Lay Gnosis 79 Trump debates Biden plus the hostile “moderator” Bro Nathaniel & Project Veritas

Bro Nathaniel provides useful commentary about Trump-Biden debate. Like some people change their names to conduct covert insurgency and social political sabotage ! Would that even occur to the average person ? NO. Bro Nathaniel explains how it comes naturally to one group.

Biden lunacy “How many of the 200,000 who died have survived ?” Joe Biden at 2 mins-37

Debate Compilation best Zingers Starts at 6 seconds about Joe’s lost College Graduation that was not a sparkling event.

Joe Biden’s gaffs have been famous for decades, so has he always had dementia like he seems to have today? He has certainly got worse. But it seems he has always had a low slow IQ. Graduated lowest in the class according to Trump. Biden cant even recall the College he attended. But now its obvious he has dementia as he is seriously lacking self awareness and sprouting random abusive phrases and slogans. Its a disgrace that any political party could put Joe Biden up as a Presidential candidate. Their reasoning is though, they know they are going to lose. Joe is being urged to not do any more debates because he is such a disaster. He has already planted a lot of landmines to blow himself up in future debates.

There are suspicions he is on performance enhancing drugs because IV drip holes in the back of his hand have been photographed. Numerous videos point out he appears to be wired with an earphone. He was videoed adjusting the concealment of the wire. And here is a juicy rumour because his eye colour has suddenly changed keyword MOJO.

Cal-Neva Tower comments
Biden had a special contact lens that was feeding him the answers, the company that produces these special optical contacts is MOJO. you can google it and do your research. He was wired.
Mojo Internet connected Contact lenses

YES the elites have it already. Joe Biden could be using it. Internet display in your contact lenses. And his eye colour has changed……..

Here is a Focus group of Trump supporters Biden supporters and undecided swinging voters. What is noteworthy is their indecisiveness and inability to articulate a firm conviction. And these people vote, to determine the President. I seriously doubt these peoples abilities to make assessments. The Biden supporters seem to agonize too much to enable them to make a binary choice. So God help the Democratic Process ! Not sure if LG going widespread would improve people’s ability to make clearer choices. Likely most people have scant interest in politics. That’s why we elect other people to govern. We just can’t do it from our own homes. If democracy were boosted with say 6 referendums annually to keep politicians on track these swinging voters would still be dysfunctional.

And we can now see live Election Fraud which seems massive in the US especially around the notorious postal votes. Partly because its not compulsory to vote in the US. Voter apathy is massive. People go to criminal extremes to produce extra votes from millions of 19th Century dead people etc Election fraud is an ongoing industry in the US. And astonishingly back in the UK, the people who invented democracy only just introduced Voter identification in 2019. So incredibly they relied on election fraud just like the Americans. In Australia we have compulsory voting and compulsory voters registration which helps to minimise electoral fraud.

TIM POOLE does a very good coverage of election fraud and fake polls and the criminal left etc.

ALERT! MASSIVE Election FRAUD Uncovered! Dr. Shiva Issues Warning To President Trump

Vast sums of money spent to buy votes from Somali community to elect Ilhan Omar Money most likely comes from Iran. Project Veritas is always worth subscribing to.

Tucker Carlson provides a very good summary

Tucker Carlson is Presidential material and could likely succeed Trump Locking in commonsense conservatism for a generation. Obama made the fatal mistake of not appointing 120 odd judges. Trump has filled the vacancies with handpicked conservative pro-constitution judges. Replacing the many activist judges that derailed justice so badly. Example would be innocent General Flynn versus his insane activist “judge” Emmet Sullivan who apparently wants to be judge jury and prosecutor over and over again even after he was directed to drop the case against Flynn by superiors. There seems to be no way of handling a rogue judge.

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