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I am a secular gnostic, Meaning I simply don’t think in religious metaphors. I have been curious for years why Christians who know the holy spirit, get no physical signals to clarify their gnosis. Under a christian video, I began asking them, when Christian Amanda Pryar mentioned she got tummy butterflies seemingly used for signalling. Brave of her. My conclusion has been that gnostic christians get few if any physical signals to augment their mental experience. Secondly, I note they lack a vocabulary to describe their experiences which holds back their progress. Hence the 20 minutes BEGINNERS TOUR at gives everyone, secular and religious, a valuable common terminology in the form of a formal lecturette.

Here is the video, and below that how the conversation went with Amanda.

Amanda begins by describing her experience of knowing the Holy spirit top of the page

Amanda Pryar
3 days ago
The Holy Spirit talks to me so much it’s beautiful. One day I decided that I was going to name Him FRIEND just saying those words brought tears to my eyes. It’s as if the Holy Spirit was waiting to hear those words and showed me in the emotion of tears but not of sadness. It was beautiful…. I hope everyone experience’s the same experience. I also get butterflies in my tummy which I also believe is the Holy Spirit!! Just be aware of your body and you will probably feel those feelings or you could ask Him!!

Steve Trueblue
1 day ago
Amanda Techo questions. Do you get any physical signals ? Apart from the tummy butterflies And do you hear internal music ?

Amanda Pryar
1 day ago
@Steve Trueblue no I don’t hear music ?? but I will let you know when I do! Although it’s not something I have ever been aware of I definitely will keep listening for. It’s a bit like the butterflies I wasn’t aware of what they meant so you if had asked me that question I wouldn’t have been aware of that!!! Does this make any sense to you?

Steve Trueblue
1 day ago
@Amanda Pryar Thanks for your quick thoughtful reply. YES you do make sense.The butterfly thing I have met in born gnostic people. Its a sort of gut signal. Knowing the Holy spirit is technically called gnosis. Opposite to Agnosis, not knowing. Did you know there is a project ( by a certain amorous entity) to get us all on the same page ? Standardised signalling.
The project supplies vivid messaging night dreams within a week,
supplies physical signals to augment messaging day dreams ( visions, you might say) for verification.
You would also get messaging music . It takes only 20 mins at the BEGINNERS TOUR at Could you evaluate this for me ? You might ask internally, if its OK for you to do this. See what answer you get. And perhaps let me know.

Amanda Pryar
1 day ago (edited)
@Steve Trueblue Thank You for answering and understanding what I wrote ? just before I read your reply I had a thought or vision? When I once told God about my fear and a few days later a song came in my thoughts, it’s a song by David Crowder “I Am”. I also have songs (not music) that I can’t stop thinking or singing I don’t mind it but by the end of the day, I would just wish I knew more word’s to the song aaargh!!!. I just went to see your beginners guide .WOW Thank You so much I can’t begin to explain the similarities between what I have read and what has happened to me!!!. Although I am a sinner just reading what you have written has given me more strength and faith.

Amanda Pryar Steve I was watching you on You tube earlier and also reading what you had to say about dreams (and other amazing things) the one about the aeroplane got my attention because I had a dream about a military jet plane that was suspended in a huge building (my home) I have been trying to figure this out but nothing came close??? But there were lots of people who came to see it STRANGE!!!

Steve Trueblue
28 minutes ago (edited)
@Amanda Pryar Laymans Gnosis improves everyone’s experience and getting clear physical signals raises clarity of communication. Mr G asked me to produce the website TBH to get us all on the same page with the same vocabulary. It greatly enables our conversation and understanding. Wet keyboard here. It happens everytime I boost a Godlings life. though I have done this for 15 yrs. Those songs you can look them up on youtube so you can have more vocabulary for communications. And here is my latest video.Its about musical communications. I pick some very popular music and explain why people hear it internally. This particular song the words dont matter, its the sound of human voice that thrills us. And that’s why we can hear it internally. Its a musical embrace. Sarah Brightman Andrea Bocelli Times to say Goodbye — Magnifique
Amanda you might leave a comment under this video to help explain it to others. It will sit there for decades educating any music lover

And a potential goldmine is this song “I am” which is very meaningful to Christians as its about gnosis and after some thought, Amanda said she remembered this song turning up internally when she was agonising over a serious personal problem, yet she didn’t grasp the overrall implications. Like most people. Hence the need for the 20 minute formal lesson.

Its had millions of views. But its an old song. So maybe its popularity is faded. But I can use it with my mid video explanation running it twice

And today a coupla days later Amanda PRYAR has closed her channel and all of her comments have disappeared from the 3 Reasons video. Her written replies indicated she was ecstatic at the discoveries she made in TBH. She may fear retribution from other Christians. Her own family. And she may want to keep her TBH discovery all to herself. So that’s OK. One thing she mentioned was she suffers from great fear, anxiety. This can affect our thought processes. So wasn’t I smart keeping all the replies she made !!!!! I still consider this a tremendous success as it points to a way to reach Christians who know the holy spirit but don’t get physical signals. And source told me about this, in advance, announced her warm response. Some people wait 9 yrs to get back to me. We can only speculate why. But its their life. But anyway, I am told Amanda will be back soon. The cat is out of the bag now, LOL

And lo and behold she turns up the following day making a most positive comment under the latest Time to Say Goodbye video

Amanda Pryar

Amanda Pryar 4 hours ago Thank you I have enjoyed this song/music for years and now I know that tomorrow I will be trying to sing or go crazy because I can’t stop hearing it!!!??1 ▼ 

And here is my reply to Amanda

Steve Trueblue3 minutes ago (edited) This video had 70 million views so it is very very popular adored music. I estimate perhaps 50 pc hear music internally for years and it just doesn’t occurr to them that they are being serenaded. Musically embraced. Way too many don’t think they are worthy of such attention. And we had to wait for this era of widely available broadcast music for this kind of communication to occurr. It simply couldn’t have been done in even the 19th century. So we live in a wonderful time to be alive. Maybe the best time ever. Notice how you knew this stuff Amanda, but you hadn’t put it into the foreground of your thinking. The 20 minute formal lesson just reframes one’s thinking. But virtually most people need that formal lecturette, because we are too busy with external things on marvellous theme park earth. So Amanda you have a new kind of conversation you can have with people. Anybody. Do you hear internal music ? Where do you think it comes from ? Whats doing it ? Have you never questioned it ? Why not ? You can say its all explained in a little lecturette at It works on phones. Thanks muchly for your positive entry Amanda. It will teach people for years. Decades

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