Lay Gnosis Finding people who hear internal music like – Ave Maria

Intend to tack My LG explanatory ending (of this video) and invitation to the BEGINNERS TOUR to numerous popular singers doing Ave Maria. Fingers crossed, much trepidation, its camel-thru-the-eye-of-a- needle stuff.

On youtube its a minefield of confusing copyright rules and the seemingly capricious bullying behaviour of Youtube management that is downright baffling. To get a better ranking into Youtube searches one is required to monetise one’s channel. If you don’t monetise you are punished by being buried at the bottom of searches. My Main channel has that problem. Monetisation means advertisers make money for placing personal ads aimed at your content viewers. Channel owner doesn’t get much out of it. So Google /Youtube want advertiser friendly content which has never been my forte. Cats get 28 million views. Alarming inconsistencies occurr where odd channels are allowed to re-narrowcast copyrighted material such as big time singers and other people get theirs closed over the same singer’s song. Sony Music Entertainment the SME operates anonymously to strike down peoples videos and seize any earnings they might make. There is no appeal. They cant be negotiated with. I have had videos pulled that I had going for 14 yrs. Say a 3 minute clip from 1967 French television which is effectively lost to the viewing public forever. I see no benefit to hiding a long lost entertainment gem forever. Copyright appeal pulls the video because somebody anonymously claims to be the copyright holder. Many false copyright claims are made to get a video pulled for left wing POLITICAL reasons. Left wing Youtube goes along with it and immediately pulls your video, and thus you are guilty and must prove your innocence. The offence may be completely non existent. Extreme literalness occurs such as street interviews where a snatch of copyrighted music can be played out loud behind the interviewer so that his video can be pulled for copyright reasons by political enemies. Tech giants are busy trying to stop Donald Trump becoming President again. Republicans have done NOTHING about out-of-control Tech Giants censoring half the population. Only THEY can do it. They even censor the president………. WTH ?

In the middle of all this I am trying to connect people to God in 20 minutes if I can just get their attention.

So I am trying to tippy toe thru the complex regulations to use popular singers to gain peoples attention about hearing internal music and its significance.

Currently Youtube, to monetise my spare back up channel Steve Trueblue Mach 2 need to verify that I own the website TBH and have given me some code to upload which should confirm my ownership in a browser window. Have emailed that request to Trevor in BC

And have found a few TBH pages like mood music pages that just don’t work, require modernising. Adam in the UK has rewritten TBH in modern open source code and that could be very useful repairing the ancient pages of TBH.

So I am hoping to run videos of Shirley Bassey, Mario Lanza, Mireille Mathieu Brabara Streisand doing Ave Maria so I can tack on my advertisement for those hearing internal music. Youtube sometimes provides a written licence granted to youtube to play copyrighted music. Hoping to take advantage of that.

Steve Trueblue Mach 2

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