Lay Gnosis 98 Ave Maria angelic voiced Sarah Brightman she is heard internally by millions

Double ended video the song is played twice with a midpoint explanation of why so many hear this music internally. Hoping that a few will notice and ask the question whats happening inside me ? People hear this internal music for decades and it never occurs to them to ask Whats doing that ? The message is so simple. Knock Knock anybody home ? The poor darlings don’t know something is knocking desperate for their attention. So it doesn’t occur to them to answer. Found a few people talking about this. Under an Ave Maria video with tens of millions of views. They were saying that many of them heard this beautiful Ave Maria internal music even though they were Malaysian muslims, middle eastern muslims, Hindus in India, even Japanese people, Greeks and Africans said the same thing. No one could explain it. So I wrote to everyone of them with the usual footprint message and got no replies. Such is the depths of their sleepwalking slumber. So I make these videos with very popular singers and the midpoint explanation designed as a sort of soft ambush. So as not to offend them in the midst of their favourite music with an interruption for a commercial, answering the question they never asked. I will be making a lot more videos to this formula and Mr G is making suggestions like Lara’s theme from Doctor Zhivago, So this format can work using a wide variety of much liked music. Can only do this because music owners now licence very popular music to Youtube. This video is now on 4 youtube channels.

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