Lay Gnosis 112 Christian Gnostics all over predict Trump victory. Nobody says Biden will win- from 13 yrs ago
Predicted in 2007 when todays issues were unknown

So listen to the Christian Gnostic Kim Clement making dated prediction clips about non religious Trump and his arrival. Way back in 2007. A praying President, NOT a religious one. There is a difference. Disdain shown by God for religions. Hypocrites is the biblical term. Joe Biden saying “Palm 23” disgusted millions. Hmmm. And there is a boast that God himself brought about the frightening lurch to the left to strengthen faith. For in despair faith grows. I did it! says God . So the loony left was egged on by God himself to reveal their evil selves. Which we all thought was unfathomable hysteria. Trump Derangement Syndrome. And Trump will be a two term President building walls and eliminate White House corruption. And the story starts at 17 seconds with the predicted hysterical chorus of Impeachment like no other president has faced. Predicted in 2014. My David will come after Obama. David and Goliath metaphor once again, a secular giant defeated by a single stone flung by Donald Trump 1min 31

Mr G — I will FOOL the people. So we can thank God for this near communist takeover to reveal the bad guys in large numbers. It has certainly polarised society worldwide. Quite a feat. US Flagged street demonstrations even in Hong Kong and all over.

Trumps wall is central here. It wasn’t an issue in 2007.

2mins 52 “those that reject him will be shocked” ( Atheist democrats globalist communists) Even the Obamas voiced their astonishment and fear at the record turn out for Trump which required massively absurd levels of Biden cheating which is finally boiling over into the Congress of June 6. The same day VP Mike Pence actually scheduled a farewell trip to Israel to apparently throw Trump under a bus. But his trip has been cancelled……… supporting the single stone metaphor of lone Trump slaying the giant of secularism

2017 issues were unknown in 2007 yet its happening as foretold.
Ronald Reagan puts it most succinctly at 3-08 Is nothing worth dying for anymore ? When did that start ? Yet Gnostics know Death is the most carefully crafted illusion. Still Reagan’s piece is very hard hitting to most people.
2017 As predicted way back in 2007 I will put him in office and baptize him with the holy spirit and my power, says the Lord of hosts

There will be a praying president. NOT a religious one. Even God says religions are crap. LOL
He is annointed with the Holy spirit in the White House. Essentially he is turned into a gnostic. With an internal mentoring voice and messaging dreams.

At 5 mins General Flynn crucified for 4 years but still standing thanks to Trump.
7-34 Bill Still quotes an Australian Gnostic on the Tweed River Coast same sort of message
12 mins The uploader reveals his first Gnostic dream to us. During a nap. Its about Trump victory
And its all over the place. African gnostics say the same
Jehovah has the last say

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  1. Great video, turns out this guy Doug TenNapel is a comic book creator and author of Earthworm Jim, a popular video game from when I was a kid! Crazy.

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