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[Music] Goood uh Morning, Everybody. Today is Friday, February 16th of 2024, and I want to thank you once again for joining today’s live show. I see everybody saying God WINS in the chat because He does, and we need to remind our enemies of that every single day. God WINS no matter what we are facing today. Now, for today’s live show, the Lord, I was in prayer. There’s a lot of prophecies I actually have to give out to you, and I know that He’s going to actually give one another one here live again today. There was certain words that kept coming up in my spirit, and I know when He does that, when He asks to repeat to me when I’m doing something else, I know He’s trying to get my attention. So there will be another word I know today. It is a crucial word. It’s because we are in a time where we are living in a very pivotal moment in not only our nation’s history but around the world, and God is really trying to get the attention of His people. He’s trying to get the attention of His people about what they should be focusing on. Now, God, just like He did yesterday, He revealed to us, and He has been revealing to us what the plans of the enemy are and then how to pray about them. So if you missed yesterday’s live show, the beginning of that was the instructions on how to pray, what scriptures to use to use God’s authority, and then He was telling us what to use our authority on because He was telling us what our enemy’s plans were for this year, what their plans were for the 2024 election, and then after. No matter the result, they have plans in place. So what we have to do when God is showing us these things, and these things are right in our face, and instead of people getting into fear, God is trying to stop the fear in the body of Christ because if people in the body of Christ are fearful and they’re afraid about the situation in the nations, the situations in their own life, now remember, if you are facing life and death, if you are facing a critical point in your own life, no matter if it’s the nation or not, these things go the same. You speak the word of God to the nation, you say what God wants you to say about it, or if it’s your physical body, you speak the words that God wants you to say about it, you speak the written word, you speak words of life, you speak words of victory, you speak words. That’s one thing that I’ve had to do is try to keep my mouth shut because there’s certain things that I’ve had to face in my own life, in my own body, and it’s easy for you to say what’s wrong, it’s easy for you to say what you feel, but God again is trying to stop that fear, trying to stop the words that our enemy wants us to speak to be in agreement with him to further what’s going on in our own life, or to further what’s going on in the nation in the wrong direction and not the direction of Almighty God. That is the reason why God has given us what he said. God’s not given us a spirit of fear, but a power, love, and a sound mind, okay? He’s given us, not given us a spirit of fear, but he’s given us the power, love, and a sound mind. So no matter what you’re hearing in these prophetic words, when we’re hearing about what they’re trying to do with President Trump, what they’re trying to do with the election, what they’re trying to do with his vice President pick, when you’re trying to do these things, we don’t get into fear and panic about it. God’s giving us a heads up to do something about it spiritually. This is a battle versus good and evil. This is not Democratic Republican. This is not even the Washington establishment versus just United States of America. This is a plan of good and evil. You can’t fight a natural fight or you can’t fight, sorry, you can’t fight a spiritual fight with natural ability and think you’re going to win because you won’t. So what we have to do is we have to, God is giving us insight and revelation knowledge on what is taking place. He’s given us prophecies on the last, you know, I don’t know how many years he’s been given to me at least three years. I’ve been going online anyway, but he’s been giving us all of these things in order for us. He’s giving us marching orders, decrees, declarations, but he’s also giving us something to focus on. He’s giving us a focus on his word. He’s getting us to focus on him. He’s getting us a focus on our blood covenant. He’s getting with him. He’s getting our focus on the power of the believer, the authority of the believer, our words and how important they are to an agreement with him. The power we have against our enemy. God is getting us aligned and focused on him and what he’s saying. And that’s why it just boggles my mind. Sometimes when people say, you know, God wouldn’t prophesy and every day or that God doesn’t send his prophets anymore. All those things were from before. Why? If our enemies speak every day and are always spewing out fear continuously, why would not God give you insight, revelation, knowledge, and why would he not direct your course in the right direction and have you focus on him and what he’s doing and exposing what the enemies are doing and him giving us these marching orders that we have words that align with his words. God, again, no matter what, in Amos four, sorry, Amos three, seven, it says God does not do anything without first revealing it to the servants of prophets. Why? Why does not God do anything without first revealing it to his servants of prophets? Why would he do that? Because he wants to warn. He wants God’s people. He wants his own people, his own children. He wants them to be aware so they’re not taken off guard and surprised. If I saw my children going in the wrong direction, if I saw them going in the path that was going to destroy them, if I saw them believing in the wrong thing and being deceived as a mother, I would do anything to get my children on the right course to tell them the truth. That way it sets them free. That’s as a mother. That’s what I would do because I love my children and I want to make sure that they’re going in the right direction. Now I can’t make that choice for them. I can tell them the truth all I want. I can show them the truth all I want, but I can’t make them believe. I can’t make them make the right choice. That’s how God is with us. He loves us, wants us to go in the right direction, wants us to believe him. He wants us to believe his words. He wants us to choose life. He wants us to choose the word of God. He wants us to stand in faith and not in fear. God wants these things for his children, but we are not just robots. He can’t make us. We have a choice what to believe or not to believe. And so right now in this time, what is God telling us? He’s telling us what the enemies are doing. He’s telling us what we should be saying. It’s a privilege that we are able to get insight and revelation on what God is doing and what even the enemies are doing because he’s showing it to us, Hey, this is their plan. This is what I need you to say in agreement with me. And I know there’s people out there that are going to laugh at that. There are people out there that are going to mock that. People out there are going to say, That’s not true. But look in the Bible and you see what’s true. I’m always going to point you to the word of God. Always. Even with the prophetic words that God has given, I’m always going to point you to the word of God. Why? I point you to the word of God so you lean and rely and put your trust in him because he wants you to go in the right direction. He wants you to choose that right path. He wants you to focus on him and not focus on the enemy and what the enemy is saying. So again, God is declaring and decreeing and he’s giving us these words. He told us in his word what to say. If we decree a thing, it shall be established. That’s his written word. He told us to decree a thing and it shall be established. What? Decree God’s word. Decree God’s will. Decree what he wants us to say in order for us to be in alignment with him, in order for us to be on the same page as him. Because again, you can be a child of the most high God and not know some of these things, not be on the right path and be completely deceived by the enemy. That’s what religion does. That’s what legalism does. That’s what religious tradition does. My husband and one of my children were at The Chosen last night for I think it was episodes four, five, and six. And again, Jesus was giving not only his people, his followers, he was giving them the truth. And the religious leaders were right next to him. They were hearing the same truth. As his followers were. But they were blind to it. They rejected it. They wouldn’t receive the word of Almighty God that Jesus was speaking. Instead it made them mad. The enemy doesn’t like the truth. So when you see people that when you are trying to tell them the truth and they get angry, that’s the enemy. That’s the enemy deceiving them into believing a lie. So in this time we have again, that’s why I love what God has given us with those four F’s. The firm focus foundation on the Father. If we have a firm focus foundation on the Father, then we will not be in fear. Then we will not be listening to the devil who deceives, distracts and destroys. Those are the four D’s. The devil deceives, distracts, destroys. So right now God is warning us to pay attention. He’s warning us to stay awake. He’s warning us to focus, stand, pray, and fight that good fight of faith. Why is he doing that? Why does he tell us? Why does he say this? No weapon forming against you shall prosper. Isaiah 54 17. Why does he say in second Corinthians 2 14, I’ve always called you to triumph. Why does he say in his word in James four seven, resist the devil and he must flee. Why is he also saying his word in Luke 10 and 19 that he’s given us power authority and dominion over the enemy, over all the power that the enemy possesses and nothing shall in any way harm us. Why is he telling us that he’s giving us a revelation knowledge so we can be free from the enemy. He’s giving us revelation knowledge so we can be free from enemy and all of his tactics and all of his destruction and what he has planned. That’s why God gives prophecy. That’s why he’s given us his written word. He’s given us his written word so it’s the sword of the spirit as the weapon to use against our enemy. But he also has given us prophetic words because he’s giving us insight. It’s God news before the news. He’s giving us this insight and the reason why he has to is because so many people in the body of Christ still refuse to believe God over the enemy. They believe and trust and rely on more what they see and more what they feel than more than the word of God. So God is trying to get us focused on walking by faith and not walking by sight. We’re supposed to walk by faith and not by sight. So yesterday when he was giving us that prayer to pray I know there’s gonna be something else today because the one word that he kept saying to me over and over and over again which I know he’s gonna give a prophetic word regarding this word. I know it. I can feel it in my spirit and I’m just waiting for him to want to say it. He’s giving us right well he’s all getting us ready for all of us to hear it really. The one thing I kept hearing I guess it’s not one word it’s two words it was just one phrase over and over and over again was security threat and I kept hearing it security threat and I kept hearing it so I wrote it down and I knew he was working on something and he had me pray into it right before I got on air because I had another prophecy I was going to give out but those words kept coming up in my spirit and he was getting my attention. He gets my attention especially when again when I have a plan but I want to go by his plan we should do that on a daily basis not just for me doing live shows but about everything in life that’s what this Ministry does we have to pray before we go anywhere whether we’re really excited about it and really want to go somewhere or not we have to pray about it we have to seek God’s will about it we have to know that God really wants us to be there because we always want to be at the right place at the right time. So that’s what we should do on a daily basis whether you’re in Ministry whether you’re no matter what you’re doing in life if you’re a child of the most high God say I thank you Father God I’m always at the right place at the right time. Things are happening remember God said things are intensifying so things are intensifying then we also have to be more aware spiritually what God is saying and paying more attention to what he’s directing us in the right path because I’m telling you I don’t want to be in my car somewhere or driving somewhere on a plane somewhere or doing something where I am not supposed to be in that specific place at that particular time if God didn’t want me there. We have to have our hearts focused on him in this time. So Julie how do we do that? Get into the Word of God. Spend more time with him. (Long silence)


My children. Children of the most high God. Wake up. Wake up this day. Wake up to my truth. Wake up to my words. Wake up and they will set you free. Receive my words down inside your hearts. Protect your faith. Protect it from the spirit of fear. Fear is running rampant right now. It wants to devour you. It wants to destroy you. It wants to lead you in the wrong direction. The spirit of fear is a liar. He has things appear one way so you will walk by sight and you will believe in his lie. You will believe in him and you will go toward that course of destruction. There are many lies that have been told to you. There have been lies that have been told to your nations to bring fear. Fear and chaos. Fear and chaos and disruption. The enemy wants to cut you off from my words. He wants to cut you off from your faith. He wants to cut you off from your freedom. He wants to cut you off from the blessing. He wants to cut you off from every single thing that I have for you and he cuts it off with fear and fear brings torment. So my children this day as I speak these words to you in a warning. I’m speaking words to you in a warning but it is not to bring fear. Do you hear? What I’m about to say is not to bring fear. It is to give you a warning on what is going on and what your enemies are planning. I am giving you this warning for you to stand in faith for you to believe in me and trust me that I am your defender. Trust me that I am your fortress. Trust me that I am your deliverer. I am what you need in this time. I am all you need. Don’t look to the left. Don’t look to the right. Don’t look to governments. Don’t look to other men. Don’t look to these things. Look to me. Because mankind and other human beings, I’m not saying you can’t trust people. That’s not what I’m saying. Don’t let the spirit of confusion in. Don’t put faith in their words over mine. If they are bringing you fear, if they are bringing you confusion, if they are bringing you these things, cut it off and get in my word and ask me what to do about these things. Don’t rely on your own understanding right now. I am telling you my children do not rely on your own understanding. It will lead you in the wrong direction. So the warning I’m giving you this day, SECURITY THREATS surround you all over the nation of the United States of America. There are SECURITY THREATS that you have no idea what’s truly going on. They are wanting to bring terrorism in like this country has never seen. 9/11 was nothing compared to this. They are distracting you with other security threats to get your minds focused on another country. Russia is no threat to you. Do you hear me? That’s a diversion. That’s to cause deception. One of the biggest security threats this nation faces today is the Washington Establishment. They have given intelligence, your secrets to foreign governments. They have paid foreign governments to infiltrate you through your border. They have people from foreign governments and intelligence communities and nations around the world and they have them in your government. They have them in political positions and some are right in front of your face. Some are hidden. They want to cause chaos. They are the biggest security threat to this nation. The one who sits in the White House, they put him there on purpose to show weakness to other nations. They are foolish. Do not get me wrong. They are foolish for trying to put somebody in who’s illegitimate and was already having cognitive problems. But on purpose, they showed weakness to other governments to show them this was their time. This was their time to invade. This was their time for their plans for disruption, disorder, and chaos. To bring this nation to its knees. To destroy it from within. They have you distracted looking at this way and that way and this news, this news, this breaking news or that breaking news and you’re not seeing what’s right in front of you. They are passing laws. They are paying governments to destroy you. They’re using bribes and blackmail using your taxpayer dollars. They’re also using money out of thin air. They’re on unlimited budgets not only to pad their own pockets, to make their own laws, to make it harder on you, but to bring the enemy here. The enemy is already here. They were in your government and they let the other enemies in. I have my people in position. I have documents that are going to be released. Proving all the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Proving all the Treason. Proving every criminal in your nation’s capital. Phone conversations have been recorded. They had no idea. Still existed. Many emails are about to surface. Not only with what all the things that Hillary Clinton had deleted. That’s just the one you heard about. There are many people in your government that have deleted email after email after email to hide security threats. And they were the cause. I’m going to show you every person in your government and in the Pentagon who has attached themselves to China. China has more influence in this nation than you realize. They have sent Iran here. They’re military. They have sent people here from Iraq and Afghanistan. They have sent many people from many foreign nations. But I have it all. I have it all. I know exactly where they are. I know exactly what they’re doing. And I have people put in place. I said I’ve infiltrated the infiltrators. And the sabotage they wanted to bring to this nation. I have put my people in place to sabotage their plans. I am warning you what they are doing. They want to bring a war to the soil. A different type of war you’ve already been engaged in. A war of disinformation. You’ve already been in slavery and bondage that you didn’t know existed. They crippled you with their laws that are unlawful. They twisted and manipulated your constitution. Wake up, America. Wake up to their plan. Wake up. Wake up. They’ve invaded your land. But I’m not telling you this to bring you fear. I am telling you this to pray. And to stand. And to speak my words. And to use my authority. Do you hear? Do you hear? Do not fear. I will disrupt their chaos. And I will show them that I am the Most High God. At the same time, I am going to show my children that I am their protector and I am their deliverer. I am telling you documents. All of these things are coming to the forefront. To the forefront. Proof and the truth. Of every person that has been against this country. And not just now. What they did and who did it to get up to where you are now. So my nation of the United States of America, a great shaking is coming to your land. But it’s not a shaking that you should fear. This shaking is to be very clear. Who is on your side and who is not. It is to show you that I am the ultimate defender and protector of this nation. And this nation belongs to me and not your enemy. There is more of you than there is of them. So with this warning, do not fear. Because I am near. And I will not fail this nation. I will not fail my children. I will not fail in this time to defend and protect you. Or to deliver you out of this mess. So stop the fear. Get in faith. Trust in me and not in what you see. And I will show you great glory sayeth the Lord.

Julie Commentary
Well. He was telling us that he’s our protector. And I know I did a a time before there was a teaching that he did that he had me do on the him being a fortress, him being our strong tower, him being our defender, him being our protector, him being our advocate, him being our standby. I want to pull up some scriptures here. Because I, again, with this prophetic word, I don’t want people to hear. And that’s exactly what the Lord was saying. It was in me so strong that there is people that will hear that word and get into fear automatically because they hear security threats, security threats automatically. Oh my God. Oh my God. What are we going to do? What are we going to do? What are we going to do? There is security threats. We should have known there’s been security threats in this country, but God is saying there’s even more than what you’re seeing and what you’re, what you’re hearing. Don’t pay attention to it because there’s more that’s in this nation that’s been already here. They want you distracted on other things. So I’m going to read you a couple scriptures here about God being our fortress. And I’m going to give you a couple of examples of what he did while his people were in a precarious situations were surrounded by the enemy, where they had security threats and what God did for them. Okay. These things are springing up in me right now. And don’t just hear a prophetic word and then just saying, okay, that’s done. You have to hear the revelation that goes along with it and what God is showing you. Because if you only hear the prophetic word and don’t hear the revelation or don’t hear the teaching that goes along with it, then you can miss it. All right. So God is our fortress. Psalm 31 in verse three, Psalm 31 in verse three, start writing these things down. Since you are my rock and my fortress for the sake of your name, lead and guide me. Since you are my rock and my fortress for the sake of your name, lead me and guide me. Now I want to look up, which I have before. A fortress, a military stronghold, especially a strongly fortified town fit for a large garrison or fortress also means a large strong building or group of buildings that can be defended from attack. God is our fortress. He protects us from attacks. So when you’re hearing that security threat, when you’re hearing that God is saying, don’t get into fear because he’s our fortress. He’s the one who he’s defends us. He protects us from an attack. Let’s hear another one. Psalm 31. Sorry. I already read that one. Psalm 62 and verse two truly. He is my rock and my salvation. He is my fortress. I will never be shaken. What has been God saying lately? There’s everything that can be shaken will be shaken. He just said this nation is going to be shaken. And so right here, it says, truly, he is my rock and my salvation. He is my fortress. I will never be shaken. So God is telling us that there is a shaking, but, and I have to go back because I’m when it comes out of the spirit, it doesn’t cover my mind. So I don’t remember exactly how he said it. He said something about, um, how he said the shaking is going to happen in United States of America. I’m paraphrasing this. And he said it was a shaking to the, to show you who the enemies are and make that very clear. And the shaking was also to show who’s really on our side. So this shaking is going to identify the separation of who’s really telling the truth and who’s not telling the truth, who is for this country, who’s not for this country, or was on the side of God and who’s not. Let’s also read Psalm 62 and verse six, Psalm 62 and verse six, since you are my rock and my fortress for the sake of your name, lead and guide me. Oh, sorry. That was Psalm, Psalm 31 three. I apologize. Psalm 62 and six truly. He is my rock and my salvation. He is my fortress. I will not be shaken. So in Psalm 62 and verse six says I will not be shaken, but Psalm 62 and verse two said I will never be shaken. Let’s read more Psalm 18 one and two. So David wrote the book of Psalms and you can tell that David knew God as his fortress. He knew God as his protector and defender. You can see that Psalm 118. Sorry. Sorry. Psalm 18, one through two, Psalm 18, one through two. I love you, Lord. My strength. The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer. My God is my rock in whom I take refuge. My shield and the horn of my salvation and my strong hold. Again, I’m going to read this Psalm 18 one through two. So God is telling us that we have a massive security threat and we’re surrounded on all sides and we’ve been infiltrating our nation from within. They have control of our government. They have control of our laws. They have control of our education system. They have control of the money. They have control in every way you can look at it. We’re surrounded. But what is God telling us? Again, that warning he gave us, but he also said, again, he is our defender. He’s our protector. So he says, this is David saying in Psalm 18, this is why we should not fear no matters of security threat. No matter what you’re about to see. I love you, Lord. My strength. The Lord is my rock. My fortress, my deliverer. My God is my rock in whom I will take refuge. My shield and the horn of my salvation. He’s my stronghold. He’s our fortress, which that means he protects us from the enemy attack. Let’s read on Psalm 91 one through two. Whoever dwells in the shelter of the most high will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, he is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I will trust again. I think, and I don’t know how many scriptures there are about fortress, but I will tell you, he repeats fortress for a reason to get it down in our hearts that God is our protector. He protects us from the enemy’s attack. Psalm 59 in verse 16, but I will sing of your strength in the morning. I will sing of your love. You are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble. We’re in times of trouble right now. As we see this earth, as we see what’s going on in this nation, as we see what’s going on around the world, we’re in times of trouble. But people will look at that time of trouble and then freak out. And God is saying, don’t. Why? Go to John verse 16. Why should we not be paralyzed with fear? Remember what God said in that prophetic word he just gave. He said, fear is a liar. Fear will get you to go in the wrong direction. Fear will get you to believe a lie. When they are doing all these things against us, they want you to be succumbed to fear. They want you to be paralyzed with fear. Why? So then you have no faith and then deception is leading you and then you’re not being led by the wrong, the right thing. You’re not being led by truth and faith and Almighty God. You’re walking by a site, not by faith. Go to John 16. Now again, don’t relate to the beginning part where Jesus was warning us what was to come. John 16 33. I’ve told you these things in me, you may have perfect peace and confidence in the world. You had tribulation, trials, distress, and frustration, but be of good cheer. Take courage, be confident, certain undaunted for I have overcome the world. I deprived it of its power to harm you. And I’ve conquered it for you. If you could see Jesus right now in person right now, do you think that he would be afraid of any security threat? Do you think you’d be moved by any government official? Do you think he would care what they would say, what they were going to do? Because no, because he knew and he knows he destroyed the power of the enemy. He brought him to nothing. And right here, it says he deprived it of its power to harm you. And he conquered it. Jesus conquered these giants received before us. Jesus conquered these governments that we see before us. He’s conquered it because he’s conquered the one who has given them power. He’s conquered the one who’s given them power. I’m going to give you some examples about being surrounded and what you do when it looks like the enemy is surrounding you. Again, he mentioned security threats. He mentioned what the enemies were doing. They were surrounding us on all sides. This is the Old Testament. Go to 2 Kings. What do you do when the enemy is surrounding you? And it looks like there’s no way out. What do you do? 2 Kings 6 verse 16. Sorry, I’m going to start reading in verse 13.2 Kings 6 verse 13. He said go and see where he is and I will send them and get them. And he was told him saying surely he is Dothan. Verse 14. Therefore he sent horses and chariots and a great army there. So a king sent people after Elisha. That’s why I read that. Verse 14. Therefore he sent horses and chariots and a great army there and they came by night and surrounded the city. Verse 15. And when the servant of the man of God arose early and went out, there an army surrounding the city with horses and chariots and his servant said to him, Alas master, what shall we do? So Gehazi went out. He went outside and he saw that they were surrounded by the enemy. Now what God had told us in that prophetic word, again, people would see that they were surrounded by the enemy and automatically get in fear. Well, the deception was that the enemies were surrounding them and the enemies were going to ultimately defeat Elijah and Gehazi. Because there’s only two of them. There were thousands of horses and chariots. There’s only two people that were on the other side of it, which was Elijah and Gehazi. They’re outnumbered. And that can bring in panic. When you’re going by what it looks like, you can get into panic. And then you’re going to forget what God says. But look what the prophet Elijah said to Gehazi. The first thing he said was, he answered, Do not fear. So that’s what God’s been telling us in that prophetic word. He kept saying before he gave us a warning and before he gave us what the enemy was doing, which unfortunately for our own people in this government, the people in this nation, our enemy is our government. Plain and simple. And they have, it looks like complete control. It looks like they’re surrounding us. The first thing that God said was before he talked about the security threats, he said, Do not fear. He said, This is the warning. This is what they want to do. This is what they are going to try to do. But remember, he’s our defender. Now look what happened with Elijah and Gehazi. So he answered, Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them. So the first thing you have to know in war, in war, you have to know who is your enemy, their strategies, who they are. You want to know who your enemy is, but also you want to know what’s on your side, who you have on your side. We have God, they don’t. We have somebody who’s, oh, nothing is impossible, they don’t. We have the God who’s never failed, they don’t. They have a loser on their side. Their side, their person on their side is fallen. The enemy is a fallen angel who is Lucifer, who is Satan. That’s who controls the enemies of Almighty God. He’s already been proclaimed as a loser. So I want to go on. Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than with them. Now if you went by sight, that’s an insane person. That’s why a lot of people get, you know, people like me. They think we’re nuts. Because they’re only seeing in the natural, they only see what’s really going on. God revealed to the prophet Elijah, he said, Hey, there is more of you than there is of them. That’s why he spoke those words that he gave to Gehazi to stop the fear. Let’s read on. In verse 17, 2 Kings, chapter 6, verse 17, And Elijah prayed and said, ‘Lord, I pray open the eyes that he may see. ‘ Well, he already saw with his natural eye. We talked about this before, he saw with his natural eye, but it was his spiritual eye. Elijah was saying, Lord, open his spiritual eyes that that way he may see your angels, your army that is with us, that is more than the army that is against us. The Lord opened the eyes of the man and he saw, and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire around Elijah. He was their fortress. He was their defender. He was their advocate. He was their standby. He was their deliverer. He stopped those chariots. Remember, the enemy could only go so far. The enemy can be intimidating. You have, you have horse and chariots surrounding Elijah and Gehazi. That’s intimidating. Why is that? Why does Satan and one of his tactics of war and one of his tactics to bring down a child of the most high God, why would it be fear and intimidation? Because if you give in to fear and intimidation, you’re going to give in. You’re going to completely give in and surrender to the enemy when it is a lie. That’s why God revealed and showed Gehazi. Elijah knew it because God was telling him that. Elijah had that faith and knew and stood to the fact that God’s going to protect me, but he wanted Gehazi to see that. God wants us to see that he is still that fortress, that he is still that stronghold tower. He is still that protector. He’s still that defender. He’s still that deliverer. He just gave us a word that for some people in the body of Christ are going to hear it and automatically, boom, fear is going to strike them. Oh my God, we have security threats and what’s going to happen and how are we going to get out of this mess? And if the government’s against us, they’re the ones that are in control and they’re the ones who have all the money and they’re the ones who have the laws and they’re the ones who have this and they’re the ones who have that and it can get you in a spiral of crap thinking and I’m saying that for a reason. Stinking thinking. You will start thinking the wrong thoughts and the enemy will get you into thinking those wrong thoughts, paralyze you with fear. You won’t have your focus on God. You’re going to have your focus on the problem. You’re going to think about the problem. You’re going to dwell on the problem. You’re going to give into the problem and then you will surrender to the enemy and that’s what God is showing us not to surrender. Here’s another word. Let’s give you another one. Another example of intimidation by the enemy right before an enemy’s destruction. You probably will never guess where I’m going to take you. Go to the book of Exodus. Exodus 14 and verse 13. Exodus 14 and verse 13. So when God’s people, mountain, mountain, Pharaoh and all of his army, Red Sea. Okay because they turned around. They had their back to the Red Sea because they wanted, they had their attention on the enemy. They were focused on that enemy. They turned around, looked at Moses and started getting mad at him. Moses, you lied. We got out of Egypt. We saw all those plagues. It’s all your fault that Pharaoh did all that damage to us while we were still in Egypt. Then you get us out here with all their gold, with all their silver, with all their wealth. We’re out here by the Red Sea. Now you led us here to die. They’re blaming Moses for this. They’re mad at Moses. Why? They saw the enemy. They were directly looking at the enemy. They were intimidated by the enemy. The enemy brought fear and they were going to surrender. They were already talking death. That’s what God’s people are now. People are talking about death. They’re talking about the death of this country. They’re talking about we might as well surrender because nothing’s going to happen. Nothing’s going to change. These people are just going to steal another election. They’re just going to do more of these things to destroy our country by bringing more people from the border. They’re going to do this. They’re going to do this. They’re going to do that. They’re going to do this. Then that’s it. We’re facing intimidation. What do we do about it? Elijah told Gehazi not to fear. What also is Moses telling God’s people? God was using Moses as his mouthpiece. Moses told the people. Exodus 14 verse 13. Moses told the people, Fear not. Stand still, firm, confident, and undismayed. See the salvation of the Lord, which He would work for you today. For the Egyptians you see today, you shall never see again. Do not be dismayed. Do not let the circumstances, do not let the security threats, do not let what this is about to come out and what you’re about to see. Don’t let that fear you. Don’t let that intimidation or that fear work on you. Don’t let it go, Oh my God, we’re surrounded. This country is going down once and for all. God said it was going to get worse before it was going to get better. People forget the better part. They look at the worst part. They look at the more defeated part. They give in to the fear. Again, these two examples right here, there’s more, but what did Moses say? Fear not. Stand still, firm, confident, and undismayed. See the salvation of the Lord, which He will work for you today. For the Egyptians you see today, you shall see and you’ll never see again. Verse 14. The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace and remain at rest. The Lord will fight for us. So what are we supposed to do? Even when we’re being surrounded, even when it looks like we have one security threat after another, even though it looks like terrorism, even though it looks like all these things are going wrong, we’re not supposed to be in fear. We’re not supposed to be dismayed. We’re not supposed to get in panic. We’re not supposed to give in. Why? The Lord will fight for you. You shall hold your peace and remain at rest. He wants you to hold your peace and remain at rest. So what your job is to do is to hold your peace and remain at rest. How do you do that? You get into the Word of God? Let’s read something else. I can’t read all of it for the sake of time. Go to 2 Chronicles. 2 Chronicles. Why is He going over these stories again and again and again and again and again and again? To bring you that faith of what you do during a security threat, what you do during what looks like terrorists, when chaos, disruption, when it looks like it’s getting darker, when it looks like it’s getting crazier. What do you do? The Lord’s gonna fight for you. You remain at rest. 2 Chronicles 20 in verse 2. Then some came and told Jehoshaphat saying, ‘A great multitude is coming against you from beyond the sea. ‘ From Syria. And they are in Hezron and Tamar. Verse 3. And Jehoshaphat feared and set himself to seek the Lord and proclaim a fast route all Judea. So what is he hearing? He’s hearing that he’s outnumbered. A great multitude is coming against them. That means that multitude, that enemy that’s coming against them is bigger, has more weapons, stronger, and they will win. That’s what the enemy does. Fear and intimidation. But what did Jehoshaphat do? So you saw when I read to you in 2 Kings chapter 6, Elijah told you, Kazi, I know how to fear. I just read to you in Exodus chapter 14, Moses told God’s people not to fear. And you have Jehoshaphat who’s saying, okay, fear came on him and he said, I gotta pray. We’re gonna have a fast. Get on our knees and start praying. This country needs to get on its knees and start praying. Whether you’re in this country or not. I know people watching all over the world. If you’re not in this country, it doesn’t matter, you still get on your knees and you still pray. That you are not going to succumb and you are not gonna give in to the spirit of fear. That you will hold your ground, that you will remain at peace and rest because you know that God is your defender. We can’t sit here and be quiet anymore. The enemy is trying to shut us up. Why do you think they put mass over our face in 2020? Why do you think they closed our churches? The enemy knows the power of the word of God. He knows the power of God’s people when they come together in one accord. Read Acts chapter two. I just read to you yesterday, Matthew 18, 18 through 20. And how, what happens when two more believers come together or three come together? When two, you should have what you ask for. When three or more come together, God is in the midst of us. We can’t be silent. We had to start speaking. We had to start shouting the word of God, using that word of God as a weapon against our enemy. We need to start talking against the mountain, against all of these things that are against us. We need to start calling them down and not giving into the fear and intimidation of them. That’s what God’s revealing to us right now. Let’s go on. Verse six, second Chronicles 20 verse six. Oh Lord God of our Fathers, are you not God in heaven? And do you not rule over all the kingdoms of the nations? They had it. They knew that God ruled over this earth and over the kingdoms of this earth, over the nations of this earth. They got it. Why can’t God’s people right now get the fact that God is the most high God, that he is a ruler over the nations and the kingdoms on this earth, because if they knew that, then they wouldn’t be afraid of what they saw. This is great revelation of what God is giving to us right now with that prophetic world, with what he just gave it to us as that warning. And he’s telling us not to fear. Why is it? He’s giving us plenty of examples in the Bible right here. So God’s people knew. Don’t you? You do not. You not, hold on. And do you not rule over the kingdoms of the nations and in your hand as they’re not power and might so that no one is able to withstand you? They knew no one was able to stand God, withstand God. Why can’t God’s people have that revelation right now? There is no power in this earth. There is no devil in hell that can withstand the power of the Almighty God. None. Let’s keep reading verse seven. Are you not our God who drove out the inhabitants of the land before your people Israel and gave it to the sentence of Abraham, your friend forever. They earnestly remembered what God did for them in Egypt and then remembering God, aren’t you that same God, we had to earnestly remember or take seriously that God is our defender, that God is our protector, that no power in hell and no devil in hell and no one he uses can withstand the power of Almighty God. So what do we need to do? What do we need to seek right now in this time? We need to seek that power of Almighty God. We need to look to that ultimate defender. We need to look to our advocate, our standby, our fortress. Verse nine. If disaster comes upon us, sword, judgment and patience or famine, we will stand before this temple and in your presence for your name is in this temple and cry out to you in affliction and you will hear and save. You will hear and save. God’s people need to know right now that God hears and God saves. Get that revelation. God hears and God saves. I’m going to pray toward the end of this right here. I’m going to have to end this here in a minute or two, but I want to know that when we pray together right now, we’re going to pray together that God’s people in this nation and all around the world, no matter where you are, that you know that God is our fortress. You know that God is in control of this earth, that you know he has power over the enemy and over the nations and the kingdoms and no power can withstand him. We need to know that not only no matter what we see, no matter what we’re facing, God is going to save us. God is going to save us. Now let’s keep reading really quick. Verse 12, O our God, will you not judge them? For we have no power against this great multitude that is coming out against us, nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon you. God’s people need to know that we are supposed to have our eyes upon God because what we are facing today is not the Democratic Party. We’re not facing the Republican Party. We’re not facing just the Washington establishment. We are facing what is behind them, giving them power and we have to know that is greater than just us alone. But it’s not greater than the power of Almighty God that’s within us. If we try to do things naturally on our own, we will lose. But if we do things according to the Almighty God and according to his word, we will see the deliverance of our nations. We will see the deliverance of our families, of our finances, of our children and anything else that we are believing for and anything else the enemy has done against us. We will stand and we will know and look to God that he is that defender, that he is our fortress, that he is our strong tower, that he is our defender and our deliverer and he’s delivering us out of it all. Our eyes should be fixed on God, not fixed on man and not fixed on what’s going on. Let’s keep reading really quick. Verse 17. So the prophet is speaking right now. Okay. Verse 17. You will not need to fight in this battle. Position yourself, stand still and see. The salvation of the Lord is with you, O Judah and Jerusalem. Do not fear or be dismayed. Tomorrow go out against them for the Lord is with you. What is God saying to us in this scripture? We have to fight this battle. We don’t have to fight in this battle naturally. We fight spiritually with the word of God, with prayer. Then it says in verse 22. So they started praising, worshiping God. They weren’t moved. God is telling us right now, our eyes should be fixed on him and not be moved. Verse 22. And when they began to sing and praise the Lord and the Lord set ambushes against the people of Ammon and Moab and Mount Seir who had come against Judah and they were all defeated. So what does God want us to do? Not be dismayed, not get into fear, not worry, but stay focused on him that he is the one who is delivering us. The battle is the Lord’s so we need to get down in our hearts right now that God is doing something about it. That it may look like we’re outnumbered. It may look like we’re outgunned. It may look like everything is falling apart and God is saying, dig your feet in and you hold your ground. He warned us, but he warned us not to get in fear. And he’s saying, no matter what the enemy is saying, you know, it’s clear that he is the one who will save us. So no matter what we’re seeing, no matter what they’re doing in our nations, no matter what they’re doing against us, don’t get in fear. Do not be dismayed. Your eyes should be focused on God and know that the battle is the Lord’s. And when we’re praising and worshiping him, instead of getting into fear, what the enemy wants us to do, if we get into fear, that brings on weakness, that brings all weakness, deception, and that will bring on a complete defeat. So if we can stand in faith, if we stand in faith, if we stand in faith and look to focus on God, if we stand in faith and focus on God and know that he will to save us, we are one nation under God. I’m going to say this over and over again, because people need to wake up to the fact that God is in control. It’s not our government. God is in control. Now I want to pray. Heavenly Father, right now in Jesus’ name, we thank you that you’ve given us this warning of these security threats. You have let us in on the plan of the enemy, but you didn’t let us in on that plan to bring us fear. You let us in on that plan. So we know ahead of time what to do with what we are about to see on this earth, what we are about to see shake this nation to its core. But Father God, we know that you are bigger than these nations because it says in your word in Psalm 33 in verse 10, that you bring the counsel of the nations to nothing and their plans to no effect. So we thank you right now before us, Father God, that you are bringing the nations and the counsel of the nations, these globalists, these illegitimate governments, these rogue and tyrannical governments that you are bringing them down and bringing them to nothing. And we thank you, Father God, that also each and every one of these plot plans and schemes that you are bringing all their plans, it is written. I’m giving to you your written word, that their plans are brought to nothing. I thank you, Father God, right now that you have showed us that our eyes should be fixed on you and our eyes are fixed like they were for your people in Goshen. God, if you did it for one person, you will do it for another because you said in your word, you are no respecter of persons. It is written. And what you did for them in the land of Goshen and we have a better covenant than they did, Father God. They had a natural lamb and that blood that saved them from the angel of death. But we have the lamb’s blood, the blood of Jesus Christ that runs through our veins. We played that blood of Jesus over our homes and over everything that we have, over our vehicles, over our families, over our finances, over everything, Father God. We played the blood of Jesus over our nation. Right now, by the blood of Jesus Christ, we played the blood of Jesus over this nation. And no matter what security threat and no matter what the enemy has planned to destroy this country, we are calling it down with the Walls of Jericho right now by the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Satan, you will not have this nation. You will not keep the blinders on God’s people. You will not bring that fear and you will not paralyze them with that tormenting fear. We command that spirit of fear. I break it off God’s people right now by the blood of Jesus Christ. And I thank you, Father God, that your people stand and that their eyes are focused on you, that they will have their faith and their trust and reliance in the one true God that he will not fail. Father God, you will not. You will not fail us. And that not only you will not fail us, but you will defend us and you will protect us and you will deliver out of it all. Because it is written, Father God, you said in your word that you hear the cries of your people and you will deliver them out of it all. So Father God, right now in Jesus’ name, you’re hearing the cries of your people. You hear and you see what the enemies are doing. And we thank you that we are delivered out of it all. And we thank you, Father God, right now as we’re praising you and as we’re worshiping you and as we’re standing in one accord and as we’re praying to you, Father God, you are setting up ambushes against our enemy. And they are scattering and they are fleeing before your face. And I thank you, Father God, in this time you are making yourself known to your people and to this world who the most high God truly is. Just as you showed Pharaoh in the book of Exodus that you were the one true God, you are showing our enemies you are the one true God and the power they have is no power that can withstand you. But at the same time, you are showing your people that you are their fortress, that you are their ultimate protector and defender. And that you are the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And you are the most high God and you are the judge that puts down one and brings up another. Bring down every fraudulent government, every person, Father God, in our government that does not belong to you. Bring them down and bring it clear who they are, that they cannot stay in those positions of power. They will not stand against you, Father God, because the one who gives them power, their power is nothing compared to yours. Clean house. Clean house, Father God, in our government. Clean out that Washington establishment. Clean out our judicial system. Clean out our Supreme Court and everybody that’s against you. And Father God, we thank you that you are bringing these whistleblowers forward. Protect them, Father God, with the documents. Protect them, Father God, with the emails. Protect them, Father God, with all these phone conversations and what they have done to prove, and prove over and over again who the enemies of Almighty God are, who the enemies of our nation is. Make it clear and make it known. But give those whistleblowers a protection, but also a boldness like they have never known before. These are the days of the whistleblower, so we thank you, Father God, for them. We plead the blood of Jesus over them. We thank you for their protection, that no evil, that no evil can stop your assignment. And Heavenly Father, no matter what the enemy’s plans are, every person at the sound of my voice, I thank you, Father God, are protected by your hand. The ones who are with you. I know there’s people that are right now that are listening that are against you. And I’m asking you, Father God, the ones who have mocked you, the ones who have laughed at you, the ones who have led people away from you, they are watching right now. But I’m asking you to even soften their heart, to awaken them out of their deep sleep of deception, and that you soften their heart to the truth. Because you wish that no man perish, that your will is that no man should perish. So I lift them up to you. Even those people who persecute, either people who lie, but you want them saved also. So Father God, I thank you for all what you’re doing in this day, and all what you’ve shown to us this day, and all you’re doing to protect us and deliver us. And we thank you for it in Jesus’ name. Amen. We’re also supposed to pray for our enemies. It may be not easy, but we’re supposed to. So again, while you’re watching this and go back and listen to it again, our team will have the scriptures that God has given, the revelation that He’s given today. There is a prophecy. You guys go back and watch it. I don’t know what the time stamp is on that. I have no idea when it started. My eyes were closed. I wasn’t paying attention to the time. Okay. Go back and listen to it. God is warning us. He’s letting us in on what’s going on. Okay. But also, if you do have any prayer requests, please, we have a very powerful prayer team here. The team and myself are going out next week. We leave Tuesday afternoon. We will be gone, and we’ll be interceding on behalf of this nation, on behalf of our President, rightful President, on behalf of the body of Christ. And so I just want to, you know, we pray every day for you. So you can go to our website at JGMinternational.org under our contact page, or you can write us at Julie Green Ministries International 4620 East 53rd Street, Suite 200, Davenport, Iowa, 52807. And at Three Sons Threads, where you can buy Julie Green Ministries merchandise, there’s a firm focus foundation on the Father. There’s God WINS. There’s America needs God. Those are those types of things that we need to let our enemy know that we are not backing off. We’re not backing down. And we are showing to them that we are not afraid and that our eyes are focused on God. So if you want any of that, you can go to threesonsthreads.com. That’s threesonsthreads.com. So I will be, I’m going to be prerecording all weekend for you. I’ll be back again on Monday at six 30 central time, right here on all these channels that you’re watching live right now. So God loves you. I love you. God bless you and have a wonderful day.


Described here is an astonishing enemy penetration of American administration. Not at all due to their espionage skills but traitors invited them in and paid them to do injury to the US.

But they themselves, hostile, with seemingly nothing to fear, never ventured to think that this takeover operation of America by hostile administration bringing in 5th Columnists, was in fact itself PENETRATED by white hats. And they have it all. Everything documented. Thousands of deleted emails were not deleted at all. Think of Hilary and her 30,000 deleted emails. Well they were simply removed to another folder of different name effectively concealing them. Works in any record system. And phone calls unknowingly recorded and other documentation will prove the Treason Industry in Washington DC in every detail. Promised in the Bible 2000 years ago.

This looks more and more like the Q conspiracy every episode coming true.

It occurred to me that all it would take is a few gnostic people in strategic places so that effectively Q was God.

And Gnostic Alex Jones’ hatchet job on the Q conspiracy was just to stop wider knowledge and speculation becoming full public domain. Well played Alex Jones.

Public Speculation would have led to the widespread question Couldn’t God and his Gnostic White Hats be infiltrating all these evil organisations ? Very early on. So this never reached the minds of the evil plotters.

But its now admitted that’s exactly what happened.

So the admins addiction to social media, emails and cell phones and everything backed up to the cloud will be what hangs a lot of TRAITORS. That will make the 16, 000 guillotined in the French Revolution as tiny

And we have been warned of many many deaths to come this year.

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