Lay Gnosis 105 The funniest con ever ?

Video on who started the Obama birther debate. It was the Clinton Campaign. Their side. But see the GEM comment left there.
Obama has always claimed to have been born in Hawaii. Everyone thinks of the American State Hawaii which never found his birth certificate. It turns out the Obama ‘Birther’ Question Began With The Hillary Campaign – Not Trump | Larry Elder

Now strap yourself in for the GEM comment

Zach Redner 5 days ago
Look it up on either Google maps or MapQuest! They both show it! Type in the search bar “Hawaii Kenya.” And it will SHOW YOU exactly WHERE “Hawaii Kenya” is located. It’s located in the Eldoret Valley of Kenya. They have a “Hawaii Shopping Mall” there, and many other things that are called “Hawaii.”
And it’s NOT “just a coincidence” that Obama’s biological father was born in that SAME AREA of Kenya, and his half brother still lives in that SAME AREA of Kenya! So would it really be a “surprise” to LEARN THE FACTS that Barack Hussein Obama was born in that SAME AREA of Kenya to? It’s not to me!
And the so-called “birth certificate” that Obama produced to “prove his place of birth,” said very plainly, that it was NOT AT ALL a “Birth Certificate.” It was, and it said it was, in BIG BOLD LETTERS across the top, a “CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH” which is NOT a “BIRTH CERTIFICATE,” but rather a form that is filled out by the “hospital,” and is NOT a form that is filled out by the County Registrar’s Office, that keeps the “OFFICIAL RECORDS” of ALL births, deaths, marriages, divorces, etc.!

So on Google earth we confirm this.

Thumbwheel this image to enlarge its really quite big.

What a stunningly powerful but very simple misdirection. Makes me laugh a fair bit but the systemic fraud is immense and tragic which is climaxing right now over the election, as the US faces a Bolshevik takeover like 1917.

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