Lay Gnosis Lost wandering semi gnostics

Lay Gnosis 98 Ave Maria angelic voiced Sarah Brightman she is heard internally by millions

Double ended video the song is played twice with a midpoint explanation of why so many hear this music internally. Hoping that a few will notice and ask the question whats happening inside me ? People hear this internal music for decades and it never occurs to them to ask Whats doing that ? The message is so simple. Knock Knock anybody home ? The poor darlings don’t know something is knocking desperate for their attention. So it doesn’t occur to them to answer. Found a few people talking about this. Under an Ave Maria video with tens of millions of views. They were saying that many of them heard this beautiful Ave Maria internal music even though they were Malaysian muslims, middle eastern muslims, Hindus in India, even Japanese people, Greeks and Africans said the same thing. No one could explain it. So I wrote to everyone of them with the usual footprint message and got no replies. Such is the depths of their sleepwalking slumber. So I make these videos with very popular singers and the midpoint explanation designed as a sort of soft ambush. So as not to offend them in the midst of their favourite music with an interruption for a commercial, answering the question they never asked. I will be making a lot more videos to this formula and Mr G is making suggestions like Lara’s theme from Doctor Zhivago, So this format can work using a wide variety of much liked music. Can only do this because music owners now licence very popular music to Youtube. This video is now on 4 youtube channels.

  • 20 minutes at BEGINNERS TOUR
  • Expect immediate physical verification that something has changed
  • Expect Vivid messaging night dreams within a week
  • Expect Keywords typed into your mindseye
  • Day dreams (visions) with physical verifications
  • And much more. All questions answered

Lay Gnosis Lay Gnosis question Lost wandering semi gnostics

Lay Gnosis 96- Its a modern scholars invention this Gnostic word

from Religion for Breakfast

So the ancients never called themselves gnostics. Its a modern scholars collective term referring to religious groups who had dissenting interpretations of reality and theology. Unsurprisingly they were persecuted by the reigning Roman Catholic church when Christianity was being used to unify the Empire. They are described frequently as heretics and polemicised vigorously.

The Gospel of Thomas when I read it, was written in code that is obvious to any modern day gnostic. And baffling to anybody else. That is the sleepwalkers, who have not yet awakened.

My cursory check of gnostic literature revealed these people never received physical signals to prove it wasn’t all in their imagination. In those days the only way to get there was either drugs or meditation. Ancient greek philosophers drank an unknown jungle juice. Though they likely achieved gnosis without it., as it occurs spontaneously in some. But I point out that gnosis is completely natural and while we were hunter gathers most of them were natural gnostics with an internal mentoring voice literally describing the ten commandments to them. Reported by sleepwalking Christian missionaries in the 19th century. When we congregate into agricultural settlements because of cosumerism polytheism sprouts naturally but natural gnosis continues to compete with it.

Beliefs arose that the only way to achieve gnosis was meditation and trying to achieve mind silence by living in remote places away from the hustle bustle and turmoil of civilisation. Thus people dedicated their lives to hard simple existences in deserts, mountain tops, caves etc. Religions also did this with their monasteries and nunneries. But the gnostic contemplative lifestyle withdrawn from normal society, that may or may not work with no guaranteed outcomes, was so impractical it just couldn’t compete with conventional religions. Religions induced obedience by telling people the Church would administer their metaphysical requirements promising after life in return for paying taxes, consuming, obeying rules, religious holidays military service etc. Anyone who wanted these things were told they simply need “faith” in what the church dispenses. So that formula worked and 30 yrs of isolation in a desert with not much chance of success could never compete.

There is not much in common between ancient gnostic ideas and modern day Layman’s Gnosis. Modern day LG comes with TWO types of physical evidence to prove its NOT your imagination. It drip feeds gently into one’s awareness without disrupting one’s busy daily life. The drip feed of the divine slowly and very gently accumulates and clarifies at a rate the person can readily accomodate. So there is no need for desert seclusion, meditation, mountain top retreats, suffering, reading arcane literature. NO Grasshopper stuff at all.

Laymans Gnosis thoroughly modern, has only been around for about 20 or 30 yrs. Its now physically contagious. The one proviso being that people attend the 20 minute formal lecturette at 20 minutes BEGINNERS TOUR to put us all on the same page. So humanity’s lockout is over, finally. Thats why we have suffered so much grief of separation for millenia.

Laymans gnosis also makes religions redundant. One doesnt need pointy buildings and dogma to know the divine.Yet at the same time there are religious gnostics. That is christians who “know the holy spirit”. They appear to get virtually no physical signals. I did a page on that the other day. A couple of these gnostic christians refer to goosebumps and shivers communicating with them. And these people do exercise their natural religious tendencies in their DNA by attending churches and studying holy books etc. LG would enhance their messaging. Me personally I am a secular Lay Gnostic only because I am a secular minded person. They just prefer to use religious metaphors. I certainly understand a lot of their religious metaphors but with some I disagree.

Not much is known about Archons. Jay Wiedner popularised the idea that the Alien Grays might be the Archons referred to by the ancients. I have encountered metaphysical parasites that take advantage of weak minded gullible people. And Gnostics don’t have access to all knowledge. One finds one is glasswalled. . Quite carefully and deliberately. Because there are too many distractions that keep people in a low state of attunement. For example even the most adept of out-of-body travellers are glass walled. Certain parts of the moon cannot be visited. And I have been corrected by source after I said we are overly entranced with thrilling theme park earth, much to our detriment, and source replied with Theme park UNIVERSE. Our maniacal obsession with colonisng Mars and space travel etc because we don’t know ourselves sufficiently. Most people think they are just smart animals doing technology, instead of divine beings. So far archons are not need-to-know stuff or I would have met them. If they exist, and I needed to know them. My suggestion, rather than wandering lost in the wilderness of gnostic lit, Laymans Gnosis enables you to physically verify your own divine spark and receive information and guidance on a need-to-know basis.

  • Laymans Gnosis Regardless of Faith or lack of
  • Vivid messaging nightdreams within 7 days
  • Immediate physical evidence that something has changed
  •  Messaging day dreams (visions?) physically verified
  • Signalling music to slowly morph into an internal mentoring voice just like Socrates and Plato described
  • Expect keywords names and even websites to be typed into your mindseye with info vital to YOUR personal life.
  • Holy book readers will find their misunderstandings corrected by the internal mentoring voice
  • Go to
  • Do the 20 mins BEGINNERS TOUR
  • All questions answered And its FREEEE
  • See you back at the website

Lay Gnosis Lost wandering semi gnostics

Lay Gnosis Finding people who hear internal music like – Ave Maria

Intend to tack My LG explanatory ending (of this video) and invitation to the BEGINNERS TOUR to numerous popular singers doing Ave Maria. Fingers crossed, much trepidation, its camel-thru-the-eye-of-a- needle stuff.

On youtube its a minefield of confusing copyright rules and the seemingly capricious bullying behaviour of Youtube management that is downright baffling. To get a better ranking into Youtube searches one is required to monetise one’s channel. If you don’t monetise you are punished by being buried at the bottom of searches. My Main channel has that problem. Monetisation means advertisers make money for placing personal ads aimed at your content viewers. Channel owner doesn’t get much out of it. So Google /Youtube want advertiser friendly content which has never been my forte. Cats get 28 million views. Alarming inconsistencies occurr where odd channels are allowed to re-narrowcast copyrighted material such as big time singers and other people get theirs closed over the same singer’s song. Sony Music Entertainment the SME operates anonymously to strike down peoples videos and seize any earnings they might make. There is no appeal. They cant be negotiated with. I have had videos pulled that I had going for 14 yrs. Say a 3 minute clip from 1967 French television which is effectively lost to the viewing public forever. I see no benefit to hiding a long lost entertainment gem forever. Copyright appeal pulls the video because somebody anonymously claims to be the copyright holder. Many false copyright claims are made to get a video pulled for left wing POLITICAL reasons. Left wing Youtube goes along with it and immediately pulls your video, and thus you are guilty and must prove your innocence. The offence may be completely non existent. Extreme literalness occurs such as street interviews where a snatch of copyrighted music can be played out loud behind the interviewer so that his video can be pulled for copyright reasons by political enemies. Tech giants are busy trying to stop Donald Trump becoming President again. Republicans have done NOTHING about out-of-control Tech Giants censoring half the population. Only THEY can do it. They even censor the president………. WTH ?

In the middle of all this I am trying to connect people to God in 20 minutes if I can just get their attention.

So I am trying to tippy toe thru the complex regulations to use popular singers to gain peoples attention about hearing internal music and its significance.

Currently Youtube, to monetise my spare back up channel Steve Trueblue Mach 2 need to verify that I own the website TBH and have given me some code to upload which should confirm my ownership in a browser window. Have emailed that request to Trevor in BC

And have found a few TBH pages like mood music pages that just don’t work, require modernising. Adam in the UK has rewritten TBH in modern open source code and that could be very useful repairing the ancient pages of TBH.

So I am hoping to run videos of Shirley Bassey, Mario Lanza, Mireille Mathieu Brabara Streisand doing Ave Maria so I can tack on my advertisement for those hearing internal music. Youtube sometimes provides a written licence granted to youtube to play copyrighted music. Hoping to take advantage of that.

Steve Trueblue Mach 2

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