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Goood uh Morning, Everybody. Today is Thursday, March 28th of 2024. And I want to thank each and every one of you for joining today’s live show. Now I had something planned, uh, right before I got on here, I had different prophetic word. It was a second one from March 20th and the Lord changed it on me right before I got on here. Uh, so I am going to be, If you hear me, if you just see me stop talking, it’s because I know he has a word. And so I want to prepare you and all of you for watching, um, that he is going to give. I know it’s in my spirit. I’ve been sitting there just praying before I got on here and I know that he has something for all of us today that I’m going to be giving here live on, uh, this, uh, this show. So I’m just making sure that rumble is on and it is sorry about that. Volume is all the way up. It’s explosive There were certain things that he revealed to me that he wanted to To give a word out about there were specific names He gave me there were specific things that he gave me and I knew right then and there I’m like, okay so I started praying into it and and this is I actually I got one this morning earlier this morning and I know that he’s gonna give one here right on air because there is something explosive in the atmosphere I don’t know if you God’s can feel it but I know I sure can and if you guys did miss yesterday’s broadcast with Pastor Dave and myself go back and watch that one it was I always love being on with Pastor Dave it was a fun exciting show a lot of things that are going on a lot of truth that’s coming out. And this is like a snowball effect, everything like an avalanche, everything is just starting to collect, and it’s just going to start intensifying, more evidence is going to come out, more things are going to start happening. And the things are going to start shaking even more than what they have already, more people are going to be exposed, more things are going to start to happen. And in that prophetic word yesterday that he gave, the one of things that the Lord talked about was that the time is coming where things aren’t going to be normal anymore or the normal that we are used to and so again that’s good because we know when those things start to happen and things that get abnormal and get a little bit unusual we know this is the time of the end of all the things that we’ve been experiencing and so this is a time that we should be celebrating. This is a time that we should be looking to God more than looking to anything else or anyone else. Remember, he’s been saying, do not look to elections. Do not look to a man or people. You look to him because he’s gonna start doing things in unconventional ways, kind of like the Red Sea. They didn’t expect that. He’s gonna start doing things that are not normal. He’s gonna start doing things that only he, only God can get credit for. Only he could get the glory for it. And so when you start seeing things shake or when you start seeing things become abnormal or unusual or unprecedented, he keeps using that word, if you start seeing these things happening that way, you need to know and understand this is something to shout about. This is something to celebrate because God has been warning us about this time and that means that enemies are Being scattered the enemies are being destroyed the enemies of Almighty God are coming down He calls them the Pharaohs of today, you know what happened the Pharaohs of old So, you know what happened to Pharaoh and all of his men when it came to that Red Sea This is what we should be shouting Okay, this is what we should be shouting I thank you Father God that you win and if you win we win and I thank you Father God that there is no weapon formed against us shall prosper. It doesn’t matter what they try It doesn’t matter what they do It is a weapon and it will not prosper against me or my household or my family or anybody else Then I know I thank you Father God. It won’t prosper against my nation It won’t prosper against and just keep on going and it’s everything that God will reveal to you What he needs you to say and what he needs you to pray about That’s the one thing good about God But he’s been revealing to us all week long He is a great study partner that he will give you the right direction Where you’re supposed to go what you’re supposed to do. He loves you as a matter of what you’ve done Remember he chooses not to remember those things when you repent. He loves you He wants you to know that he wants you to know him And that’s another thing that we have to know is that God wants us to know him When we see start seeing things start to get real crazy Start to celebrate Start getting out your cake and start celebrating and realizing that God is in control and he’s told us about all these things This is nothing to fear. I don’t care. What’s near It doesn’t matter because God is here It doesn’t matter what’s near, what the enemies are doing. God is here. He’s Emmanuel, God with us. He’s among us. He’s everywhere we go because he lives on the inside of us. He’s our protector. Realize that. Be convinced. God, I thank you. you are my protector. I thank you, Father God, you’re my healer. And don’t claim my illness, my problem, or what’s going on in my body and don’t claim it. You claim the report, you claim the Word of God and what God says about you. This is a time to get serious, that God is in control. It’s time to get serious that he’s our healer, he’s our advocate, he’s our standby, he’s everything that we need and especially God is a great deliverer. He’s he is the one who he said he’s standing in between us and our enemies. So no matter what they try to do it’s not gonna get through Almighty God because there’s nothing nothing bigger than God that is for sure. So I know he’s getting I’m Feeling that rumbling in my spirit that I know that he does want to speak that word That he was telling me about earlier when he told me to pivot and change my course of today’s show Which he knows I am very faithful and he knows I’ll say whatever he wants me to say and I’ll do whatever he wants me to do because This is his Ministry and you are his children and I want you to hear whatever he has for you to say or he has for you to hear and he has for you to say and do those marching orders that he’s been giving to us so continuously on a continual basis he’s been giving us so many different things and it’s been wonderful and and I love I love I love I love him so much and I love the fact that he’s been giving each and every one of us that’s great revelations on a daily basis and these teachings and stuff I I haven’t even heard some of these things The way he’s having me teach you and then I get excited. I’m like, man, I never heard that way before That was really good God. That was really good It’s coming out of my mouth But I wasn’t planning on saying it because it’s he’s the one who’s saying it and it is so much fun To hear what he has saying now, there’s some things that I don’t like to give out, you know And he tells me to say and sometimes it’s uncomfortable, but it doesn’t matter I will still say whatever he wants me to say So I know a lot of people are jumping on right now, and I just want to let you God’s know that the Lord had me pivot, and I’ll be doing something differently this morning than I was planning on, which is good. We should always have God’s plan and not our own. So I know that he wants to give this word out.

So, My children, THESE ARE THE DAYS OF SABOTAGE The days where your enemies are trying to sabotage every part of your lives. They’re trying to sabotage your nation. They’re trying to sabotage your airlines and the planes that you ride on. They’re trying to sabotage railroads. They’re trying to sabotage your economy. And yes, they are trying to sabotage your waterways. What you’ve seen the other day was no accident. And I will tell you my children that I will show the proof and I have the evidence of what they have done. They can’t hide the evidence that’s coming. There is coming great evidence of what took place and the architect behind it. the blueprints of exactly how to do it and when, to cause shortages, to cause chaos and disruptions. I will show you my children who’s behind it all. And yes, it is part of the Washington Establishment. It is part of the ones who are in DC. It is them. It is them. They are sabotaging your nation. They are destroying your food. They are destroying your medicine. They are destroying your air. They are destroying your water They are destroying your children and their mindsets. They have all Strategically planned these attacks. I’ve told you about a great war You have been in it Now it’s time for you to fight in it It’s time for you to fight in my name and fight with my words and fight with my power and fight with my authority Because there is coming a time. They’re gonna commit more sabotage upon you and against you That was just the start But this is nothing to fear. I am telling you this to bring you my words to encourage you to bring you strength, to give you awareness about what the enemies are up to. Obviously they’re up to no good and they’re up to evil and their evil schemes, their plots and plans. I am destroying them all. I have been warning you of this time, the time of the end, the time of shakings, the time of great falls, a time of great evidence. Evidence that your enemies never thought would ever come in the spotlight, that would ever be shown, that would ever be revealed. Afghanistan? That Afghanistan withdrawal? I will show exactly who planned that and exactly what was going on and how and what they did against this nation. I will show you the great and mighty payoff and where all that money is going and where it went. That was an act of war against your country. Do you see it? I will show you the perpetrators. I will show you the Traitors and I will reveal to you all of their TREASONOUS acts against you. There There is many in your military now that are about to blow the doors wide open. TREASON. TREASON has been committed on a scale, my children, that you have never known. TREASON. And I will reveal to you all the Traitors and all the ones who’ve committed TREASON against you and all the things that they wanted you to forget about. But I will make sure that you will hear it. Because all of the secrets they’ve been hiding against you will all be revealed. I told you shock and awe was coming, well it is.

They wanted you to forget about Benghazi, well I haven’t forgot about it. And I know the exact architect and the blueprints of that incident. And how that, again, was a TREASONOUS act committed by your own government. I will show you what they’ve done against you. And I will show you why that took place and the evidence that they tried to hide. Nothing has gotten past me. You will see.

I’ve told you for years, my children, to watch the cargo ships. Again, I go back to that one in Baltimore. Do you remember it was a cargo ship? There is much that’s hidden on that cargo ship and many that are in that bay or surrounding it or near it. I will show you what’s in those containers. I will show you what they’re trying to hide and they’re trying to disrupt. Great shaking is coming. A shaking in the traitors and with the traitors in your country.

Whistleblowers are gonna come out like never before and sing like canaries and And there’s nothing that enemies can do to stop it because I’m protecting them. And there are some that your enemies thought, listen very carefully. There are some your enemies thought they killed and they’re actually alive, but I’m protecting them. So your enemies cannot get to them. So be aware and be prepared because the more evidence that comes out and more truth that’s being poured out worldwide, and more fires that your enemies are putting out because of all their plans are being disrupted. The more desperate, the more chaos is happening in the enemy’s camp, the more angry, the more fear, they’re becoming extremely fearful. There are many attacks planned against this country, many.

I will give you a word, TROJAN HORSE, and I will show you who’s all inside, and I will show you who put them there. Let me be very clear, my children. I’ve already known the plans of the enemy before they even planned them. I knew what they were going to do and when. I’ve allowed them to go so far for their destruction, not yours. It’s their destruction, not your destruction. They want you to fear because they’re in fear. They want to destroy you in every way possible, but they can’t. They want to rip apart this nation and everything it stands for. They want to destroy the foundation of this nation. They’ve been trying for years, but they can’t. They can only go so far. They can’t go any farther.

Watch a judge, a judge, then more judges are about to be exposed and many will be disbarred. Woe to the judges in this nation who have ruled against truth, who have ruled against justice, who have ruled against the Constitution of this country, who have ruled the way they wanted to politically. Oh, there are many of you. The days of Hayman are here for you. Everything you tried to hide and how you ruled. I’m going to expose to the world who paid you to make those rulings, to ignore truth, to ignore evidence. I will show it. A rattling is occurring now. A rattling is taking place in Supreme Court. Their walls are cracking. They’re about to crumble. Do you hear my words? The highest court in the land, they have ruled against your nation because of blackmail. They have ruled against your nation because they were paid off. I will show you the TREASONOUS Traitors. Some will be removed and some will not keep their life.

There’s a shaking going on in the White House. There’s a shaking going on in your White House. You’ll see it. You’ll see it. A great secret, many secrets, that were hidden in deep darkness by the Establishment. I’m shining the light on it. Something will come out about the Biden they cannot any longer hide. They cannot hide what’s inside that house. Do you hear it? They can’t hide what’s inside that house. Rattling, shaking, explosions, truth, proof, and evidence. It’s all coming. It’s all coming because I am shining my light on all their darkness. I am revealing all of their secrets. They can’t hide from me. I am bigger than your enemy. So my children shout this day. Shout and realize that I am El Elyon. I am the Most High God and there is nothing and no one bigger than me. You will see a great and mighty victory. You will see things that no eye has ever seen. You’re about to experience something, an amount of my glory, an amount of my glory that I have never poured out upon this earth like this before. I am going to show the world that I am still alive. I’m going to show the world that I am still in control. I’m going to show the world that I am still the Most High God, and I’m going to show the world that I am still the God who nothing is impossible. I’m going to show the world. I’m going to show the world my love, and I’m going to show the world my justice, judgment against the enemies of Almighty God. Your days are numbered. Your plans are through, and I’m bringing them to nothing. So my children, keep calling them down. Part of your marching orders is to say, declare, and decree your victory every day. Declare it. Declare your victory. Declare your healing. Declare your prosperity. Declare your freedom. Declare it. There is authority in your words because they’re words that I am giving to you. So speak them, and I will make sure they come to pass. So receive it this day, that I am in their way. Saith the Lord, your Redeemer.

Julie Commentary

Wow. Praise the Lord. What did he say in this prophetic word? That he is bigger. And he’s been talking about shaking. And he also mentioned that ship again. He mentioned the word sabotage. He keeps telling me that for the last like month or so, he keeps using that word. We have to know that they have strategically sabotaged our food supply. All of those chicken farms that had, or however you call them, that had burnt, there’s several of them, look them up, all over the country, all over everywhere. just spontaneously started on fire. They’re wanting you to eat bugs and not meat or you know with Bill Gates he wants you to eat his meat which I can’t even fathom what that would be. They want you to do what they want you to do. They want you to believe what they want you to believe and whenever they’re saying something on the news you know it’s the exact opposite of what they’re saying because they don’t know how to tell the truth because who controls them is the Father of Lies. It’s Satan. Satan controls. He wants to control the airwaves. God gave me a prophetic word this morning. It was a huge one. I mean, I guess they’re all big. They’re all getting bigger, but he gave me one about MICROSOFT He gave me one about the MUSIC INDUSTRY and what we’ve just seen with P. Diddy is nothing compared to what he’s about to release. He is like a fall guy for the big fish, you know, like in with, uh, when they, you know, I have like drug cartels and you have, I think they’re called mules if I’m right. And he had the little guys, little guys on mules. Okay. You got the little people. Then you have the big ones, the ones who control it all. P. Diddy was not the one in control. He’s a little fish in a big pond. Remember what God kept telling him about the EPSTEIN ISLAND? And now it was not just an island. It was a way of life. It was a society. And he was going to break the doors wide open and destroy and crush the sex trafficking rings everywhere. That’s what he’s doing. The music industry in Hollywood is deeply entrenched in great darkness and evil. And none of them are going to get away with it. And everything that’s been, you think, deleted, you know, all these emails, all this evidence that the Washington Establishment has deleted, that evidence is coming back to haunt them. Nothing that they have done against you and I, because it says, again, scripturally, Isaiah 54, 17. Let’s read it. I quote it all the time. We gotta read it. Go to Isaiah. Now, I’m going to read this out of the Amplified version. Okay. So, Isaiah 54, 17, and this is the Amplified, the classic Amplified edition. But no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper. And every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment, you shall show to be in the wrong. This peace and righteousness and security triumph over opposition. It is a heritage of the servants of the Lord those in him who the idol servant of the Lord is reproduced This is a righteousness or the rightness or vindication Which they obtain from me This is that which I impart to them as our justification Sayeth the Lord Vindication let’s look up that word because God member. He said vengeance is mine vindication the fact of proving that what someone said or did was right or true after other people thought it was wrong. Let me read that again. Vindication. The fact of proving that what someone said or did was true, right or true, after other people thought it was wrong. Well, I would say, let’s see here, January 6th was a big thing. Let’s see here, Benghazi, he talked about that in that prophetic word. He talked about Afghanistan. He talked about that Cargo Ship in Maryland. He’s talking about what’s going on in the White House. He says, vindication. And he said in many different prophetic words, great vindication. So all these people, they’re acting like they’re right. All the people that are portraying and doing all these horrendous, evil, TREASONOUS things against the world and against this nation, God is saying, vindication, I’m going to prove that they were wrong. And I’m going to prove all the ones who stood up boldly spoke the truth, no matter what the consequences there, there was great vindication. We saw even great vindication with President Trump the other day, how the enemies were in there trying to take away his business, trying to bankrupt him, trying to humiliate him. And on that side, I’m just talking about him because they were going to do it to him, they’re going to do it to you and I. And the reason why I can boldly say that is because look what happened on January 6, how they immediately took him off all social media platforms. This was like unheard of before, to this degree. They, they wiped the President of the United States of America, the leader of the free world, and took his right away and closed all of his social media sites, social media platforms. So he could not speak. People were outraged. People were mad. But then it started happening to the rest of us. What did he say several different times? They’re not after me. They’re after you. I’m just in the way. Why is he in the way? And they’re after us. They’re after our freedoms. They’re after our nation. They’re after our minds. They’re after our health. They’re after us in every way to enslave us. That’s exactly what Pharaoh did. These are the Pharaohs of today. It’s the same type of things that’s behind the enemies up today that was behind the enemy of Pharaoh back in the day. God even says over and over and over again there’s nothing new under the sun. They’re after you and I and we have to know that. They’re after, why do you think, they’re starting, we’re starting to figure out like if you God’s missed that live show that I had with Thomas Renz go and watch it. That confirmed the things that God has been prophesying through me for I don’t know how many years about our food and about medicine. When people didn’t get the jab, they were infuriated because they wanted the whole entire world to be affected by it. So then they had to come up with another way of affecting people. So they did it, decided to do food, to do our water, to do their things like that. But God is saying, look, Pharaoh tried to affect every part of the Israelites life. He destroyed everything. He made their lives utterly miserable and almost unable for them to sustain life. A lot of them didn’t make it. I mean, there was a lot of people who died because of how bad he was. He didn’t care if they were fed. He didn’t care if they had any water. They were in the desert working, building his empire. He didn’t care how many people fell and died. They did a good illustration of that in the Ten Commandments movie. When Moses came down, remember when that woman, which was his mom, was stuck by that, by her like robe type of thing, her belt, and he got stuck under this plate they were trying to put to build this, I don’t know what they were building at the time, but anyway, and she got stuck and they were just going to keep pushing this big, huge cement thing and they were just going to run over and kill him. They didn’t care. Well, then Moses came down, he stopped it and released her and he was outside the movie. They don’t care about life. They don’t care as long as it doesn’t affect them. They want death on a scale that no one’s ever seen. They want chaos. They want destruction. They want disruptions. They want all these different things. Why am I saying that? I am saying that it’s because God is saying, this is what they want, but this is what they can’t have. They can only do so much. They can only go so far. And then God he intervenes just like he did in the book of Exodus God said again in his word in Isaiah 54 17. He says No weapon no weapon So they use bioweapons if they use stuff that’s in the air They use stuff that you know, they’re trying to sabotage us with our food or whatever trying to do. God said no weapon So we should be fully convinced and get get this scripture down your heart by Isaiah 54 17 So the enemies have many weapons against you and against you and I but God said no weapon. I Thank you Father. God that no weapon for me against me so far. No weapon. I don’t care I don’t care what the weapon is if it’s a weapon is formed against me and shall not prosper against me. Let’s look Okay, I’ve never read it on the CEV translation Let’s look it up. There’s a few other scriptures. He was giving me this morning that I might get to. All right, Isaiah 54 17 in the CEV translation, the Contemporary English Version. Weapons made to attack you won’t be successful. Words spoken against you won’t hurt at all. And then he goes down to say, my servant Jerusalem is yours. I the Lord promise to bless you with victory. I want to that again.

Weapons made to attack you won’t be successful. I think we should all be shouting with that scripture because we’ve had weapons and that God’s revealing it to us. We didn’t realize how many weapons that were formed against us. We had no knowledge at all until even President Trump ran for presidency back in 2015 the first time. No one ever had any idea that there was a swamp. At least I I had no idea a lot of these things that were against us were inside jobs that our government created. I never would have guessed that. I truly believed that there was, you know, you know, I was a Republican and I truly believed that, you know, that was a side of life because, you know, it was a side of life and side of truth and side of freedom and then you had the other side. And then until President Trump, it was like an eye opener going, they’re the same people. It’s a unit party. Now there is some good people on both sides but the majority of them now are evil and they’re nasty and they don’t care anything about you or your rights. That’s why they can sit there and do these spending bills with all this pork that’s in it and they don’t care how much it does to damage you. They’re not there for you but God. And that’s the thing we have to realize God is saying they have created all these weapons of mass destruction. You know they’ve used big pharma. They’ve used the FDA. They’re using our airplanes. They’re using railroads. They’re using all these different things and gotta say, hey, it doesn’t matter what they’re doing. I said in my word, get into my word and see what it says. I said, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Or in the CEB translation, I guess I’ve never read this translation before, but Lord tells me just go look up a translation. I’m like, okay, because there’s something revealing to us look at weapons made to attack you won’t be successful so they have many weapons look what they’re doing at the border open borders free-for-all let anybody come in including terrorists that’s a weapon well that’s weapons made to attack you won’t be successful that’s what we had to put down our heart and be Convinced so many people are afraid right now because of what they they did do something Massive the other day and God’s revealing that and that’s why he warned us in those prophetic words about the cargo ships He warned us about the waters. How many times has God mentioned waters? He’s mentioned the harbors which that wasn’t a harbor. He’s mentioned the cargo ships. He’s mentioned the bridges He’s mentioned these things because he’s warned us about these things Things are not how they appear to be. He’s also told us that I don’t know how many times That’s why we’re supposed to in his work. Like it says we’re supposed to walk by faith and not by sight in Realize that it looks like the enemies are dominating It looks like they have strategically put all these different weapons against us and there’s nothing that we can do about it And we’re just these subjects to these, you know unruly rulers and we’re just servants and slaves and there’s nothing we can do there’s always something we can do God said weapons made to attack you won’t be successful words spoken against you won’t hurt you at all won’t hurt at all so the enemies have all these different things that they’re planning against us God’s been warning about it he’s been warning us for the longest time and he He just mentioned it in the prophecy that I heard this morning before I got on here. Not the one that he gave me this morning while on the show, but he was talking about the economy again. That’s another weapon. Taxation has been a weapon. Interest rate rates have been a weapon. Credit system has been a weapon. The medical industry at times, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate doctors, seriously, but They’ve used that against you. It’s meant to help you and it’s actually hurting you. I love doctors and I love nurses and I support them and I pray for them. Some of them have, some of them know, but some of them do not have any idea what the enemies have done. Because they thought they really had their hearts on helping people and they are to an extent. They are for sure. They’re saving people’s lives on a daily basis. but the enemy has sabotaged the medical industry as well without us being aware. We started seeing some of that when it came to COVID. There’s been a sabotage in so many different things that we had no idea about and that’s why God is revealing it to us. Now again let’s just see what it says here in Luke. There’s two different scriptures, Luke chapter 12 and verse 2, Luke chapter 12 and verse 2. For there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed nor hidden that will not be known. So all these things they’ve been causing and they’ve been doing and they’ve been you know sabotaging our lives, sabotaging our country and God is saying he’s going to reveal it all every deep every dark every dirty every horrific secret that they have caused and then he said that prophetic where he’s just bring that back up to he said some people how did he put that Lord remind me some people the enemies thought they silenced or thought they killed are ACTUALLY ALIVE and God’s protecting them. That’s what he said. So some people the Establishment or the globalists thought they killed are actually still alive. Now we’re gonna find that out. I don’t know who that is. I don’t know. We’re gonna find out though. There are people that know very dark and horrible horrendous things about these people that are against us and God is saying I protected them they’re not it isn’t things are not how they appear to be you know even like with that with that bridge when I told you God’s President or sorry General Flynn came out and he said that um it was a black swan event I believe that without a shadow of a doubt one because God talked about before it happened and God warned us that it was on purpose just like some of these wildfires have been done on purpose to hide things. You know how the Biden came out and talked about how, you know, the blue, what do you say? The blue roofs, you know, those houses were protected. From what? How does a blue roof protect you from a fire? Or to protect you from something else? There’s LASERS being shown in the sky and people are, you know, it’s the craziest. People say, oh, you’re a conspiracy theorist. Why? Because it sounds outlandish and crazy And it sounds like it should be in a movie? That’s what they want you to make it seem like that you are just crazy But they put things in movies in order to to get you off the track and say oh, that’s just that just cannot happen It’s like that’s like that’s something that happens in movies. It cannot happen in real life It does Why do you think and you’re every God’s revealing it to us how the government’s involved with Hollywood? God’s been telling us that we were gonna see a lot of actors involved All right, let’s go to, um, there’s, let’s see here. I just read to you, Luke 12.2. That was the amplified. Okay. So in the CEV, it’s pretty much almost the same thing. It says everything that is hidden will be found out and every secret will be known. So, they’re not getting away with their secrets, no matter what they’ve done to try to destroy the evidence. Evidence is coming on a scale no one thought possible. Okay, he’s bringing up Hebrews chapter 10, Hebrews 10 and verse 30. Now he has given us a scripture many times. Hebrews 10 and verse 30, and this is the amplified. This is what we have to know when they’re trying to sabotage and they’re trying to destroy And they’re trying to make our lives a living hell. This is what God’s saying This is what happened with Pharaoh member with the children of Israel in Goshen He tried making their lives a living hell in order for them not to fight back Because he was afraid of them Hebrews 10 and 30 for we know him who said Vengeance is mine Retribution and the meting out of full justice rest with me. I will repay, I’ll exact the compensation, sayeth the Lord. And again, the Lord will judge and determine and solve and settle the cause and the cases of his people. So he said vengeance. All right, let’s look up the definition of vengeance. He said Vengeance is his. Vengeance. Punishment given to return for injury or offense. Vengeance. Punishment given in return for injury or offense. So another meaning, as we can go to the meaning of revenge, it’s a punishment or injury afflicted to return for one received. A punishment or injury afflicted to return for one who received. This is talking about how God is saying they are going to start reaping what they have sown, the days of Haman, seed time and harvest. You can’t get away from it. If you reap destruction, if you reap corruption, if you reap death and calamity, that’s what’s going to happen to you. That’s it. There’s no way around it. God says vengeance is his. that means punishment or injury afflicted in return for one received. So all the damage that they’re causing to us physically, all the damage they’ve caused mentally, all the damage they’ve caused civilly, all the damage they’ve caused economically or financially, all the damage they’ve caused in our country Or in our lives God is saying vengeance is his and punishment given to return for injury or offense. Then he says the meting out of full Justice rest with me. God is a God of justice justice as part of the foundation of God’s throne Then he says I would I will repay God is a God of restoration. It says in God’s Word in Proverbs 6 and 31 when a thief has been caught he’s got to give it back sevenfold or seven times sevenfold is bigger and different translation says seven times other translations say sevenfold. You can even see what happened with President Trump that day. They want him to pay a bond that they would not get back of 454 million dollars a half a billion dollars almost and if he couldn’t pay it up they wanted to destroy him financially and seize his you know his assets all of his company. But what happened on the exact same day? Not only do you have that bond that went back, it went down to 175 million, which is still ridiculous, but it went down. And then his income, what he is worth is now I was I don’t know how many times because he was worth like 2.6 million or billion before now it’s over 7 billion. Remember, people are forgetting. God said that he was going to restore his wealth Because a sacrifice him and his family made for this nation and for God. Before he was President, he was worth well over 4, like 4.5, I don’t remember. He was worth well over $4 billion before he was President. But during his presidency, he lost over half. And he did it to save this country. And he was willing to lose it all. He even said in an interview back in the 1980s, I’m willing to lose it all to see who’s on my side God was that was a restoration There was justice which we’re gonna keep seeing it, but there was a restoration of what had been stolen from him So again, God is using now. He’s using that him as an example, but God is saying he is it’s justice and vindication and We’re just we were only have the tip of the iceberg of what’s God’s gonna do He said so I will repay we’re starting to see that was even with President Trump. He’s repaying. I Will exact the compensation So let’s look up the word compensation Hold on a second Okay, compensation something typically our money rewarded to someone as a recompense for loss injury or suffering God keeps saying Recompense God keeps saying and his word right here. He said I will exact The compensation that’s what happened in the tone of Israel when they were in the land of Egypt They got compensation they got rewarded for all the Finances through taxation that Pharaoh stole for them and then enslaved them with their own money He enslaved it with their own money They were extremely wealthy when they came into Egypt and he got him into a slavery slavery. He enslaved them through taxation. Then, God exacts the compensation. You can see what happened here in the book of Exodus when God, when he said, you go take all the belongings that were due to you. The ones that were stolen. The enemy is a thief. He’s a liar. And everything that’s been stolen, he has to give back. What else has an enemy stolen that he has to give back. Our health, our freedom, our nation, our finances, our well-being. He’s got to give it back. It was a weapon that was formed against us and God is saying, vengeance is mine. I will exact the compensation. God is a restorer. That’s why you see in the book of Egypt, in the book of Acts, it says in the land of Egypt, in the land of Goshen I mean, when God’s people, when they left Egypt there was no feeble. He exacted the compensation. So whatever Pharaoh did to destroy them mentally, whatever he did to destroy their bodies, God restored it. He repaid it. Let’s look at the word feeble. He said there was no feeble among them, lacking in strength, or they were weak. Lacking in strength or weak. Well, he weakened them. He made them so sick. Half of them, or I don’t even know how many of them, dehydration. They were malnourished. They were beaten every day. They were weakened. But God strengthened them. He took away everything in their life, and he made them enslaved to Him and God restored them and how beautiful that was that God did it all. When they left Egypt, he didn’t leave anything out. What God is doing to us, he’s not going to leave anything out. If you need peace in your mind or freedom in your mind, he’s not going to leave that out. If you need peace in your body because you’ve been so sick and you’ve been so much in pain or you, and you have diseases and you have all these afflictions and God said, he’s not leaving that out. If you have because of inflation and interest rates and all these kind of crazy crap that they’re doing financially If you you don’t have enough money and guessing he’s not leaving that out God is a provider I know that we’re gonna ruffle somebody’s feathers and people are gonna get mad at me and I don’t really care Because I’m just speaking the truth. I’m Showing you in God’s Word what he says that all of our life is important to him Every part of our life is important to Almighty God Why do you, okay, people think that we’re supposed to be poor. I don’t get it. Why would God want that? He says His name is Jehovah Jireh. He’s our provider. He shows in many different different examples in the Bible that He is a provider, that He multiplies. And when people lacked in something, He made sure He provided it. Why would He want you lacking in anything? When He said it in In his word, right here in Psalm, in Psalm 23, it said, this is verse one, the Lord is my shepherd to feed, to guide, and shield me, I shall not lack. You should not lack. In what? In anything. You shouldn’t lack in your peace, in your mind, you shouldn’t lack in your health, in your body, you shouldn’t lack financially, you shouldn’t lack socially, you shouldn’t lack in your freedoms, you shouldn’t lack. But the enemy has convinced us that that’s a way of life. That’s normal, it’s not normal. He has tried to destroy our way of thinking and then accepting these things and acting like, well, yeah, that’s just the way of life, that’s just normal, and that’s just how things are. And God’s saying, that’s not how things are at all. Yesterday’s word, let me get it back up on when he named it. TIME IS RUNNING SHORT OF WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE TO BE NORMAL TIME IS RUNNING SHORT OF WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE TO BE NORMAL That was yesterday’s prophetic word. So if you missed that one go watch it And if you miss it in the beginning God gave a prophetic word I don’t know if it was 10 minutes into this this live show or 15 minutes in this live show It was powerful. There’s a lot of revelation There’s a lot of things that are gonna come out a lot of things that God’s revealing that has been in our country There’s been a lot of thieves in our nation They’ve stolen a lot from us, and your nation too, no matter where you are. And God’s saying He’s a God of recompense, of restoration. Then He says, then He goes on, I will exact the compensation, then I will settle the cause and the cases of His people. Now if you read that out of the, let’s look up and see what it says, CEV, Hebrews 10 and We know that God said He will punish and take revenge. We also know that Scripture says that God will judge His people. Now when we see this shaking that’s going on, the shaking is not just in unGodly people, the shaking is also in the church. You’re going to start seeing heads of ministries, you’re going to start seeing people that had been behind the pulpit, they shouldn’t have been. People behind the pulpit who were there for the right reason, God called them, and then they sold their soul for money and power and all these other types of things. Again, the love of money is a root without evil. Money is not evil, it’s a love of it. It’s putting money in front of God and making decisions based upon money, not based upon God. That’s the difference. Our enemies, the Washington Establishment, our enemies, the globalists, they have put infiltrators in our churches to lead God’s people in the wrong direction. There are people behind a pulpit that were not called, that were doing it for a job, or doing it because the enemies told them to do it. That’s where you get a lot of legalism and a lot of religious man-made doctrine to deceive people out of the true meaning of the Word of God. Satan’s been doing that since the Garden of Eden. And so what we have to know is we have to know the truth. Don’t ever take somebody’s word for it That’s why I tell you you don’t take my word for it. You get into the Word of God and you read it God gives you every day. He’s giving giving us scriptures Revelation with these prophetic words he’s been giving to us and so with these revelations you go and read it You say okay Lord This is what I heard today. But what revelation do you want me to have? I don’t want to believe it because Julie said it. I don’t believe it because you said it Everything that I do in this Ministry and everybody knows who knows me. I Turn everything back to the Lord. I want you to know him Not who I am. I’m just a person I want you to know him and have a great relationship with him Because in this time we need to know him and he you draw your strength from him times of refreshing come from him him. Recompense or restoration comes from him. Strength, peace, whatever you need comes from him. So you need to know him. Now, before I go, I want to pray for each and every one of you. Because this is a coming of a time, God saying, okay, time is short. Time is short for what? To people to live normally, like their normal lives, everything’s just peachy keen, hunky dory. Everything’s fine. It’s just another year. It’s just another election. is just another, you know, it’s not. He keeps saying he’s going to do things in unconventional ways. He keeps saying about the election, he’s not going to do things that way. Why do you think you have all of a sudden Republicans stepping down in the House of Representatives? So the slim majority they had all of a sudden is almost non-existent. Why do you think they’re doing that? For the Democrats to have control of the House before the election so they can take President Trump and destroy him in any way they possibly can and make sure he does not get into that seat of the President. It’s another sabotage. They’re sabotaging our right to choose the next President. They’re sabotaging our country. They’re sabotaging our freedoms. But when we know that, again, what God is saying, when we know these things, what do we do about it? We pray. We get to know him. We get to figure out what he wants us to say and what he wants us to do. But Julie he has been and saying all these horrible things today and all these things that they’re gonna do, so what? Yeah, somebody just has in the chat, Joshua 1.9. Thank you, whoever that, what’s your name? Okay, okay. Some of these call names for like rumble, I’m not gonna guess it, but thank you. You know who you are. Let’s read Joshua 1.9. Have I not commanded you? What’s God saying here? So we’re learning that they’re sabotaging everything that we see, And everything we know to be what’s right and normal and justice and free they’re sabotaging it But what is God saying? Have I not commanded you be strong vigorous and very courageous? Be not afraid neither be dismayed for the Lord Your God is with you wherever you go. He’s commanded us to be Be courageous. He’s commanded us to stand and fight that good fight of faith. He’s commanding us to stand strong He’s commanding us to start speaking and declaring decreeing his words. He’s commanding us to start rejoicing and worshiping and praising him He started commanding these things why right here? We’re not supposed to be afraid Well, Julie, they’re sabotaging us. So what this is not time to back off. It’s not time to be it. Oh my God They’re sabotaging us and let’s just give up and quit. No, this is a time to say they’re not signing a sabotage me in my nation Anymore, they’re not gonna sabotage and then you just keep go on Cuz that’s a weapon Sabotage is a weapon and God said again in Isaiah 54 17 no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Sabotage is a weapon. So be courageous and know and stay on the word of God. Remember it says in James 4 7 resist the devil that he must flee. He doesn’t have a choice and even says in Amplified Version he runs in stark terror. If he knows the child of God knows of power knows of their authority in the name of Jesus knows that they believe in the word of God, they believe in the written word of God more than they believe in their circumstances, it terrifies him, it terrifies him. It terrifies him that he knows that you’re awake. It terrifies him that he knows that you’re gonna fight. It terrorizes him when he knows you know the power and the authority in the name of Jesus Christ. It terrorizes him when he knows that you know the authority of the believer. In Luke 10, 19. How much power and authority you have and you have all the power and authority and dominion over all the power of the enemy Because you have what Jesus did you have what Jesus died for you have the name above everything you have it. There’s another scripture I’m trying to close Hebrews 10 Hebrews 10 in verse 23. Remember God keeps saying Earnestly Urgently remember what he has done, urgently remember his hand, remember like he was telling Moses about the whole quail thing, when all the people wanted meat and they were whining and crying about it. And God is saying, is my hand waxed short? Do you not remember my mighty hand and how I saved you from the Egyptians? He says it here in another way, but it means the same thing. Hebrews 10 in verse 23, in the Classic Amplified, let us seize and hold fast and retain without wavering. Seize, hold fast, and retain without wavering. What? The hope which we cherish and confess and our acknowledgment of it, that he whose promise is reliable, he’s sure, and he’s faithful to his word. We need to be convinced. We need to seize, hold fast, don’t let go, that God is faithful to perform his word. He says he’s gonna deliver you. He’s going to. He says if there’s no weapon formed against you, it won’t. It won’t prosper against you. They may be forming against you, but they’re not gonna win. We need to hold fast to the truth of God’s Word and what he’s saying to us today. Hold fast to that truth. So I’m gonna pray over each and every one of you. Heavenly Father, right now in Jesus name, I thank you that we are getting that revelation that Vengeance is Yours that you will recompense the recompense you will restore you exact the compensation of what’s been stolen from your people our nations our freedoms our children the finances our minds our health everything that’s been stolen Father God that you will restore because you are a deliverer you are the God of restoration. You are the God who nothing is impossible. So I thank you, Father God, this day for restoration in this nation, for a reuniting in this nation. From every way, shape, and form the enemy meant to divide, I thank you that you said in these prophetic words that you are the great uniter, that you unite. So we call down all the division, and we call down all the sabotage, and we call down all the things they’re trying to do to bring disruptions and corruption and evil plots and plans and schemes against us. Father God we thank you and we praise you that you are El Elyon. You said to us again in that prophetic word you are the Most High God. You are reminding us that you are greater than anything that we face and you are the solution to every problem that we see. So we thank you Father God that we are fully convinced that you are the way maker that you are fully that we are fully convinced Father God that you are the deliverer that we are fully convinced that you are restoring to us everything that enemy has stolen and as it says in your Word in Proverbs 6 he has to give it back sevenfold so great restoration upon your people in their minds in their bodies and their marriages, and their children, and their finances, and their jobs. Whatever it is that they were lacking in, you say in your word, Father God, that we shall not lack. Lack is part of the curse. So we thank you, Father God, that you are our provider. You are the way maker, and you’re making a way when there is no other way. And we thank you for it in Jesus’ name. Amen and amen. Give us the courage you today. Please share this out with somebody else like to get this out to more people so they can see it And I want to tell you also if you have any prayer requests go to our website at JGM international org under our contact page You can write us at Julie Green ministries international 4620 East 53rd Street 3200 down where I will fight to 807 all the information is in description box now I’m gonna warn you there are fake channels on YouTube. They are not us Okay, there’s fake channels on Facebook that are not us now. We thank God We have a lawyer and he did a great job and God helped us and we got favor and we removed some of the bigger ones That are not us. There are verified channels that are not us. We are never gonna ask you for money We are not gonna say we’re not gonna reach out to you by you know in a chat or or Things like that and say will you please donate to this and you please do this and you please do that? We’re not gonna do that. We’re not gonna hound you for money So, if you have people haunting you, that’s not us. That’s people that are saying that they’re us and they’re really not. I just want to protect you from giving any of your money to anybody who is not who they say they are. They’re thieves and they’re liars. I also want to tell you, I’m excited, 3 Sunstrides just let me know that they are open for business internationally. So, any of you, I know there’s people that watch all over the world, if you have wanted something from Three Sunstrides and haven’t been able to because you’re international. They are now, they got a new website, you can now go and buy the things there for Angel and Green Merchandise. You can go now who are internationally and go buy the products that are on that website. Okay, I’m so excited when they told me that. So you God’s can see that. So anyway, I just want to say I hope this encourages you today. Please like, subscribe and share and give this to everyone you know who needs their encouraging word. Oh, don’t forget, I will not be live tomorrow. Tomorrow is Good Friday and all the Ministry will be off so I want to make sure the social media team has off too. I will not be on tomorrow but I will be on Saturday. We’ll share out the links when I get them. I will be on with General Flynn Saturday I think around 10 or 10 30. I’ll make sure that we give all that information out to you. So I’ll be on with him Saturday. I’m so excited about it. So again you won’t see me tomorrow but I’ll be back live on all these different channels on Monday. Okay. I’ll be back live with you on Monday. So God bless you. God loves you. I love you and have a wonderful day and, and happy resurrection day. I want, I don’t want to forget that. Happy, have a happy resurrection day for all of you. God bless you and have a wonderful day.


So in light of what God tells us about the collision, here is a refined look at the cargo ship bridge incident where the establishment hastened to assure us this was a completely legitimate accident NO FOUL PLAY AT ALL.

The short video begin is good, the middle is promotion, and the end repeats the message that there was only one thing in the harbour that could be hit and it was.

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