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Lay Gnosis 99 Regarding Deepak Chopra and what he mentioned about remarkable synchronicity

 have found myself looking at books about quantum mechanics and this was suggested to me by source through keywords being typed into my mind’s eye. I have been looking for answers about where we go during the dream state and it seems to me that other worlds and other galaxies and solar systems are actually much closer to us than we can ever possibly imagine. 
One of these books had an image of a cat on the front cover so it seems that cats and other animals are able to see things that are impossible to see with the human eye. When we look at chameleons and how they change colour it seems that chameleons and other similar creatures might well be from other planets they might not have been on this planet for that long. 
Just like source said in cwg we are in this world but not of this world. It’s almost like we are living in a world within a world because the majority of humanity is in a state of trance. A trance is a half conscious state, when one is in a trance they are only 50% awake. It seems that we have forgotten that we are able to travel from one world to another, one reality to another. ABB mentioned how in a vivid lucid dream he was told by a tall majestic looking being a message that went “The more humanity chases the material, the more material humanity becomes”. What an incredibly important and vital message that is. 
I saw a book about the religion of the Kalahari bushmen and on the front cover it said the words “tricksters and Trancers”. I must say that I have definitely found myself deeply entranced in the videos playing in my mind’s eye to the point that people would be calling my name. So yes, tricksters and Trancers are very very real and they influence people’s lives a lot more than we think. Not all of them are of service to self, some are positive and have a genuine interest in uplifting people and making contact with people trying their best to get their attention. The Kalahari bushmen are one of the oldest surviving cultures on the planet they have probably lived in southern Africa for an absolute minimum of several million years probably a lot longer.  ( Adam maybe you have been a bushman in previous lives)
I have found that listening to music that is at 963 hertz is the ideal when it comes to inducing an OBE, but just like you said no one technique works for everybody and just like ABB said, fear acts as a blockage preventing the individual from experiencing an OBE, one must be in as balanced a state of mind as possible before applying OBE techniques.
I think I might have mentioned this before when someone is gazing into the distance their eye movement can be monitored. It seems that we are able to look into other dimensions and other worlds through our minds eye. Just like the video you made where you talked about how alien entities have been doing biological and metaphysical experiments going back 270 million years. It seems that we are a genetic mishmash of several alien races we carry genes from races that are from other worlds and solar systems and races that no longer exist on this planet. 
When we look at our minds eye and how it is so blurry and very unclear we are not able to see other worlds with ease, it might be because of our exceptionally low attunement because superconsciousness is probably relevant in order for us to have a clear mind’s eye input. Or perhaps our biological and metaphysical system doesn’t allow us to be able to see other worlds and travel freely from one world to another.  (Restraining Bolts ?)
It seems that when humanity evolves when human culture evolves to a point where superconsciousness is the norm worldwide our biological system would morph and we would have a whole array of new attributes that would make multidimensional perception a great deal easier. Source told me that the anatomy and the biology of the Greys that Whitley Strieber talked about and the anatomy and biology of ants is very much the same and this ties in with the video you made about Linda m Howe and E.T. metaphysical and biological experiments that have been happening on this planet. 

When ABB mentioned that majestic being that made contact with him in a lucid dream, and gave him the message to pass onto humanity. It seems that we really don’t need to get into a spaceship in order to see E.T.s they are able to make contact with us in our dreams they are much closer to us than we think much closer to us than we would feel comfortable with. It seems that ABB himself has most likely lived on other worlds and his experiences on other worlds are encoded into his DNA and that E.T. that made contact with him in a lucid dream probably knows ABB personally.  Courtney Brown talks about his own contact with other worlds, and has made a major breakthrough it seems. Video clip below. Its the result of not accepting our current primitive beliefs. As ABB points out

Just like ABB said electromagnetism is the key to understanding how this works and he mentioned how only a fractal of consciousness is entering the human body and that the vast majority of our identity and our electromagnetics our memories etc are not even in this body. It seems that the reason why we are unable to bring memories from other worlds with us into this world is because of our exceptionally low attunement and that when humanity evolves and superconsciousness is the norm it is the new status quo then beings will be able to come into this world with full memory of who they are and experiences they have had on other worlds. (And that seems to be a punishment for our sinful past in a previous civilisation that was wiped. Resulting in our thousands of years of feeling lost and alone. Which is now over)
I think it was a fellow called B Rajasekar who wrote a book called “unified ether theory of gravitation and electromagnetism” I have not yet read the book but I do think he is on the right track. The breathing restrictions during k rise are very overwhelming I must say, just like you said your entire nervous system will be rewired to receive clearer messaging. 

Source told me that I am someone who has already lived many lives and has had many experiences so when you said “you already seem fairly advanced and k rise should commence in earnest soon” source gave me an internal nod saying yes that’s correct. When I was about 10 or 11 years old I would be playing this one computer game over and over again the setting of the game appealed to me so much it reminded me of something the game was called “A small favour” it’s a free game and it is still available today. The setting of the game held a lot of sentimental value for me it gave me a great deal of warmth of heart, the game had a majestic and other worldy setting. 
Now during k rise I am being told by source that it was no coincidence that I came across that game, electromagnetism is very real and this is a perfect example of electromagnetism in action. It seems to me that this world and the setting of the game, “A small favour” was very much the same in ancient times and that memories are stored in our DNA, the amnesia that we have when we incarnate into this world is temporary it can be lifted if we see images that resemble the ancient world, and what the world looked like, for the overwhelming majority of human history. Please do get get back to me I would love to hear your thoughts. 
Sincerely Adam

What wonderful essay Adam. Goes in the blog. And to complement your essay I have a video clip of Courtney Brown the famous Remote Viewer.  Its about what long term observations of his Remote Viewing team strongly suggest, and its related to that business about  how aliens can see us when we astral project, but we cant feel ourselves being remote viewed. Further exciting discoveries have been made that support your essay thesis. A major breakthrough is announced. Much food for thought

Adam this opens up many exciting possibilities. Wanting to go further I have always wanted to be able to astral project and visit people and leave evidence for them, that they are not just upright apes. So I wonder could I make myself visible to people ? By “lighting up” ? Can we play Ghost ? Courtney didn’t answer that one.

I’ll look for 963 Hz videos and try that OBE trick Have you got a favourite video that does that ?

Still messing with Sat Nam meditation. My meditation quality varies considerably with biorhythms. I am a night person- most active late at night, meaning morning meditations are a waste of time for me. Its genetic. My most attuned day of the week is Sunday arvo night. And that peaks in a moonthly cycle. It really cuts into my freewill. LOL. So we all face these attunement handicaps. Howling at the moon might produce a little more synchrony LOL.

I’m itching to become proficient at OBE Astral projection. Source is providing me with regular ludicrous dreams but no matter how ludicrous it doesn’t occur to me to realise its a dream. I will go back to stretching my finger which actually happens in dream state, as a habit, and it doesnt work in physical reality. So that habit I must incorporate again. Stretching one finger and asking am I dreaming or not ?

I managed one lucid dream awakening by accident, the other day when I was so hot it stopped me from falling asleep, I realised it was a dream so I nearly got to the moon. A place I always want to go. Apollo 11 landing site. Tranquility base. Junk laying around everywhere. Visible from a distance is the abandoned 4 legged base left behind from under the Lunar Lander.

“Now during k rise I am being told by source that it was no coincidence that I came across that game“, Funny you should say that. I currently have a couple of people contacting me and they both believe they are behaving randomly and making rational choices. That they have free will. Its quite funny. One lady found my Skeptics Ideomotor Effect video, did the handtrick instantly and thought it was all over. Explained she was behaving randomly. She was very pleased with herself. I sent her the Beginners Tour. She’s 21. Hope she gets back to me. She could end up in our blog pages.

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Lay Gnosis Lost wandering semi gnostics

Lay Gnosis 98 Ave Maria angelic voiced Sarah Brightman she is heard internally by millions

Double ended video the song is played twice with a midpoint explanation of why so many hear this music internally. Hoping that a few will notice and ask the question whats happening inside me ? People hear this internal music for decades and it never occurs to them to ask Whats doing that ? The message is so simple. Knock Knock anybody home ? The poor darlings don’t know something is knocking desperate for their attention. So it doesn’t occur to them to answer. Found a few people talking about this. Under an Ave Maria video with tens of millions of views. They were saying that many of them heard this beautiful Ave Maria internal music even though they were Malaysian muslims, middle eastern muslims, Hindus in India, even Japanese people, Greeks and Africans said the same thing. No one could explain it. So I wrote to everyone of them with the usual footprint message and got no replies. Such is the depths of their sleepwalking slumber. So I make these videos with very popular singers and the midpoint explanation designed as a sort of soft ambush. So as not to offend them in the midst of their favourite music with an interruption for a commercial, answering the question they never asked. I will be making a lot more videos to this formula and Mr G is making suggestions like Lara’s theme from Doctor Zhivago, So this format can work using a wide variety of much liked music. Can only do this because music owners now licence very popular music to Youtube. This video is now on 4 youtube channels.

  • 20 minutes at BEGINNERS TOUR
  • Expect immediate physical verification that something has changed
  • Expect Vivid messaging night dreams within a week
  • Expect Keywords typed into your mindseye
  • Day dreams (visions) with physical verifications
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Lay Gnosis Lay Gnosis question Lost wandering semi gnostics

Lay Gnosis 96- Its a modern scholars invention this Gnostic word

from Religion for Breakfast

So the ancients never called themselves gnostics. Its a modern scholars collective term referring to religious groups who had dissenting interpretations of reality and theology. Unsurprisingly they were persecuted by the reigning Roman Catholic church when Christianity was being used to unify the Empire. They are described frequently as heretics and polemicised vigorously.

The Gospel of Thomas when I read it, was written in code that is obvious to any modern day gnostic. And baffling to anybody else. That is the sleepwalkers, who have not yet awakened.

My cursory check of gnostic literature revealed these people never received physical signals to prove it wasn’t all in their imagination. In those days the only way to get there was either drugs or meditation. Ancient greek philosophers drank an unknown jungle juice. Though they likely achieved gnosis without it., as it occurs spontaneously in some. But I point out that gnosis is completely natural and while we were hunter gathers most of them were natural gnostics with an internal mentoring voice literally describing the ten commandments to them. Reported by sleepwalking Christian missionaries in the 19th century. When we congregate into agricultural settlements because of cosumerism polytheism sprouts naturally but natural gnosis continues to compete with it.

Beliefs arose that the only way to achieve gnosis was meditation and trying to achieve mind silence by living in remote places away from the hustle bustle and turmoil of civilisation. Thus people dedicated their lives to hard simple existences in deserts, mountain tops, caves etc. Religions also did this with their monasteries and nunneries. But the gnostic contemplative lifestyle withdrawn from normal society, that may or may not work with no guaranteed outcomes, was so impractical it just couldn’t compete with conventional religions. Religions induced obedience by telling people the Church would administer their metaphysical requirements promising after life in return for paying taxes, consuming, obeying rules, religious holidays military service etc. Anyone who wanted these things were told they simply need “faith” in what the church dispenses. So that formula worked and 30 yrs of isolation in a desert with not much chance of success could never compete.

There is not much in common between ancient gnostic ideas and modern day Layman’s Gnosis. Modern day LG comes with TWO types of physical evidence to prove its NOT your imagination. It drip feeds gently into one’s awareness without disrupting one’s busy daily life. The drip feed of the divine slowly and very gently accumulates and clarifies at a rate the person can readily accomodate. So there is no need for desert seclusion, meditation, mountain top retreats, suffering, reading arcane literature. NO Grasshopper stuff at all.

Laymans Gnosis thoroughly modern, has only been around for about 20 or 30 yrs. Its now physically contagious. The one proviso being that people attend the 20 minute formal lecturette at 20 minutes BEGINNERS TOUR to put us all on the same page. So humanity’s lockout is over, finally. Thats why we have suffered so much grief of separation for millenia.

Laymans gnosis also makes religions redundant. One doesnt need pointy buildings and dogma to know the divine.Yet at the same time there are religious gnostics. That is christians who “know the holy spirit”. They appear to get virtually no physical signals. I did a page on that the other day. A couple of these gnostic christians refer to goosebumps and shivers communicating with them. And these people do exercise their natural religious tendencies in their DNA by attending churches and studying holy books etc. LG would enhance their messaging. Me personally I am a secular Lay Gnostic only because I am a secular minded person. They just prefer to use religious metaphors. I certainly understand a lot of their religious metaphors but with some I disagree.

Not much is known about Archons. Jay Wiedner popularised the idea that the Alien Grays might be the Archons referred to by the ancients. I have encountered metaphysical parasites that take advantage of weak minded gullible people. And Gnostics don’t have access to all knowledge. One finds one is glasswalled. . Quite carefully and deliberately. Because there are too many distractions that keep people in a low state of attunement. For example even the most adept of out-of-body travellers are glass walled. Certain parts of the moon cannot be visited. And I have been corrected by source after I said we are overly entranced with thrilling theme park earth, much to our detriment, and source replied with Theme park UNIVERSE. Our maniacal obsession with colonisng Mars and space travel etc because we don’t know ourselves sufficiently. Most people think they are just smart animals doing technology, instead of divine beings. So far archons are not need-to-know stuff or I would have met them. If they exist, and I needed to know them. My suggestion, rather than wandering lost in the wilderness of gnostic lit, Laymans Gnosis enables you to physically verify your own divine spark and receive information and guidance on a need-to-know basis.

  • Laymans Gnosis Regardless of Faith or lack of
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  • Go to
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Lay Gnosis Religious Gnostics ( some Christians)

Lay Gnosis on Religious Gnostics

Comments available here

Religious Gnostics, that is Christians who “know the holy spirit” in their parlance, describe in the comments section under this video, that they react to the sudden appearance of strong sunlight on an object at 10 mins 07 seconds which triggers in them a reactive holy spirit stirring in themselves. First time I have seen physical feelings described by religious Gnostics. They describe feelings, of sudden chill, goosebumps. Some kind of internal awareness they don’t specify. Quite different to Laymans Gnosis which comes with no less than TWO types of physical signalling.

The Gnostic religious fellow walking in the woods in the video describes a conversation with God. Done it myself. Advantage is taken of the woodland setting, and a particularly stark object is used as a powerful metaphor for what will happen to the Public Standing of the Democrat party who have cheated themselves into the false position of stealing the Presidency.

My own Mother a secular gnostic is deeply concerned about the disaster America is becoming and she was told just a day after the shock election bizarre outcome, that Trump will succeed because God is on his side. and All will be exposed and the Democrat party will be so discredited it will have to change its name, and it will subside into obscurity.

Myself, another secular gnostic, I am repeatedly told Trump will win through court cases and vigorous enquiry unearthing evidence of massive electoral fraud in swing states.

Other religious Gnostics hear a similar message to myself, such as “Trumps Vindication is coming” repeated endlessly. This is normal form for Trump anyway. The massed media always call him every demeaning name under the sun and despite all their furious denials and denigrations Trump always turns out to be right. He was right about being spied upon by the FBI thru the FISA court. So this will happen again. Trump survives everything thrown at him by the mass media, entrenched hostile public servants, FBI attempts to entrap General Flynn, 4 yr hoax investigation, that spent 48 million vainly trying to find Russian collusion by Trump, which was to conceal Hilary Clinton’s private email server crimes. It was warned in advance by Fauci that Trump would have to deal with a major epidemic “to test his administration” Now how could Fauci know this in advance ? Well, Fauci was the Director of the DIH and was illegally covertly funding corona weaponisation research offshore in China, Wuhan to be precise, to the tune of 6.7 million per year. US Taxpayer dollars. As late as 2019. During Trumps reign. So corona looks as if it was summoned up as a desperate way to stop unstoppable Trump. It didn’t work. Because HE fights back. And is now busy prosecuting numerous court cases while the media chant the usual mantra there’s NO evidence.

Simple numeric totals evidence points to 4 million extra votes that Biden got, seemingly out of nowhere, with virtually no population growth, were likely filled out by school children at home during lockdown, terrified of death by global warming, that Biden goes on about ad nauseum along with Greta Thunberg, and being assured by Google that children can commit crimes and avoid prosecution so they produced millions of fake mail-in votes. Seemingly implying that many people’s home addresses, have lodgers, strangers staying there. Who probably don’t exist. 4 million lodgers created by children. LOL. And there is also the discovery of 25,000 Aged Care Home patients impossibly all voted for Biden. Inside job there. Could be huge. Time is the Democrats undoing. Every day more fraud comes to light.

And below, LOL before the election lotsa people researched election fraud punishment, but only in blue swing states, see the map. Children found they couldn’t be punished. And they could save the world from global warming by generating masses of false votes for Biden.

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Lay Gnosis 95 We Don’t All Have a “Mind’s Eye” | Aphantasia

Christoph Backhaus

Christoph Backhaus1 month ago@Forseti, God of Justice & Excellent Pasta Sauce I did a survey and asked groups of people about their imagination. I ended up at 700+ surveys and found that at least here were I live around 11% of people have aphantasia. Interesting also a lot more men than women.2

Other people in the long comments column say when they are not doing some activity their minds are BLANK BLACK even. Seems Zenlike to me.

Would it be possible for these people to do Layman’s Gnosis ? What do you think Adam ? Would we be flogging a dead horse here?

These people have other ways of remembering things than pictures. Word scaffolding they call it. The long comments section is revealing. Some aphantasia people had no idea most other people see internal pictures.

Comments are instructive for us gnostics.

Forseti, God of Justice & Excellent Pasta Sauce
Found this comment. Left a reply hoping to find someone who is calmly curious

Forseti, God of Justice & Excellent Pasta Sauce2 weeks ago@Anjan Aireddy Imagination is not the same concept as what’s being described in the video though. Imagination allows you to create new things from scratch, you can describe when you imagine using words, or if you have the skill, drawing pictures. The concept being described in the video seems to be claiming people actually physically see what they are imagining, like some kind of holographic imprint on the world that they can see in their “minds eye” and it’s a separate image that they are aware comes from their minds eye somehow. The part I struggle to accept is that apparently most humans have that kind of minds eye and those without it are supposed to be the unusual minority.


Steve Trueblue

Steve Trueblue1 second ago@Forseti, God of Justice & Excellent Pasta Sauce And there is more. Psychics, clairvoyants, seers, mediums, Remote Viewers, mystics, gnostics, saints, hands on healers, Christians who know the holy spirit, all receive additional signals into their mindseye, apart from their normal self generated mental activities. Video and Sound and odours and even skin sensations can be supplied from outside the physical brain.

For the Sleepwalking Beauties I left this footprint message to no avail. Sigh…….

Similarly, does one hear internal music, say, that one is remembering ? Accompanied by the singers face in mindseye ? How many of you hear internal music ? That you weren’t trying to remember ? Why does this uncalled-for music persist in some people’s mindseye? It turns out your mindseye has other inputs, Audio and Video. Inputs from what, you say ? 20 mins BEGINNERS TOUR expect vivid messaging dreams within a week. And ever clarifying mindseye messages. And immediate physical evidence that something has changed. So its not your imagination. All questions answered. And its FREEEE

  • 20 minutes at BEGINNERS TOUR
  • Expect immediate physical verification that something has changed
  • Expect Vivid messaging night dreams within a week
  • Expect Keywords typed into your mindseye
  • Day dreams (visions) with physical verifications
  • And much more. All questions answered

Lay Gnosis

Lay Gnosis 93 David Attenborough Naturalist on God

This is an LG footprint message I left under this video as a comment —- Attenborough’s profound admiration for animals is his own most Godlike behaviour. He has no idea something else is regarding HIM with the same wondrous affection, as he marvels at the termites. And he has no idea he carries a divine spark. That observation applies to most of us, with our deep love of animals. How do we know ? Attenborough defines himself as Agnostic. ( don’t know) If only he was Gnostic by knowing how to activate his own divine spark. Its quite easy.
Do the 20min BEGINNERS TOUR at
Expect vivid messaging night dreams within a week.
Immediate physical evidence something has changed
Expect vivid messaging daydreams ( visions)
And much more. All questions answered. And its FREEE
So don’t be agnostic be GNOSTIC it only takes 20 minutes BEGINNERS TOUR

I generally taylor-make these entries to fit in to the context of the video hoping to catch the eye of a calmly curious person. But in these atheist/theist themed videos people are generally entrenched, polarised, their heads filled with baggage which manifests as a learning disability.

I inject this footprint message into a few conversations under the video and the longer the list of replies the more people will see the footprint message. So the top entry has 34 replies. So I paste the footprint in there so that 34 people will be emailed with the message. These are people interested in the subject. I only do this with recent conversations. There is no point in writing to comments from 3 yrs ago.

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