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Lay Gnosis Feedback 21 Adam UK

Steve when you said source has a sense of humour once again Steve it is now during k rise that I am being reminded by source of this. I am being reminded of all the videos that have been playing in my mind’s eye all throughout my life ,having access to an unlimited stream of entertainment without having to pay a single penny and how source would lead me to things that source already knew would entertain me a great deal.
Once again if only the sleepwalkers knew what a world we could have, source is watching everybody and source already knows exactly the best way to entertain us it’s something like 1 in every 1 million people who report never seeing anything in their mind’s eye no imagination nothing of the sort everybody has a mind’s eye input everybody has a sense of humour and source has told me over and over again you are born of my essence you are a young version of me and what comes naturally to you is my will so when I would be laughing at my mind’s eye input it’s really just source reminding me of what I am in my native form.
Source is telling me that when we laugh it is really just a huge reminder that we are not separate at all and the idea that we are separate is just an illusion, we are a planet full of godlings the whole of humanity including all forms of life are our extended family, when we look at trees being cut down it causes the human being to experience a great deal of sadness and the reason why is very obvious it’s because trees are literally a part of our body just like our arms and legs are a part of our body trees are also a part of our body trees provide us with oxygen it’s really just a simple joining of the dots just like you said Steve, it really is amazing how people are unable to understand.
It is definitely no coincidence that humanity has a love of nature a live of animals and beautiful landscapes there’s no way this is just pure coincidence it’s very obvious what we are in our true form just like you already stated in that natural origin page something clicked inside me when I read it because it reminded me of what I really am that yes we literally are nature and when we embrace our true nature and what comes naturally to us that’s when we will experience joy and true happiness and true warmth of heart and peace of mind it is only when we embrace things that are not in alignment with human nature that’s when we will experience a great deal of grief and heartache. 
There really has never been a greater comedian than source. When you said George Carlin is an atheist comedian my eyes lit up because he’s literally screaming (wannabe) Gnostic at the top of his voice and this ties in directly with what you said about how “he hangs on every word you speak” that couldn’t possible be closer to the truth and George Carlin is a shining example of this if George Carlin  was brought into truebluehealer he would automatically have his divine spark activation and he would become a gnostic I am sure of it, there’s no way he would be able to deny the physical signals and say he has experienced absolutely nothing.
 It seems George Carlin instinctively cares a great deal about the well being of humanity and he sees all the horrible things happening in the world and thinks to himself if a loving God exists then he would never let such things happen he would intervene and a lot of people are atheists for this reason because they are unable to imagine a god that would let horrible things such as wars, rapes, pedophilia etc happen a loving God would make these things impossible so yes indeed there are many atheists out there who would become gnostics if they were brought into truebluehealer. 
George Carlin is a perfect example of how the human being instinctively already knows the answer to the question of “what are you” and they are unable to understand why the world is the way it is if a loving God exists why would the nature of God and the nature of the human being not be the same? That’s what atheists think to themselves that’s why people become atheists I myself as a 13 year old was thinking to myself this exact same thing but I didn’t agree with atheism because I already knew instinctively the answer to the question of what are you? 
I would look around me and understand perfectly well that the whole of humanity are a part of my body the trees and animals etc are a part of my body instinctively everybody understands this perfectly well and they feel a sense of embarassment when they don’t listen to their instincts when source says to them no that’s not correct that’s not the right way to live that’s not the right way to behave they already know source is right.
 If only George Carlin knew about truebluehealer he would become a gnostic just like that in 20 minutes. Steve when you said source loves service to others this couldn’t possibly be more of an understatement, the biochemical reaction the biochemical switch closure it’s something that’s impossible to deny you would have to be an incredibly intelligent person to somehow find a way to convince yourself that it’s simply not there it doesn’t exist, the evidence that something has changed is overwhelming. 
On the question of whether or not we have free will George Carlin is a perfect example of just how close source is to us he literally hangs on every word you speak. George Carlin is a comedian because he instinctively feels a need to practice service to others to entertain people to make the world a better place.
George Carlin is a perfect example of how source is always trying to live through us and that our will and the will of source is largely the same a lot of the time once again just like source told me you are born of my essence you are a young version of me and George Carlin is a perfect example of how we are indeed Godlings source is closer to us than we can ever possibly imagine. 

Your essay writing is improving Adam ! Well done ! George Carlin’s grief of separation is so gross it bordered on a pathology. It disabled him. Great anger in him.Yet still he served a very useful purpose repeatedly pointing out the moral anomalies and absurdities around us which serve to raise the awareness of millions.Why would we likely have great difficulty getting George Carlin into TBH ? There are many obstacles. The dullest people are convinced they know the most, and are the most arrogant. They can’t recognise their own incompetence. The smarter people are, the more doubts they have, because they can see so many possibilities, so they are less vocal. So wise people don’t lead general public opinions. George would have thought he knows just about everything. Because he was intelligent. There is no proof God exists he would say. Show me physical proof. There is NO evidence.

Here is one answer I got just yesterday, from someone so self assured that he knows everything. And that his meagre knowledge finishes at an  abyss. Meaning there is nothing more to know than what he knows. It’s a widespread learning disability.
In fact this interlocutor reveals in his angry opinion the methods of psychological counsellors advising people who hear voices what to do. This occurs in some people with schizophrenia and Post Traumatic stress Disorder PTSD. Following a car crash, criminal attack or say battlefield horror. I am teasing more out of him  and will present this in a separate blog page.

Episode 5 – Florence Nightingale History debunked

Steve Trueblue I left an entry
1 month ago
No-one is curious that she was Gnostic and listened to an internal mentoring voice ?
Kwodlibet Disputes it and Opines.
13 hours ago
A VERY common thing back then. One may say that perhaps even a fashionable one. As the importance of religion in Britain dropped almost to zero so did the cases of hearing “magic voices”.

Note the purported wisdom- here the man reveals the standard counselling  conventional wisdom. Done by Atheist psychologists in our secular materialistic modern age.

This dialog is instructive and continues on another blog page. “Hearing voices”

This is need-to-know stuff for you, Adam.This will be another blog page.

The huge difference is YOU can show anyone physical proof that a second intelligence exists in all of us. So you have a big ACE up your sleeve, Adam.

Lay Gnosis Lay Gnosis Feedback

Lay Gnosis feedback 4 Adam UK

Steve I am currently creating a list of frequently asked questions for the blog and it’s going very well. I’ll update you as much as I can. That Natural Origins page on is wonderful it rang so many bells for me when I first came across it, and I understand it now more than ever. Now during k rise source is reminding me of you and what you said about how source loves service to others this couldn’t be closer to the truth because it is now during k rise that I am being reminded of all the interactions that I have had with people and how it is a bit too perfect a bit too amusing and how you have said k rise will emphasise that your existence is entirely dependent on the whim of God. Believe me Steve, I couldn’t possibly agree with you more.


I’m glad you found the Natural Origins page insightful and stimulating. It means prominent people throughout the Ages even long before modern religions, have been trying to tell us what we really are. But we weren’t listening. And state based religions came along only to hijack our natural religious tendencies to keep us sleepwalking, obedient to the state’s requirements, so that they would broker for us a place in heaven in return for a lifetime of obedience to the state.

Reproduced here for the reader the Natural Origins page revealing that we never needed the state based religions. But how to achieve Gnosis in ancient times was not widely known. Some Gnostics got burned.

Natural Occurrence of GnosisTwo intelligences living in the individual’s internal awareness one as a silent or near silent partner can be found in all cultures and all epochs.
Example Socrates and his Daemon
You have often heard me talk of a divine oracle or Guide that comes to me. It is a  kind of voice that I first heard in childhood. It always tells me what not to do but never commands me to do anything (theme of freewill and companionship  from a second  internal intelligence)

Plato talked about a second Internal intelligence dwelling within-
Someone who has used his life for learning true wisdom and exercised his higher nature if he finds the truth he cannot fail to attain immortality as completely as human nature allows because he  has always nurtured his Divine essence in himselfHis Guardian Genius. He is the happiest of people. 

Pythagoras a second intelligence in everyone
Father Zeus, free them from their great suffering and show everyone of them the Genius who is their guide.

And we just can’t omit Joan of Arc can we?- another gnostic who listened to an inner voice, her second internal intelligence. Her Genius. Her Daemon

Roman Emperor Marcus Aurellius– Two coexisting intelligences again-
Who lives with the Gods? Those who are always satisfied with what has been assigned to them and who obey the prompting of their Geniusa portion of himself that God has given to every human being to be their guide and guardian, their intelligence and understandings

Now today, after thousands of years, Mr G has changed the rules. Which sadly never occurs to religious people

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