‘Australian Brexit moment’ Nigel Farage discusses the Voice to Parliament referendum in 3 weeks

Seismic shift in consciousness stemming from the highly mendacious VOICE to PARLIAMENT referendum campaign. The anger is waking up middle Australia society that is exposing massive Native Land Title fraud to the tune of BILLIONS. Never been audited. Audits mysteriously blocked in parliament. And guess what – Native title claims (takeovers) when successful, the new indigenous owners can only do stone age stuff like hunting and fishing so they are effectively kept on a reservation ! NO buildings, NO fences, no electricity. No trees. No dams. So WHO benefits ……umm…err…. the United Nations…… Are you surprised dear reader ?

Whereas in other Anglo countries say Amerindians can operate Casinos with exclusive licences.


Nigel Farage, former Brexit leader and host of Farage on GB News, joins us now from beautiful England where it slightly gets colder as it gets warmer here. Lovely to see you mate. You are watching with absolute hawkish eyes about what’s happening here when it comes to the VOICE debate. Every time we talk the numbers seem to be getting better for NO and worse for yes. Yes, I was discussing this with one of your former Prime Ministers yesterday. This feels to me a bit like an Australian Brexit moment, because you’ve got the great and the good, the established mainstream media, oh, let’s not forget Qantas, yes, Qantas, the campaigning group that flies a few aeroplanes with Vote Yes down the side of their planes. And it looks like what’s happening is people are actually listening to the arguments and changing their minds. Six, nine months ago, the polls said about two-thirds of Australians would vote yes. Now they’re listening to the arguments, well, maybe that’s down to about 40%. So this could be a real slap in the face for the metropolitan elites, especially in Melbourne and Sydney. And I’m watching and I’m cheering.

Now, I know there’s a lot of other topics to get to tonight. We’ll get to them in a second. But I want to talk to you about your expertise in this, about what it is like to swim against the tide. In fact, I was listening to a conversation on Glenn Beck’s radio program overnight, and they were having a conversation about abortion, and they were admitting that their position was far more conservative than what they know to be, where the broader electorate is, but they were talking about how, just like people who advocated for social changes that might’ve been unpopular 20 years ago, it’s a long march, and then eventually you can get where you’re going. Is that what’s key? Because obviously Brexit wasn’t something that you fought against or fought for six minutes before the referendum, you didn’t come out in the final spray, you’d been there for, you know, essentially a political generation. Is that the lesson in part to say to people on the the centre-right about pick your battle and run on it for a bloody long time? Yeah the one thing I learned in politics above all else was you have to have patience. And with that patience comes consistency, intellectual consistency and honesty. And one of the problems and one of the things I think that we despise about this terrific growth of career politicians is they will tell you what they think you want to hear today rather than where they think the country might be better off in five or ten or fifteen years’ time and to encourage you to join them on the journey. It is the essential difference, I would say, between leadership and followership. And there are so many people in conservative movements in all of our great English-speaking countries who have just lost sight of that over the course of the last few years, happy to go with the latest fashionable fad rather than standing up with intellectual rigor for things that might just, in the long run, make people’s lives better. Well, there’s probably a better analogy for this than one that will play poorly on the clickbait of the internet, but I’ll do it anyway. A little bit like fashion, some things sort of come in and come out, and if you stick around for long enough, you get to be there for the first time and the second time.

And a perfect example is about immigration and illegal immigration and boats, because again, you’ve been on this for a long period of time, and the Conservative government that’s been there and now is literally campaigning against itself in terms of how hard they’re going to be and what they’re going to do to turn around the boats, but it’s consistently got worse. Again, the EU, we see Keir Starma is going to be in Paris today, sort of trying to find a way to sort of maybe backdoor to stay out but stay in when it comes to Europe. Tell us the latest about these illegal crossings. So the little island of Lampedusa, south of Italy, with a population of 5,000, saw over 10,000 young males arrived there over the course of the last weekend, double the size of the population of the island, literally an invasion of 200 boats coming from Tunisia and Libya and the Italian Prime Minister elected on a ticket of stopping the boats has given up, thrown her hands up in despair and the European Commission president says well we must do something, I’m not quite sure what but we must do something and you know I stood up in 2015 in front of the previous boss of the European Commission in the European Parliament and I told them if you allow people but cross the Med and set foot in Italy or Greece to stay millions will come I was mocked and derided Paul I was demonized for daring to suggest it. So far, 4.7 million have come. 4.7 million. And judging by what’s happened at the weekend, that may be just the start. This will be, if it continues, the death of the European Union politically, because the Poles, the Hungarians and maybe soon even the Germans want none of this. And in terms of what it’s going to do to the demographics and society and community within many European countries. I think it is more likely to be a disaster than a total success. And you know it makes you realize just what a brave and a good leader on this issue Tony Abbott of Australia was. He sent those boats back to Indonesia, they stopped coming. Nobody in Europe’s got the guts to do that and frankly, frankly the more that arrive on Lampedusa and in southern Italy the more that will cross the English Channel and come to us. So Keir Starmer could enjoy his day at the Elysee Palace with President Macron. I’ve been there before by the way for lunch, the food was magnificent, you’d love it Paul. But what’s he actually got? They were all really good. I mean, I tell you what, they may have killed the King, right? But they kept all the crockery and the cutlery, it’s a beautiful place, and the wine was pretty good too. But what’s he going to achieve? How is doing a deal with Monsieur Macron on cross-channel migrants going to benefit us at all? And when he talks about a Labour government being closer to the European Union, well, they will demand that he signs straight back up for all the things that Brexit represented, which if Starmer was to promise to do, he’d lose all that Northern vote. So, I’m afraid that what happens in Europe has a profound effect upon us, whether we’re members of the European Union or not, when it comes to migrants. But I promise you, we are heading into complete disaster here. Who is the lunatic who claims that when Macbeth, that the references in Macbeth to darkness somehow reinforce ideas of white supremacy? I thought darkness, in that context, meant depression. Yes, absolutely, but you’ve got to remember that the entirety of our language must be rewritten. Words have to have new and different meanings and everything George Orwell wrote about in the 1940s is literally coming true. But it’s so mad, it’s so stupid, it’s so crazy that I do genuinely think within the next couple of years the pendulum will swing back the other way. It’s just woke madness. It’s rubbish. Thank you Nigel, lovely to talk to you. We’ll see your stuff on GB News, you can see it on YouTube, get the podcast and get it here on Flash as well. Thank you mate.

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