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Lay Gnosis the Left wing weakness of common sense inversion and the culture of complaint

One Complaint in 11 years and lefty ADL censored Youtube wants to age restrict my video. The usual inversion of common sense calculated to be harmful to the mainstream view. of course. Weak underhanded lefty youtube encourages anonymous “complaints” and restricts the video instantly.

As usual the anonymous complainant’s actual objection is kept secret. If it exists at all. My experience is few people read the guidance notes under a video. Its written there A proffered solution for the deep unhappiness evident in pseudoskeptics. A better internal life for them. They are a suffering demographic group. And I also know many people never watch the full video, and most people don’t understand it all, at first viewing.

So they allowed only insufficient 800 characters for my appeal though it worked revealing the ADL youtube censors didnt understand the video either. Here is the appeal text provided now underneath the video

Aimed at pseudoskeptics The purpose of this video is to raise a particular aggrieved demographic groups personal happiness.*Some underfunctioning dullard complained so youtube incredibly wants this video age restricted* This video simply directs unhappy people to go to Neilslades website to be significantly happier. This is Neil Slades intro Page —

This pseudoskeptics video could have easily prevented suicides, by depressed people. And that was its purpose. So youtube you might reconsider your intended age restriction. Suicides occur at all ages.

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Lay Gnosis Feedback 24 Adam UK Dreams

Dreams do show us all the time that what we perceive to be a material world a solid world is not at all solid, dreams do remind us of what we are in our native form and that because our attunement is so low it’s not easy for us to remember our dreams in full detail in full clarity we are unable to write down our dreams exactly word for word because once again if our attunement was high enough we would be able to remember our dreams completely and we would be able to understand the fluid nature of reality and all the tools that are used to keep the consciousness of planet earth from being raised. 

Received, thank you. Adam.  Am pondering that. Certainly fascinating stuff.  I have never had a problem recalling  gnostic dreams.  I have advised nascent gnostics to limit their writing up of dreams in their diaries to 2 or three sentences at most.  And to interpret the dream at first glance and don’t be too analytical. If we don’t get the message first time, and its important, it will come in another dream.  So have I missed something ? And there is a mantra for dream recovery. It works for me. Dream fading occurs if we move as we awaken. But the mantra can pull it back. I have done it experimentally a few times. Currently I am receiving a series of  gnostic dreams with deliberate flaws in the narrative to enable me to awaken inside a dream and drive the narrative myself. Its not easy.

And we must bear in mind, the flipside of recalling memories, that forgetting things has value. To get over stress for example. Traumas. And Psychologists practice something called Exposure therapy to get someone out of the grip of debilitating PTSD.

It works if the trauma was less than 7 yrs ago. It consists of repeating the traumatic event story many times and each time giving the shrink a stress upset rating out of 10. No matter how upsetting it is, one tends to get weary of the repetition of the story so one’s atttitude toward the event pales and weakens. Becomes less prominent. Less possessing. One actually learns to stop thinking about this for 1 hr daily. Then 2 hrs etc. Its known from Brain scanners that talk therapy WORKS. It changes the physical shape of the brain. So Exposure therapy by psychologists WORKS.

Ummmm……. Guess who else does it ?

Why source of course !

Keeps bringing back old traumatic memories until you weary of it and no longer have the pain reaction to it. Its done by surprise. So source runs this service for free. Debugging your memory of painful traumas.

More on psychologists in other pages. They are atheists materialists and academic bottom feeders because their marks are so low they can’t do STEM subjects Technology Science Engineering Maths. Psychology being so easy doesn’t require high grades or any kind of academic muscle. And that’s why Psychologists are thick materialist sleepwalking atheists. They campaign hard against Psychic phenomena clearly stating their own personal opposition is their biggest problem and demand far more proof than simple medical stats that are used to prove drug viability etc. Their famous materialist idiot slogan is Carl Sagan’s Extraordinary Claims require Extraordinary Evidence. So for psychic phenomena most feared by psychologist, they demand 500 pc more “evidence”. And they admit they still wont believe it, no matter how much evidence is produced.

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