Lay Gnosis 78 Groups Infiltrated by their enemies are doomed to failure

Informative video – A well deserved hatchet job on the UN. The narrator lists the many major failures of the UN over its history and says its redundant. I would go one step further and say the UN is pernicious and poisonous harming the world, as its many international agreements like UNHCR (refugees) function to undermine the Sovereignty of all nations. Open borders etc and the mistaken notion that everyone is allowed to migrate anywhere. That it’s a human right, which it isn’t It sure changed with Covid didn’t it, in the EU ! Open borders slammed closed. The Bankers and Elites want a One World Government naively assuming their version of Utopia will work. UN is vehicle designed to deliver a One World Government. The EU is a failed experiment in single government over a many nations region. EU is collapsing unable to govern its way thru Corona. Terrified of the rich cash cow UK leaving the EU, reveals what a leech it is. A patchwork quilt of sovereign nations seems to be the best way to run the planet. It harnesses our natural human territoriality which is deep in our DNA since Lobsters. Remaining problem is How to stop an organisation being infiltrated by its enemies ? That dooms almost any organisation that makes a splash, to guaranteed failure. A better system can’t be created. UN was only a front for international bankers at best. Bankers enabled horrendous WW2 which led to exhausted calls for the formation of the UN. So its a legacy of the bankers trap of WW2.

Stopping groups being infiltrated by enemies is our greatest need. But how to do it ? And it happens inside Sovereign nations also. Is Telepathy one answer ? Would that reduce mendacity producing more reliable wholesome organisations ? Could a general society state of higher attunement (gnosis) produce beneficial widespread telepathy ?

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