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Gnosis Natural Origins

Steve Trueblue

Natural Occurrence of Gnosis

Two intelligences living in the individual’s internal awareness one as a silent or near silent partner can be found in all cultures and all epochs.
Example Socrates and his Daemon
You have often heard me talk of a divine oracle or Guide that comes to me. It is a  kind of voice that I first heard in childhood. It always tells me what not to do but never commands me to do anything (theme of freewill and companionship  from a second  internal intelligence)

Plato talked about a second Internal intelligence dwelling within-
Someone who has used his life for learning true wisdom and exercised his higher nature if he finds the truth he cannot fail to attain immortality as completely as human nature allows because he  has always nurtured his Divine essence in himself. His Guardian Genius. He is the happiest of people. 

Pythagoras a second intelligence in everyone
Father Zeus, free them from their great suffering and show everyone of them the Genius who is their guide.

And we just can’t omit Joan of Arc can we?- another gnostic who listened to an inner voice, her second internal intelligence. Her Genius. Her Daemon

Roman Emperor Marcus Aurellius- Two coexisting intelligences again-
Who lives with the Gods? Those who are always satisfied with what has been assigned to them and who obey the prompting of their Genius; a portion ofhimself that God has given to every human being to be their guide and guardian, their intelligence and understandings. 

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