Lay Gnosis 43 -The futility of reading ancient Gnostic texts

Its almost a complete waste of your time to trawl thru ancient Gnostic texts and commentaries. Most modern texts are written by sleepwalkers about distant historic figures. There are server farms of fake Gnostic articles that serve to maroon you in a wilderness of disinformation. I found it years ago and wondered why anyone or any group, would put so much effort into disinformation. Bu that’s what 80pc of Google is.. Nonsense.

So discerning you must be, Godlings. My quarrel with ancient Gnostic texts is two fold. That they never mentioned physical evidence to confirm they weren’t just imagining stuff. So instant Lay Gnosis with 2 types of physical signal leaves ancient Gnosis behind in the dust. My other complaint was they used the Bible as a starting point, assuming it was literally true, and produced an alternative dissenting explanation. Nothing Gnostic about that. Of course, they had to start somewhere. And there weren’t many books in those days.

Sheer waste of time reading ancient gnostic Lit is highlighted by this summary by Styxhexenhammer666 on Bitchute. He reads metaphysical books and summaries them for us. A practising Satanist he claims to be.

I put a lengthy entry under his video explaining modern instant Lay Gnosis was far superior to any ancient Gnosis but to no avail. And he rejects Gnois also. He mistakenly thinks he knows what it is. But his summary is quite good.

The Occult, Video 26: Gnosis

Dear StyxModern day Gnostics are much better off, because the ancient gnostics experienced NO physical signals to indicate they weren’t
just imagining. I found nothing indicating physical signals in ancient texts. Have you ever found any yourself ? But in the ca 2 thousand years since ancient gnostic texts were composed, Natural Law has changed. In about the last 30 years. We don’t need to live an ascetic life in caves and deserts doing meditations. Monasteries and the like.
Today people can become Gnostics very quickly without any impact on their busy urban lives.
A major feature of modern Layman’s Gnosis is that it’s completely natural and boosts the life of secular and non-secular people alike.
So strictly speaking its not a religious practice or state of mind. Its a different sort of Is-ness. Requires NO belief. NO books.
So instead of decades in the desert Layman’s Gnosis takes only 20 mins to trigger, and a slow daily drip feed of another intelligence occurs into one’s awareness.
Goes like this. Do the 20 mins BEGINNERS TOUR
Within a week you will experience vivid messaging night dreams
Immediate physical evidence that something has changed (good for our modern secular globalist mentality)
Expect keywords typed into your mindseye that slowly morphs into an internal mentoring voice
Expect messaging day dreams (visions) punctuated by physical signals to prove its not your imagination.
And much more. And its FREEEE All questions answered. 20 BEGINNERS TOUR

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