The UN Takeover Disguised as ‘The Voice’ EXPOSED Maria Zeee Grandmother Mulara

Left this comment under the youtube video
Granny Mulara being censored suddenly explains how I GOT MY COMMENTS CENSORED ON YOUTUBE TODAY because I am ridiculing the VOICE. They threaten me with channel closure if I continued to comment on the VOICE. First time ever in 20 yrs of commenting. NOT a coincidence

Some Good news is energetic pushback has already happened and CHILE outright rejected the VOICE. Threw both houses of parliament out of office. And constitution is being restored.
Our VOICE to Parliament is on track to be soundly rejected October 14.
So unbelievably government department the AUSTRALIAN ELECTORAL COMMISSION is quietly enticing people to
vote multiple times at different polling stations. Never happened in my whole life.

Video Speakers say Australia is positioned to stop the NWO plan on October 14.

Useful outcomes are that my Youtube channel kimbo99 Steve Trueblue has been under such attack with closure threats just for commenting on the VOICE I have happily discovered its easy to copy the whole channel 500 videos to Rumble and Odysee. Takes about a week. Bit chute process is criticised as only half working.

And secondly Google have an amazing download service to copy my entire youtube channel down in 2 Gbyte file containers.. 45 of them. 93 Gigs. Thats all thanks to Trevor in BC Yabadabadoo ! Its called Google TAKEOUT.

An odd thing about the 40,000 native title claims currently underway in our courts to seize land is that even if the “natives” succeed they can only do Stoneage stuff on the land. Hunting and fishing. They cant develop the land. No building, electricity, drinking water. Certainly no casinos.

But the land remains CROWN land which means the UN- Federal Govt can flip the zoning back to freehold and use it for mortgage collateral to borrow vast amounts of money to finance our all-broke governments. And the Bank is affiliated with the UN holding the deeds to the land.

The channel that keeps me posted on this

And an informed comment under this video I present here which explains strange fires in California and Hawaii and the strange obsessive preoccupation with animals which they oddly abandon when installing off shore windfarms in Whale migration paths near Newcastle and in pristine rainforest filled with sacred Koalas. In Hawaii residents with burned houses are evicted from their land. Likewise California.

Eviction plan was passed just before the fires.

A plan was agreed to by 179 nations in 1992. It is called the agenda for  the 21st century, the New World Order, It is a totalitarian state, to be developed right now, all over the world. It is the inventory and control plan of all islands , all water. all minerals , all plants,  all animals, all constructions, all food, all energy, all information’s, and all human beings, in the world, Its the United Nations plan . This is about clearing people out of rural areas and into concentrated cities.


The UN is at the heart and the root of all of these problems. And right now we have a situation in Australia that is crucial for everyone to understand. We have what’s called The VOICE being proposed. Let me explain to you why this matters for every single person everywhere in the world. This is not an Australian agenda. It is driven by the United Nations. I’ll explain. What they’re saying is that they want to change our constitution to give Aboriginal people a voice in the constitution, but they’re not going to tell us what changes are going to be made to the constitution until after we vote. Yes. Why are they doing that? Well, it’s very, very simple. The United Nations under their UNDRIP documents require states to change their laws to pretend that they’re elevating the indigenous people of the land and actually implement advisory bodies that do not really represent them so that they can steal the land of the country. And I wanted to bring a very, very important guest on today. Her name is grandmother Malara. She’s an Aboriginal senior law woman who also holds a jurist doctor in colonial law. She’s joined me before and she is doing a phenomenal job exposing this, if there really was an Aboriginal voice, it would belong to someone like her. But the Australian Electoral Commission, who’s currently tweeting out potentially encouraging people to vote multiple times, we’ll talk about that in a moment, has been determined to silence her. Grandmother Malara, thank you so much for joining us today. We really appreciate your time. Hello, Maria. Good to be here. It’s wonderful to see you again. So I’ve given a little bit of an overview for people to understand what the voice is actually about and explained how it’s not just an Australian issue. In fact, they’ve been doing this in Canada and it’s already caused devastating outcomes for the indigenous communities there. They’re doing this under the guise of biodiversity and it all goes back to the UN 30 by 30 agenda. I made a promise to you that I was gonna find the links to the UN with the voice. And I’ve done that. That report’s coming out later on this week. But I want to hear about how the Australian government is actually silencing your voice. Talk us through this journey, please. On social media where I’m putting information out and talking to people about and publishing videos with other elders, talking about our perspective and say, no, we don’t want this. This is going to force us to contract with the corporate government, which is not duly elected, it’s unlawful. But apart from that, we have our own laws, and we have our own way of governing. But the whole UN agenda is to take charge, take over the lands, and the Electoral Commission, they have put a blanket stop on all of us that do not conform to the Electoral Commission’s format. Yes, I want to bring that up on the screen right now, team, if you can get, oh. Sorry, only those saying no, though. They’re not doing it to anyone that’s. Yes, of course. I want to get that image up on the screen, team. If you can bring image one up, I’ve actually made sure that we’ve blocked out grandmother Mollara’s personal information on that letter. That’s a letter from the Australian Electoral Commission. What this letter says is because grandmother Malara, who’s actually not only qualified, but as an elder in the community, she is the most qualified to speak on these issues. The Australian Electoral Commission, which is responsible for, you know, this referendum, is saying that they have, because grandmother Malara has been speaking on this issue that affect her people directly. She doesn’t have approval to speak on this because they passed a law right before they announced the referendum that whether you are promoting or opposing this referendum, you have to get their approval. Grandmother Malara, you are an Aboriginal elder. Do you need the approval of the Australian Electoral Commission to speak on behalf of your people? No. In fact, they probably need our approval to even run a referendum that concerns us. How on earth do people think that they can make a decision regarding somebody else? Well, you know, it’s very, very similar to other campaigns that are driven by the government where they get celebrities to come and say that they’re voting yes, and write songs that apparently represent the Aboriginal people’s voice when in fact, that is not the case. And if the team can, I’ve sent some B-roll footage to them to show there have been protests around the country where the tribal people are saying, we do not want this. The people are standing with them saying, we know exactly what this is about. And so I wanna ask you, grandmother Malara, are the tribal people aware that this is going to actually cause them to lose their sovereignty because right now, your Aboriginal law is above the colonial law as far as your community is concerned, and it is a fact. We have the law of the land and they wanting it because they want the land. They wanna sell the land. The UN is behind this move for sure. So the tribal people do not want this voice whatsoever. They do not want this referendum full stop. And it’s only what we call the corporate blacks that are behind it, or that the people who are paid to promote the yes camp, those who are paid, who are going to get a paid position perhaps, in such a body. It’s actually only voting for a body. It’s not voting, A corporate body that is, it’s not even voting really for anything to do with us, they’re just calling it in our name. Yes, and this is exactly what I’m going to detail in the report being released, released later this week, everyone, that’ll be up on It’s a very detailed report about the UN 30 by 30. In fact, Greg Reese Info wars has reported on this previously, but we really just go and expand on it. The UN 30 by 30, which they’re going to come in and say, Oh, because of conservation, we need to conserve this land. And by the way, the Council of Foreign Relations says not only 30 % do we need to conserve and make inaccessible to humans, it’s actually 50 or maybe even 80 % of the land that we need to conserve and they want no one to be able to access it. And who stands in the way of that right now? See, grandmother Malara, I actually believe that Australia is in a stronger position than many countries because the tribal people stand in the way of the UN doing this. We know that, whether our fellow Australians know that or not, is almost irrelevant, although it is relevant coming to a vote. We know that we are standing in the way because we have not ceded our sovereignty. We hold the law of this land and we will always hold the law of this land. And that’s the obligation for me as a senior law woman is to stand up for the land and for our law. It cannot be taken from us in this way, and it’s a slate of hand effort to try and sell off our country, sell off our land to the UN, to corporate mining giants, to other corporations. And if we look at who is funding the Yes campaign, it’s not only a bankrupt government, but it’s also many, many corporations are involved. And we don’t have one cent being supported, sponsored to the What No campaign. That speaks volumes in and of itself. So we are holding the fort here and we are stopping, we are going to stop this from happening. And in stopping it in Australia, we are stopping it for the whole new world order to take over the entire global landscape. Well, this is crucial what you’ve just said, because if people understand the UN DRIP documents calling for, in fact, the convention that they had earlier this year says that every single country needs to implement this. So Australia right now, as with many, many other things, is the test bed for this UN takeover, which will facilitate the smart city implementation, because they’ll say, oh, this is heritage land. They’ll pretend that Indigenous peoples have spoken for this land when, in fact, they haven’t been consulted in the process. And they’ll say, no one’s allowed here because we need to conserve it for the Indigenous peoples. This is how it’s going to operate. And they’re saying that this needs to happen in every single country. This is how smart cities will be achieved because people will only be allowed in certain areas. So, as you just said, Australia’s standing in the way of this, if we can show an example to the world of no, actually, we need to stand with the original custodians of this land and, and realize that they’re standing in the way of the entire new world order. This is colossal. We are aware of that. And we are. And it just cannot happen. We will never ever our sovereignty. Most of us do not want a treaty, words of a treaty, that’s a contract. We don’t want that with our government and because we don’t have that with our government, the corporate government, they can’t come in and take over. But in every other country, bar Russia I think, there has been a treaty between the original sovereign peoples and the colonial governments, whatever, for want of a better word. So we’re the only ones that haven’t. So therefore, we’re going to stop the whole thing. And I’m so, so glad to see the people in our country standing up to this and realizing what it really is. If there’s one good thing that is coming out of this New World Order attempt to take over the world, it’s the awakening of the masses to the fact that they cannot trust their governments. something your people should know very well because our government certainly has never cared about the traditional custodians of this land. I don’t think they plan on starting to care about them now. The human rights abuses that have happened around the world in the name of conservation of indigenous people are many and the UN and all their NGOs are linked to many of them. When we come back from this break, I want to talk about how they’ve been targeting you, silencing you, taking your videos down where you are displaying the will of the elders in this country and how the AEC is potentially trying to rig the votes. Don’t go anywhere. This is crucial for everyone. We’ll be right back. Unbelievable ground swell of resistance to this so-called voice. The prime minister has even had to address the UN conspiracy, as he calls it, saying that oh you know there’s all these conspiracies going around that the UN’s gonna take the land and uh you know and and I think thus far as I mentioned to grandmother Malara before thus far we’ve really not had the documentation to prove it but I do I’ve got the receipts and it’s coming out this week and I can’t wait to share it with Australia and the whole world.

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