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Goood uh Morning Everybody today is Monday, October 2nd of 2023 it’s amazing how fast this year is going and we’re only you know, I You know not less than three months left of this year, but I want to say something to you this morning. I Know a lot of people were asking when I was on with General Flynn and clay and people been asking this for quite some time now I know people are getting upset. They’re getting concerned. They’re there. They don’t know what to do So two days from now October 4th there’s gonna be a lot of things that are gonna go on and one of the things that people are talking about is the whole EBS and and what they’re gonna do through the phones and what they’re gonna do through devices This is what I’m gonna tell you. Okay, this is part of our marching orders No matter what the enemy has planned No matter what they do, you can, you know, put your devices away. You can hide them for those hours or whatever, but one of the things I’m going to tell you is we shall not fear. We also should not fear, but we also should not be in worry at all about what’s going on. We can say no matter what the enemy had planned for October 4th, no matter what they were going to do with the vices. It shall not hurt me, because no weapon formed against me shall prosper in Isaiah 54 17. This is when the body of Christ has to understand, we know the enemies are trying to do things that we’re doing things through the airwaves are doing things through chemtrails. They’re doing things through the water, they’re doing things through our food. We know they’re doing things. But this is what we have Understand we shall not fear say I am NOT gonna fear What can man do to me because the one thing again is Isaiah 54 17 say this out loud all the time No weapon formed against me shall prosper. This is what we have the blood of Jesus for This is what we have the name of Jesus for this is what we have the blood covenant with God for Because nothing the enemy has planned will go as planned nothing The enemies want to do it will not be done unto you. And this is something that I’m going to show you today When I was studying yesterday before I went to church the Lord was showing me Isaiah or sorry Psalm 23 and not only did he have me he showed me Psalm 23 But he had me break it down and it was so powerful and I’m gonna share it with you here in a few minutes But before I get to this Teaching. I just want to let you guys know if you do have any prayer requests or praise reports Please go to our website at JGM international org under our contact page You can write us at Julie Green ministries international 4620 East 53rd Street Sweet 200 Davenport, Iowa 5 to 8 0 7 also tomorrow morning I will not be doing a live at 630, but I I will be doing a live at 930 because I will be on with Pastor Artur or Arthur Pulaski from Canada Once again, I’ll be on with him I’m so excited because it was a prophecy fulfilled about what happened with him and what God did in his life So I am gonna have him on the show at 930 central time to give his praise report and see what the Lord has Done in his life. This is a man who has been standing against tyranny He has been standing against the evil and his nation and God made a way when it was impossible God had prophesied this last year through me. I was so excited I was so overjoyed to see what God has done in Arthur’s life So I wanted him to get back on here and share this awesome testimony with you and give you encouragement No matter what you’re going through in your own country or in your own life If you dare to stand not bow, you will not burn if you dare to stand you will not quit you won’t give in you’re gonna Be persistent and consistent in the Word of God God is always Faithful to perform no matter what is stacked up Against you. So again, I will not be on at 6 30 in the morning, but I will be on at 9 30 tomorrow morning with pastor Arthur Pulaski and And also I’m starting to pre-record here because I’ll be gone all of next week and Monday of the following week because I will be in Pennsylvania for the Exodus with brother Timothy Dixon and Manuel Johnson next week in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I’m so looking forward to that. I’ll be speaking Tuesday night. So October 10th, I think is what it is. So I’ll be speaking on Tuesday night. Then I’ll be at the reawaken America tour in Miami, Florida. So I’m going straight from Lancaster, Pennsylvania right down to Miami. So I’m going right there So I won’t be home and you won’t see me alive again until Tuesday morning But I will be pre recording all of for all of next week for you in that following Monday So you have the encouraging words teachings prophecy prayer, whatever God has for me. I will do it for you So I want to make those few announcements Okay, so today after I just opened up about what’s happening on October 4th again, no fear Okay, I don’t want you guys to have fear because I’m gonna show you why no matter what the enemy does Your God the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob Our God is awesome. Our God is greater Our God is bigger than anything that we are facing and just over the weekend There was so many prophecies that were being fulfilled. It was just I was so Excited because when we are seeing these things unfold, we’re seeing these things Hopefully now I need I need to have somebody to do this for me We would be able to pump out videos more often for you a prophecy fulfillment But our team’s just not big enough yet, and we don’t have something to do that on a continual basis But there was a prophecy that had happened with General Millie With his retirement God had prophesied that last year. He gave me that word Also with that monstrous storm that just hit New York City the Lord had prophesied that through me last year also about what was gonna happen with New York and God was causing a cleansing and New York City. So again, a lot of things are going on and we have to be aware of these things Because when things get a little bit more chaotic and they’re getting a little bit more uneasy or Abnormal, we have to know the God that we serve We have to not know only who he is but what we should expect him to do a lot of people Know that God can do a lot of these things that he is that you know He’s the creator of heaven and earth that he’s all-powerful But the thing is they don’t know if he will do these things So I’m going to introduce you today to the the Lord who is our Shepherd and what the Shepherd truly means When he had me go over in Psalms 23 Yesterday and it was so powerful He literally had me break down verse by verse of this entire chapter of what? He wants us to have this revelation of who he really is and what we can expect him to do Because when things are getting to the point where they’re not normal and they’re uneasy People are easily distracted into looking one way instead of looking toward God So God wants us to know who he is so we can trust him in these times of uncertainty So we can trust him when it looks like it’s getting worse and darker than it before it’s getting better or brighter So again, we have to know who God is and not a doctrine of him Not a version of him not who the world says he is But who he truly is and how we find out who he truly is is getting into the word I sound like a broken record, but every day I tell you to get in the Word of God for yourself Don’t take my word for it. I’m gonna give you these scriptures today. I want you to write them down I want you to go over them I want you to know God for who he really is and not who I’m saying that he is No, I want you to know who he is because that’s who he is and I want him to show it to you So the first scripture I want to give to you today is Psalm 23 Now we have to know this We have to get this down in our hearts right now because things are going to start shaking even more Things are going to start to intensify even greater. So with that, again, we’re not supposed to fear. We’re not supposed to get in, you know, like start freaking out of what’s about, like, what is Julie talking about? What’s about to happen? Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. So what does that mean? Things will intensify. It will get darker or get more Worrisome for some people who are not paying attention. Okay, that’s what it’s gonna look like. That’s not what’s going on

Psalm 23

So Psalm 23 in verse 1. This is what he really had me write the scripture right here. And then he had me start Outlining it and it was awesome. So he says the Lord is my shepherd now in the classic amplified version it says the Lord is my shepherd to feed to guide and shield me I shall not lack I want each and every one of you to say right now and I want you to shout it from the rooftops I shall not lack and the reason why I want you to say that I shall not lack because right now the enemy is causing lack. They’re causing lack in every thing they can possibly do. Because if you are lacking something, if you are, uh, don’t have enough food or you don’t have enough money to pay your bills, or you don’t have enough money to pay, you know, uh, your house or electricity or whatever it is, if you are lacking in something, that’s what brings uncertainty, that’s what brings fear, and that’s what will bring worry, anxiety, doubt, unbelief. The enemy tries to bring so much lack to get you distracted. In order for you to look at that lack, to ponder upon that lack, to freak out over that lack, to worry over that lack, and then you’re not thinking about what God is saying. so he tries to bring the lack and God is saying I’m your shepherd I lead I guide he says right here to feed to guide and to shield so when he had me write that out he had me write he feeds what does that mean he provides he feeds a Shepherd feeds his flock or feeds his sheep. He feeds or he provides a Shepherds, they’re part of their duty is to Feed is to provide for his flock then He guides what is guide mean? He directs so God feeds which means provides God guides which means Directs he’s gonna direct our path So when the enemy is telling us to look this way They’re telling us black is coming They’re telling us and I know a lot of people are talking about this because it’s been a prophecy fulfilled where they’re talking about Economists talk about like the dollar is gonna go crash and the economy is gonna go that you know Worse than in 2008 and people are saying these things But again, that’s that fear they’re trying to bring in They’re trying to bring so much fear and uncertainty in the economy in Stability or anything normal to get you into fear So God is going to not only provide for you because he is your shepherd His job is to provide His job is also to direct and to guide He’s going to show you what to do, show you what not to do, show you where to go, show you where not to go. He’s going to show you what to say and what not to say. And so one of the things he’s telling me to tell you today is say, I shall not lock. But Julie, what if there is like, no, I am not going to participate. Just like when they’re going to try to do a lockdown again, God said that’s what they’re going to do. Now he’s gonna lock us in to protect us. I’ll participate in that which that means the difference between a lock in that God said he was gonna do to protect us from what was gonna happen with the angel of Death and what was gonna happen with a lot of the judgment that was happening to the enemies of Almighty God Just like he did with Goshen. He locked them in That means when we’re inside and we know it is God will tell you go in your home Stay there. That means we are going to praise. We’re going to worship. We’re gonna be excited We’re gonna be dancing. I don’t care what’s going on outside. I don’t care I don’t care. My focus is gonna be on the Father because we’re supposed to have that firm focus foundation on the Father So a lock down Would be the enemy Imprisoning you in your own home to try to bring fear worry discouragement defeat So it might look like you’re complying but you’re not because you’re not giving in to what they’re saying you’re not giving in to what they’re doing you are praising and worshiping God because when he said When there was time of a great silence when there was times of things we’re gonna get dark. There was gonna be blackouts There’s gonna be time We’re not gonna be able to communicate Maybe not like like we’re used to and I don’t know how long it’s gonna be. He didn’t say he just said a short time But when you are locked in, you are thanking him because he’s your shepherd. He’s going to provide for you everything that you need. You can stock up if you want, but God’s a multiplier, remember? He’s also one that says, I’m going to direct your path. So he’s going to, if you are listening to him, he’s always going to tell you and show you where to be. And this is what our team says all the time. This is what we declare constantly that we are always at the right place at the right time there’s times where When people have asked us to preach at certain places, we don’t always say yes, we want to but we can’t God has to direct where we go and not only direct where we go, but he directs When we go because sometimes it’s the right place to go, but it may not be the right time So again, God will protect. He protects us. He provides for us. He directs us. Okay, so I just jumped ahead. What he says, to feed, to guide, and to shield. What does shield mean? Shield means protects. So he provides, he directs, and he protects. God is our protector. So just like when it comes to October four, two days from now, and everybody’s like, again, that’s the beginning. Everybody’s hearing about all the things that there could potentially happened that day. You have to remember that you have the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth that protects. Say, Heavenly Father, I plead the blood of Jesus over all my devices. I plead the blood of Jesus over myself, over my family, over my household, over my vehicles. I plead the blood of Jesus over my bank accounts. I plead the blood of Jesus over everything that I have. And I thank you. Just like Father. God you show that showed us in Goshen They had the lamb’s blood that protected them from death the angel of death we have the Sacrificial lambs blood we have the blood of Jesus. I may not be able to see it, but my enemies can So I’m gonna plead the blood of Jesus over my home and I thank you no matter what the enemy wants to do on October For I thank you that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I have a blood covenant with you Father God, I will not be in fear. I will not go into panic. I will not lack. I will not get into sickness and disease I will not have any damage done to my body. I will not have any damage done to my household I will not have any damage done to my children. I will not have it and you just keep going You keep going This is something that is so important for us. You’re learning That’s the reason why he wants me on every day to teach you the written Word of God Line upon line precept upon precept not a doctrine not something that somebody’s made up This is something that goes along with the scriptures because with scriptures there is life With scriptures, remember God’s words are spirit and they are life God’s Word is a two-edged sword What does that mean? It’s a weapon that’s why it’s so important for you to get in line with the Word of God and Just like when things happen Expect them to happen like last week when the doctor You know just was supposed to remove a bone or a tooth and a massive part of a chunk of bone came out And he’s telling me this is a doctor report. It’s gonna take a long time for you to heal Well, I don’t accept that. I don’t accept that. I don’t have time for that So, you know what? This is what I’m gonna believe the report of the Lord the report of the Lord says that by Jesus stripes I’m healed I may not go by how I look or how I feel but I’m gonna go by the report of the Lord This is what we are supposed to be doing again It says in Psalm 23 verse 1 He feeds which means he provides. I want you guys to write these things down he guides which means he directs a lot of people need that direction of what to do where to go and How things should be in their life? They want God’s direction. This is what we’re supposed to be doing then he shields which means he protects God is our Protector. So this is what you and I need to understand is that no matter what our enemies are Concocting up right now and they’re making up a whole bunch of plans right now against us no matter what’s going on with our border again What are we supposed to be doing? We should have a righteous indignation about what’s going on in our country. Oh, yeah, and I do I Can get very angry not for the fact of you know, I’m walking out of love I get that righteous indignation which cries out for justice and I cry out to God all the time God You are the God of justice. You said you protect us Father. God. This is one nation under God I will not allow it to be one nation under Satan or one nation under tyrannical government I thank you Father God No, no matter what the enemies are trying to at the border no matter what they’re trying to do with our economy No matter what they’re trying to do with our laws. No matter what they’re trying to do. I thank you Father God We are one nation under God. I thank you for your protection No matter what terrorist group tries to come in this nation, no matter what this government tries to plan against us I thank you Father God it shall not prosper against us in Jesus name I thank you Father God that your will is going to be done. I thank you Father God that you protect us again He shields he protects this is what I think as He is our shepherd And if you see a shepherd with their sheep, I looked up something, I’m going to get to the vision that I had about this, but really quick when I was studying this yesterday morning, this is something I looked, I, you know, I love to look up things, but what is a purpose of a shepherd with sheep? It’s a close relationship. Okay. And the shepherd guides them to the safe places in life. shepherd protects from harm provides for all their needs whether it’s food water or shelter this is what a shepherd in the natural this is what a shepherd is and he’s giving us his illustration I am the shepherd so it’s in the natural you can see a shepherd how we shepherd love his flock remember that I love that song that he will leave the nine-to-nine and he’ll go find the one that’s lost. God loves us. He’s our shepherd. The Lord is our shepherd. Now another thing is that there’s a negative to sheep. Okay? If we are following God, he provides, again, he feeds, he provides, he guides, which means he protects, he shields, or sorry, he guides which directs, he shields, which protects. And if we’re following him, we had that firm focus foundation on a Father. We’re going to be provided for, we’re going to have the right direction and we’re going to have protection. Now there’s another form. Remember our adversary always does things opposite and twists things that God does. so there are people out there that are trying to also lead the sheep instead of to God where he provides where he directs and where he protects these people out here all these governments what they’re trying to do they’re trying to be a shepherd. They’re trying to lead you to the slaughter. They’re trying to get you so you have no train of thought on your own. They don’t want you to think for yourself. They want to provide for you. Not in a good way. Their providing for you is bringing you into a bondage in slavery. So again, what Where are we gonna put our emphasis on? Where are we gonna focus our attention to? The world? Oh, we’re gonna do all these things for you. Oh, we’re gonna give you free food. We’re gonna give you free phones. We’re gonna give you all these free, free, free, free, free, free, free things. They want to provide for you because they don’t want you to know who the actual provider is, which is God. So you have sheep, which is us, who are being led by the Father, because the Lord is our shepherd. He’s feeding us, He’s guiding us, and He’s shielding us. But if we’re not being Fed and Guided and shielded by the Lord. We’re being Directed by something else and that’s what we have to be very very very careful about right now We’re in a very pivotal time in human history in human Mankind of what’s going on right now We are in that very pivotal moment of a time of the tide is turning things are shifting things are going to escalate So we have to know Where to go we have to know who to follow and not to be deceived Distracted and destroyed because that’s what the devil wants. So again, where is our attention, but also Where is our trust is? Is our trust in the Lord, who is our shepherd, that provides, that directs, and that protects? Is that where our trust is in? Or is our trust in man? Is our trust, and I know you guys who follow, your trust is definitely not in a government. But some people’s trust is. Well, if that’s what they say, if that’s what they’re doing, okay, I guess we’re just going to follow. We have to not comply to a lie. Don’t comply. Don’t be those type of sheep. If the government just says that the news has said that we’re just gonna follow it and go by it. Okay, now there’s something else. Let’s go on to Psalm 23, verse 2. He makes me lay down in fresh tender green pastures. He leads me besides the still and restful waters.” So again, He’s giving you rest. Even in the midst of anything that you’re going through, He will guide you into rest. So you can be, if you’re trusting in Him, you can be at a type of rest that you didn’t even know you could be in. A peace. Because remember, the Lord is our Prince of Peace. A lot of people don’t They don’t have any peace right now. They don’t have any joy right now. So they have no strength There’s come all the time constantly uneasy He’s going to give us rest. I’m gonna get into more scriptures, maybe With that if it’s not today I will next time Verse 3 now look what he says here. He refreshes and restores my life So I went on He refreshes my life. He restores my life. So I wanted to go into to look up definitions again. So what does refresh mean? Gives new strength, energy, reinvigorate. God refreshes. He gives us new strength or energy. So again, He’s giving you that time where he wants you to be and that freshen with the time comes with the presence of the Lord the time of refreshing Comes in the presence of the Lord when you’re spending time with the Lord He’s what giving you strength the time of refreshing. That’s in Acts 3 19 Okay, he gives you strength and energy Now he also says he restores So while you’re spending time with him, he’s going to refresh you, which is giving you strength and energy. A lot of people don’t have a lot of strength and energy right now because they’re so stressed out about what’s going on. It’s destroying their strength. It’s taking away the energy and God saying, I’m going to refresh it because God restores. Now what does restore mean? Restore means return. someone or something to a former condition place or position return means someone or I’m sorry restore means returning of someone or something to a former condition place or position to repair or to renovate so right here with the restore. God is going to return someone or something to a former condition place or position. God’s been telling us a lot about this in the prophetic words that they have been stealing our health from us. They’ve been stealing our peace from us. They’ve been stealing our finances from us. They’ve been stealing our countries from us. They’ve been stealing our freedoms from us. Think about that think of all the things that the enemy’s stealing What did he just say in this scripture right here? Psalm 23 verse 3 he refreshes and restores my life So anything that the enemy has stolen? No matter what it is. We don’t focus on that or dwell on it We just say Lord you are the God who is restoring everything that’s been stolen And I thank you that you’re restoring it back on to me. I Think you’re restoring my country back to me. I think you’re restoring our freedoms back to me I thank you Father God you’re restoring the marriage back to me or my children back to me or whatever you were losing whatever you’ve lost You proclaim and decree that God is a God who’s restoring it back to you if you had house stealing stolen from you Remember by Jesus drives we are healed. We’re supposed to be healed. Our enemy is stealing our healing So what do we do? We proclaim a decree. I thank you Father. God that you are restoring health back unto me I thank you Father. God the health is mine because Jesus provided it He destroyed the enemy for me. So I thank you that you’re restoring health back unto me I thank you for Father. God that you’re restoring strength back unto me There are days. I’m telling you. I’m gonna sit here. I’m gonna be honest with you There are days the enemy has been trying to steal not only my health but energy and strength and So what I have to do is I have to open up my mouth and say I thank you Father God that you restore and renew my strength like Eagles. I thank you Father God its strength I have because you’re the one who provides that strength for me. I thank you Father God I praise you and I thank you that you’re restoring everything into my body. Then my enemy has stolen from me. I Won’t stay this way. I thank you Father. God that you are renewing me day by day Restoring me day by day It’s not better than so many people saying I’m sick and tired. I’m so tired. I’m so sick and tired. I’m tired I’m tired. I’m tired. I say that all the time. Oh, I used to say all the time Before I got that revelation of duh, stop opening up your mouth and saying something stupid. I Didn’t know I mean I knew but I forgot the revelation for it and I just whatever and so I just kept saying I’m tired I’m so tired. I’m tired all the time. I’m just tired. I’m tired. I’m tired. I’m tired No, it’s hard to correct me. Stop saying it. That’s why you’re tired all the time So what we have to do is again call back what’s already ours. God is the God of restoration So right here what is restore mean to return someone or something to a former condition place or position? Our enemies use the FDA. They’ve been using our food against us. They’ve been using our medicines against us They’ve been using everything against us our water against us. They’ve been using our ground against us They’ve been using everything against us. And so what we should be doing is saying I thank you Father God that you are the restorer that you’re gonna restore for everything that the enemies have been doing against us that we didn’t even know about till now. But I thank you for you are restoring that back to me right now in Jesus’ name. I praise you and I thank you Father God that I am being restored of everything that’s been stolen. Take back what is yours. Our countries have been stolen. Instead of laying here and just people crying and getting upset and getting mad and wallowing in pity, Look what they’re doing. Look what they’re doing. Who gives a crap what they’re doing stop it And start taking back. I take back the freedom in this country that have been stolen from us in Jesus name They can’t take what’s what’s when rightfully ours God gave it to us. We’re one nation under God We’re not one nation under Satan. We’re not one nation under Satan and all of his People we’re not that I’m not gonna be controlled by those people. I Don’t care what they do. I don’t care what they say. I’m not controlled by them I’m letting guy guided by God And so this is what we all you start saying. I’m not gonna comply to that. Nope. I’m not gonna comply to that That’s not part of our Constitution that’s not part of what what’s supposed to be already ours This is what right now God is letting certain things happen to awaken his people I’ve seen such an awakening in the last six months. I’ve seen so many people Nationwide are waking up people that other people thought would never See the light of day didn’t see the truth and they are God is turning things around God is shedding his light and destroying the darkness. God’s light will destroy all the darkness So let’s keep reading So again, we are breaking apart the Psalms 23 and getting that revelation of what God is saying He’s giving us revelation right now in his word about what scriptures have always been here that we didn’t really see So it says he refreshes and this is verse 3. He refreshes and restores my life He leads me in the paths of righteousness uprightness and right standing with him Not for my earning it But for his namesake We are right Standing with God no matter how many mistakes we make We are in right standing with God, especially if we have Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We’re in right standing with God Your your adversary will tell you that you’re unworthy And they’ll say always, you know, he’ll just beat you over the head with all these things that condemn you No, I’ve been made the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus. I have right standing with God That’s when you can sit there and pray and have that confidence and boldness Because there’s a lot of people who will not be bold in front of God. Oh, we’re just so unworthy. We’re just so unworthy. And also, your adversary wants you to believe. What happened to the breastplate of righteousness? Remember, a lot of the body of Christ are not putting that on. They’re not putting on the breastplate of righteousness. The breastplate of righteousness. I have right standing with God. But Julie, I made all these mistakes. You know what? If you go to repent to God and you say, God, and this is, I’ve had this happened before because I kept making the same mistake over and over and over again I’m sure I’m the only person but I kept making the same over and over and over again and I said Lord I’m I repent right now I’m so sorry once again I did this and he said what are you talking about I said well I keep making the same mistake over and over and over again he said what are you talking about he said Julie have you repented and I said well yeah he said that I choose not to remember. He doesn’t sit there and make a list of all these things that you’re doing wrong all the time. And then when you go to him, he’s going to sit there. He’s going to tell you, well, you did this. You did this. You did this. You did this. He’s not the condemner. He will correct us. And there’s times where he’s corrected me. There was time, one time I was, literally, I was, uh, you know, correcting my child and, uh, you know, in a matter of discipline, and God says, well, you’ve done that because I hadn’t repented for that. I was like, okay, all right, well, and I went back and I repented to him. I was talking about to one of my children because I told him to do something, and they eventually, in their time, whenever they wanted to, decided to do it. And I said, but you didn’t do it when I asked. You’re still disobeying because the Lord showed me one time and he was showing this to me delayed obedience is disobedience delayed obedience is disobedience when God tells us to do something we need to be quick to do it and so I was correcting my child you know it’s not in your own time in your own way and when you think you’re gonna do it. I asked you to do something and you need to do it when I asked you to do it. I heard God say, that goes the same for you. And I was like, okay, yep, I got corrected right there. Delayed obedience is still disobedience. So when God is telling us to do something, there’s a reason why he’s telling us to do something in that moment in time. Because if he’s telling us to obey him in a certain way and do something in a certain way, it could be Just it could be averting us or stopping something than the enemy had planned. So again Don’t delay in obedience to God Right now what we should be doing In this nation or wherever you are because I don’t people watch from all over the world wherever you are If God tells you to do something do it If you know it for sure, it’s God you do it Because right now it’s a it’s a point in time when we had to be we had to have our marching orders We had to be declaring with me. We’d be getting okay. God’s in a Prophetic word he gave about about a month or so ago. It’s time to get serious It’s time Remember it says in God’s Word and we talked about this in Revelation that we’re not supposed to be Hot nor cold or you were supposed to be sorry. We’re supposed to be hot or cold We’re not supposed to be lukewarm So he said either choose to be cold or choose to be hot. Don’t choose lukewarm and When he says in it in that any that scripture He says and I’ll spew out of my mouth and I said, I don’t want to know what that means. I Don’t want to be lukewarm. I don’t want to know what you spew you out of my mouth means I don’t want to be on that wrong side So God is telling us right now. We have to choose a path that we’re gonna be on We have to choose what side we’re gonna believe we’re gonna trust in so again Right now he refreshes and restores my life. So he’s gonna restore everything that’s been stolen from you. God is a restorer He’s gonna bring it back to you. Whatever the enemy has done against you He’s brought you to a certain point God says I’m gonna bring you back to a point where you are completely restored like the enemy had never touched you Now, I know a lot of people would say that’s just too good to be true Well, it’s not Look what happened in Egypt. Study the word feeble because God said there was no feeble among them. So no matter what damage the Egyptians did to the Israelites, God restored back onto them everything that enemy had done against them. That’s stolen from them. Everything. God made them whole before they left. So he restored. He restored peace in their mind. He restored strength in their body. He restored their finances. He restored it all. And then they got to leave. God is a restorer. That’s scriptural. A lot of people think, well I don’t know how this It can happen. Well, they didn’t either They just saw God do it This is a port where we walk by faith and not by sight. I don’t know how he’s gonna do some things I don’t care to know. I just know he’s gonna I Stop at the question mark. Is God gonna do this? Yes, he is Now now look at verse 4 Psalms 23 in verse 4 Look what he says here again Yes, though I walk through the deep sunless valley of the shadow of death I will fear or dread no evil for you are with me now look what he’s doing your rod again to protect the rod protects your staff to guide they comfort me so right here he’s talking about this again right Here in 24 verse 4 even though we may be walking through a valley the shadow of death Shadow of death doesn’t say it is death. It says a shadow of death Where people would fear what people get upset they get panicked they’d get overwhelmed What is he doing? He’s guiding them He’s directing their path through that valley On to that other side where light is where strength is where he is where they’re Refreshing is whatever it is. He’s leading him and guiding him in that direction So they’re not staying in that that shadow of death He’s leading him and guiding him through it. And he’s also not only leading and guiding him through that valley But he’s protecting them He’s protecting them Remember, he’s a protector But Julie, what if the enemy does all these things? He is my protector say that the Lord is my protector He’s our protector And not only does he protect but look at when somebody’s going through the valley of the valley of the shallow of death He comforts them. So he’s guiding them through it. He’s directing them through it he’s protecting them through it and And he comforts them through it. There’s such awesome revelation about he who directs, he protects, he guides, he shields. He’s doing all these things. Look it. He guides, he protects, he comforts. He’s a comforter. God is our comforter. Then look what it says, verse 5. Now right now, our enemy is present everywhere, it looks like. It looks like they’re in control, it looks like they’re winning, it looks like their plans are going forth. So what do we do? Look at verse 5. You prepare, you prepare a table before me in the presence of who? In the presence of my enemies. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies Look at what he’s doing in the presence of your enemies You may be surrounded by your enemy and look what God’s doing in the midst of that you anoint my head with oil my brimming cup runs over the oil God’s anointing God’s resurrection power God’s glory No matter what the enemy wants no matter if they are in your presence God is anointing you He’s giving you his glory that resurrection power. That’s gonna rise up in you that resurrection power that destroyed death the resurrection power that destroyed the curse that resurrection power that Jesus had it lives in you So you can sit there in the presence of your enemies God’s going to what protect you he’s going to Direct you he’s going to feed you or provide for you He’s gonna he’s gonna I think it’s a comfort He’s gonna anoint. He’s gonna anoint you and give you more glory He’s gonna pour out more of his goodness and mercy which I’m gonna show you here in a second This is why No matter what our enemies are doing. This is what right here You can sit there right here in these few scriptures in Psalm 23 get encouraged Be encouraged and trust in the Lord now it says in verse 6 I Love okay, Mike’s it when my team members shout out to Mary June, but we were in Tennessee and we were doing our prayer call and Lord had given her a revelation and so she had We actually had some of our team members that were still at home So we had a computer out because we were doing a team call. So we had the computer out and She said hey Lord gave me this vision. We got to do it. We got to show this is what we got to show It was a scripture surely only goodness and mercy and unfailing love shall follow me all the days of my life so again Surely only goodness mercy unfailing love shall follow me all the days of my life. So what we did And she, she put one team member here and another team member here. And I was in the middle. She goes, stay together. Now start walking around. And we were trying, like we were three wide in this like hotel room. And she’s like, go over to that corner. And we were all bumping into each other, you know, but again, because it was, God’s goodness is following us. And so no matter where we went, she had us go down the hallway together. She had us like step in the shower. Like we were all like standing side by side like this. So the shower and we’re just like we were all scrunched and in it and we’re just like, okay, and we got it God’s goodness follows us everywhere. We are it overtakes us It should be God’s good goodness and mercy should follow us everywhere so no matter where we are if we are in the shower if we are in a hotel room if we are at work if We are at home if we’re driving in our car God’s goodness shall be with us Everywhere we go and if God’s goodness and mercy are everywhere we go. Then where are the enemies? Gonna remember he’s there if God’s goodness and mercy are there everywhere. We are that we are at And he guides us. He protects us. So he’s shielding us. He’s guiding us. He’s directing our path He’s providing for us. He comforts us then whom shall we fear? Why should we care what they’re doing? We should know gas We should know and pay attention to what they’re doing so we know how to pray what to pray against, but we should remember that the Shepherd, the Lord is our Shepherd. We should not fear. Remember, I shall not what? Lack. Say again, I shall not lack. That’s one of the most damaging thing that’s happening in the body of Christ right now is there’s so much lack going around. Lack of every kind. But again, we need to take this seriously that the Lord is our Shepherd. But what If like, you know, it looks like all countries are going to hell in a handbasket The in the economy and all these things the Lord is my shepherd. I’m not gonna lack. He’s gonna be here to protect me He’s gonna be here to direct me. He’s gonna be here to comfort me. He’s gonna be here to provide for me He’s gonna have its goodness and mercy are gonna surround me and they’re gonna follow me everywhere I go That’s what that’s wherever we go. I I love how she showed us that illustration because we finally like, we kept bumping into each other and we started laughing, you know, we were joking around, but it was fun. But at the same time, it was a great revelation that he is always there, no matter where we are. His goodness and mercy are there everywhere we are. We are not without that thing. And God’s grace, God’s mercy is new every single day. So again, surely only goodness and mercy and unfailing love shall follow me all the days of my life. To the length of my days the house of the Lord and his presence shall be my dwelling place This is one reason why I could not do a prophetic word today Because God wants you to know him as your shepherd He wants you to know that he’s directing you. He wants you to know that he is your provider He wants you to know that he is Protecting you. He’s your protector He wants to know no matter what’s going on. He is your comforter He wants you to know these things God is so good The devil is so bad. Oh, he’s so bad, but God is so good and Who are we gonna magnify? I’m gonna magnify. God is so good magnify the problem solver God solves every problem that we have. He’s a problem solver. He solves every problem. He’s answer to every problem. So again, your goodness and mercy and unfailing love shall follow me. Then he had me write down these three things. Sorry, two things. His presence, his presence is my dwelling place. His presence is My dwelling place We can find that in Psalm 91 But he said His presence is my dwelling place. He had me write that down if we were in his presence Where can our enemies be not? Armies are not gonna be in the presence of God. So where the if we’re the presence of God It’s my dwelling place. That’s where I’m gonna live. I’m gonna live in his presence That means I’m gonna walk in love no matter how hard that can be There’s a lot of times I have to repent for walking out of love because it’s really easy but if we walk out of love and we’re walking away from God and then we’re not in that dwelling place and So this is where we have to be mature Christians We have to start learning what he’s really saying and just don’t just read the scriptures and go You know, he refreshes me stores my life myself He leaves me in the path of righteousness and uprightness and read as fast as you can Don’t don’t read as fast as you can This is where yesterday before church. I said I stayed here. All right, and I I started writing down all these things There’s so much more to this teaching. There’s so much more to this So if we go back to Psalm, okay, you know what? Let’s let’s turn to Psalm 25. I Got a few more minutes. We’ll talk go to Psalms 25. Look what also he does. Okay, so he’s saying again here Psalms 25 4 & 5 show me your ways Oh Lord teach me your paths so he’s gonna what he’s gonna guide us remember he guides he directs our path okay he’s our he’s our he directs it he guides us then he says Oh Lord teach me he’s a teacher he’s gonna teach us what to say he’s gonna teach us what to do he’s gonna teach us how to pray that’s what he’s been doing he’s been teaching us what to say how to pray what to do what not to do he’s a teacher so show me your ways the Lord teach me your paths then it says verse 5 guide me in your truth why truth sets people free guide me in your truth and your faithfulness teach me for You are the God of my salvation For you only and altogether. Do I wait expectantly all day long? we should be paying attention to God all day long and waiting listening to his truth and Knowing his faithfulness that God is faithful to perform his word We go by feelings we go by our five physical senses what things look like what things look like and how things feel that really Determines most people and how they Act throughout the day Or what they believe But we’re supposed to be what guide me and teach me and your faithfulness Your truth and faithfulness and teach me for you the God of my salvation for you and only you all together Do I expectantly wait all day long? He guides he teaches He is truth and he’s faithful So God is truth Which sets me free his truth will set me free and God is faithful He will never fail your faith Stops at the question mark. So if you don’t have a question mark behind Can I trust God? You’ll have faith like a lion. You’ll be bold like a lion and stand on it because there’s no question mark You know that you know that you know, you’re gonna trust God God’s gonna do what he says God’s faithful to perform his work God’s gonna do it. God says it he’ll perform it. Now. Look it also says here and This is another thing that God is What we’ll see what he’s doing is he’s showing who he is So you can trust him How do you how can you trust me? You don’t know He’s letting you get to know who he truly is. So I’m 27. What else is he? so I’m 27 verse 1 the Lord is my light What is light do? light destroys darkness. He’s my light. He destroys darkness in my life. He destroys any evil plan in my life. He’s my light. His glory. His presence destroys the power of the enemy. So write that down. God is my light. It destroys darkness. It destroys every plan. If you’re getting to know who he is and his goodness and his mercy again you’re knowing all these things then you’re not gonna fear anything that’s about to happen at all get these things down in you and thank you to all my team who takes these I don’t really have a format for them they take it and they listen on here and they take it and they write out a format for you so then they put it on the teachings on our website so you can Go back and you can see it and you can keep all these notes They work so Diligently and hard at these notes that you can have I’m so thankful that God has brought me the team than I have Alright now the Lord is my light and he’s what? He’s my salvation God saved us from death He saved us from the curse. He’s my salvation He’s light and salvation Whom shall I fear or dread if you have that revelation of who all God is? He protects, or sorry, he provides, he directs, he protects, he comforts, he teaches, he is my light, he’s my salvation, and you’re getting this revelation. Whom shall I fear? They’re not gonna fear what the enemy is doing right now When you know and you have all these things and you’re writing these things down take it It’s changing people’s lives when they’re getting this revelation Don’t just say oh, that was all that Julie. That was a great. No, don’t go back watch it again Take down notes get down get down this revelation and get down who God really is because all of a sudden all this that starts To happen you’re gonna start laughing Because you’re not gonna fear because it says right here whom Shall I fear or dread? The problem is so many people are fearing and dreading everything that enemy is doing They’re not paying attention to what God is in who God is and what they should expect him to do Because they’re paying attention to what the enemy is doing Then it goes on to say again. This is still Psalms 27 verse 1 The Lord is my what’s nothing that he is the eighth thing. He’s my refuge He’s my refuge and stronghold of my life He’s a refuge. He’s a stronghold of my life of whom shall I be afraid? So something else he is he’s a refuge. He’s a stronghold You have to think about the barricades that God has around us in the spirit. We don’t see If we just knew it and believed in it If we trusted in it God, okay, this is what I’ll show you earlier and I and I got going on stuff when I told you I had a vision, I forgot earlier, so I apologize, the vision that God had, you showing me, you know, he’s our shepherd, I was just saying that he’s our shepherd. And then in underneath the shepherd, he’s telling you all these things that he is and who he is and what to expect. But it was almost like he had this his big arms just were like open wide. And he was just kind of like bringing us all in bringing us all in to him Just bringing us all in just like this bring us all in just to him It was like these big huge arms And he was just sweFBIng us all in and he was like doing this and protecting us from the evil one It was awesome That’s he’s our strong tower stronghold He’s he’s two strong arms are just leading and guiding us right up to him where there is protection Where there is provision where he’s he’s directing us. He’s providing for us. He’s doing comforting us He’s teaching us. He’s our truth. He’s salvation. He’s our life. He’s our light He’s our everything He’s everything that we need and a lot of people what Julie I’d rather have a prophecy today This is what God wanted me to do today. I Was I had a prophecy out? It’s right here. You can see the screen. It’s right here But this was more important to him. This is what he wanted me to do. Okay, I’m gonna read something out This is with nothing. I got to read turn back to Psalm 26 verse 1 Psalm 26 verse 1 What does it say? Vindicate me. Oh Lord for I have walked in my integrity. I have expectantly trusted and leaned on and relied on the Lord without wavering and I shall not slide. What else is he? He’s our vindicator. I’m gonna look up this definition for you. He’s our vindicator. Didn’t have this one pulled up. Vindicator, a person who clears someone of blame or suspicion. A vindicator. God’s our vindicator. A person who clears someone of blame or suspicion. In another definition, a person who shows or proves something to be right, reasonable, or justified. And remember, one of God’s foundation is justice. He’s our vindicator. You think about all the things that God is. Not all things that the enemies are doing and all the things that the enemies are doing I’m saying again not all the things that the enemies are doing if we think about who God is what he was just showing us today in this revelation in song I I can tell you I can say in psalms a lot David when he wrote a lot of psalms he was a psalmist it was it was singing there were songs But he knew God And if we would just know God That’s why he could David faced a lion and a bear David faced Goliath Why did he face it so confidently like that? Or when he was in Ziglag and everything was stolen from him and he could have given up and quit What did he do? He reminded himself who God was and so when he said God do I to pursue overtake and recover all God says Go do it go pursue. We’re taking react cover all and a few other scriptures at later It says and David recovered all why did David do we cover all? Why did David recover all? Because he knew who God was and he knew every endeavor and everything he did in his life. He was not alone He knew God was there God helped me defeat a lion. He helped me defeat a bear. He helped me defeat Goliath God’s gonna help me defeat this army and anything that was against him God needs us to have that revelation of David remember when he said in a prophetic where I think was last year or it might Have been the end of 2021. I can’t remember it was a while ago And he said where are my Joshua’s? Where are my Caleb’s? Where are my David’s? Where are my Daniel’s? He’s asking that question because he gives us all that ability to have that type of faith or trusting in him How do I know God? How do I know who he is? How do I know what to expect him to do? Right here This is how you know God Where is God? Who is God? What do I expect him to do? What what’s he going to do to my life if I’m having a crisis? What should I expect God from him? right here But Julie, I’m so I don’t know what to do. I’ve been so confused. Who’s the author of confusion? Satan so if you’re confused you bind the spirit of confusion you get in the Word of God you say I thank you Father God you are my shepherd You’re leading me. You’re guiding me. You’re protecting me. You’re providing for me You’re my light. You’re my comforter. You’re my salvation. You’re my strong tower my stronghold You’re my refuge You’re my vindicator And you’re saying all these things and you’re knowing him you’re getting to know him personally This is who he is Everything in this word is what he’s promised. This is his will. He’s not gonna let you down. God doesn’t fail and I do really hope this encouraged you because there’s Not only has my myself on my team and in so many people that I know been under severe attack. I mean bad Strong hard attacks, but you know what? We don’t dwell on that. We don’t stay in them We don’t give in to them and just be like, okay. Yeah, we’re under attack and all and what was me? And then we just stay there we fight against them. There’s so many people we’re talking to no matter where we at Now all over this country people are under such attack right now The devil is scared and that’s why this attacks are going on because God’s about to move his hand God’s about to move like we have never seen him in our life move people I’m telling you it’s gonna be even greater than what we saw in this in the Bible and That’s why the attacks are as bad as they are But you remember Isaiah 54 17 write that down and read it every day quote it every day. We quote it all the time We say it all the time. We declare it. No weapon formed against me shall prosper So you need to say this all the time. No weapon formed against me. I don’t care what it is. I Don’t care. It’s physical mental financial what’s gone on your marriage was going to children No weapon that the enemy is forming against you is gonna prosper against you You can say that against your country no matter what the government’s trying to do against you Remember what they’re trying to get and do against your freedoms. Remember try to get it Your food and they’re trying to get your health No weapon. I’m saying it right now. No weapon. I Will not lack in anything Because it says God’s my the Lord is my shepherd. I shall not what I shall not want or I shall not lack We need to take God for his word Open up the Bible That’s where truth is where truth is is what’s gonna set you free So I want to pray over each and every one of you about this revelation that you get it into your hearts deep down in there So no matter what comes up Before then this year or beginning of next year or whatever they decide to do whatever they decided to do You’re gonna know that you know that you know The Lord is your shepherd. You’re gonna know what to expect from him You’re gonna know and you’re not gonna fear who’s coming against you. You’re not gonna fear what happens Because he is what he’s everything you need him to be So Heavenly Father right now in Jesus name. I just lift up every person the sound of my voice. I Praise and thank you Father God that you are showing us that you are the shepherd You’re showing us what all that means you’re showing us that you are our provider That you are our director you direct our path that you are our protector You protect us you shield us from anything the enemy is doing So no matter what Father God the enemy tries to do on October 4th or whatever day after that No weapon formed against I shall prosper and I plead the blood of Jesus over this entire body of Christ Father God that no weapon formed against us and we plead the blood of Jesus over their family members who are not even born again This is part of their awakening that they will come into you Father God We pray in Father God no matter what is shaking you said everything that can be shaken will be shaken But when everything is shaking out there, we will not be shaken We will not be moved because we have the revelation that you are our light that you are our refuge That you are our stronghold that you are our vindicator that you are Father God everything that we need you to be right now. We thank you I thank you Father God right now that you are comforting them where they are Comforting them in every situation that they are facing in their life Showing them that you are leading them and guiding them out of that out of that Test you’re leading and guiding them out of that trial You’re leading and guiding that out of that plan of the devil Because you said even though we may walk through the valley of the shadow It’s not the death right the shadow the valley of death. It shall not we shall not fear It shall not harm us in any way shape or form So I praise and thank you Father God that you are strengthening them because they are hearing the truth and that truth is setting them free and I thank you Father God that they are learning more about you and who you really are and it’s destroying the mindset of religiousness it’s destroying legalism it’s destroying all these things that the enemy has tried to use to try to weaken the body of Christ and we thank you Father God that you are absolutely good in your goodness and your mercy you follow them all the days of their life and we thank you for it in Jesus name. Amen. Again, say I will not lack. Again, say no up and forming against me shall prosper. Again, say God is my light. Say the Lord is my shepherd. I’m not going to want. I’m not going to lack. I’m not going to be scared. I’m not going to freak out. I’m not going to get worried. Because the Lord is with me and he comforts me. He protects me. Start saying these things all the time. When you start saying these things all the time, you’re gonna start to believe it the more you say it. And you’re gonna really start to receive it. And once you receive it, then you can start seeing the manifestations of it. More and more and more and more. We need to get our words lined up with the word of God. So again, tomorrow morning at 630, I will not be on, but I will be on at 930 central time. I’ll be on with Arthur Pawlowski, Pastor Arthur Pawlowski, great, great man of God. I absolutely love him and his wife and his entire family So he’s gonna be on with me and he’s gonna show us what God has done in his life and how everything is I’m telling you God is working in Canada. I know there’s a lot of people watching from Canada today and Remember God is not only saving this country, but God is also saving yours he’s had many different prophetic words regarding your nation and Arthur is Pastor Arthur somebody that so many people can look to because of his courage and his boldness and he stood in the face of that And God said he wasn’t going back to prison and he didn’t so again God is showing us that whatever he’s saying it’s coming to pass and it’s coming to pass very quickly And so be encouraged today That God is on your side and he’s between us and our enemy and he is protecting us. So You know what I’m going to say, I hope this encouraged you today. Please like, subscribe and share and give this to everyone you know who needs to hear an encouraging word, who needs to hear the truth because the truth will set you free. God loves you. I love you. God bless you and have a wonderful day.


Classic biblical Psalm 23 caused me to feel compelled to know something about it and listen to the lesson while I proof read the subtitling.

BUT it didnt take long to get to the sheep metaphor – the Lord is My Shepherd blah blah. I was really trying to pay attention to this vital instruction, I was trying hard, but God knows my inability to avoid connecting Bugs Bunny cartoons like the two sheep dogs Ralph and Sam guarding the sheep against Wily Coyote. So for much of this lecture God was running these delightful cartoons thru my head. Marvellous experience this lesson was.

And meanwhile the WEF announces because climate alarmism is too cerebral for the stupid masses it doesnt scare enough people, and Covid didnt scare enough people either, they are now going to fake a Water Shortage to get our attention and force us into SURRENDER. Their Plan F Digital currency is being introduced soon in Australia but its fatal flaw appears to be if the electricity goes off the economy stops with unreliable wind and solar,. and If the Internet goes off and it will, in the Great Silence, digital currencies will be paralysed. So cash just cant go away. So do think about having a bit of cash ready for the Great Silence.

And so we are told not to worry too much about these WEF hare brained schemes because its only optics and God is doing his Big Move soon.

And the WEF amazingly admit that their schemes haven’t worked at the begin of this video, and so they are getting the World Domination ACME Mail order kit to cut off the world water supply.

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