Christian Prophets Religious Gnostics ( some Christians)

Julie Greens Gnosis explained

A little comparison between US Christians old style Gnosis and modern day Laymen’s Gnosis.

At 66mins 11 sec a useful explanation is provided of Julie’s style of Gnosis. Her style seems to be old fashioned inefficient 19th century Jacob Lorber Gnosis, a small quiet voice from the heart area. And its difficult. It sounds more like simple telepathy and its difficult she says. A mind struggle. This seems to be the predominant style of gnosis among US Christians. None that I have asked confirm receiving physical signals. They all hear internal music but they don’t respond. Their lack of vocabulary greatly hampers them. Prevents dialogue and the spread of education.

Julie says Somebody asked me– Do you hear an audible voice ?

I do not hear an audible voice It’s a still small voice that’s in here  (heart area ) It’s not, it’s not out here somewhere. I don’t hear something out here. I hear something in here, in my heart, that’s where these prophetic words come from, in my heart. My mind struggles when I’m writing, because it doesn’t comprehend what I’m hearing out of here, because it’s not here. It’s I’m here and God can speak to you too, He will he will give you the words, just ask him he will give you what you need to know in your life and what words you need to speak for deliverance and for God to make you free to deliver you 

Modern Laymans Gnosis is far superior. Provided by God as an upgrade which the theocrats call satanic. LOL. LG provides a much richer clearer multisense experience and requires no belief or faith or holy books, and provides physical evidence of Gnosis especially adapted to our “scientific” age upbringings

So its impossible to reach these  well meaning theocrats until Julie speaks about Layman’s Gnosis at I am told this will happen soon to everyone’s benefit. The idea is to put everyone on the same page in terms of vocabulary and understanding. Religious people, secular people, Spiritual people. All faiths and non faiths. Because Gnosis is purely natural. Strictly speaking NOT a religious event. Spread this around and we have Heaven on Earth.

This also fits in with Mr G’s complaint  thru Julie Green, that he is not really known by the masses at all, because misguided sleepwalker men have provided “official” descriptions describing him quite wrongly.

LG enables a much closer practical understanding of God for modern people.

Its a gift from God. Made possible only by God. Some of its rich attributes are listed below

Religious Gnostics ( some Christians)

Julie Green message- My Gavel has fallen

Julie Green download My Gavel has come Down
I think that’s all the announcements to make so here is the word of the lord oh and don’t miss tomorrow’s Great word of the Lord that he gave me this morning before I made this video called Great Visitations so you won’t want to miss that. That’s tomorrow’s video okay.
Now here is the word of the lord for today My Gavel has come down for I am the judge over all this earth, the scales of justice have been weighed and there have been and there has been an imbalance in this earth for far too long and injustice has outweighed justice.
Injustice has outweighed justice, evil has outweighed the good, and it appeared to you, that this was the time of the end, the end of all things, and good the end to this earth. NO saith the lord it’s not that time yet But it is the time of justice to be served in sentences to be passed on the ones against me and my children.
YES sentences and indictments have been signed and judgment has come to this time for the people that have enslaved you, that have stolen from you, that have passed unjust laws that stole an election and cheated that rightful president out of what was his YES they thought all was good with their plan, and it was foolproof no one could stop it and no one would catch them in the act they were totally free to do as they wish well I the lord watched as this took place and wrote it all down every detail I put people in certain places of power to record all what was done not only to this nation and to Israel but around the world that take over the world dominance and a one world government they so desired America the beautiful was the last thing that they needed to conquer for this to take place but I the lord hath stood in the gap stood against with my host of angels they have not won and they have not gotten away with what they have stolen. NO my gavel has come down their time has run out judgment is here and they will all be removed by me saith the lord. All their power the laws the money their plans their monuments their fake government they’re spying they’re stealing their death that they have brought to you in all your lands My children you have never seen, no one has ever seen was about to take place in this earth with what I’m about to do to the enemies of Almighty god similar to the Red Sea and Pharaoh and all of his men. the Red Sea is closing on all the enemies now they are trapped and they are getting stuck in the mud and cannot move they cannot run NO my children wait and see what I the lord have done against your enemies to save you once and for all it will bring people to their knees with great joy and freedom some will not heed my voice and fear will overtake them my children that’s why a choice has to be made in these days of the end your enemies destruction is coming and to all who are with you or all who are with them excuse me destruction is coming to all who are with them judgment for the evil judgment for the killing of innocent babies but as the worldly people have judgment my children there is great joy and celebration coming to the rest of the world, it will fill the churches and they will come in like a flood so my church get ready for impact of people charging and rushing to get in get your houses in order my children and my church get ready to get all the junk and all the man-made doctrine out so Iam not limited to what I can do in your services welcome me and my glory and I will show you things you never thought were possible with me I am the great I am and in these days I will move mightily across this earth to heal and to restore miracles , great miracles your eyes will hardly be able to believe these things are taking place for I the lord am doing great and mighty things for my children in these days I will strike down all in this earth against you again I say to the ones who refuse to draw back and stop your plans of destruction, I am moving against you now and destroying every one and all of your plans against my children, to take my children into captivity and to kill the ones you can’t handle NO you will not sayeth the lord, you will not have your way.
The lion of the tribe of Judah is against you and the lines have been drawn and you will not come any closer, and you cannot keep pursuing my children you have been cut off. Great confusion is running through your veins and great fear is overwhelming most of you you sold your souls to the evil one called the devil you sold your souls for money and power how does that fare in your life now ?
I gave you opportunities to repent and draw back, you ignored me and kept on moving forward with with your reset, so now is the time to overtake your camps and your plans to stop for I the lord fight for my children the war has been won and My children will collect all the spoils left that will be ripped from your hands you thought you could overthrow me and my nations I am the lord and I am the fourth man I showed up in the fiery furnace and I showed up once again, I am taking my children out of that fire, and bringing them out. Without any evidence you had them in, there no evidence of you, no evidence of your plans and you slave for slavery, it’ll all be wiped out, now my children stand now, and shout and rejoice I have come to deliver you and set you free and remove any evidence of the pain the sickness diseases lack poverty and debt they have had you in victory I say and victory is yours now.
So saith the Lord your redeemer
end message

Natural Gnosis Religious Gnostics ( some Christians)

Reaching Christians is so damned difficult

Comment left under this instructive video summarises the difficulties approaching Christians –

Doug Tennapel that was a good succinct lesson you found in the Costco book about the mixture of thinkers that produced the constitution. Wondering if you would at all be interested in allowing Mr G himself to advise people directly to augment their understanding and bypassing the MSM?
Because in very modern times natural law has been quietly extended to include physical evidence of Gods existence being available to virtually everybody, whether they are secular, agnostic, atheist, religious, spiritual or deist.
This is MR G putting virtually everybody on the same page regardless of beliefs, with the same physical evidence of his existence.
One can immediately see the powerful unifying nature of this thrilling change in natural law. (And it could be construed as the second coming, gnosis for all)
A question I put to people of faith is May God change the rules in this modern day and age to include most others? Can they allow God to do that ? Is it OK ? Does God have the permission of the faithful ?

Most Christians answer a resounding NO believing they own God and all their beliefs are unchangeable. They have dogmatic counter slogans ready, to repel “heresies”
I gather Doug, that you are man of faith, but do not know the Holy Spirit yet. Laymans Gnosis enables everyone, and anyone to know the holy spirit with physical evidence to quash all doubts and arguments.
All that is required is a slight reframing of our thinking done in a 20 min formal lesson putting us all on the same page at The 20 Mins BEGINNERS TOUR
Expect vivid messaging night dreams within a week
Immediate physical evidence
Messaging day dreams with physical backup
Messaging internal music (which most ignore currently) slowly morphs into an internal mentoring voice with physical backup.
The internal mentoring voice explains inevitable misunderstandings of holy books with physical backup.
And much more. All questions answered. And its FREEEEE !

Lay Gnosis Religious Gnostics ( some Christians)

Lay Gnosis 112 Christian Gnostics all over predict Trump victory. Nobody says Biden will win- from 13 yrs ago

Predicted in 2007 when todays issues were unknown

So listen to the Christian Gnostic Kim Clement making dated prediction clips about non religious Trump and his arrival. Way back in 2007. A praying President, NOT a religious one. There is a difference. Disdain shown by God for religions. Hypocrites is the biblical term. Joe Biden saying “Palm 23” disgusted millions. Hmmm. And there is a boast that God himself brought about the frightening lurch to the left to strengthen faith. For in despair faith grows. I did it! says God . So the loony left was egged on by God himself to reveal their evil selves. Which we all thought was unfathomable hysteria. Trump Derangement Syndrome. And Trump will be a two term President building walls and eliminate White House corruption. And the story starts at 17 seconds with the predicted hysterical chorus of Impeachment like no other president has faced. Predicted in 2014. My David will come after Obama. David and Goliath metaphor once again, a secular giant defeated by a single stone flung by Donald Trump 1min 31

Mr G — I will FOOL the people. So we can thank God for this near communist takeover to reveal the bad guys in large numbers. It has certainly polarised society worldwide. Quite a feat. US Flagged street demonstrations even in Hong Kong and all over.

Trumps wall is central here. It wasn’t an issue in 2007.

2mins 52 “those that reject him will be shocked” ( Atheist democrats globalist communists) Even the Obamas voiced their astonishment and fear at the record turn out for Trump which required massively absurd levels of Biden cheating which is finally boiling over into the Congress of June 6. The same day VP Mike Pence actually scheduled a farewell trip to Israel to apparently throw Trump under a bus. But his trip has been cancelled……… supporting the single stone metaphor of lone Trump slaying the giant of secularism

2017 issues were unknown in 2007 yet its happening as foretold.
Ronald Reagan puts it most succinctly at 3-08 Is nothing worth dying for anymore ? When did that start ? Yet Gnostics know Death is the most carefully crafted illusion. Still Reagan’s piece is very hard hitting to most people.
2017 As predicted way back in 2007 I will put him in office and baptize him with the holy spirit and my power, says the Lord of hosts

There will be a praying president. NOT a religious one. Even God says religions are crap. LOL
He is annointed with the Holy spirit in the White House. Essentially he is turned into a gnostic. With an internal mentoring voice and messaging dreams.

At 5 mins General Flynn crucified for 4 years but still standing thanks to Trump.
7-34 Bill Still quotes an Australian Gnostic on the Tweed River Coast same sort of message
12 mins The uploader reveals his first Gnostic dream to us. During a nap. Its about Trump victory
And its all over the place. African gnostics say the same
Jehovah has the last say
Lay Gnosis Religious Gnostics ( some Christians)

Lay Gnosis – Mandaeans the last living Gnostics ? And they are in Sydney !

One thing I could never find in ancient gnostic literature was whether they ever achieved physical signals to confirm their internal contact with the divine. Modern day Christian gnostics only seem to get a gut signal which is vague. So to my amazement these ancient people who literally go back to John the Baptist, have a community in Sydney ! They baptise in the Nepean River. Western Sydney. Wallacia. So I assume they practice old style gnosis achieved by meditation etc. Even in ancient times they did call themselves gnostics. And they still do. So I suppose that’s a golden opportunity to ask them about physical signals. They have a basic website. They might answer questions. What an adventure this could be.

I would like to know if their gnosis is the same as Christians knowing the holy spirit. And whether its achieved by essentially esoteric practices like fasting, achieving mind silence, veganism, etc Any way its Christmas time right now. Would they celebrate that ?

Lay Gnosis Religious Gnostics ( some Christians)

Lay Gnosis on Religious Gnostics

Comments available here

Religious Gnostics, that is Christians who “know the holy spirit” in their parlance, describe in the comments section under this video, that they react to the sudden appearance of strong sunlight on an object at 10 mins 07 seconds which triggers in them a reactive holy spirit stirring in themselves. First time I have seen physical feelings described by religious Gnostics. They describe feelings, of sudden chill, goosebumps. Some kind of internal awareness they don’t specify. Quite different to Laymans Gnosis which comes with no less than TWO types of physical signalling.

The Gnostic religious fellow walking in the woods in the video describes a conversation with God. Done it myself. Advantage is taken of the woodland setting, and a particularly stark object is used as a powerful metaphor for what will happen to the Public Standing of the Democrat party who have cheated themselves into the false position of stealing the Presidency.

My own Mother a secular gnostic is deeply concerned about the disaster America is becoming and she was told just a day after the shock election bizarre outcome, that Trump will succeed because God is on his side. and All will be exposed and the Democrat party will be so discredited it will have to change its name, and it will subside into obscurity.

Myself, another secular gnostic, I am repeatedly told Trump will win through court cases and vigorous enquiry unearthing evidence of massive electoral fraud in swing states.

Other religious Gnostics hear a similar message to myself, such as “Trumps Vindication is coming” repeated endlessly. This is normal form for Trump anyway. The massed media always call him every demeaning name under the sun and despite all their furious denials and denigrations Trump always turns out to be right. He was right about being spied upon by the FBI thru the FISA court. So this will happen again. Trump survives everything thrown at him by the mass media, entrenched hostile public servants, FBI attempts to entrap General Flynn, 4 yr hoax investigation, that spent 48 million vainly trying to find Russian collusion by Trump, which was to conceal Hilary Clinton’s private email server crimes. It was warned in advance by Fauci that Trump would have to deal with a major epidemic “to test his administration” Now how could Fauci know this in advance ? Well, Fauci was the Director of the DIH and was illegally covertly funding corona weaponisation research offshore in China, Wuhan to be precise, to the tune of 6.7 million per year. US Taxpayer dollars. As late as 2019. During Trumps reign. So corona looks as if it was summoned up as a desperate way to stop unstoppable Trump. It didn’t work. Because HE fights back. And is now busy prosecuting numerous court cases while the media chant the usual mantra there’s NO evidence.

Simple numeric totals evidence points to 4 million extra votes that Biden got, seemingly out of nowhere, with virtually no population growth, were likely filled out by school children at home during lockdown, terrified of death by global warming, that Biden goes on about ad nauseum along with Greta Thunberg, and being assured by Google that children can commit crimes and avoid prosecution so they produced millions of fake mail-in votes. Seemingly implying that many people’s home addresses, have lodgers, strangers staying there. Who probably don’t exist. 4 million lodgers created by children. LOL. And there is also the discovery of 25,000 Aged Care Home patients impossibly all voted for Biden. Inside job there. Could be huge. Time is the Democrats undoing. Every day more fraud comes to light.

And below, LOL before the election lotsa people researched election fraud punishment, but only in blue swing states, see the map. Children found they couldn’t be punished. And they could save the world from global warming by generating masses of false votes for Biden.

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