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Religious Gnostics, that is Christians who “know the holy spirit” in their parlance, describe in the comments section under this video, that they react to the sudden appearance of strong sunlight on an object at 10 mins 07 seconds which triggers in them a reactive holy spirit stirring in themselves. First time I have seen physical feelings described by religious Gnostics. They describe feelings, of sudden chill, goosebumps. Some kind of internal awareness they don’t specify. Quite different to Laymans Gnosis which comes with no less than TWO types of physical signalling.

The Gnostic religious fellow walking in the woods in the video describes a conversation with God. Done it myself. Advantage is taken of the woodland setting, and a particularly stark object is used as a powerful metaphor for what will happen to the Public Standing of the Democrat party who have cheated themselves into the false position of stealing the Presidency.

My own Mother a secular gnostic is deeply concerned about the disaster America is becoming and she was told just a day after the shock election bizarre outcome, that Trump will succeed because God is on his side. and All will be exposed and the Democrat party will be so discredited it will have to change its name, and it will subside into obscurity.

Myself, another secular gnostic, I am repeatedly told Trump will win through court cases and vigorous enquiry unearthing evidence of massive electoral fraud in swing states.

Other religious Gnostics hear a similar message to myself, such as “Trumps Vindication is coming” repeated endlessly. This is normal form for Trump anyway. The massed media always call him every demeaning name under the sun and despite all their furious denials and denigrations Trump always turns out to be right. He was right about being spied upon by the FBI thru the FISA court. So this will happen again. Trump survives everything thrown at him by the mass media, entrenched hostile public servants, FBI attempts to entrap General Flynn, 4 yr hoax investigation, that spent 48 million vainly trying to find Russian collusion by Trump, which was to conceal Hilary Clinton’s private email server crimes. It was warned in advance by Fauci that Trump would have to deal with a major epidemic “to test his administration” Now how could Fauci know this in advance ? Well, Fauci was the Director of the DIH and was illegally covertly funding corona weaponisation research offshore in China, Wuhan to be precise, to the tune of 6.7 million per year. US Taxpayer dollars. As late as 2019. During Trumps reign. So corona looks as if it was summoned up as a desperate way to stop unstoppable Trump. It didn’t work. Because HE fights back. And is now busy prosecuting numerous court cases while the media chant the usual mantra there’s NO evidence.

Simple numeric totals evidence points to 4 million extra votes that Biden got, seemingly out of nowhere, with virtually no population growth, were likely filled out by school children at home during lockdown, terrified of death by global warming, that Biden goes on about ad nauseum along with Greta Thunberg, and being assured by Google that children can commit crimes and avoid prosecution so they produced millions of fake mail-in votes. Seemingly implying that many people’s home addresses, have lodgers, strangers staying there. Who probably don’t exist. 4 million lodgers created by children. LOL. And there is also the discovery of 25,000 Aged Care Home patients impossibly all voted for Biden. Inside job there. Could be huge. Time is the Democrats undoing. Every day more fraud comes to light.

And below, LOL before the election lotsa people researched election fraud punishment, but only in blue swing states, see the map. Children found they couldn’t be punished. And they could save the world from global warming by generating masses of false votes for Biden.

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