Julie Green prophecy fulfilled 2 Hunter Biden Laptops revealed

Julie Green PROPHETIC WORD GODS HAND MOVING ACROSS THIS LAND Fullfilled from Jan 24 on Jun 20, 2022 on The Hill News channel revealing another laptop stolen by a Russian Hooker.

Julie Green Transcript Jan 24

4mins 21

Hunter Biden you will fall in this hour. they will no longer protect you from any chance to save your father’s death from the public’s eye or the betraying or the one betraying him to keep this person a secret even though there is a plan to remove the so-called Biden and Harris they want it done their way for minimal damages. Right now there’s too much to hide they are letting people all over take start taking falls to protect the inner circle, and the ones who are more of use for their plans to move forward with their reset

Another laptop will appear and more will come out of the laptop they tried to hide the ones who were on my side have all the info all the ones on my side I’m going to say that again have all the info on those laptops and the enemies know it. So Hunter you will pay a high price for all the things that you have done your sick and discussing lifestyle will be known and there is no one to protect you. Your stepmother Jill can’t even stop what is coming for you and she wouldn’t even if she could Jill has to try to save herself from a massive fall she has kept so many secrets and lies to protect the big lie for Joe the one who is betraying him so much destruction is coming to all the Bidens. Video below.

What a wonderful development

This is a Jan 24 Julie Green prophecy well fulfilled. On Jun 18 Journo Andrew Kerr reveals on The Hill News Channel, that on the first known Hunter Biden Laptop, a recorded conversation where Hunter explained his other laptop was stolen by a Russian Hooker while he was unconscious in a hot tub in a Vegas Hotel. This could happen to anybody right ! Its tempting to joke about this, but its quite serious crimes taking place reported in a documentarian style and most important the Second Laptop existence was signalled by God Jan 24. And notice the other prophecy underlined in Julie’s message that Joe Biden is already dead replaced by an impostor “ to save your father’s death from the public’s eye” Explosive news we would say.

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