Trump Stuns World with Prophetic Video Revealing He’s Been Chosen By God

In the beginning of this final year, the year we have all been waiting for, 2024 ,Trump has just boldly come out in an unusual advertisement and proclaimed that he feels or knows that he is working for God. Chosen by God. Until now its only been said by small audience prophets, like Kim Clements and Julie Green, (My David) now its publicly proclaimed from Truth Social. Its obvious he has been protected during his political career from the slings and arrows of the loony left. Every one going up against him crashes and burns.

As many on the left realise Trump is unstoppable, and have surrendered to his comeback, others are still hysterical with fear trying to stop him in increasingly desperate ways.

So pandemic 2 is planned just for lockdown and a mail-in cheating extravaganza is planned by the enemy.

Alex Jones says even massive Dominion machine cheating and dead people voting, wont work this time because Trumps support in the polls is so great , he will break the cheating scales like he did in 2016.

Pundits are carrying on business as usual predicting a Trump electoral victory.

BUT God says he doesnt need a man’s election to put Trump back where he belongs in a new capital as yet un-named.

And Donald Trump is still legally President till the end of 2024.

My suggestion to God was a change of Rules so that Trump could be declared Emperor for Life to get the most out of this unique character for the maximum possible benefit. So much evil to undo. God said that wasn’t off the table. I feel the Idea could draw widespread support as he is compared to George Washington sometimes.

And why Trump had to be betrayed out of office by Pence was to put the evil Democrats on centre stage to completely expose their weakness based criminality. God explained this once. And now Trump is stronger than ever and the Democrats will become a permanent minority party. Unexpectedly Hispanics coming over the border are catholics and tend to vote Conservative so flooding the country with migrants will not esconce democrats in power forever as they dreamed.

Far more corruption is to be revealed. Worldwide governments and leaders to fall, resign, retire early, or die.

We still have the Great Silence coming where the Internet goes off. And when it comes back the good guys will be in charge.

This will be the greatest year to be alive for all of us.

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