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Goood uh Morning, Everybody, and thank you for joining today’s live show. Today is Thursday, January 11th of 2024. And I just want to say I want to welcome one of my dearest friends. Her name is Stacey Whited. She is from Flyover Conservative. I am so happy that God has brought us together. We met in Reawaken America, and I just want to say thank you for joining today’s live show, Stacey. >> I am so excited. I got to be a part of it when you said, Good morning. In fact, I have my cup right here. Goood uh Morning. I just love that. In fact, David, my husband, he’ll walk in in the morning. He’s like, Good morning, everybody. We absolutely love you, and it’s truly an honor to be on the show with you today. Thank you so much for inviting me. >> Yeah, so I wanted to introduce you. Before we get into all the really good stuff about the prophetic report that you do and everything that God is doing prophetically, just introduce yourself to everyone and explain how you started Flyover Conservative and what you’re doing on a daily basis. >> I would love to. So my husband and I, we actually are co-hosts of the Flyover Conservative show, and our son is our producer and the COO, and our daughter Avery does all of our graphics, and she’s CMO, so we’re all partners in the Flyover Conservatives, and it was interesting. Back in January of 2021, so, you know, when everything was going crazy, obviously, we were very disappointed about November and what happened. We knew the election was stolen. You know, we were business people, but we were like, Okay, God, what are you going to do in our world, because it’s a crazy time? And so I was in my quiet time, and the Lord told me, He said, Sources that you have trusted for truth for so long are no longer going to be giving you truth, and this is the time for discernment. And right around that time, our son Colton, you know, he was married, he has a daughter, and then he was pregnant with their second child, and he started looking around at the world around him. You know, he was a business owner. He had a real estate license. I mean, insurance license, you know, he was a go-getter, but he came to us and he said, If we don’t do something as a family to try to help to save this country, he said, my kids are not going to be free. And so we were like, Okay, what do we got to do, God? And it truly was, We’re going to bring our time, our talent, our treasure. We’ll bring anything, God. We’re not qualified in any way. I mean, we were business people. We had never even met somebody that had been on a podcast, let alone starting a podcast, you know? But we were like, Okay, God, what are we going to do? And our son Colton, he goes, I’ll produce, and he started watching a bunch of YouTube clips on what he needed to do and got in these chat groups. And David and I were like, Okay, we’re going to give people a platform that they can come on and that they can share, whether it be medical or military or at that time, election integrity, you know? ‘Cause there were so many questions around the election, you know, what was going on with that, you know? So all of these things were happening at the time. And God told us this at the time. He said, I want you to record, record, record. And he said, I’ll do the rest. But he said, Every FBIsode that we did on ‘The Fly Over Conservatives,’ it had to have hope in it. Because if it was ever hopeless, it was seated in a lie, and he was taken out of the equation. And so we were like, Okay, God, this is your platform. And he gave us this other thing. We called it a slogan at the beginning, but I really think it was a mandate. He said, Wake up, because everybody needed a wake-up call. I think that a lot of people were lulled to sleep. You know, prior to 2016, we were not political. You know, obviously when Trump became President, we became a lot more aware of what was going on. But, you know, people have to wake up. But the next thing is they have to speak up and show up. Because conservatives, especially Christian conservatives, had a real pride in being part of the silent majority. They almost, like, we were almost patting ourselves on the back, Yeah, we’re part of the silent majority. Well, when that happens, you end up with a country where it is today because the plumb line of Jesus was taken out of all of those spheres of influence. And so truly, now, I don’t know, we’ve done, we do five days a week of interviews. So usually two to three interviews a day. These shows come out at 8.30 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at night. And then we do prophetic report on Wednesdays and conspiracy conversations on Saturday with David, which is a ton of fun. You know, talking about Nephilim, talking about crazy things like flat earth, talking about whatever, you know. Somebody has to have about 10,000 hours of research before they come on and then David will interview him. But it’s just, it’s so much fun to see what God is doing because we’ve met people like yourself, you know, and so many patriots from all over the country that are waking up, they’re speaking up and showing up. So it’s truly been remarkable. – You know, you’re started, you know, with Flat Earth Conservatives, almost similar to the ministry that I have, where God told me to keep, you know, get on social media. And I was like, No. He told me to get on YouTube three years prior. – Wow. – And I was like, No, I don’t really want to be on social media. I don’t really like, you know, hearing myself, seeing myself and like, I’m not that kind of person. No, I don’t, I’d rather not do that. What would I say anyway? – Right. – And then all of a sudden it was like, not only get on YouTube, which was a command, but then he says, Every day. And I was like, Well, what am I supposed to say every single day? And then it was January 7th that happened. And that’s how everything started because God told me to encourage, encourage, encourage, encourage, give people hope on a daily basis, give them my word, which is truth on a daily basis. So you guys’ like situations started out almost the same exactly as mine, because I mean, I’ll have a love for my country, but I have a love for my God. And it’s like putting those two together. I’m like, this nation needs God more than any other time in our history. And people need to wake up to that fact. And so I was just getting on. I was just giving scriptures and giving encouragement. And that was how it started.

So now I always wanted to give you the prophetic report because that’s the reason why you were on today. I want everybody to know how this started. And what you told me before is like, it started at a few minutes. Now it’s so long because there’s so many prophecies that are happening right now. And so many prophets are confirming each other. – Oh, it’s true. Okay, so we were doing all these interviews and we were hearing what was going on in the natural, but our true love is what is God saying? And so I would be going through the prophetic all the time. I’d be watching Elijah streams and Amanda Grace and Church International. I was going through this all the time and my family would come in the room and I’d be like, you don’t understand. Did you know this and this and this was going on? And I would be so excited and so passionate about it. And so finally my family’s like, we need to do a show where you’re sharing what God is doing because yeah, it’s great. We can hear from the medical and we can hear from military. We can do all of that. But the most important, the thing above all things is what does God have to say about what’s going on right now? And so I think I’m on my 105th episode and I do one a week. So it’s been a couple of years and this is what’s amazing. I have three, when I started, I had three ladies that had been with me since the beginning that they would go through the prophetic. They’d be watching Elijah streams and they would see things that were written and they would pray and ask God, what am I supposed to send to Stacy? And then they would send those items to me and I would sit down on Wednesday morning at five o’clock in the morning, I’d start going through what God was saying and God and I would put together the show. And the show was about 20 minutes. And then in August, God added on a fourth person that is very consistent as well. So I have four ladies consistently that are sending me things, prophetically what God tells them to send. And then I sit down, but now it’s not just Friday morning, or now it’s not just Wednesday morning, it’s Tuesday and Wednesday morning, I get up at five. My show was at 20 minutes, now sometimes it’s two and a half hours. And all I’m covering is what has gone on in the prophetic over the last week. And so to see what God is doing right now, it’s amazing. Do you want me to tell you what the four things that have been consistent over the last two years with the prophets that were always consistent? Okay, and they’re still today. Now God’s just adding some things on, but these things have been consistent the whole time.

The first thing is that this is the best time to be alive. And I mean, as you’re listening to the prophets, it’s almost like every person that’s alive, that we were born for such a time as this. It’s like God’s putting together this puzzle, and we’re all pieces of this puzzle, and we’re all bringing our own piece. So that was the first thing, best time to be alive.

Second thing that’s been consistent is that Trump will have a second term. I mean, consistent over and over and over again. And they haven’t wavered. In the three years or whatever that it’s been, I can’t believe we’re back into an election year, 290 some days from the 24 election. But it’s been consistent. They’re not giving up. He’s gonna have a second term period.

The third thing that’s been consistent is a billion soul harvest, that there was going to be a revival that will hit our world, not just our country, our world. The glory of the Lord is going to come like we’ve never seen before. Consistent, and it’s been that way, 105 episodes, it’s in every one of them. And then the last one, transference of wealth from the wicked to the righteous. And so that has been so much fun because what I do when I put together the prophetic report with the Lord in the mornings is we go through and we’re like what things are matching up in the prophets. And just so you know, like when we’re going through yours, and I’ve told you this before, a lot of times you are one that everything kind of base will go round. So like let’s say you have a prophetic word, maybe three or four, where there’s three or four other prophets that are just confirming what was said through what you said in one prophetic word. So if you delivered a prophetic word, let’s say we’re gonna use yours today from January the 8th, but you received it on January the 2nd, I don’t use one from the 7th, the 8th, the 6th. I only use one day of that prophetic word. But it matches up with sometimes five, six, seven other prophets are saying the same thing. Of course it’s the same God, but he’s just amplifying the voices. And it’s so much fun to see it ’cause it’s just confirmation after confirmation after confirmation. – I love it. And I know they’re like me too. We can’t watch each other. When God told me to turn off the prophets, I think it was like September of 20, I don’t know if it was 2021 or whatever year it was. And once he started, he told me to do that. ‘Cause I was like geeking out too. I was just like all the team and we’re just like, this prophet said this and this prophet said this and this prophet said this. And I didn’t see myself as a prophet. I really didn’t. I just saw, I heard prophecies, but I didn’t see myself as a prophet. And I was just like, and I was so excited. And he said, turn them off. And I was like, wait, what? I was like, no, I’m not gonna have that fun geeking out with all my team anymore. And he’s like, no, you need to turn them off because there are things I’m gonna speak to you about. And so once I turned off all the prophets, it became, it was just like an explosion of prophecy. Not only did the prophecies come, but they were coming more frequently and they were coming more detailed. – Wow. – So when you’re telling me, oh, it’s like, it is so crazy because when I’m hearing them, I’m like, first I’m going, okay, this sounds really crazy. Lord, did you just really say that? Am I supposed to really repeat that sentence? And I’m questioning these things. I was like, Lord, this is really sounding outlandish and really weird. And I’m like, I know you AND I KNOW YOUR VOICE (Julie) So I noticed what you were saying. And I know it’s obviously not me making things up ’cause I could never fix them. I would never think about some of these things. And then all of a sudden I’m hearing people. Well, Robin said that, or Amanda said that, or Kent said that, Hank said that. And I was like, okay, I’m not the only one and I’m not crazy. – Yes, exactly. And that’s why I love when we’re at the Reawaken America event. So for the Julie Green followers that don’t know the Flyover Conservatives at the Reawaken America event, we have our media booth right beside the stage. So as speakers come off, we have an opportunity to interview them. And always a highlight for me is when Julie or Amanda come off ’cause I’m like, yes, I’m so excited. I always have my phone there. So I’m not reading texts if you see my phone here. I’m literally, this is where I have all my notes. I keep all of my notes. My kids laugh at me ’cause all of my notes are in my phone. I don’t put it on my computer. I just do it on my phone, everything on my phone. And so I’ll be pulling out my phone. Julie, do you have any idea? You said this and so did Amanda and so did Kent Christmas and Hank Kudeman. It’s just so much fun because I love it. Sometimes it’s almost word for word. So your personalities are completely different. Even the way that you would say things are a lot different, but again, the same God. And so sometimes it is almost word for word. It is so cool. I have so much fun. – So now we’ve explained where all this is coming from. Now I can’t wait for you to be able to share with everybody all the confirmations that you’ve been hearing. And just like you said, just in one prophecy, it wasn’t multiple different prophecies. It’s one prophecy and now they’re all lining up together. – Yes, it’s so cool. And one thing I just want to encourage Julie Green’s followers as well as Flyover Family that maybe is joined to watch is that we all, and Julie, you said this earlier, WE ALL HEAR GODS VOICE Now Julie is a prophet, which is an office. That means she’s delivering prophetic words to the body of Christ, but we are all children of the most high God and WE CAN HEAR HIS VOICE. One thing that’s really cool that Johnny Enloe will sometimes do on his Facebook page, it’s Johnny and Elizabeth, they’ll say, what have you all been HEARING? And then there’s just this stream of people that are like, I heard this, I heard this, I heard this. And what’s cool is sometimes when I’ll go through that confirmation, that’s the same thing that Johnny said or that Robin Bullock said, or it’s really cool. So just so you all know, because I know Julie said several times and a lot of other prophets as well, there might be a time of darkness that’s coming. God’s talking about a time of darkness. We don’t know in silence, maybe we don’t know what that looks like, but we might not be able to hear the prophets, but we hear God. The same God that is speaking through them is speaking to us as well. So if that happens, we haven’t lost communication. We have the best communicator and that’s our heavenly Father. So that’s always so much fun when I see that, ’cause I’m like, oh, so yes, Julie’s in an office delivering it to the body of Christ, but WE ALL CAN HEAR GODS VOICE – That’s why he tells me every day, I need to give them back to the word of God. And I tell them every day, don’t take my word for it. You get into the word of God, you get into the scriptures because he wants a fellowship with you. He doesn’t want just a fellowship with me or a fellowship with you. He wants a fellowship with everyone. He wants everyone to know him in a greater way and a more a version, not a version of him, but who he really is. – Yes. – ‘Cause the world has given man many doctrines of a version of God and not who God really is. And that’s why I think this prophecy and the prophetic and what is going on right now in the world. The world is more upside down than I think it ever has been in human history. And that’s why there’s so many voices that are speaking God’s word. So go ahead. – That is exactly right. I’m just gonna add onto what you said because my sister, so we grew up in a church that didn’t really ever acknowledge any of the gifts of the spirit. So when I was growing up, I wasn’t introduced to the prophetic or anything like that. And my sister is one that actually is a contributor. So those four ladies, my sister Tammy Wagner’s one. I have Denise Brewer, Terry Strange, and Lisa Renard. Those are the four ladies that helped me every week with the show. So my sister is kind of cool. We get to share this, it’s fun. So obviously our family display over conservatives and my sister is a contributor to the prophetic report. But when we were talking a couple of years ago, we were talking about what was going on in the prophetic and the excitement of that. And she goes, This is great, I absolutely love it. She goes, But I wanna hear God’s voice too. Yes, that’s awesome that I’m hearing it through the prophets but I wanna hear it too. And I said, Just ask God. And so she asked God for that. And he started waking her up in the middle of the night and she would get up and she just had a journal and she would just start writing down or flipping through scripture. And he was like, When we desire that, he’s a good Dad. He’s going to give it to us. And so it’s truly just us asking to have that as well. So anyway, I just wanna add onto that ’cause I thought that was pretty cool. – It is. – Are you ready for this? ‘Cause this is amazing. – Yes, I am. I’m so excited. – Okay, so those four things always consistent that I said but this is what’s interesting. Over the last three months, it’s amped up a lot to where the categories are a lot more than just those four. Now, since 2024 started, it’s actually like I start to run out of time when it’s time to do my show. And I’m already getting up two mornings and spending probably eight to 10 hours in preparation for the prophetic report, going through things that have already been gone through by my team. And so I’m like, okay, God, last week and this week, there were 11 categories that were overlapping and with three, four, sometimes five prophets saying the same thing in these different categories. And so just from this week alone, I’ll just tell you the categories and then we’ll kind of break down the ones. I wanna obviously highlight the ones that go along with your January 2nd work ’cause that’s the one we’re gonna talk about, which was interesting about that January 2nd word is you came on several times to release it the week before and you couldn’t release it. So you released it on Monday. So I thought that was so fascInating because out of the 11 categories, five of those categories are some of your prophetic words. Out of the 11, five in one prophetic word.
So I just think that’s amazing. The first one is rollercoaster. So I’m gonna break that down. The next one was leadership removals, which is fun. The next one is deception. I can’t wait to get to this one because you actually, the prophetic word that God delivered through you is an answer to the prophetic words that were given as a question. So I can’t wait for that one. That is so cool. Freedom is another one. Trump complacency, that was an interesting one. That’s been going on for a couple of weeks. Darkness, which you’re not in this one this week, but you would have been in it on the prophetic report that I did last week, which is really interesting because on the January 2nd, there wasn’t darkness brought up, but there was in the prophetic report I did last week. But this is just this week. Vindication, that was a big one. Shaking, fivefold ministry, wicked and righteousness. So those were the 11 categories that God was highlighting for just this week. Again, it’s one prophetic word from you, one prophetic word from Robin Bullock. I mean, as I’m going through it, it’s not multiple creating these, it’s one that I’m taking from. And so it’s amazing. So let’s talk about Rollercoaster ’cause this was kind of interesting. Before God told you not to listen to the prophets, had you ever followed Donna Rigney? – Yes, I actually knew her. I was on a couple of different events with her. I met her through Manuel Johnson. – Okay, she is so much fun. Like when she gets up to talk or she delivers prophetic, it makes me so excited. I mean, it gives me like this joy of the Lord, almost like a little kid before Christmas or something. – She’s very bubbly and I love her. – Me too. – I love her. I love her. So she was describing on January the 5th, she was describing that when she was praying about 2024, that she saw herself on a rollercoaster. And the rollercoaster wasn’t sitting still, it was like going crazy. It was going up and down and sharp curves and all of these different things. But she was not scared. She was actually laughing hysterically, but she was holding on to this bar in front of her. And she said, she felt like the Lord said that in 2024, for his people, it’s going to be like a rollercoaster ride and that he was the railing that they were holding onto. He said, hold onto me, keep your vision and focus on me, no matter what changes come. So that was the prophetic word that the Lord gave her, January the 5th, 2024, that she delivered. Diana Larkin, she’s from a Watchman’s Journal, so she does stuff with His Glory. I don’t know if you’ve ever followed her. So another strong prophetic voice. She’s got a show on His glory, but she also does a lot of writing. Well, this is not exactly rollercoaster, but if you listen to it, it’s the same idea as a rollercoaster. She said, if you set your heart to flow with me and truly surrender to my spirit’s leading, all the unexpected happenings will not throw you into fear or confusion. No matter what upheavals are happening in the world, you will be kept in my peace, my plenty, and my fulfillment for your life. Be ready to change course as I open new doors for you to walk through. I will be your inspiration, your stability, and your help as you begin new paths you’ve never walked before. Yes, I agree. That’s more like– it’s like a rollercoaster also, yeah. Yep, yep, so that’s cool. I love it. And then yours, on January the 2nd, 2024, the Lord said through you, hold on, because things are about to look wild and out of control. Remember, I’m in control, and your enemies are about to see and experience the move of my hand.

2024 is the year you’ve been waiting for. So as I’m going through this, God will just highlight it. He’s like, look at how these things come together. I think in 2024, the big thing with that is– and I’ve heard you say it over and over again– is that our stability, our foundation, has got to be in God. He is our solid rock. So no matter what happens, crazy turns on a roller coaster, we go upside down, or the lights go out, or you can’t call your family, or I don’t know, the banks collapse, or it doesn’t matter. None of those things matter, because I remember several years ago, God told me that I was on a roller coaster with Him, but He was the track. Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah, and for me, I was like, ah, that is so cool. Obviously, I completely trust Him. He’s going to take it where He needs it to go and wants it to go. So as long as I know that I’m solid, I’m on that track strong, He could take me wherever He wants to take me, because He’s a good Dad. And He’s going to take care of me. And my peace is found in Him, not the situation around me, just like Jesus. When Jesus was on the boat, and the storm is happening, Jesus had peace even in the midst of a storm. That’s right. So I thought that was really cool with that whole roller coaster situation. And then leadership removals, this was fascinating.

So OK, so yours from January the 2nd, 2024, there was a couple of things in there, actually three. One was a senator will be in the news because many things hidden in that chamber will not stay hidden. Another senator is about to take their last breath.

And then many in high-level positions will suddenly pass away because judgment is hitting the political realm all over this earth. So obviously, leadership removals. Well, Robin Bullock, Church International, that’s on Sunday, January the 7th, 2024. He was talking about, prior to this, that there was going to be supernatural events. The Holy Spirit was going to come like fire. It was going to happen. He said, when that happens, he said, wicked men will scream and fall backward as they lose their positions and their footing as they fall flat on their backs. Oh, that was on Sunday? That was on Sunday.

Wow. I know. It’s amazing. So that was from Sunday. So obviously, it goes right along with the things that you’re saying about leadership removal. Same God just coming through these different prophetic voices. Do you know Yvonne Atiyah? No. OK, so she’s on Elijah Streams. When we went to Israel in April of last year, she was one of the people that went with Elijah Streams. She’s a prophetic voice that Steve has on quite a bit. And she– Well, I’ve heard of her. OK, you’ve heard of her? OK, yeah. So I think she may live in Australia. Either way, she was having a dream. And she was in Australia when this dream occurred. So I don’t know. I think she lives there. But either way, she was there when she had this dream. And this was from January the 9th, 2024. She was on Elijah Streams. And again, leadership removals. The Lord said through her, we are in the year 2024. And just as in Isaiah 24– so He led her to Isaiah 24 because we’re in the year 2024. And He said, Many of the governmental leaders will be rounded up and put in prison and finally punished. We will begin to see heaven ruling. And many of the people we see in government now will be removed. God will do it in a supernatural way. Yes. I love it, because He’s been saying that’s unconventional ways that He’s going to be removing so many people. He’s been speaking for so long about removing all of these government officials. He said He’s cleaning house. Yes. And He said specifically, each place where He’s going to be cleaning house and hearing somebody else– I am just so excited hearing these conversations from God. It’s so cool. It’s so cool. And then there’s another one. Have you heard of Nathan French? Yes. OK, so Nathan French, January the 5th. So these are all January. January 2nd, January 5th, January 7th, January 9th. This was January 5th. Nathan French. Over the next few months, judgment will come swiftly, and people will be plucked out of their positions that were dishonestly gained. Oh my gosh. Yes. God’s been talking about dirty politicians, which, yes, that goes along the same thing. Again, God is removing them. And you see, these prophecies are already being fulfilled right now regarding politicians. Because if you look at the House of Representatives, there is a massive amount of people who are not going back for re-election. God’s been saying this for a couple of years. There’s been so many prophecies being fulfilled about heads of state and Presidents all over the place, and things are happening. So hearing other people talking about this now in the year 2024 in the same week is crazy. It’s crazy. I mean, it truly is. When I’m hearing it, I’m like, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. So when I do the prophetic report, I don’t read your prophetic word. I play you. So when somebody’s watching the prophetic report, they see you delivering the prophetic word. Or Robin Bullock, I play that portion of Church International. Or Nathan French, I’ll play him saying it. Sometimes if the word is written like a Diana Larkin, maybe I’ll read it. But it’s always where they actually get to see you do it. Well, what ended up happening was I had the opportunity to start writing a column for a newspaper called Patriot Sentinel about the prophetic report. And so obviously, I couldn’t play videos. And I’m like, OK, God, what do you want me to do? And that’s where he has me sit down. I put the prophetic report together, play the videos the day of Wednesday at 11/11. By the way, I love it. And that was a big thing this week too, talking about it. I’ll come back to that. But God said, I want you to write it out word for word, these specific parts. So I write it out word for word. And what I found was how many things were overlapping that I missed when I watched the video. I would have never known that– I knew I played Yvonne. But I missed that specific thing in it. And so when I started writing them out, I was like, oh my gosh, this is so cool to see how they’re overlapping. It’s absolutely amazing. So are you ready for this deception one? Because this is cool because I’m going to read the first two, which is basically God warning. And then the prophetic word that you delivered is an answer to the warnings. Wow. Yes, I’m excited about it. OK, because this is cool. Because I know that your audience knows this, but I just want to reiterate it and maybe ask you, because you were the prophet. From my understanding, it’s like when you’re a prophet, that God takes you to the future. So you’re seeing something in the future. Sometimes you know exactly where you are in the future. Other times, you don’t know. You’re just, hey, this is what I saw. And then time has to catch up. Because for God, time is nothing. He’s outside of the timeline. He’s in the past. He’s in the future. He’s in the present. So He’s everywhere. So when He takes you somewhere to see something, He’s taking you to the future. Sometimes you know where you are, sometimes you don’t. Is that correct? Yes. See, I don’t have dreams and visions. Sometimes not very often, but it’s more Him speaking. And when He’s speaking, yeah, I don’t know exactly when things are going to happen. But I do know when things get close. It is so amazing how God works. And now that when you hear all these confirmations, you know we know what time we’re living in. We’re living in that now time that we’ve been hearing something like– I’ve been hearing prophecies three years ago, and I had no idea if they were going to come to pass in 2021 or 2022 or 2023. And so yeah, you don’t know what time you’re in. You don’t know when you’re hearing these things exactly when God’s going to do them. And the reason why we don’t exactly know is because God is never going to– I’m telling you, people beware of dates because God is never going to give a date specifically. He’s going to give you maybe a time frame because the enemies will want to try to stop what’s going on. That’s why God is never going to say, hey, on January 12 of 2024, this is going to happen, this is going to happen, this is going to happen, because then the enemies will try to stop it. Right. That makes total sense. That makes total sense. So what’s cool about this– oh, another thing I was going to say, too, about that. You gave the prophetic word in February of 2022 about the weather that we’re now seeing now, like the tornadoes and the snowstorms and all across the country. You gave it in February of 2022 not knowing it was going to be January of 2024. Yes. And he says that was a sign of cleansing this nation. Yes. Yes, Lord, we receive it in Jesus’ name. That is so cool. Please cleanse our country. OK, so here’s the word. Do you know the prophetic voice of Charlie Shamp? Do you know Charlie Shamp? I have heard of him. OK. Yes. So Charlie Shamp– now, this word was from December the 30th, 2023. But I had never heard it, and it got sent to me by my sister this week. So even though it was outside of the week’s period of time, she felt like the Lord said it was supposed to be sent for the prophetic report. So this is what the word said, deception. Do not be swayed by the voices of fear and confusion. The enemy is busy at work sowing seeds of division and deception, but I am exposing the works of darkness. I am striking at the scales of justice, bringing to light the hidden agendas and schemes of the enemy. So a warning, be careful what you’re listening to, and do not be deceived. That was from Charlie Shamp on December the 30th. Yvonne Atiyah, January the 9th, same prophetic word from earlier, but in that prophetic word, the Lord said to her, Beware of the lying news. We need the spirit of discernment. Do not be deceived. Matthew 24. OK, so all on deception. Do not be deceived. Use your discernment. And this is where it’s so cool. Julie Green, January the 2nd, 2024, the Lord said, So buckle up. They will try and cover up the judgment that is hitting the political realm, but this time people will not fall for their deception. So their warning, their warning, don’t fall for it. God said through you, this time they won’t fall for it. Yes, I love it. He’s been talking about the 3D, deceive, distract, destroy. That’s what the enemy is doing. And to hear other prophets talk about this great deception, because we’re in a war of disinformation, which is a war of deception. So they lead people in the wrong direction. They get people into fear. That’s what COVID was all about. This is what all these other things are all about. It’s a great deception. Also, what this fraudulent election has been about back in 2020, it’s an illusion. It makes you think, this is what’s really going on. That’s the person that really was elected. And it’s not. It’s all a deception. But people are giving into it. They got angry. They got frustrated. And God’s saying, don’t go by how way things look like right now. They’re not how they appear to be. There is so many things going on in that camp, in the political realm, the enemy’s camp. God is saying, hey, they are confused. They are running scared because we are not giving into that deception. Yes, I love it. And what’s interesting is– so you said– this is crazy. You said you started January 7th of 2021. Is that right? Yes. OK, January 7th, 2021 was when I was in my quiet time. And the Lord said, sources that you’ve trusted for truth are no longer going to give you truth. And now is the time for discernment. So that was January the 7th, 2021, which is crazy that you said that. I was like, wow. But so this discernment, it was interesting. God said that then, 2021. Now, 2024, that prophetic word he delivered from you is that people are not going to fall for the deception. And so, yeah, it’s because people are waking up. They’re speaking up. They’re showing up. And they’re like, I’m not trusting you. I’m listening to the Lord. And you know this because you’re at the Reawaken America events. You’re praying for people. You’re baptizing people, all of those different things. It’s been interesting because, wow, we started with the Reawaken America event. We went to the very first one as a guest. We just started our podcast. And then after that, we missed Anaheim. But everything else, we’ve been to every one of the Reawaken America events. And we hold a meet and greet, as you know, at all of the events. And the one thing that we have found consistent with meeting the different people attending the event is that them either saying they met Jesus for the first time over the last year or two years, that’s been very consistent. Others that have said they’ve rededicated their life to Jesus. And then others that are like, I had no idea about reading my Bible at home. I’m reading my Bible at home now. I have a relationship with God. I speak in tongues, all these different things. I’m walking in the gifts of the Spirit. We’re finding that’s consistent over and over and over again. People are hungry for God. They’re like, OK, this world is not going to cut it. I need to have a Heavenly Father that is my Savior. And that’s where I put my eyes, and that’s where I’m looking. And that is consistent over the last few years of doing the Reawaken America event, which is really exciting. Because that’s the waking up, the speaking up, and showing up. They’re not going to be deceived because THEY HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD Yes. And what’s going on with– even if it’s getting really dark right now and there’s growing great deception, but God’s light will shine even brighter in that darkness. And God’s truth will destroy every lie. And so no matter what is going on, this is a part of a body of Christ. We have to walk by faith and not by sight. Because we’ve been too complacent to walk by sight and not walk by faith. So this is what God is doing. He’s shaking things up. So people wake up. And so He said this is a great waking up. Right now, we’re in the time of a great shaking, a great shaking up, but it’s to wake us up. And when we are waking up and we are truly awakened by Almighty God, and we know the truth that’s setting us free, we won’t fall for any of those deceptions. That’s exactly right. Woo! That is so true. In fact, obviously, I’ve heard you talk about shaking up. But there were several prophetic words about it this week with Robin Bullock, Tim Sheets, Donna Rigney. All of them were talking about shaking that’s going to happen. In fact, Robin said– it’s Church International– God is going to shake the ends of the Earth. Look for the shaking, and you will know the quaking has started. Wow! And Tim Sheets said, a reset is coming through great shaking. Same day, January 7th. A reset is coming through great shaking. The shaking has now begun, and it will continue to shake what needs shaking. Did he say reset? Yes! God’s been talking about His reset, and He’s been talking about things shaking. Oh, my God. I say, I love this kind of stuff. I am so excited to hear this because I can’t hear them. But hearing other people talking about shaking, and then God explaining it. Because people have been asking, what about the shaking? What is the shaking for? Why are we going through all this? And then God is explaining it. He’s explaining why there is a shaking. Because it is not only shaking these shackles off of us and destroying the captivity that we have been under and the deception we’ve been under, but it’s also to destroy the power of the enemy. So it’s twofold. So this shaking is growing in intensity. And you can see that now that other prophets are all coming in line and all speaking about this right now. That’s exactly right. In fact, Donna Rigney, January 5, 2024, said, There is a shake upcoming. During that time, God’s people will be set free and will arise to receive the blessings that were withheld from them. The shaking will cause chains to fall off God’s children. Yes, this is what that is. This is the greater Exodus God has been talking about. He wants the shackles. He wants the chains off of us. Because the thing what he said in the book of Exodus, Let my people go, he said, so they may freely serve me. Yes. This is what that shaking is about. So we’re able to freely serve God in all things and all ways. That’s exactly right. Yep. In fact, she even talked about– I can’t remember if it– I think it’s in this next one as well. But she talked about how even the people that have been locked up from January 6, that the shaking is going to come. And that all of the lies, everything that’s been spoken about those people, as well as what’s going on with President Trump, and all of these different things, all of those lies are going to come to the surface. The shaking is going to cause that to happen. And everyone is going to know the truth. Yes. And January 6, the Lord has brought up those prisoners. And he said they were going to be released. And there’s going to be great Vindication. Yeah, vindication was one of the words from this week. He has given me a prophetic word I actually have. I actually was dealing with it this morning because I have to pre-record because I leave next week. And he’s used the word vindication 15 times at least, probably. Oh, you’re not going to believe this. And it’s a prophetic word. OK, you’re not going to believe this. OK. So do you want me to share with the other prophets what they said? Can I say, can I do it if you haven’t recorded it yet? I have not recorded it, but I do have it printed out. But I mean– You can pray about it and let me know. OK. We’ll keep that one for vindication just in case, yeah. If not, we’ll come back to that at another time because it is so cool. So God is speaking about vindication, no doubt about it. That’s huge. OK, so freedom, that was another one. January the 2nd, 2024, through Julie Green, get ready for great changes to take place soon. Very soon, the return of your rightful President will soon be seen, but also the return of blessing– so keep hold of that blessing– but also the return of blessing unto my nation, a return of freedom– keep on to that one, too– a return of justice, a return of prosperity, a return of liberty, yes, a great return in 2024. So I want to highlight the return of blessing and freedom. The reason I want to highlight it is because– so you received it on January 2nd. You delivered it on January the 8th. January the 5th, the Lord said through Donna Rigney, during the shakeup, our people will be set free and will arise to receive the blessings that were withheld from them. Chains of oppression will fall off God’s children. Here it is. Freedom and fairness will be restored. That is what is coming this year. So she talks about blessing. So we’ll receive the blessings. You said the same thing. God said that through you, but also the return of blessing unto my nation. And God said through her, set free and will arise to receive blessings that were withheld from them. And then freedom and fairness will be restored. And God said through you, a return of freedom. He’s been hit on the heart of God. He’s been talking about freedom a lot. Yes. There’s so many different prophetic words he’s been talking about freedom, because that’s on the heart of God. He wants us free. He doesn’t want us to live in this captivity anymore of his lies and deception and oppression from the enemy. So to hearing that so many times, not only through prophetically through me, but now he’s really hearing it from everybody else. And the reason why we’re doing this show today is because truth is setting people free. And we really want people to know it’s not just one person saying it. It’s multiple different people saying it’s because God is confirming it through multiple different people to let his people know that he is speaking, he is in control, and he has you on his heart, and he wants you completely free. Amen. That is exactly, exactly right. And then the final one here that I have that I highlighted that you had said. So again, this is one prophetic word that you delivered from January the 2nd, delivered on January the 8th. 11 different topics or categories, five of them were in my prophetic report. Five from your one thing. Obviously, you’ve talked about darkness. You’ve talked about all those other things, but just in one. I mean, it’s just remarkable to me. And this is about President Trump, which is really fun. So you have, get ready for great changes to take place soon. Very soon, the return of your rightful President will soon be seen. Like, yes, Lord. Whoop, whoop. So you, the Lord’s kind of shown you from what I understand, and correct me if I’m wrong, that President Trump will be reinstated before 2024 election, from what you’re kind of gathering. Is that right? Obviously, we don’t know timelines, but from what you’re gathering? That’s what I’m kind of gathering, because he keeps saying unconventional ways. And so while I have been gathering it and understanding it is it’s unconventional, and that if man is not going to get credit for it, something has to other go on before that to make it known that God is the one in control. Yes. Now, whether it happens that way, I don’t know. I just know he keeps saying unconventional. So what the unconventional means with the election, I’m not really sure, but I’m excited about it. Right, exactly. So none of us know exactly. Obviously, we can kind of speculate and kind of hope for our thing, but this is what God said. So God said that our rightful President will be back soon, very soon. So OK. Another thing to add to that really quick is he said that . OK, that is so cool, because– check this out– Nathan French, January the 5th, 2024, God said through him, God is bringing a validation and a– here’s vindication– and a vindication to Trump. He’s going to expose what happened with the voting in the darkness. So it can be brought into the light. Trump will be brought in there. So pray for the transition, because the White House is in major transition, and the evil is being widespread and made obvious so that no one will question if Trump won or not. It’s all coming out, and we are going to see what we all believed. That is awesome. We’ve been talking about the White House as well, and Matt goes along with it, because he said he’s cleaning out the White House because, well, he said, because the house you call white is actually red. Yes. And he’s been saying so many things about the White House and about removing, because he’s been talking about, of course, removing of Biden and Kamala and stuff like that, which we know they’re starting to already go along with replacing them with somebody else. Yep. So there’s a lot of things that are going on that goes along with that White House. That is awesome. I love it. It’s exciting. And what I love in conversation, too, that Nathan was having with Steve, because he was being interviewed on Elijah Streams, the conversation was that he said that other people that have been put in office, which I think I had earlier too in something, another part of a word, but that they are going to be removed because they were deceitfully put in office. So it goes right along with what you were saying there, and that this whole thing of validation and vindication for Trump is going to be exposed what happened in 2020. So God’s not letting go of what happened in the past election. Yeah. He said, we are not supposed to let that go. He just said– it was a prophecy a couple of weeks ago, but he’s been talking about it a lot more. He said, because, again, once a thief has been caught, he has to give back what was stolen seven times. He said, we’ve had stolen elections. And not even just 2020, it goes far beyond that. But he said, the enemies or the thief has to give back what they have stolen. So just think about all the things, all the damage that has been done to this country since just even 2020 alone. Yep. I’ve been talking about the last over 100 years. We have had elections. We’ve had politicians being in positions that they did not belong in. Yep. We’ve had certain things going on in our country that did not belong in our country that caused more damage. So we’ve had a lot of things going on fundamentally in our nation that never belong. And so he’s taking all of it, deep rooting it out. Yes. Pulling it out, destroying it, cleansing it, wiping it out, annihilating it, whatever you want to call it. And that’s why he said, we’re not supposed to give up on what had been stolen in 2020 and move on for the 2024 election. Because he said, elections will not save this nation. He said, I will. And then he said something else. He said, I have it all. And he said, and my people have it all. Because God is alpha, the omega, he’s beginning of the amp. He knows exactly what they were going to be doing. So he put people strategically in these places to infiltrate the infiltrators. Yep. I love how he says that. Me too. And so he’s been doing this to show it all. He said all the truth and all the proof. And so what they did in 2020, they are not getting away with it. Nope. Great treason. I just did another one where he talked about that treason was going to be known. And I don’t know how he put it. It was to destroy the enemies and the Washington DC establishment, treason was going to be their end. And he said treason was going to be proven and shown. In fact, from what I can recollect, I believe you said, that God said through you, and that January 2nd prophetic word about Hillary Clinton and treason. Oh, yeah. So I’m like, oh, man. Because obviously, a lot of people have been watching the Clintons for a long time thinking, will the truth ever come out? Or will there ever be justice for it? There has been. And I’m not going to go along with every single person because I don’t know every single person. But I know the reason why God calls Joe Biden the Biden, because he said he’s already been judged. But he said, there’s many people that have already been judged. And he gave me another prophetic word that I have got to share out. It’ll be next week sometime when I start pre-recording this weekend, that there’s many actors in Hollywood playing different positions of people who have been judged already. And so God is going to show. And I know it sounds so crazy and outlandish. But just like I was talking about with Pastor Dave yesterday, there’s been a lot of things going on in Guantanamo Bay. There’s been a lot of flights down there. There’s been a lot of things going on there. Ooh, interesting. That’s where tribunals can happen, military courts. And so there’s a lot of things that have been going on and that has been confirmed. But we’ll see who’s all has already been judged in that manner. But I have a feeling people like Hillary is one of them. That will be really interesting. Because I know that’s something that a lot of people have thought about, talked about. So that’ll be really interesting. So OK, so I just have– can I do one more thing with you? I know we’re almost out of time. Yeah, go ahead. OK. This I thought was kind of interesting because God’s been talking about complacency now for a couple of weeks. Not necessarily in the prophetic report. In fact, I didn’t have it in the prophetic report last week. But I did have it yesterday in the prophetic report. But now there’s been multiple things that have come up. And I just wanted to talk to you about it. Because I think as the body of Christ, again, it’s kind of a warning from God. Beware of this. Be careful of this. Because it tends to be– maybe a pit hole that we could fall in or something like that. So this is what it says. So Tim Sheets, December the 31st, 2023– so I went back a little bit for this one– said, we are going to have to make a bold stand for Christ’s kingdom and the Earth. It must happen now. America is going the wrong way. We must make a bold stand for liberty and freedom. It must happen now. Complacency is only going to make it more difficult. So he gave that. So it had been two weeks ago on a Sunday. He said that. When I was listening to the sermon, that particular line really jumped out at me. I hadn’t really heard anybody else talk about complacency. But that line really hit me at the time. So I remembered it from his whole 50-minute sermon or whatever. I remembered that line. So I was like, OK, God, you’re highlighting that. Well, we ended up doing an interview with a lady by the name of Julie Beeling, who was a missionary in Russia in the ’90s. And she ended up going to college. She wrote a paper on what was happening to Christians in Russia and kind of what happens under communism and all of that. And she wrote a book called Beneath Sheep’s Clothing. And then she just came out with a documentary that’s coming out here in January. So we had her on the show to talk about it. In the trailer that was played, complacency came up. And again, when I heard it, because it was the week after or maybe a few days after Tim Sheets, this is the line that jumped out at me in the trailer. It says, the masses are going to be put through some unpleasant experiences. Their liberty is going to be taken away from them. We have to get involved and do what we can. There is no time for complacency. So again, that complacency– because the last line that– in Tim’s is, America is going the wrong way. Complacency is going to make it more difficult if we don’t do something. The Lord has given me that word. He has? Yep. OK, so that’s so interesting. Because Robin Bullock then– this is when it really jumped out at me. Third time then in a week, January the 7th, so last Sunday, the God said through Robin, how could Nazi Germany have happened? Because complacency set in the church and in the body of Christ. The church grew complacent, and the salt of the Earth quit being salty anymore. Wow. And so he came back to everything that’s happening right now. Obviously, we know it’s a spiritual war that’s going on. And you say it all the time. You always talk about declaring, decreeing, praying, partnering with God, speaking about what we want to have happen, the spiritual warfare of that. That is what– that’s what’s going to take care of it. The complacency they’re talking about is, as the body of Christ, we can’t just sit around and think, oh, Julie Green’s going to do it, or Pastor Dave or Pastor Robin. But we, as the body of Christ, we’re like, not on our watch. It is not happening. I will do whatever I have to do. I’m down on my knees. I’m worshipping. I’m coming in agreement with the word of God, and I’m partnering with him on that. And then the final one was the same day that we had that lady from Beneath Sheep’s clothing documentary on, Andrew Whelan came on. So Andrew Whelan is another prophetic voice. He’s kind of newer to the scene. Johnny Inlow is kind of a mentor for him, and he’s been on Elijah’s dreams a few times. But he’s one that has dreams. And then God will show him what the dream meant. He ended up, in fact, writing a book for a 30-day period of time where he shares the dream that God gave, and then he has decrees that we’re supposed to pray into for 30 days. And it’s kind of like taking steps as the body of Christ of, OK, this is what God’s saying. These are the decrees and then coming against it or coming with– yes, exactly. That’s what it is. So it’s really cool. So we brought him on the show so that he could talk about the book, and we could share it with our audience. In his book, when I was reading his book, before I interviewed him, same week, by the way, same day I interviewed the lady with the documentary. In his book, it said, I wrote Dreams to Save a Nation because we are in desperate need of God in America. I look at my own children, and I can’t imagine what kind of hellish future the enemy has for their generation if I do nothing. God forbid us to fall asleep during this time. Yes. And that’s the reason why, again, we– this is called that Great Awakening, is what God’s been saying. And we have to get off of our duff, and we have to start fighting back. Because that’s what God said. We are called to arms. Yep. We’re in the army of the Lord, and we have something to do. And just like the reason– why Trump, President Trump, had to be set aside, OK? He wasn’t removed. He was just set aside. Yep. Because too many people were at that point, like you said, don’t rely on just Julia or Pastor David, because they were relying on President Trump. President Trump’s going to get the military. He’s going to do all these. He signed this. He signed that. He’s going to do this. He’s going to do that. It’s not just President Trump. No. It is God and God alone. And God is not going to let a man take credit for something that he is doing. Yes, he uses people like President Trump, or like any of us, to get his plans to go that way. Because we are believing. We are receiving. We are obeying in his steps, in his orders, his decrees, declarations, and the marching orders he’s giving us. But too many people were just expecting somebody else to do it. God has said his people– and he’s been reiterating this so much lately– each and every one of us have a calling. Each and every one of us has an assignment. We may not all be in the fivefold ministry, but we all are children of the Most High God, and we all have something to do. Jesus is the head. We are the body. The body has to be working together, fully functional. So you have to have the arm working with the hand, and the hand working with the fingers, and everything has to work together. If it doesn’t work together, you won’t walk accordingly and be in with an alignment with Jesus Christ. And so he’s been saying this to so many people over and over and over again. It is time to wake up. It is time to get up. He keeps using those words. He keeps saying to fight. He keeps saying to stand your ground. And that firm focus, foundation on the Father, because when all these things are going crazy, and deception is going wild, and they’re trying to get our footing away from God, we won’t be moved. Cannot be shaken. We cannot be shaken, because we have that foundation on the Word of God. That’s why it’s so important for you and I to get on here like we’re doing, speaking the truth, giving the words of God, giving those confirmations, so people realize, this is now time to get up. This is now time to wake up. This is now time to fight, because the enemy has really, truly wanted us to be in a part of submission, where we just– back complacency. God even called it lazy. Yes. It’s true. Of not doing anything and letting the world go by. Well, God’s going to do it. God’s going to do it. Yes, he is. But he’s also telling us, we have a part to play in it. Yep. Well, when you look at the Bible, he always partnered with man. I mean, he could come in and do anything himself, but he partnered with man to make things possible. One of the taglines that we have– so obviously, wake up, speak up, show up. But the other one is, we all set back hoping that Donald Trump would do 80 million things to save our country. Yes. What we really need is 80 million of us doing one thing every single day to save our own country. And that’s exactly what you’re saying. It’s our praying. It’s our declaring and decreeing. It’s standing in faith. It’s stepping up and saying, no, not on my watch. It’s not happening. You know, the Lord said we were supposed to push back. And one of the things he did about a month or two ago– I think it was in November or December of last year– he had me get out the Pledge of Allegiance and take it and then just separate it out about really truly what it stood for. And we have to understand, as a country– and then he had me go through what Thomas Jefferson had said, Martin Luther King Jr. Had said, what Abraham Lincoln had said about this nation, about how we the people– there is a part that we the people have to play. The government does not control the people. It’s we the people control the government. Yes, they’re supposed to do what they’re supposed to do. They’re supposed to pass laws. They’re supposed to do these kind of things. But they are not supposed to be dictators and have dictatorship and control this country like they can just do whatever they want. They can’t. But the people had been asleep and complacent and not realize what our Constitution is and the amendments in the Constitution, everything that we are actually empowered with and how we are protected by certain laws. We are protected by our Constitution in the United States of America. But a lot of people don’t know what that Constitution says. So he was going through, and he was breaking it out on how much power we had, not only as an American citizen, but how much power we had as a child of the Most High God. And that’s the reason why we have to know the word of God. And he said that was the most powerful weapon in the world was the word of God because it’s the sword of the Spirit. And then he says, now we have to use the sword of the Spirit. And the enemy in their arsenal of weapons, they don’t have anything that is more powerful than the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. So he’s saying you have to use it defensively, but you also have to use it to start fighting back and taking back, fighting back, taking back. And that is what we’re doing right now. And the enemy had planned for 2024– well, before that. They had planned for us to be asleep. They had planned for us to just sit there and surrender. And we’re not. We’re fighting back. No, they underestimated us. We came back swinging, man. We’re like, you might knock us down, but we’re coming back up. We’re children of the Most High God. Our Daddy is big. He is huge. And just like what they’re doing with President Trump, they’re expecting him to give up by now because most other people would have. He would get upset because of his mean tweeting before or his mean true thing. And he’s harsh. You know what? I don’t care. I don’t want somebody who’s just political. I want a fighter. I want a fighter to be my President. I want somebody who’s going to fight for us tooth and nail. And that’s exactly what he’s done. And that’s exactly what a children of the Most High God should do is fight knowing the end result, knowing that we are in the army of the Lord, knowing that we are fighting for truth, but knowing that God’s in control and he WINS. So I’m so excited. This was such a fun show. I had such a great time. And I would love your audience to join me on Wednesdays to watch the prophetic report. So obviously, a lot of people are on Rumble. So you can just find it, Flyover Conservatives on Rumble. I’m there every Wednesday at 11/11. You can follow us there. Or the propheticreport.com, the prophetic report. com, you can find it as well. But Rumble’s easy, flyover conservatives. You can find me there. I’m trying to get this banner up here. I was– there we go. Hold on. There we go. So go over– flyover conservatives. It’s on Rumble. Go. And I’m telling you, I love Stacey and David. They are amazing people. I love their entire family. I love their kids. It has been such an amazing experience to be with all of you at the Reawaken America tour. And just because it’s like a family. It is. I’m so sad. I’m not able to make the last one. I’m so sad. I know. I’m not going to talk about that right now. That makes me too sad. Of all 32 weeks of the year, I’m like, how is a final one? How is the final one on the same day as we– Crazy. It’s like several– six months ago, we signed a contract to do an event. So hopefully, you guys can come to our next one. But– We would love it. Well, God obviously has a plan. That’s a big day that day. God’s got a plan. He knows what he’s doing. He needed you one area. We reawaken a different area. Get the country covered. Yes, we’re getting the country covered. So thank you again. Go check out Flyover Conservatives. I just want to say, Stacey and your whole entire team, thank you, thank you, thank you for joining today’s live show. We are definitely going to do this again because this is something that needs to encourage the body of Christ, that it’s not just one person saying this. This is multiple different people. God is confirming his word. And this is a very, very exciting year. It is. No matter what it seems like. And we’re live for it. So thank you, Julie. I really appreciate you having me on. We love you and we appreciate you. So thank you for– go ahead. Sorry. I said we love you and we really appreciate you very much. We love you, too. And so thank you for joining today’s live show. Every single person, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Seriously, like and share. Get this out to show people that God is on the move and God always WINS. So I hope this encourages you today. And God loves you. We love you. God bless you. And have a wonderful day.


Julie has greatly improved in language delivery and I am very glad to see she finally admits to simply hearing Gods Voice internally. That phrase is repeated numerous times here, and that it happens to all awakened people, and is wonderfully normal. Julie’s preoccupation with demonic possession being associated with hearing an internal voice seems to have been simply immature language skills. In just this video she is being firmly mentored in how to speak of this matter. I hope other pastors are getting the same much needed firm message from these opinion leaders.

Julie relates you know, get on social media. And I was like, No. He told me to get on YouTube three years prior. – Wow. – And I was like, No, I don’t really want to be on social media. I don’t really like, you know, hearing myself, seeing myself and like, I’m not that kind of person. No, I don’t, I’d rather not do that. What would I say anyway? – Right. – And then all of a sudden it was like, not only get on YouTube, which was a command

Exactly the same thing happened to myself 20 years ago. I was asked to produce a website connecting people to God.

And, like Julie, I protested I’m shy and surely you should get somebody who is a showman, enjoys being on stage and the centre of attention.

And the reply was a COMMAND…… I chose YOU !

Anyway somehow I did it, and I respect now the wisdom of the choice because my peculiar interests and disposition well qualified me to produce www.truebluehealer.com And it made me realise that I had been prepped for many years even as a sleepwalker to have the requisite interests while I foolishly believed I was enjoying free will.

We are all champing at the bit for the High level leader removals in unconventional ways.

So we can forgive (maybe) Donald Trump for saying he is not into revenge because it looks like God will be doing a lot of the judgment, especially going back decades uprooting stolen elections. More than any man could do.

Trump initially said he would JAIL Hilary Clinton. Many were disappointed when he went soft on her. God says she will be taken care of.

Trump will have a second term ? President for LIFE is my request. A steady hand is sorely needed for considerable time to restore the US.

  • Layman’s Gnosis Regardless of faith or lack of
  • Expect vivid messaging night dreams within one week
  • immediate physical evidence something has changed
  • vivid messaging daydreams with physical evidence to prove its not your imagination
  • Expect keywords and even websites typed into your mindseye
  • messaging music morphing into an internal mentoring voice
  • And much more and its FREE and All questions answered
  • www.truebluehealer.com 20 min BEGINNERS TOUR.
  • http://paypal.me/SteveTrueblue4Gnosis

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