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– Hello everybody and welcome to today’s live show. I have a very special guest with me and today’s Thursday, February 29th and yes, we are on the road in Dallas, Texas for the Moms 4 America event. I was so excited about this live show. Most of you may be asking who is Ben and I’m going to introduce to you who he is. He’s such a powerful man of God and what he is, what his goals are and what he’s doing for God in this time that we’re living in. So Ben, thank you and welcome to today’s live show and I can’t wait for you to tell everybody the journey you’ve been on and what God is doing for you. – Amen. Yeah, thank you so much for having me, Julie. I’m really looking forward to this. – Yes, and it’s okay. I would like to pray before we start the live show really that God, again, he’s in control and that this is going to be a great awakening with this live show. It’s not a normal show. I really want people to know what you are standing there for, what you’re fighting for and how important it is to where we are now.

So Father God, right now in Jesus’ name, we just lift up this live show to you right now, Father God. And I thank you for this opportunity in this time of fellowship together. I thank you, Father God, for Ben and everything that he’s doing for the community, everything he’s doing for all of these children, everything he’s doing, Father God, and the Ministry that you have him doing right now. And we thank you that there is going to be more of an awakening to have his voice heard and what he needs to accomplish in your name. And we thank you for that. In Jesus’ name, amen and amen.

Okay, Ben, I want you to introduce yourself to my entire viewing stream. And I just want to just let everybody know what’s on your heart, how this journey started, how God has you, where you are now, and what you are doing.

– Yeah, so my name’s Ben Pauling. I’m working on a film called Dream. And so this is a story that is close to my heart. I received a dream in 2020, and it was on August 6th of 2020. And I woke up from this dream and I just was struck by the visuals of a industrial warehouse on a desolate road near train tracks in a desert area. And I noticed that there’s blacked out windows of this warehouse, and I just felt behind this gated facility that there were children in there. And I woke up after encountering someone that was coming towards me to kill me in the dream.

And I woke up and I just had an immediate sense that there was something more to this and that there was actually like an actual place. And so I actually went driving around the outskirts of my hometown looking for this place and searching for this very like clear visual. And although I didn’t end up finding the exact place, this storyline just kind of downloaded into me. I’ve been a filmmaker for about 15 years now, writing, acting and developing different projects with my family. And so I immediately felt that this was gonna be a powerful story that was essentially just given to me by God, I had literally just started writing it and it just all kind of downloaded. And the journey with that has been just really powerful, but I’ll kind of go backwards a little bit in the story, which is, I grew up with this background in creating film and creating acting since I was like five years old. And me and my brothers used to create little videos and skits and stuff like that together. And then as we got kind of older, my brother got involved with my Dad in different production companies. And then we kind of just felt God calling us to create our own stories and fast forward to, I grew up a believer, grew up, my Dad was a worship leader at several different churches, but it was in 2015 after a radical encounter with the Holy Spirit that I really felt the mandate and the call. And I asked God actually, when I was living down in LA, like, if this is what you want me to do, I know how hard this is and how unlikely of breaking through in this industry is, I wanna know that it’s from you, it’s not just a pipe dream. And so I remember that day I was reading Luke where Jesus reads Isaiah 61 in the temple. And I just thought it was so amazing seeing Jesus read these scriptures out loud. And so fast forward to that night when I’m praying and I’m asking God this prayer, I just flipped open my Bible. And it’s that same verse in Isaiah 61. The spirit of the Lord is upon me and is anointing me to set the captives free. And so I had heard that verse and it just like, for some reason, it was just a total like marking off like a YES from God that this is what I’m supposed to do. And it wasn’t a direct, like, go be a filmmaker verse, but it was just something in the spirit really spoke to me. And I remember texting my brother ’cause he was up in Northern California. I was down in Southern California. And I had told him, man, like, this is the year, this is God’s call for my life. I’ve asked for this sign and he showed up in this way. And I look at the clock and it was on January 17th at 11. 17 PM. And I thought, oh, that’s kind of interesting, 117, okay. And then the next day in the mail, we get in our water bill and it was $111.17. And I go outside and I look at our apartment and it was like 217. So that number 117 has kind of also been a significant marker in kind of just showing up. And actually it’s been kind of interesting ’cause in many films, many big movies, it showed up and it’s usually like an important scene on the door or like the room 117 and multiple, I just kind of crazy how many films it’s in. But yeah, so God’s really kind of marked us to that and so from that, I knew that this dream and the writing of it was gonna be really important because God had already shown up in writing of other screenplays where I’d be writing something down in LA and my brother would get a dream about what I just wrote and then tell me about it. And then I actually, my mom had this long-term illness and she had an endometriosis and then she had stuff removed and then she had scar tissue as abdominal adhesions around her organs. So I had written a character based off of her and my Dad in this other story, that line that we were writing and I had written that she gets healed in it and she’d never read that but fast forward three years later she hears from God that she’s gonna stop taking her pain medicine ’cause she’s in constant pain all the time and so during that three days when she stopped taking it, she wakes up and she’s healed and out of the blue she just feels, she doesn’t tell anyone yet but out of the blue she feels like she should read the script that I wrote, the scene that I wrote and it was exactly how she was healed and so it was just a crazy, crazy miracles taking place with writing and with just seeing God show up in dreams to where I had the faith that this was definitely him and that he was gonna use this. And so immediately I’d turn it into a script and so I turn it into a short film, we’re getting ready to make it and then we kind of take a little bit of a detour and decide to make it into an actual feature film movie script and within a couple of weeks I was on Zoom calls with the Academy Award winning actor and we were getting ready to like have the movie financed through Hollywood traditional financing with big studio people involved and so that was all getting ready to go and it’s like, man, this seems like really easy, this is just gonna take place and then all of a sudden we started finding out about all the opposition to the subject matter ’cause it really wasn’t on the forefront in the story, it’s sort of like a twist that takes place and it doesn’t really hit you until kind of a little bit further and along in the film about what’s really taking place with this situation and so God moved it to where we weren’t moving forward in that avenue with those specific people and they weren’t really of the same heart and mission as us and it was a kind of a couple year journey and I just felt in the beginning of 2023 to go on an extended fast and God really called me ’cause we had this other person that was gonna invest in this project and I was kind of really wanting wisdom on if that was the right person to partner with and so it ended up not being the right person but God had called me this fast and I really felt like he was saying ’cause we had created this trailer to just post it online and I’m not sure if you guys have it or if we can put a link to it or whatever. – We’re gonna share it, yeah. – Yeah, but over 10 million people ended up seeing it right when we posted it and it just kind of like changed everything and from there we just been talking with a lot of different people throughout the US and we’ve been partnered up and so yeah, what people are about, what people can see if we wanna share that before I go any further has been really like a miracle story of how this is taking place and then from there I’ll share a little more but I think it’d be awesome if we could share that with you.

– Yes, I will share this screen with you right now. I mean, it’s powerful. I can’t wait for people to see it and like I said, it’s something that will move everyone. So we are going to share the screen right now and share this trailer. – You ready, huh? Ready to rumble? – Yeah. (laughing) (indistinct chatter) – Mike, where’s Jamie? – What do you mean where’s Jamie? I thought she went with you. – My little sister went missing. She’s been missing for like 30 minutes. – Someone needs to get on the intercom and tell them that a girl can miss it. – I had a dream last night. I was standing at the gate of this old warehouse. This guy pulls up in a truck. He’s staring at me like he wants to kill me. – You think God sent you a dream to go break into a warehouse? That’s what you’re trying to tell me. She could be in there. Someone’s in there. – It wasn’t just a dream. – I’d do something about it. (suspenseful music) (dramatic music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music continues) (suspenseful music continues) (suspenseful music continues) (suspenseful music continues) (suspenseful music continues) – Wow, okay. You need to tell everybody what exactly that movie… I mean, from watching the trailer, it’s so heart-wrenching because, you know, watching Sound of Freedom, this is so powerful. And this is why I wanted you to be on here, to get this out about child sex trafficking and how God gave you that dream in order to make this movie to help this be more of an awareness to people that we have to not only pray, we have to be diligent on fighting this back because it is a huge issue. – Yeah, and like many people have realized, like, oh, you know, no one’s talking about it again. Sound of Freedom came and it went. And so it’s something we really have to keep at the forefront of this reality. And really, you know, what we’re doing, so I’m the director, writer, and I’m obviously gonna be starring in this film. That’s not complete yet. That is the trailer that we created. We shot that for nothing, for a couple of lunches of some people to help us kind of come out and be part of that. We are getting ready to make that. Here in the next two months, we’re gonna be cameras rolling.

And so, yeah, so I had this dream and I didn’t really know a whole lot about what was going on with trafficking at the time. I had seen some documentaries, I had seen, I think, Out of Shadows was a documentary I saw. And that was kind of touching it a little bit. But really, it wasn’t on my radar and it was really kind of like, I had heard things in earshot, my Dad was involved in a rescue of women from trafficking through a crazy circumstance when I was younger. But I didn’t really understand the reality of what was going on. And so it was really something God put on my heart and just kind of dropped into my soul. And what I felt was, I just felt, for the first time in my life, I felt what it must be like to be a child alone at night in that situation with no sign of hope. And I just remember when I was a child and just thinking about having a nightmare or something like that, or just a scary night, or just maybe if I was homesick, even at a homesick. And I just really felt that I couldn’t do something else until I’d seen this through, until I had actually fulfilled this mission. And so at the beginning of 2023, during this fast I was doing, I was watching this man’s Ministry named Troy Brewer. And they’ve rescued over 10,000 kids with their trafficking organization. And they have 4,500 or something like that in their care right now, and 18 rescue centers throughout the United States. And I had seen this video of this young girl who was rescued. And she was an eight-year-old girl in Columbia out of 120 kids that were rescued at the beginning of 2023. And she was mute, she wouldn’t speak, she was totally traumatized to the point where she wouldn’t engage socially with anyone. And he hadn’t met her yet, but he had seen a picture, ’cause he gets all the pictures of the kids that they rescued throughout the world. And so he knew what she’d look like. And he was on his anniversary in Florida at the time. And he goes to sleep and he has a dream. And in the dream, he sees this miracle that was supposed to take place in his life, ’cause in a dream he had passed away and he was like at the gates of heaven and an angel was asking, what was the one miracle you think you missed out on when you’re down there? And he immediately went to a miracle that hadn’t took place in real life yet, which was him going up to this little girl at this rescue center, her running up to him and running into his arms and him saying, it’s okay for you to start talking now. I mean, I’m your Papa Troy. And she immediately just starts talking in this dream. And so he wakes up from this dream. And he’s like, I gotta go do that. So he flies down to Columbia, goes to the rescue center and the whole thing takes place exactly like his dream. And this little girl is healed instantly. And she’s just talking and she’s totally, totally changed. And so there’s this very powerful, crazy miracle that took place that was the face of their organization. Fast forward, so I’d seen that and I was like, there’s something about this. Like I just really, I don’t know what it is. I had my team watch this testimony and I was so compelled to the point where I had it written. I went back into my screenplay and I had written a character inspired by this young little girl. And fast forward to when we released the trailer in July or June or July and we get connected with this man. And my brother gets on the phone with him and says, hey, you know, we’re making a movie. And he’s like, hey, that’s, you know, he lets us know what he’s dealing with right now, which was that little girl was just Retrafficked. And the caretakers were killed and she was snatched back and into trafficking. And so he was just totally distraught. And like, it was like a face of the organization, you know, this powerful testimony, that same little girl out of all the kids that they could have took, they took that little girl. And so I knew at that point, like that’s not a coincidence that we just connect with him right when this took place. And at the same time, my brother also had just connected with special ops guys that worked with Tim Tebow and Tim Ballard, all those top level guys. And he says, let me see if I can connect you with some guys that know how to track, you know, stuff like this down and help you with this. And he’s like, I dare you, like, go for it. And within a week, they’re war rooming together. And then after they come up with the game plan, within three days, they figure out she’s already been sold to three different cartels and they rescue her on her 10th birthday, Re-rescue her for the second time. And it was just a miraculously powerful testimony. And that’s when I knew it was like, man, like we haven’t even made the film yet and God’s already moving in these miraculous ways. And what really was powerful about what we’re doing, is we’re still raising the funds. We have a great amount raised right now so far, but we’re about $500,000, $600,000 short of the completion funds to be able to get this out there. And so when we do get it out there, it’s gonna be, you know, Sound of Freedom made a huge impact in putting the image in people’s minds in the visual. And so what we’re trying to do is activate people while they’re there in their move to directly impact this, directly impact rescues with those donations. And so we’re raising donations right now and all the ROI on the donations, all the return on investment on the donations are gonna be going directly to this work of this trafficking rescues and this organization with Troy Brewer, who they have, if you look at the numbers, they are at the top of making impact. And it’s kind of, and he’s getting bigger now. He’s actually gonna be on TVN tonight too, speaking on what they’re doing at the border. And, but the work they’ve been doing has been not as in the limelight, but it is top level. Anyone that’s in this field is aware of who he is and at the level they’re doing. And the most important thing is, is that these kids are getting healed and they’re receiving Jesus and they’re being set free in that way. And, you know, now they’re set free, not just here on Earth, but they’re set free for eternity. And so that’s, you know, kind of the mission of where we’re at. And so when people see it in theaters, they’re gonna be able to directly partner with a direct link. Sound of Freedom had this thing at the end of their thing that was very effective, which is pay it forward to buy another ticket. And so we don’t want people just to come in and then to buy someone else’s ticket. We want them to help with rescues, right when they’re in the theater. And so we want them to, as people are watching it for it to be making direct impact, ’cause there’s so much work being done right now and there’s so much work that they can do that they don’t have the resources for to go in. ‘Cause when you save a child, you’re not just rescuing them. You have to now literally create a forever home for them and create a whole ecosystem for that child and all of the people that are rescued to sustain and live, you know, for the rest of their life. And that takes a lot of recovery, a lot of aftercare, and it’s very, very expensive. And especially here in the United States, it is there’s so much red tape and there’s so much, just like obstacles that are put in place to where it’s so hard to even adopt. It’s so hard to even, you know, create an environment for these children. It’s almost like they want them to just remain in that nightmare, because the obstacles and the illegal things put in place are just so difficult to cut through. But with resources, like for instance, it’s $100,000 to just home one child, you know, that’s rescue in the United States. It’s so much easier out of the country, but this is, you know, this is a real enemy. This is a real concerted effort that we’re up against. And so the body of Christ needs to come together with the body of Christ and to make an impact with this thing, you know? – You know, we are saying all this story about this little girl who was trafficked and then freed and then trafficked again. I mean, it’s just, it’s so hard because, you know, we pray for this all the time. I was just talking about that before we got on. And it’s not just that these kids get freed from these, you know, horrible, horrible human beings, but it’s their life outside of it. Because a lot of people who are, I mean, these children have their innocence taken away. They have their lives taken away. They have such darkness that they live in. And so it’s so important that when you are getting them out, that they are still not living that darkness, that they are free. And so that’s what I think is so incredible about the story is that not only are you guys working on getting them out, but getting them the love of Christ, getting them a home. We as Christians can do so much because we have God on our side. We’re not limited. And it’s like enough of the Christians. It’s like, we have to all get behind this and realize that this is a horrible, horrible. And the reason why you guys are going through these things with it making it harder and spending so much money is because our government is involved. And I know people don’t want to hear that, but I am very bold to say that. Our government makes these laws or makes these things to make it harder because they’re a part of it. And this is a huge problem. And this is why we have to get, I mean, the Washington establishment OUT, we have to get all these people out. It’s set in place where we can help these children even easier to get out. But there’s nothing impossible for God, no matter how big this may seem. – No, yeah. And so what God’s shown me too is that over 10 million people have seen it now and all the comments is a lot of young people have actually been moved by this clip, this trailer that they’ve seen. And it’s twofold because it’s bringing to light this issue, but it’s also bringing to light the kingdom tools and the kingdom impact that we can have and how to hear God, how to partner with God. The storyline is a young man whose sister goes missing at a local fairgrounds event. Three years later, she’s never found and he has a dream from God. And he does something with that. Him and his friends go and they uncover this trafficking operation in their small town. And really what it is is it’s showing, ‘cause some people ask, where’s God in the midst of this? Where’s God in the midst of this evil? And God’s supposed to be desiring to live in us and to work through us, you know? And so hearing from him and knowing him and his voice is so key and so important to a lot of this work. And what I’ve come to realize just from all these people is they use dreams and these NON-Christians, they take this stuff seriously in these military operations, these special operations. And in a lot of cases, they take this kind of stuff into account, the supernatural. And there’s been, I’ve now been aware of people saying, yeah, this is actually pretty spot on with what we use and what people use a lot of times when it comes to the tactics they use to combat this specific evil, because it really is a specific evil. It’s not just like, it’s a spiritual thing. These kids are being, there’s witchcraft that’s put on them. There’s so many different elements to this thing that is so much more than meets the eye and it is a real spiritual war. And when people wake up to that reality thing, well, what can I do about it? It’s like, well, what God calls us to do is usually within arm’s reach of what’s right in front of us and it doesn’t always require us to go off under some other nation, but what can we do? How can we be more aware of our surroundings? How can we be more cognizant? And then when we’re given opportunities to partner with people that are doing big things to move on that and to do that. And it’s just been a really amazing thing to see young people noticing that and saying, wow, I feel like I’ve gotten dreams from God. Wow, like I feel like I’ve seen places and people reaching out and really picking up on that and then feeling the encouragement and the empowerment to wow, maybe I should listen to that. Maybe I should not ignore that unction or that feeling or that dream and pay attention to it in a way that translates because people don’t wanna necessarily hear about something like this, but with a storyline that is entertaining and is action filled and is kind of attractive, it kind of directly pierces through any preconceived notions and people feel kind of interested in stepping into that theater and hearing more about this thing. – So how can, because obviously, I’ve already seen it in the chat, people say that they want to help. How can they help get awareness for this movie? Now I do have a website that is www.restore7.org/stream. Hold on, sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – Yeah, no problem. – It’s, so I’ll just kind of continue as we fix that. So what ended up happening was is we actually partnered up with several different ministries and so far, God’s has provided the investors that are on board are all people completely outside of the film industry and are purely lovers of Christ. And in early July, actually, Marty Grisham, who’s your friend, I was talking to him on the phone and the spirit of God just fell and he says, you got to come out to this reawakened tour in Vegas. And I didn’t even know what that was at the time. I actually don’t follow a lot of the online stuff that’s been taking place. I kind of just, my mom does, and she sends me the video. She sent me your videos before, she sends me the Elijah streams, stuff like that. But I hadn’t really done a deep dive into it. But Marty’s on the phone, he’s like, you got to come to this thing. And I was like, I don’t know what that is. But he’s like, yeah, you got to come. I’ll see if I can get you up on stage. And so I ended up going to this event at the same time I was getting connected with Restore Seven, which was Johnny Enlow’s Ministry. And he was saying that Steve Schultz was going to be at the reawakened Vegas tour. And I was like, oh, I’m going to be there. And he says, well, let me see if I can try to connect you. And so when I get there and I’m meeting people and I’m sitting down having breakfast with Marty, and he’s like, oh, look, there’s Steve Schultz. And so Marty didn’t know Steve yet, I don’t think at that point. And he’s like, he directly goes and he introduces me. And then we just start talking and the spirit of God just moves again. And I think what one of the things was prior to that, a week prior to that, we had done a movie event for the screening of this trailer. And then I showed the movie Field of Dreams ‘cause that was kind of an inspirational film when it came to this of having a dream, following it and seeing the fruition of it. And so we had screened this film outdoors, Field of Dreams. And I think they, you’re in Iowa now, isn’t that where you’re from? – Yes, I am. – That’s where they shot Field of Dreams, right? – Yeah. – So I was sharing kind of the whole testimony with Steve and he’s like, well, that’s crazy. I was just watching that movie last week. And actually we have these water wells and wherever they do the digging, that’s called the Field of Dreams. And so everything was kind of correlating and he just immediately committed on to being an investor producer right then at that point. And from there, some other people came on and then also Troy Brewer, he’s a producer and investor on this. And so we have a team of people. And so that site right there is Johnny Enlow’s site and he’s allowed us to use that to raise funds through his nonprofit tax deductible. But on top of that, those funds are gonna be, the return on those funds of investment is gonna be directly going to rescuing kids and not going to studio, not going to lining producers pockets. And so that’s what’s really impactful, really amazing about what we’re doing here is not just talking, but really trying to walk it out and see the fruit of it. Because at the end of the day, that’s where this all started. That’s what this is all about is making an impact with this issue as big as we can. And we have some really big producers on board, producers from Godzilla, producers from the Chronicles of Narnia and I can only imagine. And also Samuel Rodriguez, the pastor Samuel Rodriguez, he did Breakthrough and Flamin’ Hot. And so we’re strategizing right now to make this have as big of an impact. In fact, also I have some close acquaintance now friend that I’ve met through this process who he’s starting something that’s kind of under the wraps with a very big Christian network that is branching out into doing more film content. And they have the database from all the people through, they’ve hired Google’s experts and all the database from Sound of Freedom to push our film out in the same way once it’s done and to get as many eyeballs and people drawn towards seeing it in theaters. And so that’s also why it’s been so difficult is keeping the ownership of this and keeping as many fingerprints off it as possible so that way we’re able to make as big an impact when it comes out. ‘Cause a lot of films, they sell the rights, they sell everything prior and then all the money goes to the studios and all the money goes to all these other things. And so we’ve been waiting and patiently stewarding it so that way it’s not being compromised and it’s not letting anyone else decide where it’s gonna be seen but we’re gonna make sure it’s seen in the biggest way possible and have as big as impact as possible. So that website, restoresemi. org, dream people can partner in that way. And so yeah, it’s just been a crazy journey and it’s still going on. And so the biggest thing has just been really seeking the Lord in prayer. And yeah, there is a real spiritual warfare that goes along with it. It has been a real thing that you just, the deeper you get into it, you don’t go, oh, this is not real. This is like the more we stepped into it, we realized how real this is and how real that battle is and how when you see these kids’ faces, you’re blown away that evil would take it to that extent ’cause it doesn’t make any sense. But I mean, if someone is not willing to come to Christ and if these demons aren’t willing to bow to his name and to turn to him, that doesn’t make any sense either when you’re in the presence of such a loving Father and Almighty God. I don’t think that evil will ever make sense. – It doesn’t. But again, what we have to do is not only you are doing your part and I know there’s a lot of people who wanna help you and that’s why I had that link up. But another thing that we can do to help you with your part is the power and the authority of God and his name and the power of prayer. And I tell people this all the time and every morning. You guys are dealing, like you said, it’s not just with people. You are dealing with demonic forces and beings that are using these people to do what they’re doing with child trafficking. And so what we can do as Christians is not just help this movie because we can, but we can pray that God helps you in every way, shape or form that no matter who you come up against, no matter how big these things are, no matter if it is, because this is a worldwide problem. This is not just United States of America problem. This goes worldwide. This goes with the global government and everything else. They are a part of all of these things. And so what we can do as Christians is also stand in the gap for you, stand in the gap for everybody like you and every person that is trying to help these children, every Ministry that’s trying to help these children to not only get them free, but to stop this entire society that is going on that people don’t know about. And that’s why I love the fact that you’re doing this because you are bringing awareness and just like the sound of freedom, I know they had problem. It took like five years between the time they started it and how, when they actually got it in theaters because they were stopped in every way, shape or form. We don’t want that to happen to you. We want this to go, because this is such a timely situation and timely matter. We want this to go as fast as it possibly can and as big as it possibly can worldwide to help this out. So not only we are helping get out this information, but we’re helping more people know how to pray about it and how to help you guys in a more significant way. – Yeah, yeah. And another thing too that I’ve kind of been called to emphasize too is if people do wanna come on and partner in a bigger way and in a bigger size of making impact, towards the budget, there’s also set up for investment at a certain level. Let’s just say someone would put like 100 or 150 grand in it or more that we have those mechanisms in place for people to consider it as an investment. But we obviously we wanna keep it as much percentage as we can, as much in donations as possible. So that way the return on that. But really, I think the biggest thing is getting it in front of people and then allowing those people, because once you’re in the theater, it’s bigger than a movie ticket if you’re going in and you’re getting people to donate. So the return on investment is one way we’re doing it. But really it’s once people are in theater, they can give as much as they want. And if you see the amount of people that went out and saw Sound of Freedom. And another thing people don’t realize is that Sound of Freedom is made by a studio, Angel Studios. And a lot of that, I can’t speak to all of it, but most of the funds that were raised for that are going towards the more filmmaking and more building of the studio and extending that way. And so there was a big impact with an amazing sense of bringing people’s forefront. But we can’t stop there because even if all of that money went towards child trafficking, it is so expensive. I know Tim Keeble’s organization spent like $70 million just to rescue a thousand kids. And so it doesn’t have to be that expensive. There’s a lot of cases where it doesn’t have to be. But when you’re talking about the amount of money that’s going in this industry, how much money did they spend on COVID? They spent trillions of dollars on COVID. So this is at the forefront and it’s a real battle. And every dollar is a soldier in that army. And really, we believe God’s gonna do something really big with this. And I can’t speak to exactly what that’s gonna look like, but I do believe that from what we’ve seen so far, there’s just not a coincidence of timing. In fact, Sound of Freedom was really holding us up for a while because it was sitting on the shelf for so long. And we would have people telling us that that’s not a good concept to make a storyline around. Maybe we make it about drug trafficking. We had people telling us this when we were kind of going in the Hollywood direction. And people kind of wanting to change or don’t emphasize that. That’s not good for marketing. And so when Sound of Freedom came out, really just shut all those people up and realized, no, people care about this. They wanna go and impact this and they wanna talk about this thing. And so that was just crazy timing how God had kind of our trailer come out right before Sound of Freedom hit the theaters. And it was only by his hand and his timing is impeccable, is perfect. And so we know that he’s, yeah, go ahead. – Sorry, how, again, that perfect timing of God, even though Sound of Freedom was held up for five years, but I do believe that was perfect timing of God. It’s a perfect timing of God for what you need right now. And because a lot of times we’re just like, God, hurry up, hurry up, come on, hurry up, hurry up. And it’s like, we don’t see the whole entire picture. We see a little minuscule. And it’s like now, because I believe before, five years ago, people would not have accepted it and received it the way they are now. And the same thing with your film and what you are doing. I love the fact that more Christians are getting involved. We’re taking back the seven mountains of influence. And one of them is entertainment. And entertainment is so important because it really does society. It moulds society. It changes society. It changed the way they think and the way they act, the way they talk, what they believe. It’s like, we need to take that back from the enemy’s camp. And I’m telling you, we have to play for the seven mountains of influence. And also what is going on with this whole entire situation with Christians too, is that we have to be aware of all these things and aware that God has given us this authority to take all these things back. And we have to take them back for the kingdom of God. And so these types of things don’t continue to happen anymore. And that’s, again, the reason why I love the fact of what you’re doing with this film. Again, people have asked, what is the film? It’s called Dream. And how God gave this to you. So he gives me words prophetically. But he gave you this prophetic dream, like it reminds me of Joseph, how Joseph received dreams from God. They were prophetic dreams and how they moved to change and save a nation. So it’s so powerful how God is using you in that way. And I just, it’s so amazing. I love it. I absolutely love it. – What’s amazing is you say Joseph, because the journey of it, where really this whole thing started 10 years ago, of feeling that commission, feeling that call. And so we know that it took Joseph 10 years to fit in the pit. So I really do believe that, yeah, we do have to influence this.

And I remember Johnny Andler was saying when I was speaking on Elijah Shames a couple of months ago, that he had a word that at some point he saw for a time, whether it be long or short, that Hollywood would be known as Holywood. And I think what we’re really seeing is God’s impact. And so many, these Christian films are getting a lot better. And this isn’t strictly just going towards that audience. It’s going towards really the mass audience, ’cause God hasn’t just called us to just stay in our corner. He’s called us to infiltrate and he’s called us to overcome and to overtake. And that is not gonna be just through just forcing people to think the way we wanna think, but it’s gonna be through touching people’s hearts and influence in them and letting the spirit of God draw on their heart in a real way to where they’re changed from the inside out. And so I really think that we’re gonna be seeing many more of this, and this is just the beginning. And this is something that we see is if we can make a huge impact and a huge splash with this, that we don’t need Hollywood. – That’s right. – We can create our own industry in a way that we’re these filmmakers that are struggling to get their story. I talk with the creators from God’s Not Dead. A lot of these great filmmakers are still struggling to get their next story out there. And it’s always a constant passion of the Christ. How long have been waiting for that second film to be made? How many obstacles was it so hard to get that film made? And so we really have to bind together. We really have to support each other. We really have to pray that these kinds of things end up being and not take no for an answer when it comes to this, really just press in with the Lord and strategically figure out how he wants us to partner with this ’cause it’s the biggest thing. There’s nothing, I forgot who it was. I think it was Steve Jobs, but the storyteller is the most influential person. It is the one that history is remembered by in these ways. And so it’s really important that we as believers take these avenues as real weapons that we can use. The music is so influential and the enemy knows that. He knows that he can open doors with what you’re watching, with what you’re hearing. And it goes both ways, so God can infiltrate and he can use those little doors the enemy likes to use. And he can use that for his good and to changing people’s hearts and selling our seeds. And that’s something you can’t put a price tag on. – That’s right, that’s right. And again, too many times that Christians, and again, the body of Christ has not known all these things and to bring up awareness is so important because the truth sets people free in so many different ways. And so what we can do as a body of Christ is make sure that we are praying to take back this mountain of influence from the entire industry of Hollywood and the pedophiles and the evil in general. The evil, it’s like you said, Lucifer, he was the one in heaven with music. He’s the one who created the music. He’s the one who did a lot of the music. And so they’ve taken music, they’ve taken film, they’ve taken TV shows, any type of thing they can do in order to influence people. And now it’s time for the body of Christ to know that, that God has given the earth over the children of men. It’s what it says in Psalm 15 verse 16. And so we have to know that there is something for us to do in every atmosphere. I know we’ve gotten a lot of pushback and ridicule and persecution because we’re going after politics. We’re going after and bringing God back into the political realm because when you take God out, this is what we’re left with. Well, we need to bring God back into the film industry, back into every single walk of life in order for God to be in control and not man and not the enemy, not the devil. And so it’s so important for us right now to use our authority. It says that in Matthew 18, 18 through 19, is we have to bind all these things and we have to rebuke. We have to know our authority in the name of Jesus. And again, when I watched that trailer, it was hard for me to watch a trailer to the movie Dream because as a mom, I put myself in the shoe, in the footsteps of somebody else losing a child. And I know that that happens on a daily basis. And we can’t take for granted not only our freedoms, but our families that the enemy is trying to destroy in every way we can think of. And now he’s taking our children away from us in this way and they’re using it for horrible things. And so I thank you for everything that you’re doing to get awareness more of this society that a lot of people didn’t know about. – Yeah, and you know, what God’s told me is that there’s no Goliath that’s too big. – That’s right. – A thousand demons against the spirit of God, it’s nothing. And so this is something that I believe God is addressing right now and is not letting it lead people’s minds. And we’re gonna see this thing stamped out. And I believe that. I believe that we’re gonna see this thing stamped out and we’re gonna see the goodness of God in the land of living to where people will be forced to acknowledge his goodness and glorify him for it. And that’s something that, you know, this Ministry that we’re partnered with, they’re about to scale up tremendously and the amount of work that they’re doing is about to scale up tremendously. And there’s a strong amount of faith that what God wants to do through us, there’s nothing impossible. And so we can’t allow ourselves to think that this is an issue that we can’t address. That’s just not a heavenly mindset. A heavenly mindset is no, we can, he’s empowered us. He’s empowered us with his spirit. You wanna come against God’s children, you wanna come against the innocent? No, we won’t stand for it. And we were gonna do everything in our power and in his power to see that stamped out and see that evil eradicated and to see those children set free. – I love how you said David and Goliath because the Lord has showed us, you know, for the last couple of years, we need more Davids. We need more people that are boldly like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the face of death and saying, I don’t care ’cause I know my God. David, he knew that he couldn’t fight Goliath without God. You are fighting in Goliath. And we know that you are fighting the industry, but you know what, all you need is God. God will make a way when there is no other way. And there’s no devil in hell that’s gonna stop what God is doing through you. And that’s what’s gonna stop what God is doing through this movie and awareness of child trafficking. He on the heart of God wants every single one of these children free. He wants them not only free from the hands of the captors, like I said earlier, he wants them free spiritually. He wants them free in their soul. He wants them free in every way they can to have a life that was paid for by Jesus Christ. And that’s why it’s so important. We all can do something. Not everybody is a director like you or makes movies or has dreams. Not everybody’s on here like I am on social media or any other way, but God uses all of us in a certain way. We are all part of the body of Christ. Jesus is the head and we are the body. We are supposed to work together as one. And this is something that is so, so, so important that we have to work together as one to take back the industry. This Goliath is going down and we are gonna pray about that before we go today. I’m telling you, we are going to pray that this Goliath of the entertainment industry or how many there are. I don’t care how many giants there are. We have to have shameless audacity and bold confidence and bold faith. And when we step out in bold faith, we don’t need to know the specifics. God knows the specifics. God knows what he wants to do and we need to just step out of the boat and watch him show up in a way that doesn’t make any sense to our natural mind. – So what can they do, listeners, what can they do to help you? You said donate to the cause because again, what he’s doing, and I want to celebrate, what Ben is doing is making this movie called The Dream or it’s called Dream. And this movie is awareness of child sex trafficking and what people can do to help raise money to free these children, right? – Yeah, so people can give a generous donation at the website on the screen, restore7.org/dream. It’ll be a lowercase D in the dream. And so yeah, so with that, what we have so far, we’re going to be rolling cameras in two months. And so we’re moving out in faith and we’re going to be seeing this thing through with whatever miraculous way God is going to provide. But we know and we have faith that it’s going to take place and that’s what’s needed. It’s going to come through. And from that, we’re going to be completing the film and having it done by the end of this year so that it can be released for theatrical release in early 2025. And so we have bigger name producers attached that are going to help us. They have those distribution connections to make sure that this gets out there and gets into theaters and gets in front of people. And so it’s just amazing thing that your viewers, viewers that have from other streams are getting together to partner with this and to really be part of this, join the team, join the dream team and see this thing through from beginning to end and see the miraculous testimony and to have those seeds sewn into this, into the kingdom, but into this mission, they’re going to reap great harvest. And so it’s just, it’s a very unique thing. It hasn’t been done very many, many times in this way. And the miraculous testimony that’s taken place is going to be like none other. And so, yeah, I just encourage people. And if people want to come on, like I said, and invest, we get about 600 grand that we need left to cover. We can have conversations about that at our email too. You can email John, J-O-N @ A-R-C-H-A-G-E.us. And we can talk about that as well with people and kind of explore that if there’s any desire for that opportunity. But yeah, this is something that we’re heading into and we are going to be creating an amazing American classic great story. And that’s where it kind of starts is creating a film that people are blown away by and want to see and remember. ‘Cause so many great films, they remembered Field of Dreams. People go out and still see that film when it comes out in theaters. And they travel to the locations from it. And so when a story is truly, you know, like impactful and is just unforgettable, it has lifelong beyond it was first created. And it has the ability to continually just, it’s just like what the Bible is. It’s story, it’s the gospel, it’s story form. These stories impact people and change realities. They change lives. And so we believe that this is one of them and that I’m just honored to be a part of it and just to have to receive this. When I wrote this, this was such an easy, I’ve written probably 10 screenplays and 10 different projects we’ve developed. And whenever I was in the process of writing this one, it was like easy. It was just like, God was just giving every scene. And it was definitely nothing I can just take the credit for. It felt like it was downloaded to me from him. And so I’m so excited to see this thing through and then share it with you guys. – I’m excited, like I said, that’s why I have you on here. But before we go today, I want, that’s one of the things that we can do right now. I know a lot of people are having hard times financially. If you guys can give, if you guys can’t, one thing you can do is you can pray. I want you to pray because I know God is in this. When I first saw this, I know God was in this. It’s so powerful.

So Father God, right now in Jesus’ name, we lift up not only Ben, but every director, every producer, every person that is taking back this mountain of influence of entertainment. And first we know, Father God, that we have the authority and the ability in the name of Jesus to bring down any name. Every knee must bow to the name of Jesus. So right now in the name of Jesus Christ, we bow, we command all these devils. And no matter where they are, how much they are, how much they influence with this entertainment industry, we bind them and we rebuke them away from this film in Jesus’ name. We plead the blood of Jesus over this film. And I thank you, Father God, that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. And everything that Satan was trying to do to harm it, you are going to turn it into something good. Because Father God, I know that I know that I know. No matter what, when the devil knows he is at his end, he tries fighting as hard as he can. Well, we are commanding that this is an end to what is going on in his film industry. They will not control us anymore. But Father God, that we are taking it back for the kingdom of Almighty God. And so we thank you for what you’re doing right now financially for this film, Father God, and everything they need. Because you are Jehovah Jireh. You are their provider. And we thank you, Father God, that there’s no devil in hell that’s gonna stop the finances needed for this film or also bringing these children into homes. Because that’s what this film is about, to release these children out of captivity and to give them homes. And so Father God, we thank you for deleting them and guiding them and directing their path. And we thank you, Father God, that you are in control. Not anybody else, but you are in control. And we thank you, Father God, because you are in control, you win. And so we thank you for it in Jesus’ name. – In Jesus’ name. I thank you, Lord Jesus, you are real and you are good. And you’re moving right now. And I just pray a blessing over everyone watching, everyone that would partner, everyone that would give, everyone that would feel the unction, anyone that would feel that just a call just to pray, we just thank you for that and how important that is, God. And you are in our midst and you are moving and you are doing miraculous things in every single one of our lives, God. It might not always look like this, but it is just as important in the kingdom, what we’re all doing in every little part that we play. And so I just thank you, God. Just bless Julie and I bless the team here and all the work that they’re doing, God, that the enemy would try to come against, but no weapons shall prosper, God. And no matter how many accusations, no matter how many just persecution takes place, that there’s nothing that could harm a child of God that’s covered in the blood and that knows who they are. And so I just thank you for this Ministry, God, and that it would continue to grow. It would continue to confound the worldly mindset and the wisdom of man. And it would continue to bring a harvest in your kingdom in Jesus’ name. – Amen. – Amen. Well, thank you for that. And thank you again, Ben, for being on. And again, everyone, the movie is called Dream. I have the website right up there for you. You can go check that out. And I’m excited what God is gonna do for you, Ben, ’cause I know that God is definitely on the move. This is our time. It’s not the enemy’s time, and we are taking back everything away from the evil. So thank you for being on the show today and letting us be aware of what you guys are doing for so many children that are out there right now. So God bless you. And I’m excited to give an update to everybody and have you back on. So thank you for joining today’s show and thank everyone for being on today. God loves you. We love you. God bless you and have a wonderful day.


This is a movie highlighting the significance of GNOSTIC DREAMS that can happen to anybody anywhere. A most potent message and sorely needed. How things have changed. I recall 20 years ago when I started TBH I encountered fundamentalist Christians in large numbers who believed that messaging dreams were only in ancient times to handpicked heroes in the Holy book. Definitely not for you and me today. Such was the long term damage done by the infiltration of the church by its enemies. The 501C3 grants to tax free megachurches that included one little proviso that weekly sermons must be provided by a militant atheist government department or you lose your tax free status. So religious teachings were seriously derailed. Add to that the entrenched false belief that had always dominated that religion should stay out of politics until alcoholic drug addict son of George Bush Senior wanted to be President like his Dad so he enlisted the religious right who were considered crazies to be only controlled at best, by the evil Washington establishment.

So I am very glad and refreshed to see GNOSTIC MESSAGING DREAMS theming in drawcard movies. And so vividly described here by the movie creator Ben Pauling who is helping to destroy pedophillic Disneyland and Hollywood.

The most surprising word that stood out to me in his testimony here was RE-TRAFFICKED Sort of implying that even after a child is rescued they can be kidnapped again. Meaning they are NEVER safe. Suddenly I have a fond memory of how far ahead of us Donald Trump was in 2012 when in a tweet he advocated the death penalty for Pedophiles. Clearly with human trafficking cartels in mind. And they now make more money in league with the US criminal government bringing illegals over the southern border to destroy America. But the tide has turned and there are no Blue states left despite massive immigration. Only a few Blue cities in Republican states. And rural areas of states like Oregon are seriously moving toward seceeding away from Blue cities to become Greater Idaho, the adjacent conservative next state.

Redshift 2008 to 2018


Egregious persecution of Donald Trump in Blue state New York absurd $355 million FINE is driving big business out of that formerley great city taking it toward third world slum status with other Blue cities. So the evil elites are digging their own political grave.

  • Layman’s Gnosis Regardless of faith or lack of
  • Expect vivid messaging night dreams within one week
  • immediate physical evidence something has changed
  • vivid messaging daydreams with physical evidence to prove its not your imagination
  • Expect keywords and even websites typed into your mindseye
  • messaging music morphing into an internal mentoring voice
  • And much more and its FREE and All questions answered
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