Lay Gnosis 95 We Don’t All Have a “Mind’s Eye” | Aphantasia

Christoph Backhaus

Christoph Backhaus1 month ago@Forseti, God of Justice & Excellent Pasta Sauce I did a survey and asked groups of people about their imagination. I ended up at 700+ surveys and found that at least here were I live around 11% of people have aphantasia. Interesting also a lot more men than women.2

Other people in the long comments column say when they are not doing some activity their minds are BLANK BLACK even. Seems Zenlike to me.

Would it be possible for these people to do Layman’s Gnosis ? What do you think Adam ? Would we be flogging a dead horse here?

These people have other ways of remembering things than pictures. Word scaffolding they call it. The long comments section is revealing. Some aphantasia people had no idea most other people see internal pictures.

Comments are instructive for us gnostics.

Forseti, God of Justice & Excellent Pasta Sauce
Found this comment. Left a reply hoping to find someone who is calmly curious

Forseti, God of Justice & Excellent Pasta Sauce2 weeks ago@Anjan Aireddy Imagination is not the same concept as what’s being described in the video though. Imagination allows you to create new things from scratch, you can describe when you imagine using words, or if you have the skill, drawing pictures. The concept being described in the video seems to be claiming people actually physically see what they are imagining, like some kind of holographic imprint on the world that they can see in their “minds eye” and it’s a separate image that they are aware comes from their minds eye somehow. The part I struggle to accept is that apparently most humans have that kind of minds eye and those without it are supposed to be the unusual minority.


Steve Trueblue

Steve Trueblue1 second ago@Forseti, God of Justice & Excellent Pasta Sauce And there is more. Psychics, clairvoyants, seers, mediums, Remote Viewers, mystics, gnostics, saints, hands on healers, Christians who know the holy spirit, all receive additional signals into their mindseye, apart from their normal self generated mental activities. Video and Sound and odours and even skin sensations can be supplied from outside the physical brain.

For the Sleepwalking Beauties I left this footprint message to no avail. Sigh…….

Similarly, does one hear internal music, say, that one is remembering ? Accompanied by the singers face in mindseye ? How many of you hear internal music ? That you weren’t trying to remember ? Why does this uncalled-for music persist in some people’s mindseye? It turns out your mindseye has other inputs, Audio and Video. Inputs from what, you say ? 20 mins BEGINNERS TOUR expect vivid messaging dreams within a week. And ever clarifying mindseye messages. And immediate physical evidence that something has changed. So its not your imagination. All questions answered. And its FREEEE

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