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Unexpected catch under this video



6 days ago (edited)I have the still small voice and I’ve a supernatural audible songs and inner songs and heard an audible voice commanding wake up.


Steve Trueblue


Steve Trueblue


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@kimbo994 days agoAt its described and activated in a formal lesson to correct the confusion caused by overly insistent theocrats. Also at God installs physical sensations used for clear definite signalling of awakening children. More things come naturally thereafter. And having done the 20 minutes BEGINNERS TOUR one gets a little bit of homework. While you carry on doing whatever self attunement you normally do, whether its martial arts meditation yoga holy books, prayer etc. You might recall God has advised many times thru Julie to stop thinking Religiously and Legalistically. Julie hangs on to old theocratic habits and also lacks verbal skills bless her. The fact is Knowing God in a state of Gnosis that you are already in, is a completely NATURAL process. Not religious. It even says so in Cornthians 2 verses 7-11 Amplified. It says knowing the spirit is available to every person on the planet of any faith.That would include non faith. Seculars. Gods master plan is for the whole planet population to be awakened very very soon. Everyone in a state of Gnosis personally knowing the spirit. One problem is that God has to use the religious metaphor to address the leading nation’s Christian population, using Religious metaphors such as the Bible which is incomplete and has some twisted word translations. So example, in 553 AD Emperor Justinian forced the Pope to remove any references to Reincarnation. Which is a major bible distortion. It was got rid of for a very practical reason. Numerous volcanoes erupted in the years following Halleys comet in 530 producing a nuclear winter that lasted for many decades, producing crop failures starvation and plagues and wars. The news was that many slaves were suiciding hoping to reincarnate to a better venue. That was their main workforce disappearing and the Empire was falling. So in 553 Justinian ordered the Pope to expurgate reincarnation from Christian teaching. And its still missing 1500 years later. So humorously even God is forced to use this censored bible to talk to his children thru Julie LOL. So you can toddle off to do the 20 mins BEGINNERS TOUR and discover more stuff about God. Like physical evidence and lots more. Its been going 15 yrs and proven in 10 countries All questions answered. Pleasure meeting you LoveSumsitup.Read more





4 days agoAnd it was after your activation video


Steve Trueblue


@kimbo994 days ago @LoveSumsItUp  You clever girl you have tricked me completely. LOL




@kimbo994 days ago I get a signal from the Big Chief when somebody is rummaging in the website. One day I’ll tell you what it is.




@kimbo992 days ago @LoveSumsItUp  I’m following Julie videos paying attention only to the intro message from the Big Chief because its the first time in history God has done daily Internet broadcasts ! I pay much less attention to the preaching. I’m told that Julie will be brought in to TBH to give her the formal lesson that she and many others sorely need. To put us all on the same page. I’m also told other people will be brought into TBH like Jordan Peterson or even Elon Musk. of course we are never told WHEN. People years ago wrote that they were “brought” in on the RESPONSES page actually had the website address typed into their mindseye. So the procedure is tested and proven. Question is only WHEN. Some good news is that the criminal Elite permanent political class is close to being taken down such as very noticeable sudden resignations, sudden retirements of Presidents and Prime Ministers. Also includes many deaths of these evil elites. That’s in Julies last coupla videos. So God is making his Big Comeback after making himself very scarce for millennia. So how did you find TBH LoveSumsitup ? Was it just an accident ? Were you following an evidence trail ?Show less




@kimbo992 days ago @LoveSumsItUp  And there is an email link on the TBH site.




@kimbo992 days agoIn your channel you are a very serious student of Gnosis. Notice “The Vedic Way of Knowing God” is a very slow way to reason one’s way into the arms of God. It can take a lifetime of study and one can get lost in philosophy and metaphysics. Its been that way for thousands of years. But now you don’t read about it anymore. With Laymans Gnosis you dive into it immediately and effortlessly, with immediate physical confirmation that something has changed. Which is a huge leg up from God. And you get to be the adored star of your own life story. What a blast ! All questions answered. stevebtlr866@gmail.comShow less




@kimbo990 seconds ago @LoveSumsItUp  Did you know this ? Quite a few people make brief contact with me when they first go thru the Tour. Some of them then wait up 9 years to contact me again to assure me that every thing I say in TBH is true and verified. So please don’t wait that long. There is some value in reporting a few gnostic adventures back to TBH as they are instructive to others. Example did you scroll down to the bottom of the DREAMS page ? Participants left instructive footprints there for other travellers. So good luck with your progress. Have you got physical tingle signals yet ? And later on you will get another complete new set of physical signals. beginning in your Big Toe. Its under the Kundalini heading left index. Laymans Gnosis is action packed thrills compared to those dry metaphysical philosophical books. Show less

Lay Gnosis Feedback

Adam Natural Gnostic opines on the Great Religions.

Adam writes

Thanks for the reply Steve it’s a very heartwarming and insightful reply and it’s greatly appreciated. Yes, you are right about American Christians in particular being some of the most hard headed and most fanatical type of Christians. 

They genuinely believe that if if it’s not already in the Bible a 2 thousand year old text, than it simply cannot be god’s doing at all in any way shape or form. God can do nothing at all in the world that isn’t already outlined in the Bible. 

If that’s not irrational, I don’t know what is, lol🤣😦. 

You mentioned spiritually minded people are the ideal target audience for Lay Gnosis as they are either natural gnostics or semi gnostics. And a lot of them are open minded people that are already relatively clever and reasonable folk of good character and of good spirit. 

Just like that woman from Ethiopia that was brought into TBH all the way from Ethiopia, a truly remarkable happening indeed. 

I like to call organised religion the most sophisticated organised crime syndicate ever concocted. The historical track record of the great religions makes them lack the slightest amount of credibility. 

Mr G has said time and time again that he cannot put into words just how much he is at polar opposites with the countless misquotes and flat out lies about him in the great books. 

The Comms upgrade is desperately needed at this crucial time. Just like slow internet download speeds are horribly inefficient. Several Millennia year old books are also horribly inefficient and tedious and tiresome. 

 If source did Lay Gnosis marketing stunts that funneled hordes of promising people into TBH that would be really really helpful. 

We would need to make it as easy as possible for source to do that, we would need to get creative and think out of the box. 

It is great to hear from you Steve. I will definitely keep you posted and updated. My own journey has been nothing short of incredible. 

I would love to write a novel one day what a thrilling and deeply satisfying experience that would be. 

I would have to meditate a lot prior to writing the novel to ensure I’m in the write frame of mind to make the novel the best it can be. Just like you said Steve source loves service to others. 

Even as I’ve written this I can see that source has momentarily taken control and written “write frame of mind” in the above paragraph instead of “right frame of mind” as a joke about me “writing” a novel. Lol!🤣😂

Yours Sincerely,


Steve Trueblue 2:49 PM (3 minutes ago)
to Adam

Be careful there is a journalist inside you. You are obviously made of the “write stuff “ This note could end up in the blog as a supplementary pleasant diversion.

 Sense of humour from the chief, little puns. I picked up on his repetitive use of the phrase “unruly rulers” a number of times.  My reaction surely he can’t be serious !!!!


Lay Gnosis Lay Gnosis Feedback

Lay Gnosis 101 Godling Amanda Pryar’s life now taking off at jet speed

I am a secular gnostic, Meaning I simply don’t think in religious metaphors. I have been curious for years why Christians who know the holy spirit, get no physical signals to clarify their gnosis. Under a christian video, I began asking them, when Christian Amanda Pryar mentioned she got tummy butterflies seemingly used for signalling. Brave of her. My conclusion has been that gnostic christians get few if any physical signals to augment their mental experience. Secondly, I note they lack a vocabulary to describe their experiences which holds back their progress. Hence the 20 minutes BEGINNERS TOUR at gives everyone, secular and religious, a valuable common terminology in the form of a formal lecturette.

Here is the video, and below that how the conversation went with Amanda.

Amanda begins by describing her experience of knowing the Holy spirit top of the page

Amanda Pryar
3 days ago
The Holy Spirit talks to me so much it’s beautiful. One day I decided that I was going to name Him FRIEND just saying those words brought tears to my eyes. It’s as if the Holy Spirit was waiting to hear those words and showed me in the emotion of tears but not of sadness. It was beautiful…. I hope everyone experience’s the same experience. I also get butterflies in my tummy which I also believe is the Holy Spirit!! Just be aware of your body and you will probably feel those feelings or you could ask Him!!

Steve Trueblue
1 day ago
Amanda Techo questions. Do you get any physical signals ? Apart from the tummy butterflies And do you hear internal music ?

Amanda Pryar
1 day ago
@Steve Trueblue no I don’t hear music ?? but I will let you know when I do! Although it’s not something I have ever been aware of I definitely will keep listening for. It’s a bit like the butterflies I wasn’t aware of what they meant so you if had asked me that question I wouldn’t have been aware of that!!! Does this make any sense to you?

Steve Trueblue
1 day ago
@Amanda Pryar Thanks for your quick thoughtful reply. YES you do make sense.The butterfly thing I have met in born gnostic people. Its a sort of gut signal. Knowing the Holy spirit is technically called gnosis. Opposite to Agnosis, not knowing. Did you know there is a project ( by a certain amorous entity) to get us all on the same page ? Standardised signalling.
The project supplies vivid messaging night dreams within a week,
supplies physical signals to augment messaging day dreams ( visions, you might say) for verification.
You would also get messaging music . It takes only 20 mins at the BEGINNERS TOUR at Could you evaluate this for me ? You might ask internally, if its OK for you to do this. See what answer you get. And perhaps let me know.

Amanda Pryar
1 day ago (edited)
@Steve Trueblue Thank You for answering and understanding what I wrote ? just before I read your reply I had a thought or vision? When I once told God about my fear and a few days later a song came in my thoughts, it’s a song by David Crowder “I Am”. I also have songs (not music) that I can’t stop thinking or singing I don’t mind it but by the end of the day, I would just wish I knew more word’s to the song aaargh!!!. I just went to see your beginners guide .WOW Thank You so much I can’t begin to explain the similarities between what I have read and what has happened to me!!!. Although I am a sinner just reading what you have written has given me more strength and faith.

Amanda Pryar Steve I was watching you on You tube earlier and also reading what you had to say about dreams (and other amazing things) the one about the aeroplane got my attention because I had a dream about a military jet plane that was suspended in a huge building (my home) I have been trying to figure this out but nothing came close??? But there were lots of people who came to see it STRANGE!!!

Steve Trueblue
28 minutes ago (edited)
@Amanda Pryar Laymans Gnosis improves everyone’s experience and getting clear physical signals raises clarity of communication. Mr G asked me to produce the website TBH to get us all on the same page with the same vocabulary. It greatly enables our conversation and understanding. Wet keyboard here. It happens everytime I boost a Godlings life. though I have done this for 15 yrs. Those songs you can look them up on youtube so you can have more vocabulary for communications. And here is my latest video.Its about musical communications. I pick some very popular music and explain why people hear it internally. This particular song the words dont matter, its the sound of human voice that thrills us. And that’s why we can hear it internally. Its a musical embrace. Sarah Brightman Andrea Bocelli Times to say Goodbye — Magnifique
Amanda you might leave a comment under this video to help explain it to others. It will sit there for decades educating any music lover

And a potential goldmine is this song “I am” which is very meaningful to Christians as its about gnosis and after some thought, Amanda said she remembered this song turning up internally when she was agonising over a serious personal problem, yet she didn’t grasp the overrall implications. Like most people. Hence the need for the 20 minute formal lesson.

Its had millions of views. But its an old song. So maybe its popularity is faded. But I can use it with my mid video explanation running it twice

And today a coupla days later Amanda PRYAR has closed her channel and all of her comments have disappeared from the 3 Reasons video. Her written replies indicated she was ecstatic at the discoveries she made in TBH. She may fear retribution from other Christians. Her own family. And she may want to keep her TBH discovery all to herself. So that’s OK. One thing she mentioned was she suffers from great fear, anxiety. This can affect our thought processes. So wasn’t I smart keeping all the replies she made !!!!! I still consider this a tremendous success as it points to a way to reach Christians who know the holy spirit but don’t get physical signals. And source told me about this, in advance, announced her warm response. Some people wait 9 yrs to get back to me. We can only speculate why. But its their life. But anyway, I am told Amanda will be back soon. The cat is out of the bag now, LOL

And lo and behold she turns up the following day making a most positive comment under the latest Time to Say Goodbye video

Amanda Pryar

Amanda Pryar 4 hours ago Thank you I have enjoyed this song/music for years and now I know that tomorrow I will be trying to sing or go crazy because I can’t stop hearing it!!!??1 ▼ 

And here is my reply to Amanda

Steve Trueblue3 minutes ago (edited) This video had 70 million views so it is very very popular adored music. I estimate perhaps 50 pc hear music internally for years and it just doesn’t occurr to them that they are being serenaded. Musically embraced. Way too many don’t think they are worthy of such attention. And we had to wait for this era of widely available broadcast music for this kind of communication to occurr. It simply couldn’t have been done in even the 19th century. So we live in a wonderful time to be alive. Maybe the best time ever. Notice how you knew this stuff Amanda, but you hadn’t put it into the foreground of your thinking. The 20 minute formal lesson just reframes one’s thinking. But virtually most people need that formal lecturette, because we are too busy with external things on marvellous theme park earth. So Amanda you have a new kind of conversation you can have with people. Anybody. Do you hear internal music ? Where do you think it comes from ? Whats doing it ? Have you never questioned it ? Why not ? You can say its all explained in a little lecturette at It works on phones. Thanks muchly for your positive entry Amanda. It will teach people for years. Decades

Lay Gnosis Feedback

Lay Gnosis 90 Question about pineal meditation/mantras and your experience with it

Steve you mentioned in a video that you have been doing mantra meditation for about thirty years and that it has had a very big effect on you and that you would highly recommend it. 
The Sat Nam mantra which is the mantra for awareness is the one I use I have been doing pineal meditation for a short while and I can say with full sincerity that it does dramatically raise ones attunement. The frequency for  superconsciousness/gnosis is 1000 hertz if I am not mistaken. I would like to ask do you know what your own frequency is? Please do share I would love to know. 
When I experienced a glimpse of gnosis after doing the 20 minute tour. I would have to say yes its a life changing experience it’s an unforgettable experience, for me it was very short maybe for 2 or 3 mins is what it lasted for but it was just shear ecstasy that I was experiencing it was just pure bliss nothing but bliss. The message that source told me was “the more we believe in the illusion that we are all separate the less conscious we will become”.
So Steve I would like to ask how pineal meditation has impacted you and how it’s changed your attunement, you are a veteran gnostic, you mentioned how you are required to play a story and source speaks through you and brings people to you just like that woman from Barcelona that keeps finding you. I think you mentioned in one video a gnostic woman that can seemingly call another intelligence to speak through her directly. I have not yet contacted the other gnostics on truebluehealer I will do so after my k rise finishes you have to bear with me it’s a very overwhelming experience. 
I would have to say yes 100% k rise and gnosis will definitely make you much more caring about others and that it is good to interact with others as much as possible just like you said interacting with each other produces much adversity and much contrast it’s no easy task but it’s good it’s spiritually healthy interacting with others is food for the soul just like you said Steve if only the sleepwalkers knew what a world we could have. As a natural gnostic I have always felt like I’m an alien on this planet just like I said when I look at others it’s like I’m looking into a mirror it’s very easy for me to forget that others are not gnostic their internal wiring is seemingly different they are sleepwalkers so they still believe in the illusion of separateness. 
  Just like source told me the way Jesus felt and the way the rest of humanity felt on a day to day basis is completely different. We hear about Christ consciousness and how when the Christ returns humanity will be saved it will mean the end of suffering. The divine revelation is “treat others the way you want to be treated, treat others literally as if you yourself are inside their shoes literally as if you yourself are right behind their eyes” that’s what source told when I experienced my divine spark after doing the 20 minute tour. 
There is no separateness there is only oneness” superconsciousness is called that for a reason because that’s what it is it’s pure consciousness/awakeness, just like the gnostic gospel on truebluehealer “God is within and to enter the kingdom one must be as innocent as a child” children are natural gnostics it’s only when they grow up that they lose the connection with their higher self and their native nature. 
Introspection causes one to remember what they are even the word “re-member” you have never left you’ve never went anywhere you are simply remembering what you are you are coming home, gnosis is often called mindfulness, introspection produces mindfulness, introspection produces gnostics. 
I would have to say that truebluehealer and layman’s gnosis does indeed produce non compliars at a very fast speed like a machine, just like the invention of the car revolutionised transport truebluehealer has revolutionised the consciousness of planet earth gnosis is today physically contagious meaning millions are now able to have their divine spark activation and become plugged into god. Layman’s gnosis has the potential to change the world and make the world a better place. Just like you said Steve because of our exceptionally low attunement ETs see us as a planet of the apes. And gnosis/superconsciousness is completely natural and many historical figures were natural gnostics long before any of the world’s major religions were created just like you said. 
Gnosis is not something new at all gnosis is completely natural just like you said gnosis simply means “to know” to be aware of one’s true self kundalini rise is often called “self realization” just like I said if people still lived naturally in tribal hunter gatherer societies like they did before civilisation there would be a lot more gnostics because there wouldn’t be any materialistic distractions and people would be practicing nothing but  introspection almost all the time. 
It seems that if people are left to their own devices they will create a gnostic society by default completely out of their own accord just like you said there has never been an atheist society in the history of man. Just like you said we are all designed to know God directly via internal experience internal signalling and minds eye input, religions are completely unnecessary and they act as a pacifier, religions take advantage of our natural religious tendencies and this is something that people realise upon reaching spiritual maturity and experiencing kundalini rise. Religions blind people from their internal potential which is unlimited and larger than life itself, just like source said in cwg you would have to be truly out of your mind in order to see the sheer of what we are in our true form, gnosis is simply an acknowledgement of human nature, gnosis is based on evidence of God via internal experience, gnosis requires absolutely no belief and is 100% reliant on immediate physical evidence, gnosis is knowing via internal experience and does not rely on an external persons account..
And just like you said everyone is intended to experience their own awakening and k rise but our deeply materialistic atheistic society stops that from happening in most. People really don’t understand that they are in a state of trance they don’t understand just how incredibly easy it is to become entranced on theme park earth it’s two great successes mutually reinforced causing much unnecessary grief just like you said. 
When you said we are locked out from God and only made known to the soul upon spiritual maturity now during k rise I understand this much better it does feel like I was completely asleep all the years leading up to this point I’m 20 years old, when I see video clips of myself from 10 years ago for me it feels like it was yesterday. You mentioned how k rise is often called rebirth I think this is a very apt description of k rise rebirth is a very good name for k rise. 
The almost complete lack of introspection is very damaging as it delays people’s personal growth and prevents self realization it prevents people’s naturally intended flowering and spiritual and mental maturation. Sources communications are much more clear during k rise and it does give you an internal mentoring voice which will make itself known to you gradually during k rise. Introspection and absolute minimal materialism will make one understand the fluid nature of reality and just how layered reality is that we live in this world but are not of this world our dreams show us all the time and illustrate for us very clearly that reality is nowhere near are fixed and solid and linear as it seems it is all a question of attunement our perception of time is based on attunement just like source said in cwg the shorter the gap between your experience and your thoughts the closer you are getting to mastery.
 You mentioned how in the astral still happen in sequences I would have to say Steve that I believe in the astral thinks happen much more instantaneously than they do locally for instance one might be in a very unbalanced state of mind when that individual goes to sleep they might experience a lot of nightmares etc ABB talked about how there entities in the astral that can trick souls into going through portals and can play mind games with them in their holographic realities .
ABB said if one’s attunement is very high if they are vibrating high on the electromagnetic spectrum they are very much immune to these tricksters and Trancers that exist in the astral and that in order to go to the astral one must be vibrating high up on the electromagnetic spectrum their level of consciousness their attunement has to be high and their state of mind has to be balanced. ABB mentioned that fear acts as a blockage stopping people from consciously going to the astral and that we all go to the astral during sleep but most do it unconsciously. 
It seems to me that the overwhelming majority of people have all sorts of fears and phobias and that the almost complete lack of introspection prevents mindfulness and that practicing mindfulness puts people in a much better position to go to the astral. It seems that entities that exist in the astral are able to see our fears and phobias clear as a day and they are able to take advantage of this and this is what people would call nightmares or bad dreams. 
We are able to see memories from our previous years in our minds eye in the full wake state it seems to me that in our dreams we are able to see memories and experiences from past lives often unconsciously. As a natural gnostic I would always be very deeply entrenched in the videos playing in my mind’s eye so understanding the true and fluid nature of reality has always been very easy for me, I would always be gazing into the distance watching source entertaining me, mentoring me by showing me one video after another in my mind’s eye. 
I think there is a book called “journeying between the worlds” which is a book about the native American culture and their beliefs about dreams and the nature of reality. Just like source said in cwg a huge part of our existence here is to remind others of what they are that’s exactly what laymans gnosis is all about truebluehealer is there to remind others of what they are. 
We know that their way of life is one that has almost zero materialism and that our exceptionally low attunement is what makes us think that reality is solid and fixed. The native Americans had a level of attunement that was very high their culture and attunement was miles higher than anything that exists today. On the spectrum of consciousness the native  American culture was really high up, it seems that our exceptionally low attunement is what creates the illusion of solidity we are not solid beings and the nature of reality is much more fluid than meets the eye. Just like you said Steve gnosis simply means to know and k rise is simply one awakening to what one really is, one realising one’s true self, gnosis and k rise is part of the human lifecycle just like you said.

YEP Sat Nam meditation its all over youtube. I’ll give it a few sessions thanks for that. On frequencies I used a lot of different meditations when using a light glasses and headphone binaural  tones meditation machine. Some were a novelty. Some had effects that lasted 2 days. Most had virtually not much effect on me. I used the deepest meditation program 60 mins long,  because it had distinct hardening stabilising effect on my being, promoting great calmness and reducing racing random thoughts to almost zero. I spent some time and effort using natural medicines to stop all thoughts and repeated this a few times and found I could completely turn off my left brain chatter which normally titles names and explains everything for you. By turning that off  the end result is I found I could then see everything as if it was for the first time ever. Wonderfully strange. Something like being a baby. That was a profound experience for me. It lasted for days.  I experimented with frequencies without much useful result. Found 7.8 Hz Schumann frequency was much ado about nothing.  My TM mantra was a meaningless sound chosen from a list of Hindu Gods names .Being meaningless to this Anglo worked and I found I could repeatedly turn my mental activity off Typically for a few seconds, rhythmically. And natural meds enabled me to remain utterly thoughtless for minutes at a time. Which raised the question What am I ? again  No great  intuitive information flow came out of this, But it had a great hardening effect on my nervous system that accumulated in my daily life. Greatly improved my resistance to stress which I was prone to. So for those  early years I was still looking outward in my daily life noting  beneficial results of regular meditation. And because The TM people had warned us not to become professional meditators but to do it regularly to get benefits in our daily lives. Perhaps wrongly they encouraged us to ignore the content of thoughts in meditation. Despite firm persistent questioning from some meditators. Dismissing them as mere stress release. Insisting they were meaningless. So TM has been criticised for teaching only mindlessness.   They even dismissed Kundalini rise. And people who reported major internal experiences were counselled privately by TM teachers. If they had openly discussed it in front of an audience it would have layed them open to damaging criticisms that they were a religious cult. That was in the days before the NET. And in my part of Sydney, books on that subject were expensive and hard to get, One couldn’t quickly look it up to see if they were right. As a sign of the times when I went to learn TM at 26 in 1968 quite seriously, my parents thought I had been kidnapped by a fanatical religious sect. Such was their ignorance toward the simple word “meditation” Today source joins in my meditations often playfully messing them up. Sometimes I get whisked out of body and taken somewhere. Frequently I get my favourite dog dropped on me, which ruins the whole meditation in a most enjoyable way.  

I tried that Sat Nam meditation it turned me to jelly in record time, just a few repetitions. Thanks for that. Testing it on the wife now. LOL.

Lay Gnosis Feedback Lay Gnosis question

Lay Gnosis 61 Adam UK Question about Marxism and also how Layman’s gnosis goes a long way in increasing the discernment levels of people

When we look at how Marxism is all about engineering a non thinking populace that automatically goes accepts and goes along with whatever they see in front of them. When we look at how laziness and a complete lack of creativity and industriousness is really the cornerstone of Marxist ideology. When we look at how nihilism and Marxism and atheism go directly hand in hand. 
Marxists talk about how there is no such thing as group differences there is no such thing as one individual performing better than another more gifted or more talented than another. Marxist idealogy is essentially saying that the health and wellbeing of a human being living under the state and the health and well being of a brick at a construction site is of equal value that is literally Marxism summarised in a single sentence. 
Marx talked about how all those who are unable to master the new conditions of life would be holocausted. Marxism and European civilisation are like two mega giants that are clashing, Marxism is completely incompatible with western civilization the same with nihilism, when we look at how the cultivation of creativity and industriousness and individuality is the backbone of European civilisation and how Marxism calshes not just with western civilization but also with humanity itself and all things human. When we look at how civilization would not have been built if it wasn’t for a population that has industriousness and nobility as it’s very way of life. Just like you said Steve Euro civilization surpasses all others and it would be an even greater crime against humanity than even mongols did if this civilization was wiped out if Europe went extinct it would be a disaster for humanity. 
No other part of the planet values and acknowledges human nature and human health and well being more than Europe and European civilisation when we look at other parts of the planet they really are a living hell when compared to Europe as other civilisations in the world simply do not acknowledge human nature anywhere near as much as Europe. 
Hence why the migration patterns are very obviously pointing to Europe everybody wants to come to Europe the entire planet wants to enjoy the Disneyland lifestyle of Europe just like you said. The very people who are most eager to turn Europe into a carbon copy of the middle east are the very same people who don’t want to live on any part of the planet other than Europe but at the same time they despise European civilisation  philosophy and cultural values.  And it was the European Soviet Union wrote a secret letter to Saudi Arabia to build hundreds of mosques all over Europe. Many of them are empty. Sometimes in Country areas where nobody lives. It was the Loony Marxists of the EU who can only destroy things, who engineered this.

So it is in humanity’s best interests to go to great lengths to preserve Europe and everything that symbolises Europe as other civilisations in the world can also be uplifted to the same level of Europe if they adopt European values and culture by bringing in huge hoards of people who are clinging onto a stone age style philosophy and way of life this will only cause Europe to be completely drowned and dragged down and eventually cause Europe to disappear completely. 
Which would probably be the greatest crime against humanity in recent human history. It’s very obvious why millions are not migrating to places like the middle east or central Africa, it’s because these civilisations are nowhere near as developed and as advanced as Europe as their philosophy and culture and way of life is one that does not acknowledge human nature that denies and is at at war with human nature. 
When we look at Marxism and nihilism and communism and capitalism and Christianity and Islam all 6 of these ideologies are from the middle east they are from a desert kingdom that everybody happens to be aware of. 
You talked about quite  possibly the bloodiest century in human history the 20th century and how by importing the entire middle east into Europe we are essentially asking for the 20th century to be repeated possibly an unlimited number of times a perpetual Soviet Union, The E.U. is effectively a carbon copy of the Soviet Union it is almost identical. Nobody wakes up in the morning and says I wish I was in a freezing hellhole gulag nobody says that nobody feels the need to experience that and yet people don’t understand that’s exactly what’s being pushed for as we speak it is already in full swing. 

Serious Push back against Marxist Globalism has occurred such that its on the run. On the wane.And the lefties are losing so much they are getting seriously desperate.

Major anti marxist conservative traditional values were brought back with a vengeance with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. Brexit is nearly finalised and the lefty fifth column BBC that hates everything British is being finally taken down bigtime with licence fees being abolished soon and its going to a subscription model where people just wont watch marxist hate programs funded by the taxpayer, because the funding stops. And Nigel Farage is starting a new TV channel run by normal people. (Not marxists)

Good Hatchet job on BBC below

So what’s wrong with the BBC ? Its infiltrated by University trained Marxists who are imbued with self hate. Marxism appeals to young naive people. Weak people. At first sight it seems to readily answer questions. It even fooled gifted economist Thomas Sowell. But then he grew up and realised he had been “had” Late 20s. The basic flaw of Marxism is that it doesn’t understand human nature. Marx was never friends with any workers. He ran away from them. He hated workers. They weren’t qualified to have opinions contradicting him ! They didn’t have philosophy degrees like himself, he maligned them. So he himself was the petty burgeoisie that he despised so much ! Actually spent most of his life borrowing money off aristocrats and his relatives. Always lived way beyond his means. Couldn’t manage his own personal finances. So how can we listen to his crackpot economic theories that didnt work ? He predicted that because of their oppression globally workers would soon rise up and decapitate company owners everywhere, Jewish banks would rush in and buy everything at 10 cents in the dollar. His theory would run the world and oppression would be over replaced with the Utopian workers paradise. Well that prediction totally failed. WW1 came along and people fought and died for political and territorial goals. Homeland stuff. So the Frankfurt Institute 1923 organised the Long March thru the Institutions to infiltrate every University, school,and areas of “science” including the BBC national broadcasters and media. They also control book publishing which is Marx and Freud and Einstein being created literary “greats” by the Zionist controlled entire publishing world See Christopher Jon Bjerknes

And the other turning point was that the disaster of the Soviet Union was so appalling, even French intellectuals couldn’t defend it, so they invented Post Modernism in the 60s.. So called critical theory which is essentially deconstructing everything at university and criminalising people’s natural behaviours. Natural Territoriality was criminalised as “racism”. Yet its in all of our DNA. Anyone disagrees with the left is a Bigot. A long list of invented false crimes isms and phobias the Cultural Marxists have invented, to pathologise opponents.

One aspect of Marxism/ Post modernism is that its only contrarianism turning common sense on its head. Contrarianism just to remain in conflict with conservatives. And the left is busily eating itself because its so devoted to conflict. An example would be the left clamoured supporting Martin Luther king in the 60s to stop segregation and discrimination on the grounds of skin colour……….. so laudable everyone thought.

But now the Left want to repeal equal rights legislation in California and reintroduce segregation in colleges etc. YES Black colleges only . Black dormitories etc. A complete reversal of Martin Luther Kings preaching. That’s how contrarianism ultimately destroys itself. Tim Poole is hopping mad about this

So left wing campaigning is change (progressivism) for its own sake to gain power, which translates to destruction of things that work. All things. The true problem being anger in many disaffected individuals coupled with being gullible.

And Marx himself never practiced any of his own preachings, exposed rather well by Stefan Molyneux

Ancient monotheism Ancient Montheism Lay Gnosis Lay Gnosis Feedback Natural Gnosis

Lay Gnosis 54 Adam UK Question about gnosis and the native American culture

Steve regarding what you said about how gnosis has existed long before any of the world’s major religions were created. When we look at the native American culture everybody is familiar with it. It was a gnostic culture. I remember  looking at a book called “in the hands of the great spirit”.
When we look at gnosis and superconsciousness it’s really just understanding that you must treat others the way you want to be treated “in the hands of the great spirit” simply means that a sane society a natural society a gnostic society is simply a society where you are able to trust and depend on all others around you with complete confidence. 100% confidence just like you are able to trust and depend on your family members it’s the exact same thing with other human beings With the whole of humanity. 
Gnosis is completely natural it’s simply an acknowledgement of human nature. Just like that fellow from the Punjab, the born natural gnostic, that you mentioned he was brought into the TBH site and the internal voice told him I told you I was God but you never listened ! Its official now ! You got that ? This really is a shining example of how there is indeed a worldwide intelligence out there with pinpoint precision just like that fellow living in Canada who was brought into the site this can’t be pure coincidence. 
Just like you said Steve source loves service to others it’s definitely not a coincidence that we feel so much internal ecstasy and so much happiness when we practice service to others it’s because it’s something that’s part of human nature it comes naturally. Just like you said Steve we are a planet full of Godlings still most of them sleepwalkers and all Lay Gnostics become non-compliars. 
I remember looking at African folk tales and children’s stories and how these stories are based in gnosis just like you said gnosis is completely natural when we look at these stories it’s really just wisdom that is being passed down from generation to generation. Steve when you said k rise will emphasise that your existence is entirely dependant on the whim of God I remember looking at a documentary about the Khoisan of Africa and how their culture was a gnostic culture it was a culture this was before I was brought into truebluehealer. 
So just like that wonderful metaphor about Aesop’s fables and the story about the tortoise and the hare this is a gnostic story talking about how one must never take a single glance at the world and come to all sorts of conclusions about a thing, based on just a single glance.  Curiosity is the key
When we look at the story of the race between the tortoise and the hare someone will look at that and automatically come to the conclusion that there’s absolutely no way that the tortoise will win the race this is a metaphor that is talking about how the human being comes into the world and automatically accepts whatever they see in front of them as absolute truth just based on a single glance. The story of the race between the tortoise and the hare is talking about exactly this it is a gnostic story, it is a story talking about how the tortoise is seen as the wisest of all creatures for a reason and the human being is making a very wise decision by being very wary and very cautious. 

And Adam, homework for you. Could you find out the Aesop fable the “Ass in the Lionskin” Summarise it for me, would you ?

This is a gem video. Natural Gnosis catalogued in essentially all isolated ancient peoples. Includes native references to Electric Universe cataclysms.. By Anglo named Anthroplogists following sleepwalker Christian missionaries. The more primitive (possibly low IQ) the more monotheistic they are. I don’t think the sleepwalking narrator considers Gnosis as an explanation at all. The word is not in this docco. Certainly not the sleepwalking Anthropologists either. It’s so bleedin’ obvious. Still this movie is a gem.

Uploaders Notes

Monotheism is assumed to have first emerged around 500 BC, but there is an overwhelming amount of stunning evidence monotheism emerged thousands of years ago and may precede all other forms of religion.

And I would add as a Gnosis teacher that the first most primitive peoples were Natural Gnostics. The descriptions offered by the natives themselves in this video shout GNOSIS but the sleepwalking 19th century Anthropologists and Missionaries were deaf to this message.

Am uploading this video up to Bitchute and Brighteon

left this reply in the top comment slot

WRONG Narrator You have discovered Ancient Natural Gnosis intended for all of us . These days available in just 20 mins with immediate physical evidence at Come one come all I left that message for many wannabe Gnostics who mistakenly think home is a religion in the comments section

Lay Gnosis Lay Gnosis Feedback

Lay Gnosis 53 Regarding the misleading spelling of Gnosis ( Knowsis)

Steve when you said you have thought of how one of the biggest things that are holding gnosis back is the misleading spelling of gnosis and how you have thought of rewording it to “Knowsis”. I would have to agree with you that yes indeed it would be a very big step in the right direction to reword gnosis to “knowsis”. 

The only people who have a hint of the word meaning are the US Southern Bible belt atheist- theist online bunfight. 60 million of them. They continually classify each others attitudes as Atheist, Agnostic or Theist. Agnostic meaning Don’t know or Don’t care. But both sides are discombobulated by the word Gnosis. Religious people, fundamentalists, think its Satanic possession because Satan is the great deceiver, you know, and Beware of false prophets they shrill in chorus. And the suffering often asperger atheists, say its delusional hearing voices, and you need medicating. It never occurs to any of them that this Christian phrase “knowing the holy spirit” is Gnosis without physical signals. Everybody outside the US evangelical bible belt has a don’t know and don’t care attitude to this funny spelled obscure Greek word. Its never in daily conversation. So for most, its an unknown word. I suppose I could occasionally put the two words in juxtaposition Gnosis (Knowsis) to give people a foothold. But I was counselled by one gnostic who said the mystery of the word attracted him. Stimulated his curiosity. And that’s in short supply these days

You mentioned how you have encountered numerous people that you call semi gnostic that is they hear internal music but they never think to ask who is doing that ! Once again this is a perfect example of how gnosis is indeed completely natural. Indeed quite ubiquitous When we look at our imagination for instance, when we are thinking about making a board game from scratch, source will help us a great deal. (And believe it or not, I get help doing woodwork LOL So the help is about our area of interest, which also provides the method about discoveries being made with HELP from upstairs, Mendeleev’s periodic table, the benzene ring, Tesla machine drawings downloaded into his mindseye and of course Descarte inventing the scientific method explained by an angel to him in a dream, that nature will be conquered by measure and number.)
Source will play one video after another in our mind’s eye once again this is a shining example of how human beings are immensely powerful we are not just smart animals we are something truly divine when we look at how we are able to immerse ourselves in our own imagination we are able to create a world within a world an imaginary world just like what you mentioned about Joan of Arc and how she would see angels in her minds eye. 

Lay Gnosis Lay Gnosis Feedback

Lay Gnosis 41 Feedback Adam UK– A thank you and an update on my k rise & Childhood gnosis

Once again Steve it’s impossible for me to thank you enough you really have had an incredibly great effect on my life you have brought me so much warmth of heart. 
What you said about how source loves service to others this really couldn’t be more of an understatement when we look at the overwhelming positive changes that we see in the chemistry of our body and the way we feel on a day to day basis when we practice service to others. 
When you said layman’s gnosis is a literal sleigh ride through a magical forest this couldn’t be more of an understatement it really is the gift that keeps on giving just like source said in CWG. 
As a child I would be bombarded with one idea after another on how I should practice service to others source would always tell me Adam why is it that you appreciate it so much when I give you advice and constantly show you love and affection and immeasurable compassion but you do not feel that it is your duty to do the same for others who are suffering and in need of your help others who do not have access to knowledge and wisdom others who have never had access to any kind of mentoring character and are experiencing a great deal of grief as a result. 
For me I have always had a massive amount of empathy for every other human beings and just like you said Steve some people are born completely gnostic and it takes them years to realise that other people are not like that. Once again I can never thank you enough for creating truebluehealer you really have brought me an immeasurable amount of peace and joy and warmth of heart. 
When we watch cartoons for instance and we see cartoon characters in our minds eye and in our dreams that’s source right there trying his best to make contact with us and entertain us. When we read poetry when we listen to soulful music relaxing natural music the sounds of nature it makes us feel great it gives us so much peace of mind and spiritual balance and the reason why is very obvious it’s because it reminds us of what we are in our native form that it is definitely no coincidence that we have an admiration and a great care and concern for nature and the natural world. It really is mind boggling how people are more concerned for wild animals than actual human beings who are experiencing grief and suffering.  
This is something that is universal it is something that every human being agrees upon just like when we look at a sunset in the distance you feel so much peace and warmth of heart once again this is something that every human being agrees upon. 
Laymans Gnosis really is an immeasurably enjoyable  experience that lasts two years (the birthing process) and cannot be repeated and ends with an internal mentoring voice. Layman’s Gnosis really can go a very long way in making the world a better place. Source would show me an image of a caterpillar growing wings and source would say to me this is how he views every human being that it is an incomprehensibly beautiful sight to behold when the human being grows spiritually and evolves and experiences self realization and source would say to me, you see?.
The more you listen to me the more your wings will grow and you will understand that I was right the entire time all you had to do was follow me lead and listen, you were being stubborn and foolish and as a result you were delaying the growing of your wings you were delaying a completely natural process and causing yourself to experience a great deal of unnecessary pain as a result. 
When they experience what they are in their true form when they experience spiritual awakening and their higher purpose that just like you said we are not just smart apes doing random things for no good reason, we are here for a divine purpose one must learn to love others more than oneself, and some of us are very hard headed and stubborn and it takes them longer to learn this divine truth than others. Treat others the way you want to be treated ! This is a divine revelation and if people simply lived by this divine revelation there wouldn’t be any problems in the world at all. 
As a child I would be reading ancient wisdom and ancient truths and quotes and as the years went by source would always remind me and tell me Adam you really have not taken onboard any of those ancient quotes that you have been reading as a child ! You are simply not very wise, and it is now during k rise that I am being reminded by source, that in order for one to become wise all they have to do is simply adhere to and live by these ancient truths, and ancient proverbs such as “treat others the way you want to be treated”. It’s almost as if people don’t even have an ability to read.
When people read this quote it’s almost like they have read a completely different quote altogether “treat others the way you want to be treated” what exactly does that mean ? That means treat others with immeasurable empathy and immeasurable love, love without condition, it really is mind boggling how people are unable to comprehend what this golden rule means, and what the world would look like if everybody abided by this divine rule, this divine revelation. 
Just like you said Steve a planet full of Godlings still most of them sleepwalkers. And when you said source loves service to others once again Steve the overwhelming biochemical reaction that the human being experiences when they practice service to others really does speak for itself. This couldn’t possibly be more of an understatement. 

One of my little aphorisms is – Given a choice between give and take, I will always take the give. YES it’s biochemical.

Just like source said in CWG (Conversations with God) it is not nearly as important how a message is received compared to how it is delivered the message speaks for itself and truebluehealer is a shining example of this and there are an unlimited number of other ways to spread gnosis truebluehealer is just one, knowing/gnosis really is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Steve when you said k rise will emphasise that your entire existence is dependant on the whim of God and that you will learn this as your breathing will be restricted here and there. K rise is an experience that is truly enjoyable beyond measure and it really does go a long way in reminding you of your higher nature as a human being and that it is everybody’s responsibility to do their part to make the world a better place. 
Just like when we experience diseases and we recover the moment we get better all of a sudden we have a great appreciation for our health and we are much more concerned for the health of others.  
Source is reminding me of how I have given advice to people all throughout my life and that I have indeed played a part in making the world a better place I have always been a loner I have been completely quiet often without even realising most of the time that I haven’t said a single word I would not have a problem with the company of other people and just like you said Steve gnosis is completely natural gnosis is 100% within human nature it is simply an embracing of human that’s all gnosis is.
And it takes born gnostics years to realise that they are not unhealthy by being gnostic, it’s just that other people are not like that or rather other people are gnostic but they refuse to be gnostic because they have not yet grown out of, that they are holding onto all sorts of ideas and taboos that are delaying their growth as an individual. 
When we are children we are all gnostic (? We certainly have more psychic skills in childhood but these fade entering puberty) this is a fact. It is only when we grow older that we become spiritually numb and are much less sensitive to the suffering of others. We are not taught anything about our sixth sense. We are taught that we only have 5 senses. K rise does do an incredible job of opening one’s eyes and reminding us that yes “a picture does speak a thousand words” this is a gnostic saying. 

Following Adams advice last paragraph, I have been reminded of my own childhood to supplement Adam’s counsel here. In the last year of primary school, I became famous for answering people’s questions before they uttered a word. It would cause jaws to drop repeatedly. How can you read my mind they would ask ? I had no idea at the time that I was practising gnosis that I was soon to lose, thru maturation hormones.

I was also a voracious reader and could finish a book in 20 minutes that would take other kids a fortnight. It got me in trouble, with disbelieving teachers, headmasters and even my own parents. Ostracised at school by all the disbelieving kids for reading a book per day I was frequently jeered at. The book case display was on the classroom wall. So my reading habits were on display to everybody. The other factor was they were all hypnotised by mind numbing television. And in the caravan I was living in we had no television. So I could readily consume a book or two per day which angered other people who were still plodding readers. Even my own father was incredulous at my reading speed, as he saw me once in the kitchen ploughing thru a book. he angrily grabbed the book from me, and demanded What did I just read ? I recited the two last pages verbatim. Stunned, he silently gave it back to me. These abilities to anticipate people’s questions and read at lightning speed faded when I went to highschool and maturation hormones cut in, re-architecting the brain as they do in all of us. Adam calls it numbing. Its a good descriptor. I thought something was wrong with me because I had lost my very high attunement. It also stacks up with the news item I read somewhere that the Chinese Government searches for talented children before puberty, to do Remote Viewing for spying purposes, psychic skills etc. Full well knowing the skills vanish by age 11-12.

On the reading thing Adam, in those early days, I never had an internal voice reading. I would see images and the story characters around me and would be totally oblivious to my surroundings. The written story took place around me and I was totally possessed by the story. My sister said she would slap me while I was reading and I would not register a reaction I was so absorbed in the book. I was greatly aggrieved at losing this high attunement with no idea it was gnosis fading to enable me to grow up. And only once at age 4 did I hear an internal voice and I instantly asked Is that YOU God ? Silence was the answer.

Lay Gnosis Lay Gnosis Feedback

Lay Gnosis Feedback 39 Adam UK – How Source loves service to others

Steve when you said source loves service to others this really couldn’t be more of an understatement because when we look at very wise individuals, these individuals are in very short supply, there’s not many of them. 
And one of the reasons why it, seems, is because it take a great deal of courage to bring something new to the table, to introduce new ideas to the world, to go your own separate way and live life as independently as possible, without having somebody else holding your hand. 
Just like you said when we open the cage door of birds they stay in the cage as we have learned to live with the grief of separation, as when the individual experiences their own divine spark after doing the 20 minute tour they struggle to fully comprehend the sheer scale of what has just been revealed to them, it takes quite some time for them to become accustomed to their new dual configuration.
When we look at how people are attracted to very wise individuals, once again it becomes very obvious why humanity exists. Just like you said we are here to suffer and discern contrast, and overcome adversities, that’s why the human race exists we are here to experience ourselves. We are divinity attempting to see itself and realise and remember itself as divinity. 
When we look at how people are automatically magnetically drawn to individuals like Deepak Chopra, and yourself who offer answers to the question of exactly why we are here, people have a natural attraction to individuals like this because our sixth sense is telling us, that, yes indeed these individuals do not have a service to self nature, these individuals are genuinely out there putting in hard work to enlighten people, and to act as a catalyst to make the world a better place, and source always makes sure that service to others is thoroughly rewarded.
When we look at society and the institutions that make up society like corporations etc it is very obvious that they too are (sometimes) gnostics they too are very well aware of what the human being is in its native form. 
When we look at chemistry for instance it is very obvious that all throughout human history there have been beings that are very well aware of human biochemistry and human psychology and how this directly goes hand in hand with politics and government. 
Sleepwalkers really don’t have the slightest clue the sheer scale of what they are in their native form and what lies inside them. When we are day dreaming source reminds us literally all the time what we are, and what the human being is in its native form just like you said a simple joining of the dots is all it takes. 
That source is enjoying your life with you and you are the worshipped star is concealed behind this too successful subterfuge just like you said. So once again when we look at how the human being is automatically attracted to anything and everything that will remind it of what it is, those who are aware of these ancient truths have exploited this in an almost unlimited number of ways to preserve political power and to make sure that the evolution of humanity is delayed for as long as possible. 
If people simply open their eyes and look at the world they will understand this perfectly. They will understand very easily that source is literally everywhere he is all over the place there is absolutely nowhere you can go where you cannot see him and he cannot see you. 

Lay Gnosis Lay Gnosis Feedback

Lay Gnosis Feedback 37 Adam UK- Regarding Gnosis in holy books

Steve in the Qur’an and other holy books there is indeed real gnosis included in these books. For instance in the Qur’an it is stated that one must live for today as if tomorrow doesn’t exist just like that Latin saying “seize the day/ carpe Diem” this is a gnostic saying. Just like source said in cwg one must live in the pre-sent moment this is what is meant by the present. And we often call these nuggets Aphorisms. And some allude to gnosis
In the Qur’an where it is stated that God said there is absolutely nowhere you can go where I am not watching you this is very true and upon experiencing their divine spark activation after doing the 20 minute tour the individual will experience that they have always had a lot less privacy and a lot less free will then they ever believed. 
Life is a process of constant creation not a process of reenactment and holy books act as a wall blocking the individual from looking at the world from different perspectives.

Absolutism is the main message that is delivered by holy books that this single book has the absolute truth and it is 100% impossible for this book to be incorrect in any way shape or form. (And going with that is Literalism ) Religions take advantage of our natural religious tendencies just like you said. 
Transcendental meditation/mantra meditation really does do an excellent job of raising our attunement and reminding us of what we are in our native form that we are creators we are godlings. Our innate creative genius this is what makes us human. 
Layman’s Gnosis causes the individual to experience a biochemical switch closure that enables them to be able to have a much easier time understanding the real meaning of the proverbs found inside holy books that they have been misinterpreting these books and they will find their misinterpretations corrected by their internal mentoring voice. 
And upon having their divine spark activation they will have access to a very rich sixth sense an internal guidance system an internal GPS that will allow them to be able to have a much easier time interpreting ancient proverbs and ancient truths found not just inside holy books but also inside children’s fables and old fairy tales. It is much like being introduced to a new country that you have never heard of before it’s a very fascinating experiencing it really is a sleigh ride through a magical forest no question about it. 
Just like what I said about how when one doesn’t ask oneself what exactly have I done to make the world a better place what exactly have I contributed to the world? It is almost like you have never even existed, like you have never even come to this world you were born into, and you lived a life of doing nothing but going along with what whatever has already been established, before you got here. Accepting the first thing you see in front of you, without question.
Like a moth to a flame the individual falsely believes that this single flame is the only flame in all of existence the only fire in all of existence the moth doesn’t have the slightest clue that there are infinite flames out there. 
It doesn’t want to budge it doesn’t want to look elsewhere it’s entire existence is solely determined by this single flame. This is a summary of the mind of most sleepwalkers this unwillingness to look at information this incredible sense of irrationality and stubbornness c.g. Jung illustrated this very well in his book called the archetypes and the collective unconscious. 
Just like holy book readers wrongly believing that this one single book has all of knowledge and every single answer to any question that can ever possibly be asked, this is a ridiculous assumption it’s an insane concept. 
But just like Plato’s allegory of the cave the metaphor of the moth to a flame is a perfect metaphor that describes exactly the psychology and the mind of most if not all sleepwalkers. 
It takes courage to listen to one’s own instincts and one’s own sense of intuition its uncomfortable to think for yourself and lean on your own critical thinking ability your own internal GPS, your own inner-tell-igence rather than go along with mainstream ideas. Layman’s gnosis requires absolutely no belief it provides physical evidence that something has changed in just 20 minutes.  
Before I have even read about Plato and his allegory of the cave on the truebluehealer site I was already very well aware of both Plato and Socrates and this is another perfect example of how the human spirit is programmed to be automatically magnetised to information that will answer the question of “what are you?” Information that will bring them home.
The evidence of God and the existence of God inside every single human being is so overwhelming, there is no number that can accurately illustrate this. There is no metaphor that can illustrate this properly, because it’s so obvious even a toddler can join the dots and see the evidence and understand for themself, the physical evidence of God that is presented after the individual does the 20 minute tour. Layman’s Gnosis really is an unforgettable experience the only way one can understand is by experiencing it oneself. 
When source led me to a book about the aborigines of Australia “living the dream” in Australia’s desert this was really just source telling me that when we practice introspection when we are not distracted by material things we will have a much easier time understanding what we are in our native form. 
Just like you said Steve the aborigines of Australia live much less cluttered lives, they are not glued into a TV screen or a phone screen almost all the time their way of life is very simple just like the Kalahari bushmen who also lived a very simple way of life and they had a culture that was very advanced they lived in harmony with nature. 
Our ability to imagine and create is very powerful. This is what makes us different to wild animals we are able to picture things in our minds eye and create things just like that if we can see it in our mind we can make it manifest right in front of us just like that. 
Source explained this to me perfectly when he led me to the book called “Mardu aborigines living the dream in Australia’s desert” that when one takes a step back and stops and thinks they will find that there is much to learn just by staying mindful and practicing mindfulness there is a great deal of knowledge to gain, this will be illustrated perfectly for the individual upon having their divine spark activation. 

This is great, thank you!  A good summary there Adam. I went thru the Gospel of John and found evidence of dual intelligence and hints of  gnosis with  bits missing.  Its clear it was translated and edited in 325 AD Nicea, by sleepwalkers.
The good news is we don’t have to live a simple hermit style life anymore to awaken. LG is an instant connection and it very much helps us to separate vital stuff out of all the mis and disinfo we are bombarded with.

And while its true that the simple life enables much more flowering of natural gnosis we must be aware of the other side of the coin. Invented by Rouseau is the concept of the Noble Savage that was taken to absurd extremes on a society-wide scale, by Cultural Marxists out of the Frankfurt School. Margaret Mead posed as an anthropologist spreading the falsehood that simple forest dwelling people were superior to ugly western civilisation. This was an attack on western civilisation, intended to demoralise and destroy. She never learned their languages. She purposely left out unpleasant things. So while their free love was much vaunted in her “studies” she admitted in a private letter that every day dead babies were seen floating down the river past her window. That was their method of contraception. Infanticide. So the free love could go on unabated.

So she was doing “fake science” a political hit job on the western world. Its a world domination plan. Karl Marx stuff. Hollywood jumped on the bandwagon producing the musical South Pacific based on Mead’s writings.

And all the time she posed as an anthroplogist she was was editing a Marxist journal in the Frankfurt Institute.

These Frankfurt type people invented Anthropology. Its a political weapon. And one of its departments, today at universities is Evolutionary Psychology. They are the sole source of the absurd concept of 72 genders. They always push LGBT extremism the goal being to stop western people breeding, having kids. They encourage modern young people to do any other perversion except breed normally and have kids of their own. To cut their birth rate. Now what would you call that, Adam ? Deliberately cutting a groups birthrate ? So that’s Cultural Marxism. They are playing a long game. And are also responsible for all of the looting burning and rioting in the US as the election approaches.

Same thing has happened to aborigines. They have been weaponised also.

Did you know they spear women to punish them for trying to run away ? The prettiest women have the most spear wounds because they are frequently kidnapped. That’s how you get a wife. Its something not mentioned in these Noble Savage books. So we must be careful about how we interpret things in books. Because sometimes they are deceitfully weaponised.

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