Lay Gnosis -Regarding prana/lifeforce and the origin of vampires in folklore and mythology

Steve everybody is familiar with vampires in books and fairy tales and fantasy. As the story goes vampires suck the blood of their victims and they always lurk in the dark they hate the sun light is unbearable for them. Vampires need a constant supply of blood in order to continue existing and they prey on people who are asleep or in a state of mental imbalance people who are in a state of trance. And garlic is deadly for vampires. Most people think that vampires aren’t real and that they only exist in books. So what do we know about garlic? We know that garlic boosts and strengthens the human immune system. 
When we look at how possession by energy predators happens to people who have a weak and vulnerable etheric immune system. And it would only make sense that garlic also strengths our energy bodies/etheric bodies and this is where the story of vampires originally came from this is why it is included in old folklore. When one eats garlic it dramatically reduces the likelihood that vampires and other energy predators will latch onto them because their psychic/etheric immune system is much more strong and able to block out forces that are seeking to latch onto a host in order to feed off its lifeforce. 
When an individual wakes up in the morning from sleep and they feel like they have been drained of vast amounts of lifeforce/prana it’s because they have literally been drained of lifeforce while they were asleep by a vampire or some other energy predator and eating garlic really does go a long way in combating this and making this far less likely to occur in the future. Keep in mind it is not just during sleep that an individual who has been possessed by a vampire can be drained of vitality it can also happen in the full wake state but at a much slower rate than during sleep as energy predators do not want to be detected, so during the wake state they drain lifeforce from the host at a much slower rate than during the sleep state. 
The part of the story that mentions how vampires hate the sun and they hate light source told me this is all about attunement and how when ones attunement is very high it’s much less likely for them to become possessed by vampires and other energy predators because they are not seen as a fertile host because their auric field or their etheric body it’s defense system, it’s immune system is very strong. 
And the part of the story that mentions how vampires are sophisticated creatures and are often portrayed as wearing suits, this part of the story is all to do with how vampires and energy predators are very very cunning, once they possess a host they are very good at manifesting their will and their desires, through the host while avoiding detection by the host.They are very very cunning when it comes to making mental suggestions to the host they do it in such a way to make the host think that it is making decisions completely out of its own free will, for its own benefit. 
For instance the host might be feeling hungry and there is some garlic on the table. All of a sudden the host will experience a storm of thoughts going through their head and this is really just the energy predator trying it’s absolute best to distract the host from eating garlic or any other food that will be very damaging for it, as it will mean that it will have to depart the host and find a new host. The majority of the time the host will be none the wiser that something else is saturating their head with thoughts, they will think they are doing that by themself of their own accord, because they have been taught that things such as possession are not real, they only exist in fairy tales and fantasy when really this couldn’t be further from the truth entity possession is just as real as breathing and eating and drinking. 

This is the metaphysical side of the Vampire story’s basis from source. I get weary of parasitism as it just seems to be adversity heaped upon us in the hope it will push us to greater efforts thus strengthening us blah blah. Yet its downside is, profound fear, historically, that some dead people considered so evil, had stakes put thru their hearts since Roman times at least. Sometimes beheaded after death. Due to extreme fear. Likely actually caused by parasitic possessions that source speaks of . There is a physicalist’s interpretation I just watched on youtube.  Sir Tony Robinson history stuff. So I suspect your findings are supposed to mesh with mine in Sydney to make a lovely thought provoking blog page.

Parasitism themes right thru nature. In fact we ourselves are, I believe, 10 EXP 11 cells in our body yet our bacteria count is higher at 10 EXP 12 So we seem to be just a walking mass of parasites that we must get accustomed to, as some are vital to our survival. Such as the gut bacteria that produce the vital Vitamin B12. Another bacteria produces vital brain hormone serotonin. Natural harmless almost benevolent bacteria on our skin prevent harmful infections surviving there. Excessive cleanliness today with disinfectants all over actually promotes more illnesses such as asthma allergies and inflammatory diseases. Have you ever wondered about the awareness of a gut bacteria producing say Vitamin B12 for us to survive? What its output goes to eventually do, is likely beyond the care or comprehension of the bacteria, with a lifetime of only a few hours. They can be killed off by a mere gut infection as a novel invader wipes out trillions of bacteria for a while. Same goes for viruses. We almost certainly need them in life supporting ways. Viruses even insinuate themselves into our DNA. Viruses transport genes from one organism to another even between plants and animals, its called Horizontal Gene Transfer which makes a complete hash of the Darwinist notion that little “useful” mistakes produce all of creation accidentally. LOL. And here is the documentary that I happened across the other day which supplies a completely physicalist explanation of our historic behaviour of putting a stake thru the hearts of dead bodies. So Adam, source whispered in your ear to explain the metaphysical component that goes with this Vampire documentary. No need to watch all of this you’ll soon get the idea.

Always have garlic at my place, for years I wondered about the apparent superstitions surrounding it. I did a 3 yr nutrition course to find scientifically, medically its been virtually debunked because it loses all its medicinal properties when its cooked. I only have it because my wife likes it. So its just a flavouring. So, LOL, I am uncertain whether it being cooked would scare away energy parasites. Source might explain that later. I love living in fairy land. LOL. And I am wondering whether the entire evil pathetic left wing of society which is due to personal weakness in many millions of people, currently trying to destroy everything, is afflicted with Energy Vampires. Its a useful metaphor.

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