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Goood uh Morning, Everybody, and welcome to today’s live show. Today is Thursday, April 4th of 2024, and I have a very special guest. His name is Larry Ballard, and I just wanna say thank you, Larry, for joining today’s live show today and helping us understand more about this importance of the eclipse and what we should expect from it. So thank you for joining today’s show. How are you today, sir? Thanks, Julie. I’m great. Looking forward to it. I heard that you were on with Pastor Dave Doing this show and the eclipse so how did you kind of tell the viewers how you started either studying this or What the revelations that God was giving to you regarding this eclipse that we are that’s coming up next week Well, I have an anointing a little different than yours. I died in 1968 and God said You’re gonna study your entire life and I’m gonna hold you to the cliff of the rock until the end and bring you out because your message is gonna be timely. They won’t listen until everything is falling apart. So what I get is I get little kernels, not like you. I don’t get whole things. I get little kernels and I’ll get one word and it’ll just repeat it over and over and over again. So one night it was an enigma, enigma, enigma, enigma. So I knew I had to do a show about World War II. And this time it was countdown, countdown, countdown, countdown, countdown. And what was the countdown? Well, we’re in the Countdown. This is it. God has a number. It’s 40 days. Here, God told me to do something this morning. At least I think he did. Watch this. This is crazy. I’ll just add this for a second. This is not what this is about. This is not eat your popcorn, put your little things on, and watch a spectacle. That is not what this is about. Now, this is a very serious warning. This is God saying, I’ve been talking to you, I’ve been encouraging you, I’ve been showing you, and now it’s showtime. And so basically, we’re in a different position. Back in Nineveh’s day, back in Jonah’s days, back in Esther’s day, the king could make a declaration. And when he made that proclamation, it was law. So basically in Nineveh, the king got scared to death When they saw this eclipse, well, that’s not gonna be the effect we have because we know the technology We know what’s going on. So we’ve got to have something else to scare us It needs to be God telling us that this is in fact a countdown and we better pay attention So with that it’s not the details of the of the eclipse that are important It’s what are we going to do about what God is showing us. That’s right Amen, and one of the things that the Lord is this goes along with the prophetic words that he’s been giving The warnings that he’s been giving us who is prophetic words and he’s been telling us to wake up He’s been telling us to get up. He’s been telling us to stand up He’s been telling us to you know, get more with him because a time of warning, you know Warn and warn and warn but then all of a sudden there’s a time of that warning you are in that time where he’s warned you about and there’s no way you know if ands buts about it it’s imminent and God is saying this is a time of call of repentance as a nation but also a time of repentance as the body of Christ as a whole because the body of Christ needs to be aligned with the head and the head is Jesus Christ and so in the site this is not a coincidence that you have I know you’re probably to talk about this, you have the eclipse seven years ago, and then you have the eclipse now and how it makes an X over the United States of America. It is simply telling America, hey, X marks the spot, but at the same time, I am putting signs of the sun, the moon, and the stars above you in order for this nation to turn back to God, because if we did not, if we chose not to believe God, if we chose not to to listen and keep these warnings, then this country would basically go over a cliff. But that’s not the will of God. It wasn’t the will of God for Nineveh to go over the cliff and be completely destroyed either. It was a will of God for Nineveh to turn around and repent. That’s why he sent Jonah to them in order for them to repent and turn from their wicked ways. God is with this country, his will is for this country to wake up And to turn back from their wicked ways and to stop going on the path of destruction. It’s really simple. It’s really easy And you just let me know when you want me to share this the slides He has Larry has put this slide show together and it’s really amazing and I hope it will show everybody the realness of the time we’re in and just like Larry said it’s not about the skeptical the spectacle of of wearing the glasses, ooh, and ahs, it’s what does it mean for us as individuals, what does it mean for us as the body of Christ, and what does it mean for this country? One comment, and then we’ll go to the slides. I’ve done this five or six times now, and I’m gonna be on Dave’s show the day of the eclipse. Every time I do it, God gives me a little more and a little more, and he gave me a download this morning, and I’ve just about got it all wrapped up. So here’s what’s been happening over the last two weeks. God’s saying, this is just the beginning. Things are gonna heat up. So he’s given me a whole nother show. I’ve almost got it all put together. And we know our government is not gonna pass some edict that says, hey, everybody, we’re gonna repent. They’re gonna do everything they can do to distract us and keep us from understanding the importance of this. So I’m a historian. Basically, God had me be a biblical historian and a normal historian, so that I could interject myself into timelines, we’re gonna go back. And so what he’s giving me that I’ve almost got worked out is the instructions for the church as to how we step forward and how we do what the government is not going to do and how we wake the people up. So with that, that’s what’s kind of gelling and kind of what’s cooking. I’ve almost got it all put together. But anyway, let’s get into those slides. I’m gonna go quick. And Julie, please, I can talk forever. Stop me whenever you want and interject and let’s have this try to be interactive. I’m gonna go through these slides as fast as I can so we got some time at the end. You ready? All right, basically, what mysteries does this thing have to show? A lot of mysteries, let’s go on. I’m gonna go as fast as I can. There’s no coincidences. God orchestrates these things. He knows the end before the beginning and he’s got it all put together and what we see is not a coincidence. So I’m going to go through the eclipse portion pretty quick. Most of the time is going to be spent on what we do. So basically, we have seven cities. What? Named what? Salem. And Salem, if you break it down, Jerusalem, Salem, USA is in there, and Salem is in there. And seven is God’s number of perfection. And then we’ve got seven years between the 2017 and 2024 event, which is what? God’s perfection. And then we’ve got that slide was supposed to be taken out of there, I’m sorry. So then we’ve got six cities named Nineveh, not seven, and much, much more. So let’s go on. And OK, what we’ve got, Julie, just so you know, we do not have the revised slides up. Oh. That’s OK. We got a slide presentation. It was only two slides that I changed. So basically, just for the audience, I had made a mistake and put seven in on Nineveh. It was supposed to be six. So we’ve already got past that. So basically now I’ll get in sync with you. There’s lots of Scriptures. God knows the end before the beginning. So He’s telling us in His book what’s coming. So we go to Matthew 12, 39, and what are we saying? But He answered and said to them, an evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, and no sign shall be given except what? The sign of the prophet Jonah. Now that was for their time, but guess what? It’s for our time. But we’re not gonna break down and fall on our knees thinking, oh my God, the world’s gonna end because of this eclipse, because we’re too smart. But we better pay attention, and we better realize this is the only sign we’re gonna get, we’re on a countdown. Let’s go on, and we’re gonna see what else God’s foretelling about this. So it just so happens a coincidence that we’ve got another scripture Jonah 3 for and it says the Jonah began by going a day’s journey into the city proclaiming what in 40 days? You’re gonna be done your whole nation is going to be corrupted But look at this 40 days after April the 8th comes to May 19th, which is Pentecost So what God is telling us here is I’m getting my church ready to have fire of tongue, to have revival, break out. If you will do one thing, stand up. He always calls for us to stand up. And when he stands up, when we stand up, he shows up. So that’s what this is about. This is about saying, wake up, stand up, I’ll show up. That’s what this is about. So we’re not gonna be this paganistic people to look at this thing and fall to our knees instantaneously. We’re gonna have to use our brains and we’re going to have to repent. So let’s go on, Judy, the next slide. So this is what happened in Nineveh. The king issues a declaration, this warring nation. He says, we war no more. He says, tear down your idols. He said, put on your sackscloth. He says, we are repenting. We’re not gonna get that opportunity here. We’re gonna have to turn to God and stand up. Let’s go on. I’m gonna try to go through this. Stop me anytime, Julie. There are some very significant things happening. Think, 2000 years back, And all of a sudden, this thing is coming across at a place called Eagle Pass, and it just happens. There’s another scripture that relates to it. It’s Kings 14, 25. And what did Jonah do after their people repented? He saw to it that the borders of Israel were restored. So we’re coming through at Eagle Pass, the very place that Texas has put a stake in the says, we will defend our nation, our sovereignty, our border, and our God. This is no accident, folks. Comments before we go on, Julie? Yeah, there’s no coincidence about Eagle Pass, and I think that’s really important what you just said. Is because that is where they were trying to let all the illegals in, and that’s where the governor and everybody in Texas were stopping people from coming. So it was a defense, line of defense. And I love the fact that you said that because it’s really, really important. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence why this thing is going through Eagle past is God is saying they can’t pass through me Because he is our line of protection. God is our border. He’s our refuge He is our fortress and God is saying no one can get past me It’s also going through Corpus Christi corpse of God So what happened when we when we had Christ born we had an event in the sky We had stars, and what happened when he died? We had an earthquake, and we had an eclipse. So basically, there’s just all kinds of, there’s too many things to get into all the details, but this is very significant, because basically what we have to look at is Christ’s crucifixion marked the end of animal sacrifices. If you go to the next slide, Julie, we’ll see where this is important. The Jewish people have been waiting forever for red heifers. Well, they’ve been born. Where were they born? No coincidence, in Texas. Where are they now? on Israel What are they getting ready for? Animal sacrifices. As a Christian, how do I look at that? I say that’s sacrilegious. Basically, the lamb was killed for the sins, atonement of sins for a year. But the lamb, Christ, was killed for the—crucified for all sins, for all time. So basically, we’re now where the heifers are here, and it’s no accident that Baal was worshipped back in those days and sacrificed, what, bulls and children, and now we have the coincidence of a fire in Texas, and it does what? It’s in the cattle area, and it kills all these bulls. That is not a coincidence. That is the forces of evil doing rituals against this nation. Comments. Wow, that’s a lot because one of the things that the Lord had said in a prophetic word about wildfires, he actually said in a couple of them, that some of them were intentional, they were on purpose. And I didn’t put two and two together about the wildfires in Texas and how they were affecting the cattle. Until you said that, I didn’t even put, wow. That is, again, there’s no coincidences in any of these things. And God is showing us, hey, I’m giving you all these things. I’m revealing to you all of these things in order for you to wake up and call to repentance and come and focus on me and not the enemy. That’s very powerful. Thank you for that. And we will- When I died 40 years ago, God said, I’m holding you to the last second because your message has to come out. You have to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And it’ll come out at a time and when people will be ready to receive it and it will open their eyes. So if we go to the next slide, we’re gonna see another coincidence. It also passes over a little bitty town called Little Egypt and Cairo. So let’s God do it, taking us back and showing us I always knew from the end, from the beginning, I’m the Almighty God, the creator of everything. So we’re now, we’re back in Exodus, we’re back in Egypt. And that happens to be occurring at, this is gonna be very important in terms of the warning, at the intersection of the Mississippi River and the Ohio River. And we’ll see in a minute why that’s important. Let’s go on to the next slide. And we’ve got another scripture. So God must have known. God says in Exodus 14, 13, and Moses said to the people, do not be afraid and stand still and see what? The salvation of the Lord, which he will accomplish for you today. This is speaking to America. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see no more ever. So, if we stand, if we wake up, we’re on the pinnacle where the global financial elite system is about to collapse, China is in the process of collapsing, the global trade system is falling apart, we’re going from globalization to deglobalization, the dollar is collapsing, we must have a financial collapse in order to take the control away from the global elite. Their money is their power, and when they lose their money, they lose their power, and and we can step in and take back the kingdom for God. Comments, Julie? Yes, because the Lord has been talking to me about his people being in bondage, just like the Egyptians, but even worse, for 14 years. And until now, until you see all these things, I didn’t know Egyptian meant house of bondage, but God is saying his people have been in a bondage even worse than that because it’s a bondage that they didn’t know that they were in. They didn’t know that they needed to be delivered from and they needed to be freed from because it’s another type of Demonic control from the enemy. So before it was very obvious to God’s people because they felt the chains this time He was more just a deceptive. He was more Under the radar per se I guess you want to watch it But how he deceived God’s people into thinking a normal wasn’t normal at all And how bondage that they were living in was something that it was just like and it’s just something that just had they just had To do with and so they weren’t crying out to God for help God is showing us we’ve been in a house of bondage. God is showing us what the enemies have been doing and God is saying Not only I’m showing you I’m revealing to you what the enemies are doing But I am going to crush the enemy just like I crushed them back in the land of Egypt. This is powerful It’s amazing and I love to see God. I love to see how he’s putting all these things together It’s just like it just boggles my mind sometimes and see this like goodness of God And and what he’s showing us and he’s just like hey I got this and I love it says right here on your slide Do not be afraid Stand still and see God keeps telling us to not be afraid and he keeps telling us to stand and he keeps telling us to be Watchful and waiting and looking to him and seeing what he’s gonna do. And so this is powerful. Thank you I I’m loving this and I’m sure everybody else is too Well, Julie, I watch you regularly and you said something that I want to interject here You’ve said several times, everything that can be shaken will be shaken, right? So this is warning us about a shaking. We went back and saw that when Christ died, there was a shaking. And what did we see yesterday? We saw a shaking in Taiwan, right? And now this is going to take us to that shaking that God’s talking about, the new Madrid fault zone. And what God told me is my whole life would be to prepare me. He would put me in places at very important times. So I happen to be living currently right by that fault zone. So I had the reasons to understand what was I dealing with here. So let’s go on and I’m going to show you what God’s got in store for us. So we bring up Matthew 1239 again. I’m just going to make it very quick. The only sign we’re going to get is the sign of Jonah. This sign. Either we pay attention or the countdown goes down to zero and we’re not going to like what the consequences are. We’ll get into that in a minute. Let’s move on. So here’s what this is saying to us. God is giving us the first sign, that’s the eclipse. The second thing that you see in this graphic is optional. It does not have to happen. If we repent as Nineveh did, that earthquake zone, the New Madrid fault zone is gonna remain quiet for who knows how long. It doesn’t have to pop. There are people who say, oh my God, on April the 8th, everything’s gonna fall. No, God’s very specific. We’ve got 40 days at least to repent. And even after that, if we’re in the process of revivals beginning to happen and we’re turning to Him, I think we’ll have more time. So this is just a warning. But look over to the far, that third sign. I want to punctuate this because I want to make sure people don’t see this happen and blame God. It is absolutely essential that that third thing happens. We have to have a total, complete, absolute financial collapse because the elite take their money that they get from trade and what they do is they buy the spheres of influence. Well, Sun Tzu, my favorite strategist says that your greatest strength is your greatest weakness. So they’re going to lose their money and when they do they’re going to lose their power. We have to be praying for that collapse to occur because that’s the point at which we get our victory. And that’s not God punishing us. That’s God making a way for us. He’s the way maker So comments before we go on Julia because one of the things he’s been telling us about this for three years now I think he’s been warning about a financial collapse and he said it was that Babylonian system It’s a demonic evil system that has kept God’s people in bondage And he said he was destroying that system and bringing in a new one and that’s what he keeps telling us And that’s why I can sit there and smile and even know no matter what we see and what we hearing Is because he’s telling us even when you see these things it is a destruction of the enemy and restoration for my people It’s not for us to be afraid about it’s not for us to start being in panic and going. Oh my gosh Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, you know, the economy is gonna fuck Well God’s been telling us that the last three years economy is gonna collapse He’s been telling us he’s gonna destroy their power and he’s also said he’s gonna take away their resources Well, what is their resource their resources is their functionality is this fiat system? It is all these things that they’re using to govern the world how they’re Controlling the world how they’re killing people with it and all these different things and God’s saying I’m cutting it off And one of the things you cut off our resources so they can’t keep going is their finances That’s what he did. That’s what he did to Egypt. I’m just telling you cut them off and he there was a wealth transfer in Egypt That’s for sure But he took away the wealth of the wicked and he gave it to his people as a wealth transfer or whether people believe that or not, but it is. I’m glad you said that, because that’s exactly where I was going next. Basically, there’s a promise in here. God’s gonna take their money and he’s gonna give it to us. I’ve got all kinds of shows archived because God has told me for a long time, my message goes out when the collapse occurs. I’ve got a second book that’s already setting, ready to go on Amazon to be put in blind to come out as soon as this collapse happens. And what is it for? it’s called Liberty Crusade, Restored Republic. He wants the people to know the second this happens, he’s already got a plan for how he’s going to restore us. Don’t be afraid. There is going to be a wealth transfer. God has it all worked out. Just stand and believe. That’s all we got to do. Let’s move on. So we got to the next slide, and I want you to see how big this puppy dog is. It rang the Liberty Bell 1,300 miles away when it happened last time, so it’s huge. It’s the most, there was an earthquake recently a few years ago in Alaska that was 9.2, but this happened in 1811 and at the time it was the largest earthquake to ever hit the United States of America, it was 8.2. Let’s go on and we’ll see what makes it so unique. So this is a picture of what’s happening under that fault zone. What you’ve got is the Mississippi River and the Ohio River coming together and over eons of time, water has seeped down and made a virtual sea under that riverbed. It is a sea of sand and water and liquid coal, and when that thing pops, it is absolutely unique. It creates, already, an underwater tsunami. It shot geysers, sand geysers, hundreds of feet up into the air. It took the Mississippi River, and some say it raised instantaneously the water level, approximately 20 feet, and threw ships out onto the shore. It made the river flow backwards all the way to St. Louis, Missouri, changed the course of the Mississippi River, creating Horseshoe Lake. So if God was going to pick a place and say, that’s where I’m going to get your attention, this is it, folks. But guess what? When you saw that last slide, there was an impact zone that showed you where the maximum amount of danger is going to be. I’m going to show you that there’s a place that I call Goshen that’s right smack dab in the middle of the place that should be the worst damaged. And I’m going to tell you that when this comes out, you’re going to find out that there’s going to be damage to the north, to the south, to the east, but where the Goshen is, it’s not going to be damaged. That’s another sign that God is going to show us. We go to the next slide and I’ll show you how it’s going to come down. So I moved down to this area. The very first day I got here, I learned about this woman. She was a prophetess. She was put in a concentration camp during Hitler’s time. She came out. She joined Bill Graham’s Ministry. And even after what she had gone through, she had a message of total love. She was going to Springfield to an event and there was a storm. And God has everything planned. She couldn’t land in Springfield. She circled down around Northern Arkansas. And when she did, she said to the man that was with her, where are we? And he asked the pilot. And the pilot says, we’re over in Northern Arkansas near a city called Harrison. She said, I see down below a fire. She said, this prophecy has come true. She said, this is a place where fire is going to break out. Not conventional fire, fire of rival. This is a place, there will be a time when people will come from the two coasts. Well, are they doing that? You betcha. And where are they going to go? They’re going to go to this place. For what? For a place of refuge. And it so happens, God brings me down here. There’s direct instructions. He told me to come the next day I put my house up for sale. I’m living down here, and I meet a lady, and what is she doing? She says, God says I’m supposed to move. She sells her house, her little house in a subdivision, moves down to that area and starts advertising on the internet, and now they have 4,000 acres, and people are coming from the coast for a place of refuge. Go figure. So that is happening. That’s our Goshen right there. Then there’s a second part to this prophecy. She flies on, and there’s no commercial airport in Branson, but there is a small airport at a Christian college called College of the Ozarks. She lands there, she sets her foot on the tarmac, and she makes another prophecy. She says, this is the place where God will put a mercy cloud, where I will bring people in to prepare for what? To light the fire of revival that will spread around the entire world. So there’s our first Goshen. There’s a second Goshen. We’ll see about that in a minute. Comments before we go on, Julie? No, the thing that is sticking out to me right now is Goshen, because God has had me preach about Goshen for years and years and years. He said we were his Goshen. He said he was protecting us, just like he did in the land of Goshen. He’s still that same God. And how I had no idea any of these things existed. I didn’t know how he was going to show us these things, and now I’m seeing this right here. And I’m just, it is, God is awesome. I just want to say God is awesome. And this is like totally so exciting to see all these things that he’s doing. He’s showing us. So no coincidence with God. That’s for sure. For sure. Before we go to the second Goshen, I forgot something. I told you that that first Goshen was not going to be damaged. Here’s why when I moved down here, God said, I’m putting you right in that target zone, but I’m going to protect you. So I went and did some research, and here’s what I found. 1811, went all the way up to the Mississippi River and changed the course of the river 300 miles away, right? Well, over in that area where Goshen is, which is around Harrison, Arkansas, and here’s what happened. There was literally no damage. Why? Because the path of recent resistance is up the Mississippi River, down the Mississippi River, and to the flat zone to the east. But there’s rolling hills and mountains that go over to Goshen, over to the northwest portion of Arkansas and the southwest portion of Missouri. Branson, Missouri and Harrison, Arkansas are not going to have much damage based upon what happened before and based upon God’s promise that that’s a Goshen. Now, this next part is kind of what God showed me. I don’t have a prophecy to tell you, but just see if this doesn’t make sense, Julie. if there’s a place where the people have stood up, which is the requirement. Always before God shows up, we’ve got to stand up where the people have stood up for God, for Christ, for our nation, for our border. Wouldn’t it make sense that that’s a Goshen? That’s Eagle Pass. That’s Texas. That’s our second Goshen. That’s the place that God is going to prosper. That’s the second place where America is to put its attention. Comments before we go on, Julie? I was listening to somebody who was talking about Eagle Pass or around in that area, and they said it was not a coincidence because also this was where the first, or the one in 2017, where that eclipse started, or no, where that eclipse ended in 2017 was where the Civil War started. And where this one is starting, through this country, is where the Civil War ended. So that is another huge thing that is extremely important, and for people to know. Again, God is showing us, our enemies want, and God’s been warning us, the enemies want war. The enemies want chaos and destruction. They were showing us at the end of the 2017 eclipse where it ended in this country was exactly where the Civil War started. And this one where it begins across the nation is where the Civil War ended. Not a coincidence. God is saying what they want as a war, what they are wanting and they are not going to get because he is the beginning and he is the end. And so that’s something that I thought that was interesting when I found that out just to give more clarity of what God is showing us and how exactly where these eclipses have gone through our country is not Just by chance at all. Well, Julie what you just said is right on that screen in front of you You see what looks like an A. Now, this is not my area of expertise. I don’t speak Greek I don’t speak Latin whatever but from what I understand, that the first and last letters of the alphabet, alpha, omega, are reflected in that A. The X, that is, the God is telling us, I am the alpha and the omega, I know the N before the beginning of this, the first and last letter of the Greek alphabet. God is saying, look, this is the countdown. We’re here. We’re at the point where you better wake up. This is your last warning. So, shall we move on? Wow, I didn’t even know that. I knew something was about that because it looked like a letter A. So that’s awesome. Yes, we can keep going on because I can keep talking, but we have to keep moving on. All right, let’s move on. So now we get to New York City, and gee whiz, that happens to be a power center, right? That happens to be, so what is happening in Goshen back then, I mean, not in Goshen, in Nineveh, is the king is waking up and saying, I make a decree, we are stopping war. Well, our nation wants to do exactly the opposite. They wanna start a war, you just said it. So let’s go to New York and see what might be happening. Now this from here on is the real important stuff about what’s happening. This is going through our demonically controlled capital. This is important folks. Part of what I’ve been called to do is to geopolitically wake up the people and show them what’s happening politically in the world. America is the linchpin for either the rise or fall of evil. And basically we have been usurped. Our government has been taken over. We have a shadow government that is ruling us. And so if we look at Washington, D.C., what you’re seeing in that center picture is a and that’s, I mean, a pentagram, and that’s exactly the way Washington is laid out. And right at that apex at the bottom down there is where the Oval Office sits. And over on Capitol Hill, we see what? We see an Egyptian symbol, a phallic symbol, straight from Egypt, and that’s the Washington Monument. And over to the left, we see something. Oh, I never saw that. What is that? That is a statue of Baal, the whole thing that this all started with in Egypt. And people say, well, I didn’t see that. and that’s not in Washington. Oh, wait a minute now, folks. We are in a period of time now where we have something called 3D printing and they can mass produce these statues and they have a bunch of them. And guess what they do? Anytime anything important is happening in Washington, DC or any capital or any place in the country or the world, they pull this thing out or they pull out the Archibald and they bring it in and they put it someplace and they pray and worship and they worship Satan and against whatever it is that we’re trying to do. So maybe that pops up someplace where they’re gonna do something that says, we wanna stop sacrificing children. You may not have seen it, but I guarantee you, it’s popping up all over the nation. They are in war against us and we need to open our eyes. Yeah, I will tell you, I did not know that it actually made that, well, basically it’s this satanic star. I did not know that. I knew that it made something because everything in Washington, D.C. is very perfectly laid out. Well, being in there, I don’t know how to describe the evil, the overwhelming evil that I felt when I was there every single time. Now we had to pray before we went in. We prayed when we were there. It’s a very demonic, evil, horrible atmosphere. And that is why because they have given that land over to Baal over to Moloch. They’ve given it over to him They’ve sacrificed people in these Properties of this land and God talked about the blood that has been shed and that’s why he’s going to destroy Certain things that we see of their symbolisms and watch God He destroyed all of the Gods that the Egyptians served. He will destroy all the Gods that these people serve as well Judy, I’ve got so many things archived waiting for this to happen. I’ve got a show that takes every President since McKinley and shows you people are all upset because they think the 2020 election got stolen. Here’s the truth. They’ve taken their money, their power, and their influence, and we haven’t had an honest election since McKinley. What they do is they find people, they groom them, they find more than one candidate. They find a candidate on the left, a candidate on the right, maybe two or three. And no matter who we elect, they’ve already been bought and paid for. Our elections are not open and free elections. We have Presidents, almost all of them in the last hundred years have been selected and placed in power in order to corrupt this nation and bring it down. That truth will come out. So let’s go on. So we go down and what we can skip that one. We’ve already talked about that enough. Just one more sign. God just wants to make sure that we pay attention to this. So now that we have three eclipses, we have the 2017, we have the 2023 that created the cross in Texas. We have the 2024. We recently had a lunar eclipse, and now we get a comet that’s called, what, the devil’s comet, because it actually looks like it’s got horns. So what that means now is not just three eclipses, but a lunar eclipse and a comet, which makes it basically a very, very rare event, almost a oneness in a millennial event. God’s saying, pay attention. Let’s go on. And we’re back to where we started. Now, Hollywood’s coming in and they’re showing us basically what happened. So what happened? Moses goes up to the Sinai, 40 days passed. The people have been in Egypt for 400 years. So they build a golden calf, worshiping the ball. They dance, and they’re basically sacrificing and calling on what? A false God. So what’s happening today? What is our government doing today? Let’s go on, and we’re going to see where this thing gets really evil. So I want people to understand, I’ve got a whole show that I could do for you, Julie, on the book of Revelation. God had me spend six months tearing the book of Revelation apart. And what we have when we see the European Union is the restoration of the Roman Empire that killed Christ, that joined in Daniel’s prophecy to create the Holy Roman Empire, the union of the Catholic Church and Rome. And we are part of the G7, so we are right in with the beast. We need to open our eyes. We cannot win a victory if we do not know who the enemy is. That’s just a teaser to let people know that we need to understand in detail who our enemy is. Let’s go on. And we’re gonna see what they’re doing to distract us from what’s happening. So right now there’s rituals happening everywhere. So in front of the stock market is a bull, ball. And down in Miami, they’ve just made a new one that’s even more demonic looking. And over in Brussels, they went right into the Book of Revelation. And in the Book of Revelation, we have a woman riding on the back of what? A beast. That’s what you’ve got in Brussels. And down below, we have Baal. And in the center, oh my God, look what happened. The Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, they brought out this giant mechanical bull breathing fire, set it on a pentagram, and two on a hundred or more people got down on the ground and worshiped the devil. That’s what’s going on. They are casting spells against us. The government is in concert with them, doing everything they can do to keep us from waking up and standing up and serving God. Comments, Julia, or should we go on? I’ll keep going. All right, go to the next slide. And so now, you think they use Hollywood? You think they use the music industry? You think it’s coincidental? Beyonce is there, the first picture on the upper left, she’s wearing a sun God. Then she’s down below, she’s black ball, has more than one arm. She’s representing ball in that picture. People just don’t realize it. And then we’re all the way back to Egypt. And here she is dressed in Egyptian garb. And then on the lower right, she’s doing what? Riding a bull. It’s right there in our faces. And she’s gone viral with a very lewd dance. That is exactly what was happening At Sinai, they were dancing and worshiping and casting spells and praying to God, to Baal, not to our God. That’s happening right now today. That’s what’s going on. That’s why the entertainment industry has to come down, including Hollywood and everything else that God’s have been talking about that, because they are doing things in our entertainment. They are doing things in, you know, like all these different award shows, the Super Bowl, everything. It’s right in front of your face. Like you said, they’re casting spells. They’re even doing that in concerts. They’re doing it everywhere. blatantly even at the Super Bowl even at the Super Bowl and people need to wake up they are not hiding the evil they’re not hiding these things are doing against us and that’s the reason why God told us to get up stand up and start praying and using the authority that he’s given to us know who he is know he’s on the inside of us say his words and only his words and what he needs us to speak and when we need to speak it and this is the reason why because there There was a war, there was an evil, deities, there was evil things going on, demonic things that were going on that were there to disrupt, there to destroy our lives. We were unaware and now God is putting it on center stage for all of us to see so we know what to do. It’s a stand up and it’s a pray against all these evil demonic things because remember the evil has already been disarmed and brought down. And so we have to know the truth and the truth can set us free and that’s what we’re knowing today. Yep Julie go to the next slide. This I want to go back. Oops. You got a different slide than I am See what happens if you go down one more. There we go. All right a caveat to the Catholic people There’s a lot of good people that belong to the Catholic Church But you need to understand the history the people who formed the Catholic Church were the same Sadducees and Pharisees that killed Christ. If you ever go to the Vatican, that picture to the left, if you see it from a distance, that’s a snake. Look at those eyes, look at the fangs, that’s a snake. If you look at the picture to the right, if you can blow that up, it’s got skulls in it, it’s got demons in it. The Vatican is telling us they worship not Christ, they worship the devil, they worship demons. So, Washington, D.C. and the Vatican and the city of London, that’s a whole other story, are all demonically controlled. We need to know who our enemies are. Julie, let’s go on. So we’re going to basically go real quick. We want to see the face of evil, see what they’re doing. And so I think everybody knows who Epstein is. And now guess what? Another distraction. We have P. Daddy. And what’s he doing? The same thing this man did, creating a honeypots where what do they do? How do they control us? Not just with their money. So basically Epstein did this and P. Daddy does it. They basically bring in music executives, Hollywood executives, CEOs, key politicians, and they put them in compromising positions and they blackmail them. So we have to get our government back. And then down below, if you believe that I’m crazy and what I’m saying is about the Catholic church, guess what, folks? Their symbols will be their downfall. Look at the lapel of the Pope. Look at the pictures to the right. get on the internet and do some research and you’ll see that that pretty little butterfly that’s pink and blue and that little heart and all those other things are telling you these are preferential signs for whether the person displaying them wants a boy or a girl, a younger child or an older child. The Catholic Church is telling us just like we have been hearing for decades that there is pedophilia going on in the Catholic Church, they’re telling you their preferences right there on the garments of the Pope. Wow, I did not know that. I just I knew that there was something going on with Rome because Lord has been talking about it, the demonic things that are going on there. I did not know to that. I didn’t know about the symbolisms at all. None. But it goes on and on. He just gives me stuff day after day after day. Let’s move on. And this one this one actually surprised me. My kids are older. This wasn’t happening at Disney when my kids were young. But these are all pictures taken from recent Disney movies. This is child pornography. So the entertainment industry has been totally, completely, and utterly taken away. We need to start boycotting Hollywood, boycotting the fake news, boycotting the music industry, and we need to start standing up for truth and for morality. So Julie, you got any comments before we go on? They’re all they all have to be they all have to come down. But again, we had to pray about it We but we didn’t know how to pray about it because we didn’t know what was going on You know Isaiah four or six says that God’s people destroyed for a lack of knowledge When you take God out of and everything you take out of that out of the entertainment industry out of politics You take them out of obviously our government take them out of court systems You’re taking them out of schools. You take them out of everywhere. This is what we’re left with We’re left with evil in control when God’s not in control Evil is in control and God is saying we have to be that one nation under God We got to go back to God. Let him be in control Let morality go back because just like what happened with Sodom and Gomorrah or Nineveh or any of those things again We are being warned and that’s what we’re seeing today is this warnings of this is a reason why things are going on Wake up and start turning your lives around start speaking the words. I need you to speak start praying against these demonic things that are trying to control and destroy your life and your children and your nations and start taking them back for the kingdom of Almighty God. Julie, I’m glad you said something. Sodom and Gomorrah, there’s an object lesson there. They had an opportunity to repent and they didn’t. And they were utterly, completely and absolutely destroyed. We have the capability in this world today to take us to the very end of book of Revelation where it says, unless these days are shortened, no flesh shall exist on the face of the earth. We have that power. Unfortunately, we better wake up. So let’s move on so we can get to the end of this because I want to leave time for Julie to comment as we go through. So the next assault is on the family. If they can take down money and family, they win. So basically, what’s happening? These pictures say it all. They’re tearing down the nucleus family. The definition of what a family is has been changed. And some parents are taking their children to libraries to hear drag queens read to them. I mean, my God, how far have we fallen? And we know we’re fighting the war on abortion. And we know we’re fighting a war on drugs that’s being intentionally done. And everything repeats over and over again. So what did the global elite do way, way, way back? They wanted to take over China. And so they inflicted it with drugs. China fought two wars called the Opium Wars. And finally, it was so bad, so the drugs coming into this country are not an accident. China is doing to us what England did to them so many years ago. It got so bad that they had to have all of the opium dens raided and all the people taken out and they have them executed. So then we go down and what do they do? They create divorce. And how do they do that? Well, one of the principal things is they tear the value of the family down, but they put and financial stress which puts pressure on the family and corrodes it and now we have a situation where there’s more people living together that are not married than are married and it started way way back with something that looked good which is women rights and it’s all been perverted. This is the second battlefront. The first is economic. This is the second. This is the family. This is morality. We have to get our morality back. Comments, Julie? Exactly. It’s morality. I mean, look what happened just over the Easter weekend. And what did they say? What did our government do? They didn’t acknowledge Jesus. They didn’t acknowledge the resurrection of what He’s done for us. They didn’t acknowledge Transmissibility Day. And again, that’s mocking God. That’s blasphemy. They’re tearing apart what the foundation of this country was founded upon was the love of Christ and wanting to know him and his word. That’s why the pilgrims came over here, is in order to be able to freely serve God. And what they’re trying to do is systematically and fundamentally and morally change this country in a direction where of complete destruction, like you said, God’s not mentioning China, I had no idea about all the other stuff about China, but God’s not mentioning all these things to say, hey, they have been putting this country on a path of destruction, and wake up and start taking this country back from me. Yep. This next slide, Julie, is very important. And it goes along with what you say every day. We always have a good message no matter how bleak it looks. This slide, folks, I encourage you to stop at some point and take a picture of this. This is important. Here’s what’s gonna happen. First comes what? The financial collapse. We don’t have to pray against it. We have to let it happen. It’s important. Then what comes? Whistleblowers because they’ve lost their money. They’ve lost their power people are gonna come out and we’re gonna get so much truth It’s gonna shock us to the core to our foundation, but that’s also gotta happen So then what happens now when the people know the truth? That will set the captives free. The bondage will be broken. We’ll stand up and oh guess what? How did a country named India get their independence? We fought a war to get ours. They rallied around one man, Gandhi. We got a guy, his name is Donald Trump. We could rally around him. And what did Gandhi do? He said, we’re gonna break their economic system, meaning England. We’re gonna boycott rolling strikes and we’re gonna make their economic system unusable and they’ll give us our freedom. That’s exactly what happened. India didn’t fire one shot, and they got their freedom. Folks, there’s a path to freedom. So now the global chaos breaks out. The financial collapse happens. That’s where the good news comes in. So now we go to six. God uses America to restore the world. I’ve got a whole series on why. Russia, India, China, Brazil, Iraq, you name it, there’s not another nation in the world that fits God’s formula for what a nation must bring to the table to be his nation, to lead the world into the future. Only America can do that. America is God’s covenant nation under Abraham’s covenant, founded uniquely from all other nations, the melting pot of the entire world. All the people that were living in angst in other countries were brought here to learn to live together in a nation coincidentally called the United States of America. God has got his finger on this nation. It’s going to get rough. It’s going to get scary. But now let’s go down to the next two bullet points and you’ll see God knows the end before the beginning. So what do we get to? Oh, we get to those two Goshens and fire breaks out and we stand up and we take our authority that we’ve always had. And then we come to, oh, that’s perfection. and that’s God’s number seven. And then we get to number eight, the number of completion, and basically God restores our Republic, restores the United States, restores the world, and we move into what? The harvest of souls. God is not going to give His lambs, His children, His people up to the devil. All we gotta do is stand up. There are seven and a half billion of us against maybe two million of them. Once we say no, they’re done. They’re done. That’s the good news, Julie. That’s what God wants us to know. That’s He wants us to put our armor on and stand up and know that we are David against Goliath and we win. That’s it. Period. We win. Amen. And just go on with that. One of the things he kept bringing us back to is the land of Egypt in the book of Exodus chapter one. Because what did Pharaoh do? Why did he enslave God’s people? because he realized that they were more number he realized that if they knew that they were more number and if they were revolt against him they would be the destruction of his empire and of his power personally and so that’s why he enslaved them our enemies knew in order for us because we were way more number in order for us to get us to comply to all these lies they enslaved us into this barbaric Babylonian evil system, corrupt system that’s worldwide. And they say, No, if we got up, if we were healthy, we are strong, we knew the Word of God, there is nothing and no one could stop the power of God to go through us destroy the power of the enemy. And that’s why they brought in legalism. That’s why they brought in religion. That’s why they destroyed our families. That’s why they destroyed our churches. That’s what destroyed our children is destroyed all these things in our countries is because they wanted us weak. And if we are not weak spiritually, but if we are strong, if we have the power of the Lord and the power of his might, he’s the one who said in his word that we have his authority, we have his power and his dominion. And if we just knew that we knew that we knew that we knew we could overthrow it all not by ourselves, but what God is doing through us because if the greater one is on the inside of us and he that’s in the world made an awesome point, you should be a preacher. I’m just saying, because you do really good stuff. Let’s go on, Julie. We got some more encouragement coming up. All right, I’m going to take you down to that second one. This is April the 12th, Nisan, first day of the Jewish New Year. Now, I’m not an expert of this area either, so I have to say that I got this from Bo Penny. So here’s what basically we’re looking at. This is encouragement. We have four different calendars. We should be on the Julian calendar. If we were on the Julian calendar, I want to go back. There were a lot of Christians last year who got discouraged and looked at God and said, God’s a liar. No, no, we’re fools. We don’t know the truth. We were supposed to have a jubilee last year. It didn’t happen. So a lot of people got discouraged. No, if we go to the Julian calendar, guess what? We’re now just now coming into the new year on the Julian calendar that happens to be the year of Jubilee, this is the year that the financial transfer of wealth is to happen Just like you were saying watch Open your eyes and watch You’re gonna see in the next short period of time the financial system Collapse and then you’re gonna see it spring back like like death I can’t even imagine. Donald Trump has given us the formula, and I’m going to tell you what it is. God promised me that he would put so much information in my head that I could take the complex and make it simple. Here’s our restoration, right here, four simple little things. Here’s all we’ve got to do. We’ve got to get back control of our natural resources, drill, drill, drill. We’ve got to open up our factories, take back control of the supply chain. We’re going from globalization to De-globalization, which gives us control. We’re going away from the fiat system to God’s kingdom, to his system of money. And now we can’t have our system corrupted. And when that happens, all the money comes to us, not to the bankrupt financial system. We’re going to see a collapse. And I’ve got a series of shows done on why this is going to be so significant, where where the global elite aren’t going to come back in and buy things back for 10 cents on the dollar. Entire countries are going to collapse. Entire blue chip organizations are going to collapse by the droves. Governments around the world are going to be in shambles, and God’s going to come in and create a new system. Period. We win. The house of cards is falling, we win, period. That’s what’s going to happen here, folks. We are going to get a harvest of souls. If we go to the next slide, it’s Abraham’s covenant fulfilled. That’s what’s coming. And all we got to do is one thing, stand up. And I believe that Donald Trump is God’s anointed. He’s going to come in and he’s going to close that border. He’s going to drill, and the truth is, if we exploit the oil that we have, we are the richest nation in the world. Because what wealth is not going to be determined by some bogus fiat currency, it’s going to be determined by true, real, natural resources, God’s economic system. We have more oil than any other nation in the world. We are ostensibly, potentially, the wealthiest nation in the world. And a real quick backdraft, basically, America is the nation that innovated the Industrial Revolution. America is the nation that innovated the Computer Revolution. America will be the nation that takes us out of bondage technologically and takes us into unbelievable things. We’re going to have a new medical system. We’re going to have inventions that are going to be released that have been held back from us. God has shown me that. We are going to have prosperity, the likes of which you cannot see. And guess what? We go back, and 34-year period during the history of the United States, we had something that very few people know called the American economic system. We innovated the Transcontinental Railroad, the Industrial Revolution, and our 100th-year anniversary. We announced that America, the youngest nation in the world, was on that date in 1876 the wealthiest nation in the world. And it was said of that America at that time, it was the only nation that ever had an economic system that equalized and elevated the condition of all mankind. And what does that lead to? Peace on Earth. That’s what God is going to deliver to us. Yeah. And one of the things he also said in prophetic words is that he said that there has been gold that has been hidden. And so he said it because he said the gold is mine, silver is mine, everything serves his mind and one of the things he said is that gold has been hidden for such a time as this he is going to reveal to his children where all this surplus is of certain things as well God said we were going back as a nation to a gold standard i believe that with all my heart because God said it so I believe it and so what we see now again when we were talking about the economy going down an economy being destroyed, it is, but God is bringing in a new one. It is a God system, not a Godless. So again, something to fear is something also to celebrate. God is bringing our nation back. He said it was a rebirth of this nation, greater, stronger, and more powerful than it was before.

Julie, I’ve got a show put together That, again, encourages, what it shows is that executive orders have been passed that put us under military control, and then just like RICO laws say that if you are involved in pedophilia, in corruption, that we can take your money. So basically, behind the scenes, I’ve got a whole show that will show you that quietly unbeknownst to us, the money has been stripped from the global financial elite, and it is going to be distributed to the people, to us.

God’s transfer of wealth is already been put in place. It’s just waiting for us to stand up so that the doors can be opened. I actually covered these next two slides already so we can skip them and let’s go down and this is something that God wants the people to really pay attention to.

Most people (mistakenly) think we’re a democracy. Listen to this. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. A republic is a government of the people, by the people, for the people. A corporation, which is what we are under now, has but one charter, to maximize the profit for its shareholders. Who are the shareholders? the global financial elite, the 13 families. It’s the corrupt global government that controls us. All they want to do is pass laws that taxes, taxes, taxes, which is their system of slavery. A republic requires three specific things. If we go, oops, I thought I had it in here. I guess I don’t. So I’ll just do it off the top of my head. Basically, we have to have a educated people. So we have to know the truth. We have to close off that false news that we’re getting. We have to basically put our noses in the Bible and learn God’s word. We have to be willing to vote, not for who’s going to give us the biggest handout, but for what is in the best interest of the nation as a whole. If we turn to God and follow that simple script, the future is so bright that you cannot even imagine it. So Julie, we’re almost done. So let’s let you chime back in and I think there’s like one or two more slides Oh this one it basically says We’re gonna learn in the near future Exactly how they’ve turned us into the Lukewarm Church and when that happens and this revival breaks out We’re gonna get that cup of hot coffee on the other side of the screen. It’s coming soon That’s right. We’re supposed to either mean either Lukewarm, we’re supposed to be either hot or cold and God obviously wants us to be hot because he wants us to be on fire and receive the revival fire of Almighty God and revival fire of Almighty God that glory that Restoration that soundness that wholeness that healing that goodness of Almighty God that he’s been waiting to pour out to his people But his people have not known about that goodness. They have not known about that revival They have not known about that glory and that power and so that’s the reason why we’ve been Restricted because just like in the wilderness God’s people what they limited the Holy One of Israel Because of their doubt and unbelief and because of murmuring groaning and complaining And so if we get on the same page as God Watch out watch out because we are a force to be reckoned with that is for sure when it comes to evil Yeah, God’s awakening us all and sometimes awakening can be uncomfortable, but it’s necessary for for what God’s gonna do that’s gonna be even better than what we’ve been experiencing in the past. Julie, I know you have a hard stop. I don’t have a clock in front of me. How much time do we have? We have a couple more minutes. All right, we’re gonna wrap up. I’m gonna go to Exodus 4, 8. And then God said, ‘If they will not believe you or heed the voice ‘or the testimony of the first sign, ‘they may believe the voice and the witness ‘of the second sign.’ We don’t wanna see the second sign. That’s the earthquake we that is optional we can bypass that we can go to the financial collapse And we can go to the good news the restoration the salvation of souls and this last slide There’s one after this which basically shows you my book and where you can get it But this I want to point out. This is part of how we have got the Lukewarm Church. They tell us To just stand up and say I repent and then go about your life. No, that ain’t the way it works You say, I repent, you search your soul, you look at yourself and you’re good and you’re bad and you’re dark points and you get on your knees and you pray and you repent. And it’s reflected in your life as the fruit that comes from your life. This is where America has to go. This is the journey that God is sending us on true repentance, where we are able to stand up and look back and say, our fruit is evident. That is what has to come out of this. Yes, amen. So let’s skip, I wanna go down. Here’s the very last scripture. If you’re going to skip that, we’ve already really beat it to death. Here’s where it is. God is refining us. He is another scripture right out of the Bible. That’s Michael 3.3. He is refining us like gold and silver. We have to go through the fire, but when we come out the other side, We’re going to have our morality back. We’re going to be the nation that is supposed to be the light on the hill that leads the world into a better world that God has always had planned for us. So with that, all we got left is just to show the people what my book is, if you don’t mind. And it’s a history book. It’s a book that’s very different from any other history book you’ll ever see. It gives you the foundation of what’s going on. What God told me is when you come out, They’re going to always try to basically take people who are truth-tellers and call them conspiracy theorists, but if you put this in biblical terms, the Bible is a history book, and in history terms, it’s already all happened, and it can’t be argued. So if you want to understand how we got from where we were to where we are, this book will tell you. and the next one, that God has part, is gonna tell you how we restore. And then he’s got a third book that he has me have part, and it’s the one that’s all about. It’s Liberty Crusade, putting the power back in the Bible. It’s going to dissect the question of how did we become the Lukewarm church? So if you’re interested in knowing more, that’s where you can get it. Just push that, take a snapshot of that QR code. Sorry, there you go. Oops, I gotta get back up. We’re done. So wrap it up for us, if you would, Julie. Well, and one of the things you said about the revival fire is, you know, again, look what happened with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and how they went through the fire. But even though they went through the fire, God saved them. And He was with them, walking in the fire. And when they came out of that fire, they weren’t even smelling like smoke. The power of that fire had no effect on them whatsoever So even though we may be walking through the fire, even though we may be, you know Experiencing hard times and experiencing certain things and God saying hey I will not leave you even in the midst of a fire and I will take away those chains I will take away those shackles I will take away the power and authority over the enemy and what he’s trying to do against you and you will walk out of that Fire even greater even stronger than you were before you went in cleansed, purified, empowered. That’s what’s coming. That’s right. I’m excited about it. And I thank you for joining today’s show. You have given a lot of people some information, a lot of things to think about, a lot of things to pray about, but where can people find you? Is it, do you have a website? Are you on Rumble Anywhere? Do you have- Can you bring that other slide up? Can you bring that last slide up? Let me get back to it. how lost I get, there we go. They pushed on that QR code, there we are, larryballard.com. Yeah, so you can find Larry. And the real quick story, how this book got out, you wanna know? I put it out to every major book company in the world. Everyone turned me down, Harrison House turned me down. God knows, here’s what happened. I get a call from Harrison House after they’ve already turned me down. And one of their editors says, hey, Mr. Ballard, did you get that book published? She says, don’t answer that. You’ll never get that book published. She says, you told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and the devil’s madder than hell at you. So here’s what she said. I’ve got a small chain of Christian bookstores. If you’ll meet me in, of all places, Harrison, Arkansas, I will talk to you. I walked in the door before I even shook her hand. She said, God tells me I’m supposed to publish a book for you. So then she taught me how, and so now we’re publishing the others. So if you’ll go to that website, it’s only available on Amazon. You can go through my link, or you can go directly to Amazon and get the book. And it’s not about making money. It’s about saving souls. This has got to get out. The truth has to be told. And we have to bend to our knees. That last slide that we had was what this is all about. It’s about repentance. That’s right. It is about repentance. So thank you for joining today’s live show, sir. And I really hope each and every one of you enjoyed everything that he had to say. And we will definitely have you back on again, and revealing more truth to set people free. So I wanna thank each and every one of you for joining today’s live show. God loves you, we love you, God bless you, and have a wonderful day. Thanks, Julie.


Exciting informational lecture from Larry Ballard Chosen to do ONLY THAT LECTURE at a particular point in time and kept on the back burner for years in preparation. In fact his whole life practically.

That single mission thing sounds so familiar to myself. I am sorely reminded daily of the imprisoning language traps of religious dogma and the crippling lack of vocabulary it inflicts on the believer.

Am currently conversing with a bright spiritually aware Christian who, when asked about internal music is repelled as if the phrase is a foreign language. He prefers religious dogma that wall papers over these vital things. So that’s my job with TBH and the 20 min formal lecturette.

And here is clipped Larry Ballards very QAnonish statement. I always thought Gnostic Christians were part of Q

Quote Julie, I’ve got a show put together That, again, encourages, what it shows is that executive orders have been passed that put us under military control, and then just like RICO laws say that if you are involved in pedophilia, in corruption, that we can take your money. So basically, behind the scenes, I’ve got a whole show that will show you that quietly unbeknownst to us, the money has been stripped from the global financial elite, and it is going to be distributed to the people, to us.

(That Trump Executive order caused resignations of hundreds of Corporate CEOs)

(And the Whitehouse Lawyer who crafted that Trump Executive order is Peter Navarro who is currently jailed by the Jan 6 committee for being an enemy of Wokeness)

That “show put together” is not on his website. That is solely selling his book.

Larry Ballard is on Youtube on other peoples channels only, it seems

Getting back to the lecture I paste in here the slideshow

This book is cheap his other books are not. And they are NOT on Kindle. But just getting published was hard enough

Revelation video with Julie coming it seems

Larry Ballard seems to NOT have a youtube or Rumble Channel but turns up as an author historian interviewed by other Youtubers.

  • Layman’s Gnosis Regardless of faith or lack of
  • Expect vivid messaging night dreams within one week
  • immediate physical evidence something has changed
  • vivid messaging daydreams with physical evidence to prove its not your imagination
  • Expect keywords and even websites typed into your mindseye
  • messaging music morphing into an internal mentoring voice
  • And much more and its FREE and All questions answered
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