stand up and receive. No more quitting. No more laying down. No more expecting defeat. No more letting your bodies tell you where to go, what you are going to do or what you are not going to do. No more letting your enemies speak out against you. No. You speak to the thing that is behind them, using them as vessels. You decree, you declare. You speak my words and then expect to see me. No more time for being weak or wimpy. These are the time these are the times to get up, get up, get up from defeat, get out of the world and what they are saying and how they are acting. I’m saying get up with me to new levels of my glory. Put both feet in this spirit. Get your feet out of the world. Don’t talk like them, don’t act like them, don’t look like them. Don’t watch the things they watch. Don’t talk the way they talk. Be the children of Almighty God. The more you do this, the more you will see me. I will send each in my body to shake off defeat. To never expect or accept it and to never let it get a hold of of you again. You are not defeated. You are a child of most high God. So when defeat tries to latch on, shake it off with my power, my glory, my name and my word. When every fiber of your being says to accept defeat and pain and sickness or disease, speak my words right then and there. You shut up your flesh and tell it to bow to my name. You are no longer supposed to be soulish or fleshled. From now on my children, you be SpiritLed. You tell your soul what to do. You tell your body what to do and then go in my name. You have power and authority in every part of your life, so start using it. If depression sets in, shut it up. If fear starts setting in, shut it up. Don’t wait. Do it immediately. No matter what tries to latch on, shake it off. Don’t lay there and take it. Know who you are. Know that you are a temple of the Holy Spirit. This is now the time to stand up and use my name like you’ve never before used it. This is now the time when you will walk into places and demons will tremble. Because you are not just talking about it, you are walking in it. Be Sanctified, be consecrated, be holy. Think upon me throughout your day.

Listen to my word as much as you possibly can. Turn off everything else. Saturate yourself in my word. This is what is a life changer. Because you guys are world changers, my children are world changers. So shake off all past failures and defeat. Shake off and don’t remember the past because I don’t.

Only look into the future with me, look to your future with me. Stay focused on Jesus. Stay focused on what he has done. Stay focused on my word and watch everything change. And you will say Father it is like a dream because some things will change in the blink of an eye. 1 minute you are in this and 1 minute you were in that and the next minute it’s all gone. Expect the same thing with debt. Expect the same thing with lack. Expect the same thing with your paychecks. No more. My children are getting all those seeds that have been sown, which I talked to you about earlier. Many seeds have been sown. Remember, my children, don’t ever forget this is harvest season, so start expecting your harvest to come in today in Jesus name. You know me. The cry baby is hard because I can feel God’s compassion come on me when it comes to his church. And so I’m listening. And of course, I love of his church because of what he’s doing. All right?

Now this is another prophetic word. It was that night. This was at the Tent Revival in Ohio with his glory. I was up on stage. I was saying whatever God wanted me to say. And then all of a sudden a prophecy came out. So this is what it is.

I give my anointing and my authority to you. I will show you my love. I will show you my forgiveness. I will show you how strong you are in me and that you are never alone. And when you go into your places of work, people will know something is different because I am there, and my presence will be known. Your enemies will scatter before you because you are going to rise to new levels in my glory and my authority. And when you open your mouth, speak my words. Speak them boldly. Because I am the great I am. I will not fail you. I am showing up. I will show your adversary who is mine and who is not. You’ve got the days of separation. So choose, my children, who you believe. Choose, my children, what side you are on. Choose, believe me, over your enemy. As you turn to me and as you seek my face, I will heal you from your broken hearts. I will cleanse your souls. I will tear down the walls that have been holding you and the shackles that have imprisoned you. I will tear them apart. I am the great I AM. Take me or my word because my word is truth. And that truth is setting you free today. So, my children, open up your hearts to me. Seek me as you never have before. Magnify me and not your enemy. I will fill your homes with my glory. If you would invite me there, if you invite me, I promise you I will show up. These are the days for restorations. These are the days of refreshing. These are the days I want to restore all that has been stolen from you. Now I am going to give back to you even more. I will give you so much more. I am going to overflow you with so much you won’t know what to do with it all. My children, I want you to be blessed so you will go and bless the world. Show them, my son. Let my son shine through you every day. And my love will grow in you. Your enemy will not know what to do with you. He will run and he will scatter before you. So this day, my children, take me for who I am and what I’ve done for you, because I am not done with you.

I am not done with this nation. This nation will soar higher. This nation will rise greater. This nation and the power I’m giving to this nation will be like no other nation in history. This nation is going to fulfill its calling. It’s going to rise up. It’s going to be my nation. It is going to show the world what I always intended. It is the nation. It is the nation to the nations. It is this nation that I will use to free other nations. I am restoring the blessing upon this nation. I have put my hand back on this nation. So watch it. Watch my hand move. Watch me move. Watch me move. I will remove every person. I’ll remove every law. I will remove anything they put in place that was not of me. Believe me, my children, I’m restoring this nation and making a new nation, a new and greater United States. So call on me. Believe it. Receive it in Jesus name, amen. Now, this was not just a word to the United States of America. It was a powerful word to United States because it’s a nation to the nations. This is why you’re seeing such a darkness in this nation, because this nation is a light and a beacon to nations around the world. And our enemies tried to put that light out. But not only have they tried to do that, they infiltrated our churches to try to steal the soul of the body of Christ. They’ve infiltrated it with manmade doctrines, religious traditions, legalism.

People were looking to man and not God. They were believing man and not God. I’ve cried over the church in God’s body in the last few weeks, because when God does what he’s about to do, there are people that will not heed these warnings.

There are people that are nasty to us, think we’re crazy lunatics. There are people that are out there that are just so horribly nasty. You know what? God loves them. Remember Jesus when he was on the cross and one of the things he said was, Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.

There are people in the body of Christ that are going to see all these miracles, all these signs and all these wonders that God’s about to do, the Greater Exodus, even greater than the original. And just like the original, people chose the other side. They chose not to believe God. Even though they saw everything that he did, they still choose or chose to believe the enemy. Nothing happened again. God first judged the Egyptians. It gave them time to repent and they refused. Judgment came. A lot of them died. Pharaoh and his men ended in the Red Sea. But even after seeing the Red Sea miracle, even after seeing everything that he did, and even after he gave them everything, he restored everything back to them that was stolen over them for 400 years. His people, some of them still chose to walk away. They chose not to believe. Joshua and Caleb, when it said we were more naval,

there were people that just kept doubting, kept that worry, kept that fear, kept that doubt, kept that unbelief and forgot the goodness of Almighty God. That’s happening again. No matter what God is about to do, no matter how awesome things are going to be, there are always going to be people that are going to turn away from Him because it’s their will.

I know a lot of us because of the struggles of the day, sometimes we even forget the goodness of Almighty God.

There are times in my darkest hour, I did the same. Didn’t think I could receive from Him because I wasn’t worthy. What do you say in this prophetic word? We need to get up from those places, pray for those people. Pray for those people that will still turn, those choose to turn away. This is a time of a great separation. There was one in the original book of Exodus and there will be another one. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. And God is shaking the body of Christ too. He has to in order for his glory to be received, in his own churches. But first you’re going to see God judge the enemy.

Then you’ll see it in the church. We have to stop playing church. A lot of churches won’t even invite God in. They talk about him? That religious tradition keeps them from inviting Him in.

These are the days where he’s telling us a time for harvest. He even said, this is a time where we’re going to receive harvest that we didn’t even sow.

This is a great time to be alive. Whether it looks like it right now or not, whether it feels like it or not, I choose to trust and believe. God said, Julie, why are you crying? Why are you sad?

Because even though it’s our time of victory and it’s our time of celebration, God is thinking about those people on the other side. He wanted them to choose the right side. He wanted them to choose Him, but it can’t make them so this time that we are living in. Invite him in. Ask him into your homes. Ask Him into your life and in your jobs. He yearns for that fellowship with you. So, Julie how I do that? It’s easy. Just a Heavenly Father, I want you a part of my day, every day. It’s sad that we’re in the body of Christ and we don’t think about it more. No matter where we go, I don’t care if we’re driving in a car. Think about Him being right there. He goes wherever you go because he’s on the inside of you. We just don’t think about it because the cares of this world and everything in our life, the distractions of the day keeps us reminding ourselves that we are not alone. And our Heavenly Father goes with us everywhere we go. This is the time of pressing in and pressing through and getting in with God. This is a time of great miracles, great signs, great wonders. This is a time of that great harvest. This is a time of the United States to rise. But even if you don’t live here, this is time for your nation too. This is a time for your miracles, your sides, your wonders, you to be set free. This is a time in God saying to think big. And when you think big, get up bigger. This is a time for revival. This is the time for God’s glory. And this is the time for the church not to be whipped you. This is the time for the church not to lay down. This is the time for the church not to be silent. This is the time for God’s people to get up from where you are right now. I know what it’s like to feel like you have so much heaviness on you, to feel like your days are so dark and so hopeless and so helpless, you can’t even get to that day. You’re in survival mode. Even sometimes you’re in survival mode. I can just get past this hour. But God but God will raise you up higher and get you out of those situations. It’ll bring you into a place where you’re going to say, God, it’s like a dream. He is a sure thing. He is the God of the impossible. Don’t ever count God out. He will not fail you. People will fail you, but God will not. So look to God in this day and I want to pray over each and every one of you today, these prophetic words, and we will get these out as soon as we can. Like I said, we have somebody who just had a baby and we have somebody else. Just give us time to get us on our website. When you get these prophetic words, read them, especially this one. Read it. See the way that God sees you and not the way you’ve seen yourself. See yourself, the way God sees you, and not what your enemy says, who you are. God wants you to rise up higher. He is a God of no limitations.

So, Heavenly Father, right now, in the name of Jesus, we want to thank you Father God for this fresh man from heaven. We want to thank you Heavenly Father, for your perception of who we are. We thank you Father God, that you are giving us these marching orders, you’re giving us these increase, you’re giving us your love. You are showing us, Heavenly Father, what you’re planning on doing. We thank you Father God, that you are raising us to new levels. We thank you, Father God, that this is harvest time. We thank You, Father God, that we are no longer defeated, that we are no longer sick, that we are no longer feeble. And Heavenly Father, no matter who is listening, no matter what they are going through, I want to praise and thank You, Father God, for Your glory to be seen, for Your glory to be felt. I thank You, Heavenly Father for the special impartation, no matter what is going on in their life, I thank You, Father God, that they see a breakthrough. I thank you, the Father that you are the God of the breakthrough. So I thank you, Father God, for breaking through to them today. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nashville. I thank you, Father God all their darkness. I thank you that you are shining Your light upon them. I thank You, Father God, that they are rising up to a new level with you. And they know, they’re knowing their authority, they know that you’re in love for them. They know that they don’t have to quit. They know they don’t have to give up. And every shackle and every chain that’s been holding them back and holding them down, I thank you that Father of God, and they can no longer do that. And I proclaim a decree right now saying, I bind you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth son of Almighty God, I command to be released from your assignments every single thing that’s been assigned to God’s people. I thank you, Father God. It is destroyed, it is annihilated, because the name is above every name. So I plead the blood of Jesus over each and every person right now that is watching this video. And I thank You, Father God, no matter the struggle, I thank you that that weight is gone. I thank you that those cares are gone. I thank you that that pain is gone. I thank you that that weakness is gone. I thank You, Father God that that pain in there by the sickness in there by you is gone. In the name of Jesus, I thank you. And Satan can no longer prosper over your people because no weapon formed against us to prosper. So I want to thank you for these breakthroughs. I want to thank you, Father God, for the healing. I want to thank You, Father God, for the manifestation of Your glory upon Your people and we thank you for it. In Jesus name. Amen. And amen. Now, I hope this encourage you today, please, like like subscribe and share and give this to everyone you know who needs to hear an encouraging word or needs to hear the truth, because the truth will set you free. God loves you. I love you. God bless you and have a wonderful day.


Combined with gnostic people glowing, (Plagues of Egypt) we get this

These are the days of more visitations from heaven, more angelic visitations, more visions and more dreams, more to a point where it is an escalating time.

Plus we get Gods rejection of manmade doctrines and traditions which form the religions. Leaving only Gnosis for all.

And we are told to get our feet off the ground and into the supernatural too.

And rapid magical changes.

“Father it is like a dream because some things will change in the blink of an eye. 1 minute you are in this and 1 minute you were in that and the next minute it’s all gone. Expect the same thing with debt. Expect the same thing with lack”

The secular globalists and the 19th century materialist skeptics are facing serious devastating disappointment. Scientifically based just for them. Can we call it Their Red Sea moment ?

We are living in the richest of times, this year.

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