Natural religious tendencies (1)

Steve Trueblue

Natural religious tendencies differentiate us from animals.

We interbred with Neanderthals, and their graves for 300,000yrs exhibit decoration, and inclusion of jewellery and herbal medicine suggesting they likely thought about afterlife and certainly had a sense of sacredness. We know they could talk ( necessary tongue bones found) and thus could sing. And likely dance.They would have dreamed. Likely had precognitive dreams, visions, some would be psychic etc. Possibly more than us. Because they would have experienced much silence which seems almost impossible for us today. Archaeologists attribute religious behaviours to virtually all societies they dig up. We have never heard of an atheist society from them have we ? In National Geographic ? Likely you can’t name a truly atheist society. Try. Which means one thing. Religious devotions/behaviours are in our physical DNA. Something puts them there. For survival value ? Prayers and meditations our brains are physically equipped to do. If you know anything of the mechanics of meditation, its truly remarkable what chanting a sound can do to one’s physiology. Or just imagining a sound. Medically verified. And this can be discovered by the accident of singing.

As soon as we commenced agriculture its likely organised religions began, that is essentially the governing power taking advantage of everyone’s natural religious tendencies. By giving young people the idea that they could enjoy an afterlife brokered by the governing power who often claimed direct descent from mythical Gods. Divine right etc. The elites need to use every trick in the book to stay in power. Train the impressionable young that if they behave and fulfill certain obligations to society, they will get a place in the afterlife. Includes field work, harvesting, producing children, paying taxes, military service, observing the rule of law etc.

Also keep them looking outside of themselves toward deities and books to distract them from self exploration internally, and discovering their own divine spark. This is firmly discouraged by some of the great religions, because it would make people a lot less obedient to the state. Hence their prohibitions on mediums, psychics etc but, under the-table, water diviners are OK because they have been needed throughout history. Water diviners are in fact Gnostics.

Lay Gnosis is a purely natural process, available to everyone, including secular people, and bypasses 3rd party priesthoods and their franchise of pointy buildings. Though conventional religious devotions can be carried on of course, simultaneously without blinking.

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