Lay Gnosis 80 Seeing Double in the Electric Universe is a constant on all scales

Cant improve on Wall Thornhill’s word perfect explanation that he continues to perfect in every video. His emphasis in this video is on the electric law of TWO which is observable at many different scales in our universe. That so many things seem explicable via the 2 twisted filaments of Birkeland currents forming the bipolar shape of asteroids right up to Galaxies that seem to be positionally maintained/ moved by unimaginable vast twisted Birkeland currents. One is humorously tempted to suggest the universe consists of everything hanging off two twisted Birkeland currents. right down to planet and asteroid level.

The other thing Wall Thornhill does is to decry the learning disability of western science for the last hundred years since Einstein was deified by Zionist literature. Wal’s descriptions of this situation just gets more refined at his every video. He is my science hero.

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