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Good morning, everybody.
And thank you for joining today’s live show.
Today is Thursday, November 2nd of 2023.
And I have another powerful prophetic word to give to you today.
I’ll be sharing my screen.
This is the prophetic word I’ve been trying to give to you all week long, and I’m pretty
sure I can give it, uh, today, but before I get to that, I just want to say good morning.
Good evening.
Good afternoon, no matter where you are all around the world.
I’ve seen people from Japan and Hungary and the UK and Indonesia and Canada, Australia.
I just want to say we love you and thank you for joining and no matter if I missed you
because I didn’t see all the chats this morning, but if I missed you, no matter where you are,
We love you, and we thank you for joining us today
This is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it
And I want to also give an announcement
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So what I want to share with you for a minute or two before I get to this, I’ll
share my screen with you, but we are really living in unprecedented times. We
are living in times that God has prophesied. We’re living in times we’re
seeing these prophecies for being fulfilled day by day. We’re seeing things
change exactly to the will of God. Some things we don’t understand and some
things may look like they’re going in the opposite direction. But God has been
preparing us. He is perfecting us. He is strengthening us for such a time as this.
He did not leave us without what we need to not only just survive.
He doesn’t want us just to survive through these times.
He wants us to thrive.
He wants us to arise.
He wants us to overcome.
We’re not supposed to be on the same level as our enemy.
He’s underneath our feet.
We are not supposed to give in, to give up or quit.
We are supposed to stand and fight the good fight of faith. We’re not supposed to walk by sight
Nope, we walk by faith or by trusting in God
Despite what we see. That’s why it’s so important for the body of Christ
And I know it’s easy as a human being to see things the way they are and say this is what they are
Well, when God keeps saying when he says in his word again to walk by faith and not by
sight, then he keeps telling us these prophetic words and his teachings that he’s been giving
to us every day.
He’s been saying things are not how they appear to be.
So even though they may appear one way, they’re actually another.
We can’t trust in all the things that we’re seeing before us.
There’s also another scripture
Let’s see here it talks about it in God’s Word and 2nd Corinthians, I’ll get okay. All right. I’ll do it now
2nd Corinthians 4
2nd Corinthians 4 and
Start with verse 16 and he wants to tell us this again
He’s giving us these teachings and I will share the prophetic word here. Just give me a minute
He’s changing it up and have me giving a scripture first
2nd Corinthians 4 and verse 16
Therefore we do not become discouraged
Remember what he’s been talking to us about a lot of people are growing weary
They’re being just they’re getting in discouragement because they’re being attacked or getting under pressure
The enemy is trying everything they can to give up and quit. This is a time you don’t quit
This is the time that you stand up and you resist more than you ever have before. Okay?
So therefore this again 2nd Corinthians 4 and 16 therefore we do not become discouraged utterly spiritless
Exhausted and worried out through fear
One thing that enemy wants to do is he wants you to go through so much fear again
You guys know my story where I was in fear and panic and it controlled every second of every day of my life
And so that’s what he wants. He wants you under that kind of torment
He wants you under that type of control. He wants you on a type of submission. So you won’t trust in God
You won’t believe you won’t turn to him. You won’t have that firm
focus foundation on the father because all you’re doing is focusing on the fear and everything that Satan wants to do against you and
believing and trusting in that remember fear F
e a
fear f e a
R false evidence appearing real you say Julie
These things are real look they appear to be real and they appear to have a standing or some type of authority
Or some type of right to be that way in your life
But it’s not
Things are subject to change when we are speaking the Word of God
We’re using the authority of Almighty God
We’re speaking what he needs us to speak or do what he needs us to do that will change our
Circumstances and it will destroy the power of fear or that test result or that circumstance in your life
You speak the Word of God it shuts fear up and it changes your circumstances
And it may not happen the first time or the second time the third time the fourth time you say something you continually be consistent
Okay, so
He wants you to be spiritually
Spiritless exhausted and worried out through fear throughout your outer man is progressively decaying and wasting away
Yet our inner self is being progressively renewed day after day
2 Corinthians 4 16 so our outer man or the worldly part the way we think what
we’re doing the way we act that the part should be decaying day by day because
God is what is he doing when we are hearing these revelations we’re hearing
these prophetic words we’re hearing the Word of God it is inside of us it’s our
Being renewed day after day
So we are being renewed. We are being strengthened. We are being perfected. We are
Becoming the body of Christ that god has always needed us to be that’s why i’m so important to hear the word of god every day
I’ll tell you
It’s not like well, I heard that scripture yesterday. That’s nice. No
You hear it
faith comes by hearing and hearing
By the Word of God Romans 10 17, you can’t just hear a scripture once and say I have it all you can’t
Because God will keep expounding upon that scripture and give you greater revelation than you have before
because God’s Word is
Inexhaustible. You’re always gonna know something or God’s gonna reveal something more to you when I was in time with prayer with him
There were certain scriptures. I’ve heard over and over and over again my whole entire life
I got into the word. I was praying and I asked God I said, okay Lord
What do you want me to read and he pointed to me what he wanted me to read and then I said
I thank you for wisdom knowledge understanding and exactly what you want me to know about this right this very day and right this very
Hour, and he started just giving me downloads of information. That’s how we read the Word of God
It’s not just a book it is spirit. It is life
So verse 17, this is 2nd Corinthians verse 17 for our light momentary affliction
This slight distress of the passing hour is ever more and more abundantly preparing and producing
And achieving for us an everlasting weight of glory beyond all measure
Surpassing all comparison and all calculation of vast transpondent glory placidness never to cease
So again our light momentary affliction
this is Paul that was speaking that he went through hell on earth and
Paul was like, oh, this is just a momentary affliction. That means something that’s passing
That’s I mean something that won’t stay that way
We’re going through things right now. It won’t stay that way. It’s
Momentarily, it’s going to change and if you read on in 2nd Corinthians 418 since we consider and look not
to the things that are seen
But to the things that are unseen
Then he says for the things that are visible are temporal
They’re brief. They’re fleeting the things that are invisible are deathless and everlasting
That means the things that we see have an expiration date. They are subject to change
So all these things are going on against the body of Christ
All these things are going on against Israel going on against what the world going against our governments going against our freedoms
God said it’s subject to change. It’s not going to last forever
The things that are seen are temporary. You can say the thing that you see have an expiration date
They’re going to expire and they’re going to change
That’s why it’s so important for you and I to get into the word
Focus on God not focus on all the crazy. Don’t focus on the darkness. Remember God is light
Okay, it’s grown darker really honestly
It’s gotten more intense
God said everything that can be shaken will be and he said if it’s a time of intensification things are changing
It’s intensifying day after day after day. Things are intensifying all the time
So what he’s saying by that don’t be afraid of it
Don’t get into weary and start getting in doubt and unbelief. God said hey, I’ve told you about this
So remember this is momentarily. It’s gonna change. It’s a moment. It’s a passing moment
It’s not gonna stay the way it’s looking right now
So God can change what is seen
Okay, that’s why God tells us to walk by faith and not by sight
that’s why it boggles my mind sometimes when I hear certain Christians talk about this because
they are really paying attention to only what they see and not the final say
which is the Word of God what he says his will is going to be done that’s it
the end God’s will is done the enemies lose because they lose all the time the
enemies will never defeat God that’s why when there’s some Christians that are
giving into what we see it I’m not like I don’t understand that because God
doesn’t lose and God did not appoint us a wrath and that these people are not
gonna get what they want right now it is God’s time it is his time to reveal to
the world who he really is and not a version of him I tell you guys that all
the time because that’s what he wants you to hear he’s going to show the world
that he is still the God of the in the Exodus he’s still that God he’s still
the fourth man that showed up in the fiery furnace. He’s still the one who
showed up and helped Daniel in the lion’s den. He’s still the one who showed up with
David fighting Goliath. He still is that God. He still is that God. He hasn’t
changed. We have to know who he is so we can trust him. So then when times like
this come, we’re not gonna be moved by it. So that’s just the first part of
teaching. Now what I’m gonna do is, and he usually doesn’t have me do that, but he had
me do that to change that today. Somebody need to hear that. All right now what I’m
gonna do is I’m gonna share my screen with you. This prophetic war was given
during a prayer call on October 19th so it was actually quite a couple weeks ago
but I’ve been trying to get this one out but again it’s always in the perfect
timing of God. We can have our plans but it’s always God’s plan that is done.

So I’m gonna share my screen with you and then once this video is over I’ll be
back to give more revelation and more scriptures that God has for me to give
out to you today. So I’ll be back momentarily.

My children, this is the time
and this is the hour I have prepared you for. You are warriors in the army of the
Lord. You have your tools and weapons. You have my word. You have my name. You
have my power. I have given you complete authority and
dominion upon this earth. And now it’s time to take it back.
It is time to stand up in the midst of great adversity. Stand
and shout as loud as you can. It is time now to praise me like
never before. The time to worship like never before. It’s
time to pray like never before. It’s time to read my word like
never before. The time has come. The time is now. I said the time
has come, the time is now for the wicked to reap what they
have sown. It is time for this judgment. It is time for
removals. Yes, it’s time for arrests. It’s time for
reversals. It’s time for restoration. It’s time for me to
bring back order on this earth in order which my children are
the ones in charge, and not your adversary and all who are with
him. They took over when my children backed off. They took
things that don’t belong to them. My children, all of Earth’s
resources, vast resources belong to you.
All these things belong to you.
You will see things that you will question.
You will see things that people won’t understand.
When I have been using the words shock and awe,
shakings, quaking, avalanche, earthquakes,
Tsunamis. These big waves that are coming. Changes are coming. Changes in the likes
that no human has ever seen. I’ve said these things over and over again. But do
you hear it? Do you really hear and know the urgency and the importance of this
time, it’s an importance of this hour for my children to come
alive, for my children to know who I am, for my children to
take back. What is theirs? Urgency of the hour. You feel
it? You hear it? My angel armies are marching. They’re
marching. They have their marching orders. They are protecting you. They are warring
for you. A great battle it has been. A battle you haven’t seen in the heavenlies. I’ve given
Let me give you the example of Daniel, when he prayed.
Very first hour, when he opened his mouth, when he prayed,
I heard my son and I answered him, but he didn’t know it.
He just trusted and believed me,
that I would do what I said I would do.
And I am, so I said, I am.
I sent my angels to fight for him.
And get a message to him.
There’s been a great war in the heavenlies.
Principalities of the air.
The ones that have held nations.
that have held things from you, that have brought great destruction and darkness into
this world—chaos and war and famines and lack—remember, I am bigger than all of that.
I am everything that you need.

Soon my prophets will stop talking, because I won’t have anything to give them, because
all the things that I have given them will come to pass.
There will be a time of silence.
They won’t speak.
But don’t worry, a time of silence won’t last very long.
and they will speak again for the revelation and words I need spoken for
those very days in those very hours but it’ll be different it’ll be different
It’s not like it’s been.

Don’t fear, because I am near.
Great explosions are about to take place.
Yes, explosions in the natural, in the spiritual, and not just explosions like a bomb, but explosions
of truth.
Tearing your enemies apart.
I’m not just coming.
I am here. I am near.
There’s nothing to fear.
Don’t pay attention to that darkness.
You pay attention to my light and my glory that I’m pouring out.
It’s my way. Not theirs. It’s my time, not theirs.
So get arm-in-arm with your brothers and sisters.
United in my name, united in my word.
Great is the power you shall receive and great is your reward. Sayeth the Lord.

Julie Commentary

Okay, so, while I was showing that, the Lord was giving me another scripture too.
When he was talking in Daniel, that’s Daniel, uh, during the prophecy, when he was talking
about Daniel, that was referencing Daniel chapter 10.
This is the thing when people have to understand when you pray to the Heavenly Father and you ask Heavenly Father say Heavenly Father in
Jesus name you have God’s attention
And if you’re praying to him and you are giving him his word
It’s the Heavenly Father to give an example
Heavenly Father. I thank you. It says in your word that no weapon formed against me shall prosper Isaiah 54 17
No matter if it’s a you know, something going on with your family something going on with your finances
If you’re dealing with a court case no matter what it is
No weapon forming against me shall prosper. I thank you father. God no weapon
Nothing the enemy does it will not prosper against me
You also said in your word in 2nd Corinthians 2 14. You always caused me a triumph
So I received that victory I received the enemy and all of his weapons will not prosper against me
And I thank you for it in Jesus name
That’s an example of
Giving and praying
Okay, praying to the Heavenly Father giving him his word back to him. It’s very important to give his word back to him
Because he’s faithful to perform his word. He’s always watching over his word faithful to perform it
But it also says in his word in Isaiah 55 11 his word does not return to him void
and of course, we’re supposed to believe
We received when we pray
So there’s times I told you this before and I’m gonna say it again. Somebody has to hear it. Okay, there’s times where I
Would literally go into my walk-in closet. I would shut the door. I put praise and worship music
I start praying to God and I’d walk in there crying
I walk out laughing and I would have the joy the Lord
I knew that I had gotten those scriptures that God needed
He gave me that revelation that I had to have
He was just giving me that joy that I needed at that very very time for that joy
The Lord is our strength to fight what I was facing
Then all of a sudden I come out and it’s you know a few hours later
Sometimes even minutes later. Sometimes it was even in the middle of my prayer time with God
You know, I’d have my phone because it would have kids being in school and stuff
So I’d have my phone just in case I needed something
All of a sudden I get something and it was a bad report while I’m in the middle of a prayer
Or as soon as I get out
What is that?
The thief comes to immediately
Steal the word
He tries to put pressure on you
You know this if you got pressure
because you’re standing on the word of god and you’re giving god scriptures and you’re standing and fighting the good fight of faith and you’re
Just like going and believing god and you’re trusting in him and you’re excited about it
And all of a sudden it’s like it just it’s like he the enemy just throws an arsenal of crap at you
And it’s just one thing after another after another after another. What is he doing? He knows what you’re doing is
Powerful. He knows what you’re doing. You will get the answer to your prayers. And so he’s trying to deflect from that
He’s trying to distract you from it
He’s trying to get you to not believe
That anything that God says is true or that the word is for you or that God’s gonna answer your prayer
and so he does all this junk against you to get you to get discouraged and
utterly fruitless member goal read 2nd Corinthians 4
16 through 18 like I gave you guys earlier before the prophetic word
Okay, why?
That’s another strategy or a tactic of war the enemy uses against you
We have to understand we are not fighting each other
Our weapons of our worker are not carnal
That means they’re not physical
Now the enemy uses people just like God can use people the enemy uses people
But how do we defeat them? We defeat them with the Word of God?
So we have things going on with people in this world
But God says don’t fight the people in the world fight what’s behind them giving them that power
If you fight them naturally, you know, you’re gonna you’re gonna lose because you’re fighting them on your own ability
in your own strength
But God if you fight with the Word of God and you’re speaking the Word of God and you’re standing on the Word of God
God is faithful to perform his word. That’s why when you go and pray don’t go just pray anything
You’re just going to your prayer closet and I know a lot people do this. They just go in there. They complain
They said God this is what everything that’s going on in my life and they’re upset about it because it gets stressful
Trust me. I have done this before
You go in there and tell anything is wrong. And then it’s like he’s going
Like he’s gonna say something and then you walk out and then we don’t give God time to talk back
Prayer is not just always us talking
fellowshipping with God is
Having a communication with him. He will speak to you not audible. I don’t know some people have heard the audible voice of God
I haven’t I’ve only heard the still small voice on the inside here
The knowing on the inside that he’s speaking and I’ll be quiet and I listen to him
You guys have seen me do that here live
Why I know he’s speaking I have to be quiet and I have to listen to see what he wants me to say
My prayer team knows that too
Sometimes I’ll be quiet. Why cuz I’m listening to the father
We have to have our spiritual ears open to hear him because right now we are living in a very crucial time
He’s even saying this prophetic word how urgent now again, I’m gonna go back over this prophetic word
the urgency of this time
Urgency of what to focus on God not to focus on what you know, this
Government is trying to do here in this country or that your government’s trying to do in your own country or you know
What’s going on with the finances and stock market and also the junk that’s going on around, you know
The virus that’s that’s hitting this and that and the other thing stop
Focusing on the problem you focus on God. Don’t focus on the problem focus on God
There was so many times in my own life. I’m sitting there and I’m just kind of complaining to God
and I’m like
God this is going on and this is going on and I don’t understand this
and he says, you have your focus on the wrong thing. And I’m like, you’re right,
Lord, I do. I love how he corrects. I mean, because he just, he corrects you. It’s just
like, you know, sometimes it’s stern because I’ve had to get corrected that
way. Other times it’s just like, okay, it’s like this loving parent that’s
saying, hey, don’t go in that direction because that direction is wrong. And if
you go down that path you’re gonna get hurt and so that’s why it’s so important
to get the will of God and it’s very easy it’s very easy to talk to God very
he’s our father he wants to talk to us he wants to have that loving relationship
with us so anyway like I said it’s just like hi father good morning like I wake
up before I put my feet on the ground good morning Heavenly Father good
morning Lord how are you today I just want to thank you that this is the day
You have made I will rejoice my glad in it. I want to thank you. No, I’ve been forming against me
So prosper. I want to thank you this day. I’m gonna just gonna praise and worship this day
I thank you this day that for victory or whatever it is. I just thank him. I
Go to before you go to bed do the same thing. I thank you father God that I have peaceful night’s sleep
I thank you father God for blessing my rise. I thank you father God for this day
I thank you that everything you’ve done. I don’t even know about yet. I just thank you
And just love on him make a part of your day
But when we’re praying and we’re not seeing anything happen because there’s time again,
we’re not supposed to walk by sight.
We’re supposed to walk by faith.
So if you look at Daniel chapter 10 and Daniel was praying, okay, he was fast and praying
and he said, um, suddenly a hand touched me.
This is Daniel 10, 10, suddenly a hand touched me, which made me tremble on my knees on the
palms of my hands.
Verse 11 and he said to me Oh Daniel man, greatly beloved understand the words that I speak to you and stand upright
For I have now been sent to you while he was speaking this word to me. I started trembling
Gabriel the angel was sent to Daniel. Okay
Look what he says to Daniel verse 12, and he said to me do not fear Daniel
from the first
Day, this was 21 days later. So Daniel prayed in 21 days later
Gabriel the angel showed up. He said from the first day
That you set your heart
To understand and to humble yourself before your God
your words were heard and
I have come
because of your words and
Some people think words don’t matter. I
I have done teachings before about the power and authority of words the power and for the believer and the power authority of words
Now he was saying here the first day you pray. This is 21 days later the first day you pray now to Daniel
There was nothing going on
Okay, you couldn’t see nothing. It didn’t feel like anything was going on. It didn’t look like anything had changed
He prayed when he needed to pray but from the very first day
God sent an angel
God sent Gabriel to be the messenger to Daniel to get to him that his prayers were answered
now the thing is
Gabriel was letting Daniel know here in this story that the Prince of Persia
Was it principality and power of the air the principality of the air?
Okay, that’s over and still to this day the Prince of Persia still exists. It’s principality of the air
It’s a spirit and those things are in the heavenlies and they’re above nowadays like Iran
Iraq that type of area. Why do you think that that area is gone mad?
Those principalities of the air control that area over there. So anyway, oh they try anyway, but look what happened with God God sent
Gabriel well Gabriel is fighting the Prince of Persia again. You can go and read gen damage. I’m Jenna it talks about this and then
It Gabriel was fighting he needed help. So then God sent Michael the archangel
To hold back the Prince of Persia. So the angel
Gabriel could go and talk to Daniel. That’s how important you are to God from the very first day you pray
So no matter what’s going on in our countries what’s going on in your family life?
What’s going on in your health or what’s going on in a court case or what’s going on in anything?
God says from the very first day you prayed I heard and he’s been sending the angels
He’s been having things going on behind the scenes and we are supposed to not lose heart. We’re not supposed to faint
We’re not supposed to give up
We’re not supposed to quit because God said if you just hold on you will see the manifestation
Of what you’ve been praying for because I’m faithful to perform my word
That’s why right now when we’re in this battle and we’re fighting the good fight of faith and we’re saying God
We’ve been praying for freedom in our countries for years
We’ve been praying for freedom in our bodies for years or praying for freedom in our minds for years
We’re been praying freedom in our families or whatever it is
And it doesn’t look like it’s anything’s going on and God saying I heard you from the very first day
Even though we may not be able to understand
This is a great example. He gave us in this prophetic word. I’ve heard you
Not one does he heard us now you can get rid of that question mark
God does God hear me if you are praying the will of God not your own will if you’re praying the will of God
Say Julie, I don’t know how to pray the will of God you pray the scriptures. That’s God’s will
That’s God’s will God’s will is his word
If you don’t know how to pray get into the scriptures and say Lord, I thank you
I may not know exactly what to say, but your word says this
and you stay on the word now, I
I wanna read something else to you about having confidence
when the world is crazy and it looks like everything
is going in the opposite direction.
Remember, even Daniel,
who does not have a covenant like we do.
He was part of the Abrahamic covenant.
We are part of the new covenant
with what Jesus has done for us.
So if he did it for Daniel, he’ll do it for you.
Now, if you look at John, first John,
1st John chapter 5 1st John chapter 5 and it says now this is our confidence that we have in God that he not only
Hears our prayers, but he’s gonna answer them
Okay, 1st John 5. So again when we’re in tumultuous times, we’re in times of uncertainty
We’re in times of darkness. God said things were going to intensify
God things were got you see said things were gonna shake and so you have to know the
Insurance assurance in your heart that you know that when you are praying and you’re standing on the Word of God
You know that God not only is gonna hear you, but he’s gonna answer you
What you’ve been praying if you say Heavenly Father in Jesus name you have the heavens attention
You give God’s Word is his will
He’s faithful
To perform it and if you do a study on the word, amen
That means
So be it. It’s like you’re sealing it. So be it. That means it’s going to come to pass
Okay, Heavenly Father in Jesus name
Gets God’s attention because he honors what Jesus has done. Oh heaven stands at attention sound of that name
Then if you know what to pray how to pray you pray the will of God
Because he’s faithful to perform his will and then you seal it with Amen
That means so be it
now in 1st John 5 in verse 14 and
This is the confidence
Remember the assurance people want assurance that they’re praying their prayer and they and they don’t know if God’s gonna answer it or not
They say I don’t know God’s gonna answer
He will if you’re praying his word, he’s faithful to perform his word. Not your word his word
He’s faithful to perform his word. This is the confidence again 1st John 5 14
This is the confidence the insurance the privilege of boldness. Remember God’s talking about giving us boldness all this week
Which we have in him we are sure that if we ask
Make any requests according to his will in agreement with his own plan. He listens and he hears
with God’s plan he listens and he hears then he goes on to say verse 15 and if since we positively know
That he listens to us and whatever we ask
We also know
With settled an absolute knowledge that we have granted us our present possessions the requests made of him
So then we go and we’re praying so say for instance, okay
We’re praying for somebody who has you know has cancer or praying for somebody who is
You know has a death sentence by the doctor
You want that?
assurance in that name of Jesus every knee must bow in that name of Jesus all heaven stands in attention and
That name of Jesus, you know
That anything we ask in that name
So you’re not just you know
Throwing a prayer out the wind and just hoping it don’t put open to God as he’s gonna answer it
No, you have that assurance. You have that boldness. No God your word says this you’re faithful to perform your word
I thank you when I praise you. I’m telling you things change when you have that boldness of the Word of God
And you know, even though it may not feel different. It may not look any different. There’s times where I
Serve with something for a while
Years, I didn’t know like anything happened anything changed and then one day I
nowhere. It was just like, surprise! And exactly what I prayed for, I received.
Because I wouldn’t let go of it. I wouldn’t let the devil steal it. Faith
comes by hearing and hearing by the word. The enemy wants to steal the word. He
wants to steal the joy. He wants to steal the strength that God has given to
you through his word. Now, he’s also been telling us to, he’s been giving us
Example like David and Ziggler pursue overtake and recover all he’s been telling us and take
Make the enemy pay for damage that they’ve caused
He’s telling us to take ownership in this earth. He’s been telling us to take say hey take this back
You call down those enemies you call you call everything that belongs to you. You call it back in the name of Jesus
Because God wants that restoration. I
Want to give you another scripture that should really excite you
This is all scriptural. I’m backing it up with the Word of God
I’m not saying these things and just saying okay
This is my opinion and I just I’m gonna give you a feel me good type of thing. No, I’m giving you the Word of God
Backing up what I’m saying with the Word
So you go do your homework you go spend time with God and you get this revelation. Don’t take my word for it
I say this to you all the time
Don’t take my word for it
You get in the word and you give it to the father and you get the revelations that he’s given to me because he wants
To give him to you
Now mark 11 or Matthew 11. Sorry Matthew 11
Matthew 11
in verse 12
Matthew 11 in verse 12 and from the days of John the Baptist
until now
The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force
How are we supposed to take back what rightfully belongs to us?
Not weak or wimpy
We take what belongs to us and we take it by force our freedoms belong to us
our country
Belongs to us. We have one nation under God and I will not let that go. I will not give in to that
I will not be
Pushed down or controlled by somebody who doesn’t have the power to do it. This is
God’s nation. And so how do we take it back by force?
How we take our freedoms back and and the justice system back and our elections back and our rightful president back
How do we do that?
We take it by force by decreeing by declaring by using the Word of God, which is a sword of the Spirit
That’s how you take things by force. That’s how you use the weapon that God has given to us
Which is the Word of Almighty God and that’s what we all have to know
We don’t need physical weapons per se. The most powerful weapon is
prayer in the name of Jesus Christ
most powerful weapon you could ever have
the Word of God in the name of Jesus most powerful thing that you have and
We all have it. So
When he said pursue overtake and recover all
God wants you to be restored. This is again. This is David
He came back from fighting
With his army. He came back to ziglag where he had their home base and everything was gone
The enemy burned everything up took the women took the children took all their food
Took all the gold and silver took all their belongings and they just left him with nothing
David could have given up right then and there his all of his army wanted they turned against him because they were just
Battered through this war that they were going through they had nothing left in them to fight
And they wanted to stone David and they wanted to kill him and blame him for it. But David had to come to himself
And say I have
Encourage myself in the Lord a lot of times. I’ve had to pick myself up my ear, you know
I’ll buy my hair and go encourage yourself in the Lord.
Julie, get up.
Sometimes we have to make ourselves
we have to be our own cheerleaders.
I make ourselves get up from that depression
and that darkness and those overwhelming circumstances.
I know God, you said to David pursue, overtake
and recover all.
Well, I know I have a better covenant
that I had with the new hat with David.
So I will pursue and overtake and recover all
that’s been stolen from me.
And I thank you, father God, you did it.
You did it for David.
You do you will do it for me and I proclaim and I decree it because you said in your word when a thief has been
Caught he’s got to pay back
Everything that he’s stolen from me and that’s sevenfold
violently taking it by force
Making the enemy pay gum become too expensive for your enemy to mess with
Because he doesn’t have to just give you back what he stole
He’s got to give it back seven times
Now, okay, here’s another one about taking things and then I got to read this prophetic
word over again, Jeremiah, Jeremiah one, he’s been reading this, having me read this a lot
lately actually, Jeremiah chapter one in verse 10, see, I have appointed this day to you
to oversight of the nations.
We have oversight of the nations.
Remember, God has made Jesus a lawful owner of all things.
You can find that in Hebrews 1 too. We are joint heirs with Christ. We have
ownership of this earth. Okay? We have oversight of the nations. That means
oversight even the governments. The governments want to rule us. They don’t
have the power. Not like that. God, His government, He’s the one who rules over
all not these people who says see I this day appointed you to oversight of the
nations of the kingdoms to root out pull down destroy to overthrow to build and
to plant I did a study on that of it was last week a week before that about that
scripture and I know that the team I don’t they’ve put it up already but they
will put that up I think that I don’t know if they have or not yet but anyway
It will be put up eventually, but read this study this. This is God’s desire
Don’t just take all these things. The enemies are dissing out. Don’t just sit there and just be a victim and just
Be their slave and just be overwhelmed by everything they’re doing. God says no
You are my children the violent take it by force
You take what rightfully belongs to you you take your children back by force
using the written word of God, standing on God’s promises
and saying, God, I will not let my enemy have my children.
I thank you, Father God, because again,
no matter where we’ve gone,
that has been on the heart of so many people
that this generation,
this generation that has been just like,
looks like it’s lost.
No, we will take it back by force.
The enemy will not have this generation.
God will we’re gonna call down instead of saying what it looks like. We’re gonna say father God
I think there’s a revival in this generation. I thank you father. Revival is gonna break out in our nations
I thank you father God no matter what the enemy wants with chaos and destruction
And they want with terrorists and all these kind of things. I think you know your glory is gonna destroy all that. I
Thank you that their glory will fill the streets not the enemies
We have to speak the opposite of what they looks like and what we have we speak what we want
We speak the desire of God’s heart. We speak the will of God
Not what things already are
You call those things as not as though they are
You’ll find that in Romans
This is what he gave to Abraham Abraham member was the father of faith
I’ll have to do a
I’ll study on that and I’ll
Pre-recording I’ve already pre-recorded for tomorrow and Monday and you will see me again back live actually on Tuesday
I said Wednesday. I meant I made a mistake. It’s actually Tuesday. So this will be see me live again on
Okay, now I gotta remember where I was just coming. I
Just lost my place Lord, I apologize. I don’t remember what I just said. All right. Anyway, I’ll get back to it
He’ll bring it back up to me. Oh, yeah. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. I was going to Romans. Thank you Lord
It’s going to Romans chapter 4. I was talking about the father of faith talking about Abraham
See even when you lose track, he will put you back on track
Now this is Romans 4 and 17 as it is written
I have made you a father of many nations in the presence of him who he believed God who gave life to the dead
calls those things
Which do not exist as though they did
That is a powerful revelation
Remember, like I said, I will do it as a teaching on this when the Lord wants me to I will do a teaching on that
About the revelation of this because just like with Jesus with Jairus’s daughter and with Lazarus he could have said, okay
Sorry, they’re dead. There’s nothing I can do about it. No, he called those things. It’s not as though they already were
He said no, they’re just asleep. He didn’t say they’re dead. He said the opposite. He spoke life and
life happened
Again, Jesus is our example. All right now I’m gonna go back over this prophetic word
Okay. Now this prophetic word again was given to me on
October 19th
So a couple weeks ago, this is what I’ve been trying to give to you all week long and it’s called it’s time for rests
It’s time for arrests. All right
my children
This is the time and this is the hour I prepared you for
You are warriors in the army of the Lord
You have your tools and weapons
You have my word you have my name you have my power
I’ve given you complete authority and dominion upon this earth and now it’s time to take it back
again, go read the scripture a
Psalm 115 in verse 16. It talks about the ownership of this earth belongs to children of men
That means God’s children not these globalists not these deep state cronies
Not these people who are can trying to control this earth
God says he’s given the earth is shown of men. That means his children not the evil dwellers
the cell jolt the cellar dwellers
Not those people
Okay, not the people of the world
as God’s chosen people. All right, it’s time to stand up in the midst of great
adversity. Stand and shout as loud as you can. It’s time now to praise me like
never before. It’s time to worship like never before. It’s time to pray like
never before. It’s time to read my word like never before. The time has come. The
time is now, I said. The time has come. The time is now for the wicked to reap
What they have sown it’s time for their judgment. It’s time for removals. Yes, it’s time for arrests
Remember God’s judgment
God his foundation of his throne is justice
God is the judge over all the earth
Psalm 75 and verse 7
There will be and there already has been there will be even more rest that you will see. That’s not a conspiracy
Why? Because God has the ultimate say-so. He says it’s time for reversals. It’s time for restoration.
It’s time for me to bring back order upon this earth.
What’s the order upon the earth he’s talking about?
The order upon the earth that he’s talking about is God’s children in control, not the enemy.
God’s children in control, not the enemy. That’s the right order.
He says which my children are the ones in charge and not your adversary and all who are with him
They took over when my children backed off. There was a time because religion and legalism
would not
Teach about the authority of Almighty God. They would not teach the authority of believer
They would not teach the authority in the name of Jesus. They wouldn’t teach about joint heirs with Jesus Christ
They wouldn’t teach about any of the blood covenant that we have with God. They wouldn’t teach these things
Satan got into the church to cause a weakness or a whippiness or times where
we just have literally you go into some churches and they’re just like there’s
no joy they walk in they sing a couple songs they hear a few things and they
leave where is God and that’s what the church backed off because revelation
Knowledge or the truth of the written Word of God that sets people free wasn’t setting people free because man-made doctrines
We’re twisting the Word of God
Just like Satan does he twists the Word of God?
He takes it and he makes it he tries to make it sound a different way than it actually is
That’s why it’s time for the world to know who God really is and not a version of him
Because he has been lied about for far too long. God has been lied about for far too long
He says then he goes on to say
They took things that don’t belong to them
What the evil people of this world the ones that are controlled by the enemy have taken control over the economy?
They’re taking control of the seven mountains of influence. They’re taking control over everything that we see and that was not supposed to be
He said my children all the earth’s resources vast resources belong to you
The vast resources belong to you you can find that again
Prophetically, here’s this prophetic word, but you can find that in the book of Genesis,
chapter one, read verse 26 through 28, read the amplified version, get to know that God
has given us complete authority and dominion over this earth, and then it goes on to say,
using all of its vast resources, he says, all these things that belong to you.
You will see these things that you will question.
So again, that’s what he’s talking to us about when we’re praying and we’re seeing some of the opposite things happen
He says you’re gonna see things that are good. You’re gonna make you question. He says you will see that people some people won’t understand
Okay, then he goes on to say when I’ve been using the word and it was shocking off
He’s been using the word shocking all lot shakings quakings avalanche earthquakes tsunamis
These big waves that are coming and changes are coming
If you think about naturally all these things
Would bring devastation they bring change to a scenery of a location. He’s not just talking about this natural
He’s talking about this spiritually
Then he says changes in this hour or sorry changes in this like that. Noah human has ever seen
So changes like this that no human has ever seen
So he’s gonna change the the order of this earth
We’re in the hands of evil. He’s gonna change it into the hands of God’s people
Just telling you if you read the book of Exodus
It’ll give you a great revelation of who God really is and it will destroy that that doubt or unbelief
That you say that that’s just too big. It’s too impossible
He says I have said these things over and over again, but did you hear it?
So people are listening, but are they really spiritually listening to what God is saying?
He says do you really hear and know the urgency?
the important of this time
Do we really know the urgency and the important of this time? It’s not time to play church
It’s not time to play church tomorrow. We just you know, we live one way when we’re in church and we live one way
We’re out
It’s not time for that anymore
He says it’s in the importance of this hour for my children to come alive for my children to know who I am
My children to take back what is theirs?
And then again, he says the urgency of this hour. Do you feel it? Do you hear it?
My angel armies are marching. They are marching. They are they have their marching orders. They are protecting you
They are warring for you
Great battle it has been a great battle. You haven’t seen in the heavenlies
Remember Daniel couldn’t see Michael the archangel and Gabriel fighting to get through the pinch print the Prince of Persia
The Principality of the air they were fighting through him that spirit to get to Daniel
Daniel didn’t know that that war was going on
But God was doing that for Daniel’s sake. He’s been doing it for our sake even though we haven’t seen these things. It’s scriptural
He says I’ve given an example of Daniel when he prayed for the very first hour
or you can find that again, Daniel chapter 10.
The very first hour when he opened his mouth
and when he prayed, I heard my son and I answered him,
but he didn’t know it.
He just trusted and believed that I would do
what I said I would do.
And I am who I said I am.
I sent my angels to fight for him to get a message to him.
There’s been a great war in the heavenlies,
principalities are there.
Yes, the ones that have held the nations
that have held these things from you
That brought great destruction and darkness into this world
Chaos war famines lack
Remember people are paying attention to the chaos the war the famines the lack
They’re paying attention to these things and guys saying remember I am bigger than all of that
So don’t focus on just the chaos the war the famines the lack
You focus on God because he’s bigger than that and say that all the time
When the enemy wants to put pressure on you to focus on all these things. I know God is bigger than all of that
I don’t care what it looks like. God’s bigger than that. He says I am everything you need and
Then this he says soon
My prophets will stop talking because they won’t have anything to give them
I won’t have anything to give them because all the things I have given to them will come to pass
Now don’t get caught up with the prophets aren’t gonna speak ever again. That’s not what he said
Soon my prophets will stop talking because they won’t have any I won’t have anything for them to give because all the things I’ve given
To them will come to pass
But look what he says
Going on from there. There will be a time of silence. He’s talking about the time of silence again
They won’t speak
So the prophets won’t speak
but don’t worry a
Time of silence that won’t last very long. They will speak again
And revelation knowledge in my words
So all the things we’ve spoken about
all the things that God’s been given
about the time of reversals and the time of
Restoration the time on their rest and the judgments and all these things and all the shakings all that stuff is gonna come to pass
Okay, now all of a sudden he said there’s gonna be a silence then all of a sudden it’s like then I’m gonna give the prophets
Revelation so they’re gonna start speaking again, but it’s gonna be different
It’s not gonna be the same because right now he’s giving us the heads up of what the warring about what’s happening with the enemy
What they’re doing to us now when they start having the Prophet speak again, it’ll be different
Be more revelation knowledge in the Word of God
Then he says I need I need
Spoken for those for the very days and for the very hour
So he needs the revelation knowledge and God’s words that he needs spoken for these very days in those very hours
He’s gonna give the prophets
Okay, he said but it will be different
It’ll be different not like it’s been don’t fear because I am near great exposures and explosions are about to take place
Yes explosions and the natural and the spiritual don’t or it’s not just explosions like a bomb
So people were like explosions like oh my god, we’re gonna see explosions. He said it’s not like a bomb the explosions of truth
We’ll tear your enemies apart
And it’s not just coming. I am here. I am near there’s nothing to fear. Don’t pay attention to that darkness
Again, because it’s gotten darker. He said don’t pay attention to that darkness you pay attention to my light my glory
Then I’m pouring out. It’s my way not theirs
Go arm-in-arm with my with your brothers and sisters unite in my name unite in my word great power is in the
Uh great power
Great is the power you shall receive and great is your reward says the lord. So god is saying he’s giving us great
Power and if we’re in unity and we’re standing and we’re fighting together
Great is that unity and great is that reward the enemy’s trying to tear us apart and god is saying no you do the opposite
You unite
So I want to pray over each and every one of you right now
That you have that strength that you had that
Perseverance that you have that boldness you have that courage that you have that the the the focus on God
That knowing no matter what it looks like that you won’t give up that you won’t have that
Pressure just to say I can’t do this anymore
You can do it because God said is where you can do all things
Through Christ whom strengthens you Christ is the one who gives you the strength in order for you to fight that good fight of faith
He’s one who does it
So heavenly father right now in Jesus name. I just looked up every person the sound of my voice
I thank you father God that you are bringing the enemies down. I
Thank you father. God. You’re destroying their chokehold. You’re destroying their power of these unruly
Governments, I thank you father God that they are coming down. They are coming down
They are coming down right now in the name of Jesus. I thank you father
God that the chains are coming off of your people
I thank you father God the heaviness is coming off of your people
I thank you father God right now that that fear that worry that doubt and unbelief is being destroyed against your people
I thank you father God that your will is being done on this earth as it is in heaven
I thank and praise you father God that you are giving your people joy that the glory that your glory is shining upon them like
Never before and as a world gets darker that your children are getting brighter. I thank you father God for greater revelation knowledge
I thank you father God that they are standing arm-in-arm that we are a uniting in the name of Jesus
I thank you father God. We are taking back ownership of this earth
We are taking back territory of this earth
It’s like you told us to do and that name that name is above every name that name of Jesus Christ
And we thank you father God that your will is being done right now
The evils plans are being destroyed before our face and we thank you father God that you are the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob
You are the God who delivered a nation in a day and you are the same God who still lives
Because you’re the same yesterday today and forever. And so we thank you Father God for these words. We thank you for fresh manna from heaven
We thank you Father God for refreshing in your people in their spirits and in their bodies restoration
soundness and wholeness
We thank you Father God that you were restoring our rightful president to us
You are restoring our freedoms back to us. You are restoring everything that belongs to us father God
Because you are the God of restoration
And we thank you that just like the land of Goshen you protect us no matter what that is happening to the world
Anything goes darker. We are not partakers of that darkness
We are not partakers of that judgment. We are not partakers of the things are happening to the world right now
We are in it, but we are not of it and we thank you father God for it in Jesus name
Amen and amen
Remember you hold on to the Word of God you hold on to the truth of what God has done for you
What he’s promises that he said he’s gonna do in his word. He’s faithful to perform his work
This is not the end. I know what it looks like
But God’s gonna show the world
who he truly is. That he’s still a faithful God. That he’s still a God that delivers.
That he’s still a God that saves. He’s still a God that will save a nation in a
day. That’s who he is. God is absolutely good. God is going to restore what
belongs to his children. He’s gonna take back and take away what the enemies have
had. It doesn’t belong to them. So don’t give up and don’t lose hope.
We’re in these final times of the enemy’s control,
what they’ve had over us. So we have to hold on to the word of God.
Focus on him. You press into him. I promise you, he will strengthen you.
He will perfect your faith. He will, he will restore your body.
He will restore your sound mind because we have never given a spirit of fear,
power of love and a sound mind. That’s that’s your right to have a sound mind.
It’s your right to have the mind of Christ. That’s your right. So I hope this
encourages you today. Again I’ll be back live again on Tuesday with you unless
something changes. But right now I have a pre-recorded videos for Friday and for
Monday so you will not be without. So again you’ll see me again on Tuesday
unless something changes. But you guys all know I hope to encourage you today.
Please like, subscribe and share and give this to everyone you know who needs to
hear an encouraging word and who needs to hear the truth because the truth will
set you free. God loves you. I love you. God bless you and have a wonderful day.

AFTERWORD This is a most ominous word where he backs up his promise that there is an end to all of this. He states boldly that the prophecies will STOP. Prophets will go silent. While many of his disputed predictions will happen for the Doubting Thomases and the detractors.

Something unimaginably momentous is coming.

And we all have safe ringside seats. And he does say a lot of deserving death is coming. Removals restorations etc.

A most exciting time to be alive.

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