Lay Gnosis 46 Happy Birthday Mr President -my notifications

Years ago when I began TBH life was so simple. There was only 1 Microsoft browser Internet Explorer and hit counters were in common vogue on web pages, and that ‘s how I would know that someone was active in the TBH site. But as years went by the hit counter was hacked and the proliferation of new browsers often caused it to stop working.

So I receive notifications internally from Mr G and I am addressed as Mr President of the whole TBH operation so I literally hear Happy Birthday Mr President, by Marilyn Monroe. It makes me giggle a bit and be quite emotional to know another person is connecting to Mr G, so it can still make me cry with joy. Wet keyboard here, folks.

Attracting mainly shy people, Lay Gnosis can be such a huge experience many people want to keep it all to themselves. . They have every right to do so. It’s such a prized event in many people’s lives. And that’s why the site is completely automated. Their induction process requires no live communication with me. Some people message me with thanks early on. Some wait years, up to 9 yrs to tell me everything I say in the website, is true. They have personally verified every aspect. From 10 countries. Their gratitude is immense. People have said I am the only real truth teller on the NET. And we pass like ships in the night.

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