Lay Gnosis Dr Steve Turely evaluated

Found under a Liberal Hivemind video a conversation started by someone saying Dr Steve Turely is supplying false hope.

An unepected reply is thoughtful and instructive.

bob w
1 hour ago
I love Dr Steve Turley but he is overly optimistic. It’s over. The best we can hope for is to salvage whatever we can and prepare for what is coming
Tyler Worsham
55 minutes ago (edited)
@bob w it appears you may be too black pilled. It objectively isn’t over. Likely, not likely, somewhere in the middle, whatever, but it objectively, legally isn’t over. Their plan is twofold. One, if it goes as planned, has a very decent chance of victory. The other, if it can be triggered, which it seems likely that it will, has a very high likelihood of success. They’re either trying to plead their cases and resolve the disputes by combatting unconstitutional measures and exposing fraud before SCOTUS or force a contingent election due to deuling electors where state legislatures cast a single vote for their state, in which case Trump would almost certainly win. The reason why this contingent election is entirely constitutional is because the founders knew that corruption would exist, amd they wanted to provide some means of potentially correcting mistakes and cheating in the general by entrusting results to the presumably more trustworthy and accountable state legislatures who have sole authority over all matters of elections. Frankly, there’s also a possibility where the dueling electors from the legislatures will just be the ones counted on January 6th because the legislatures, not the governors, have explicit constitutional authority over the time, place and manner of elections and final say on which electors are chosen if they were to claim that power, which it appears that they have in those states by sending those duelling electors. Frankly, Biden has a better chance of winning with SCOTUS than he does in the legislatures where Trump would have a clear advantage.

Is Turley optimistic? Yes he is, but that isn’t a bad thing. He’s factual and objective about the situation while remaining hopeful of the outcome by providing information on legitimate pathways toward success. That’s only a positive thing. He’s said something often in his videos that is very true, that there’s a philosophy that destinguishes successful businesses from the lesser ones. That is a mindset where you clearly and without sugarcoating assess the challenges ahead exactly for what they are, no matter how challenging the situation may be, but move forward with hope and optimism that you can turn obstacles into opportunities. Another quote (from the show Daredevil from the villain, in fact, but it’s still true) is that problems are just opportunities that haven’t presented themselves yet. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t, but anyone saying it’s already and definitively over before inauguration day on January 20th are either useless, black pilled doomers or establishment propagandists. Think of it this way, if it really was completely over, if the MSM, Sillicon Valley and the political establishment secured their victory and knew that there was no way that Trump could still win, they wouldn’t have to scream so long and hard telling us to give up. To quote Tywin Lannister, “Any man who must say ‘I am king’ is no king.” They wouldn’t need to push so hard with their propaganda information warfare if they were so confident in their victory. Rule one of politics or just observing and analyzing the comings and goings of the world in general: you should pay much less attention to what someone is saying and pay closer attention to what they’re actually doing. They’re screaming “it’s over! Stop fighting! Give up! You already lost!” Meanwhile, their actions betray them by showing fear, frustration and desperation. (Kamala Harris has not resigned her Senate position) They know that a ton of them are screwed and could very well go to jail, and they know that there are still very legitimate pathways for the president to win, which is why they’re pushing their propaganda machine as hard as they are. It’s all about perspective, friend. Tyler Worsham

And can I add to this ? That political behaviours appear to be genetic. Democrats always resort to violence and fraud as they did in Lincolns time because of their inherent weakness they adopt intimidation and violence as normal. Its the only way they might win. Here is a mention of how this kind of Election dispute has happened before. Thumbwheel it bigger

Democrats (lefties) never change. So we are lumbered with their behavior. Its tied to Father deficiency, single mother households. Which also leads to transexualism it has been discovered. The vital formula is a domineering bullying narcissistic mother who marries a weak unassertive near silent Father. Joe Biden in his first hundred days wants to legislate to enable 8 yr olds to get transgender procedures without any input from parents. The parents are to have no say in the genital mutilation of their children. The Marxist state will do it all carrying out their goal of destroying the family. See the Communist Manifesto Marx and Engels. Both of Marx’s children suicided. Marx romanticised suicide in his poetry. Guiding light he is to millions, who are generally unaware of this.

A 1991 study may have found the root cause of transgenderism- Its connected to the Marxist demolition of the family as per Communist Manifesto.

Overbearing narcississtic mothers and severe father deficiency.
Mothers wanting be led by their own children. These bizarre behaviours cause brain damage in growing children and they pass their defects on to their own kids.

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