Lay Gnosis 82 Marxist brainwashing in schools

Took Trump 4 years to remove Marxist brainwashing from US federally funded schools. That’s a long time but at least he has done it. Mark Latham and Alan Jones showcase the Marxist penetration of Australian schools. Every fake English lesson contains irrelevant marxist diatribes preaching self hatred. Its done by University trained Marxist teachers. Universities are the source of all this. They are hellbent on destroying everything. Marx and Engels detailed that in their Communist manifesto.

Early days Marx wrote poems fantasising about Romantic Suicide and both his daughters committed romantic suicides ! So should his advice be listened to ? NO There should be cigarette style health warnings on Marxist literature, every chapter, listing the death toll and communism’s failure everywhere, and the fact that it can possess naive young people to derail their lives so destructively. Australia doesn’t have a Trump to just outlaw whats evil by executive order We desperately need one.

Mark Latham

Alan Jones

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