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Good morning everybody. As you can see, I’ll see it is Sunday, October 30 of 2022 and you will see this on Thursday, November 3 and the reason for that is because I will be in Branson, Missouri for the Reawaken America tour. Now, before I get to that, if you guys have any prayer requests or praise reports, please go to our website@jgminternational.org under our contact page where you can write us at Julie Green Ministries, PO. Box 1252, but Norfolk 52722. And as a reminder, I am not on Facebook, I am not on YouTube. This is the only place where you’ll be able to find the actual videos or I share them on Telegram and through social and locals. But I do not upload to Facebook or to YouTube just to let you all know, because we have had people write in about problems with those channels. Those are not ours. Those are people who are saying that they’re us and they’re not. Also, I will be at an event in Indiana November 12. So if you want tickets, there’s very limited seating at this event. So if you have any questions regarding this event, you can go to our website or the description box below. I have the link down there for you under our events page and I hope you can see us there. This team will be gone for quite a while, I think it’s about two weeks I think. So the amount of videos that I can do before I leave is limited. So I’ll do the best that I can for you and you more than likely will see me on the road at some point or somewhere. I will upload things for you so I can still get these prophetic words out to you or just encouragements out to you. We’re praying for you. No matter what God has me to do. Now this video, I’m going to do something a little bit different. Now I gave a prophetic word. It was actually a different video that I was doing and I was going to get on there just to encourage everybody regarding our country and it was called God is Giving Our Nation Back. On the 1 second, let me see what it’s called. God is giving us our Nation back. It was from October 25. Now I went on there just to give some scriptures and to encourage and then I went into teaching and then I went from teaching to praying, from praying. And then I needed to prophecy at the very, very end of this video and I just felt impressed with the Lord to go back and read that prophetic word just in case anybody did not get that prophetic word. And he’s given me a teaching that I need to give out to you regarding this word and what it means. So again, this is from the 25th, it was at the very end. So if you want to see this prophetic word, me giving it live or giving it during the recording. I should say go back to the end of the 25 October called that God is giving us our Country back, our nation back. Excuse me, I’ll get it right, I promise. God is Giving us our Nation Back. And you can see that one now. I am. Thank you for my team members for transcribing this for me so I can give this out to you today while I was teaching. You never know what God’s going to do. Sometimes when I pray, I do go into prophecy anymore. So we’ll see what he has in store for us today. Now again, this one is saying he is giving us our nation back. He’s been saying that a lot to us lately in many different prophetic words. And he is saying this is a gift. He’s giving us a gift of our nation back when our enemies try to steal it, try to bring the soul of the nation down. And God’s saying it’s not going to happen. And he’s giving it to us back. Giving it back to us. So we need to prepare to receive our nation back. We need to prepare our hearts and to know God’s authority, how to use his authority and what to do with it.

And so this is the prophetic word. It’s very short. It’s like a little over a page and a half.

The Lord says this day, my children, arise in me. Do not trust in your own ability. Trust in ME. Trust in my ability. Trust in my willingness. Trust in my love. Trust and rest in me and what I can do for thee. My name is the highest name above every name. My name and my power are greater than any man, any force or any amount of money worldwide. I will not be defeated and I will not let you be defeated. Children of Almighty God, I am with you and you are with me. This is my nation. My nation. And no one will steal it from me. My nation is rising higher up higher. My nation is being reborn. My blessing is upon this nation. It is destroying every evil entity. Every person that has been against me will fall and you will soon see. You will see them fall before me. My children, do not stop speaking my words. Do not stop trusting in my Son and what he has done for you. Do not take his sacrifice for granted. Stand on what he has done. Believe in what he has done and believe in me. You will soon see that I am in control. You will soon see everyone against you fall, fall and even fall even harder. No matter how many, I will judge each and every one of them. For those who have not repented, judgment is on its way. Judgment is here to stay for those who have risen up against me. For I, the Lord this day am speaking to my children. And I am speaking victory. So stand, shout, praise and worship me, for I am the great I AM and I am your deliverer. And I am delivering you out of the hands of the one world government and out of the hands of this fraudulent government and out of the hands of every person that stands up for socialism and communism. And every person that has stood in your way and stolen your freedoms from you, I will remove with my mighty hand. So this day receive these words, this day receive me into your homes. Receive me as your Lord and as your Savior. Receive me in my glory, sayeth the Lord of hosts. This is the reason why this one is so important. Look what it says.

The beginning of this prophetic word. Trust in ME Trust in my ability. Trust in my willingness. Trust in my love. Trust and rest in me and what I can do for thee. My name is the highest name above every name. My name and my power are greater than any man, any force or any amount of money worldwide. I will not be defeated and I will not let you be defeated. Children of Almighty God, I’m with you and you are with me. In this time that we are living in, he’s asking us to trust him. He’s asking us to trust in his ability. A lot of times when I think I said this on yesterday’s, but a lot of times when we are in a battle, we try to figure out how to fix it. We try to figure out how to win. We try to figure out what we can do. And God is saying, don’t do that. Don’t lean onto your own strengths and man’s ability to get a job done. Trust and rely on Almighty God. A great example of this is with David. David and Goliath. David knew God. He knew his ability. When he was tending after his sheep, he had a bear that came against him and he killed it. He had a lion that came against him and he killed it. David knew that a man in his own strength could not kill a bear or a lion. He knew God was with him. He had so much faith in trusting God, no man would ever intimidate him. No man would ever get him to doubt God’s love for him or doubt God’s willingness to fight for him. And he stood up against a lot of adversity between the army of the Lord or sorry, it was supposed to be the army of the Lord, but they came cowering and running. When they were supposed to be running and fighting against Goliath, they went and hit. It was Israelites. It was God’s people. And they hit against Goliath. Because Goliath was big, he was intimidating. He looked like he was a force to be reckoned with and he would not be defeated. He just couldn’t be. They weren’t big enough. They saw themselves as small and weakened, frail compared to Goliath. They saw themselves through the perception and the perception of what Satan wanted them to see themselves as. They didn’t see themselves through God’s perception. They saw themselves as just grasshoppers. Remember, it was exactly the way the children or the Israelites did in the wilderness against the giants in the land of Canaan when they were supposed to go into the Promised Land. They saw the giants and they ran and they cowered and were just grasshoppers in their sight. The same thing with this army. They saw themselves as grasshoppers against Goliath. And so they refused to fight him because they could not see a victory. But then came David. And in First Samuel, chapter 17. Now, this is David. This is David in verse 26. Then David spoke to the men who stood by him saying, what shall we be done for the man who kills this Philistine and takes away this reproach from Israel? He’s saying, what is going to be done for a person that’s going to go and kill Goliath? No one’s thinking that there’s going to be any reward. And then David goes in and says, hey, what’s a reward for killing Goliath? His perception of the situation was totally different. He had the mindset of I can do this because God’s going to do it for me. I’m just going to believe in trust in him. God wants us to have a faith like David. And then he goes on, now look at this. And of course they tell him what he’s going to win if this were to ever happen. And then his brother heard. His brother gets mad because David was basically saying all that we defeat Goliath is hers. His blood gets mad at him. How many of us have been fought by our families during this time? Intimidation. They see things one way, when you see things another. Totally different perception of the same situation. Look at this. David said, what have I done now? Is there not a cause? This is verse 29. He’s talking to his brother. Verse 30 turned from him toward and said the same thing. These people answered him as the first one did in verse 31. Now, when the words which David spoke were heard, they reported them to Saul and sent them for him. So David speaking very boldly about Goliath, like, I’m going to go get Goliath. Who cares? Doesn’t matter. I’m going to go get him because God’s going to do it. And they get mad. And so they tell Saul. Saul gets wind and the 16 year old boy, 15 year old boy, the teenage boy is going to go kill Goliath. So he’s kind of people saying that he was being arrogant. People take boldness as arrogance. It’s not when you’re boldness in God. Again, wrong perception. Now, verse two. Then David said it’s all. Let no man’s heart fail because of him. Your servant will go and fight with the Philistine. He saw them. What does that mean? David saw them being in fear. He’s like, okay, don’t let their hearts fail them. I will go. Send me. And then Saul sits there and he looks at David and goes, you’re 16 years old. You’re a teenager. I have an entire army that can’t defeat him. What can you do? How can you? How can you, this little boy, go and fight and defeat this massive giant? So he saw, figures out he can’t change David’s mind into fighting the life. So he’s like, okay, fine. Then put my armor on. Fight with natural strength. So put on a natural armor, because you can’t go and fight a giant with nothing. So he asked David, put on his armor, and of course, the armor was just too big. David was like, this can’t be possible. I cannot fight this giant with this armor. It’s too big. It’s too gaudy. I can’t do it. I can’t move. And so he takes the armor off. He wasn’t going to fight it with natural weapons. Everybody else thought, okay, if you’re going to fight in a battle, you have to have natural weapons. And David was like, no, you don’t. I fought a lion and a bear. Without it. I didn’t need an armor to find an armor or bear. All I needed was God. That’s how I thought he saw it in the right perception, I will get this, all right? Perspective. He saw it the right way. He saw it through the eyes of victory and through God’s ability. And he was trusting in God. He was not moved by appearances. He was not moved by what was everyone else was saying. He didn’t care. He didn’t care what everybody else said. He didn’t care what everybody else thought. He didn’t care the way everybody else saw the situation. He only cared. God’s going to do this. I know God is going to do this. And so everybody else was cowering and hiding when Goliath was coming out there and intimidating, because that’s what our enemies do. They intimidate all the time. They open their big mouths. And nowadays, these tech giants it’s funny how they call them tech giants, but they have these giants that are coming out with their news media, with their mouthpieces, and they intimidate. They have intimidation tactics. This is what they do all the time to get you to what? To quit, to fighting them, to believing them that they’re bigger than you, to getting you to believe that they have more power than you. You might as well give up and quit now because it’s hopeless. You’re never going to defeat him. It’s the same thing. It’s the same situation now that it is back then. There’s nothing new under the sun. So listen to this. So David said in verse 37, this is first annual, chapter 17, David said, the Lord who delivered me out of the Paw of the lion out of the Paw of the Bear. He will deliver me out of the hands of the Philistines. And Saul said that David, go and the Lord will be with you. His faith was so strong. No, god will not God might. Maybe I win a few, I lose a few. Well, maybe this might happen the time he said, no, God will. And saw David’s faith. So David picked up five smooth stones. All he had was a slingshot because that’s all he needed. Then he goes verse 42. And when the Philistine looked around and saw a baby, he’s scorned. And despite him yeah, Mad, this is who you’re gonna bring to fight me? That arrogance. How dare you bring a little kid to fight me? I’m Goliath, I’m this massive giant. And the Philistine said to David, am I a dog that usually come to me with sticks? And the Philistine cursed David by his Gods. He opened his big mouth Goliath. They didn’t know how to shut it. Our enemies don’t know how to shut it. But look. So he’s intimidating David. You want David just to go? Okay, Goliath. I guess you won because you’re just so much bigger than me. It didn’t move. David. And the filthy said of David, come to me now. We’ll give you flesh, the birds in the air and the beasts of the field. And that happened to David. It happened to Go ice member. Excuse me. Hayman, same thing. Verse 45. I love David. Then David said to the Philistine, you’ve come to me with a sword and a spear and a javelin, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of Hosts, the Lord of the Ranks of Israel whom you have defied. What did God say in this prophetic word? Trust in me. Trust in my ability, trust in my willingness, trust in my love, trust and trust in me, and that I can do what I can do for thee. My name is the highest name above every name. David knew. Look at this, he said. But I come to you in the name of the Lord of Hosts. David came to Goliath with the name. The name that was above every name. Look at this. Then he said, listen this. Verse 46. This day, the Lord will deliver you into my hand and I will smite you and cut off your head and I will give you the corpse of the army and Philistines. On this day, the birds of the air and the wild beasts of the earth. And all the earth may know that there is a God of Israel. And all this assembly will know that the Lord saves not with a sword in his fear. For the battle is the Lord’s and he will give you into my hands. Look at that. David knew the battle was the Lords. We should know today the battle is the Lord’s. We should be running to these giants. We should be speaking today. The Lord will deliver you into my hands. You come to me with weapons, natural ability and natural strength. But I come to you in the name of the Lord. That’s how we win. We win with a weapon of our mouth. We win with authority in the name of Jesus. That’s how we win. We have the faith of David. Look at Joshua and Caleb. Joshua and Caleb had the same type of faith. Come on. We are more than able to defeat these giants as a good report when everybody else had the evil one. There are people saying a good report now and there’s people saying evil reports now. Which report do you believe ? Religion will tell you an evil report? There’s nothing new under the sun. We need to take an example of what happened in the Bible and all the mistakes that the Israelites made and all mistakes of the people of God that made in the past. Don’t make those same mistakes. Don’t be those people. Same thing happened in Daniel chapter three. You can look this up. Daniel chapter you know what? I don’t want to quote the Bible, so let me open it up. This is Shadrach Meshach and Amenigo. They have the same faith, like David. Look at this. This is Daniels, chapter three. And verse 16. Shadrach, Meshach and Amenigo answered instead of the King of Nebuchadnezzar. We have no need to pray or to answer you in this matter. What was Nebuchadnezzar doing? Nebuchadnezzar did the same thing. You’ve been intimidating them. He was telling them, if you don’t bow to my golden image, you’ll be thrown into the fiery furnace. He was threatening them. Look how they answered. Verse 17. If that is the case, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and he will deliver us from your hand, O King. Again, intimidation. Threatening. If you don’t do what I tell you to do, your freedoms will be taken away from you or your life. You will die. What would happen with COVID ? There’s nothing new under the sun. Our enemies might use different things, but it’s all the same thing to threaten, to intimidate, to get you to stop believing. And trusting in God, to get you to focus on them and their threats. And what are we supposed to do? Trust in him. Trust in his ability. Trust in his willingness. Trust in his love. Trust and trust in Him in what he can do for us. My name is the highest name above every name. Praise the Lord. This is the reason why I knew he wanted me as soon as it was transcribed, I knew he wanted me to go back and read this to you. Then for the other day, I wanted to give you this revelation of David. I want to give it to you so bad. It was for today. It was for this one. So we can’t go by how we see things. We got to go by what God wants us to do and when it’s important, because the truth will set us free every single time. Listen to this. Then he said, this is my nation. My nation, and no one will steal it from me. Joy’s Argentina. No, it’s not. And they appear to be that way. Sometimes our adversaries are allowed to do certain things for their ultimate demise. But God is saying, it’s not going down. My nation is rising up higher. My nation is being reborn. My blessing is upon. This nation is destroying every evil entity. Every person has been against me and will fall. And you will soon see you will soon see them fall before me, which we take away from this. Don’t trust in our own ability. Don’t trust in man’s ways. You could say that David beat Goliath in a very unconventional way. Because you know what? Conventional way would have said you have to have an army to defeat that giant. But the army cowered and they hid, and a little teenage boy came out with five smooth stones. The whole thing about that is that what I love about that story is David had five smooth stones but only needed one. He only needed one, just one shot right here, right? Only place that was not covered with the wire and he died. We don’t need natural weapons. We don’t need natural things to defeat our enemies. Just God. Remember that. But God that’s all we need, Joe. But they’re doing this. But God but God’s saying this. We just need to trust or lean and rely on Him. And I really hope it’s encouraged, because I am more encouraged now even giving this to you. And I have been encouraged with everything that God is doing right now. Let’s be David. Let’s be Joshua. Let’s be Caleb. Let’s be Shadrach, Meshach and Amenigo Remember that? The fourth man showed up. Jesus showed up for them because they were daring to believe and trust in Him. No matter if they were facing death and they were facing persecution. They walked into the fiery furnace, and Jesus was there. He was there, and they were walking around in the midst of the fire. So no matter what the enemy was doing against them, their weapon wasn’t enough to stop Jesus. It wasn’t enough then, and it’s not enough now. We need to trust God right now. Trust Him. Trust in his ability. You don’t need natural things. We don’t need anything that we know to be the normal. Look at the Red Sea. That wasn’t normal. It was God. That’s all I need. I want to pray for each and every one of you to get up and see all these things that we’re facing in this world today. See it through the eyes of Almighty God that he is willing, that he is able and that he is big enough. His name is above every name. Heavenly Father, name of Jesus. I just looked up every person, the son of my force. God, we thank you for your written word. We thank you, Father God, for the name is above every name. And we will not take that name for granted. We thank you, Father God, that no matter what our enemy has done to intimidate, no matter what they have done to destroy, no matter what they have done, you are bigger. No matter how much they have, you have more. I thank you, Father God, that our angel armies are at work or right now. There’s things going on that we can’t see. We thank you, Father God, that we trust you. We trust you, Father God, and we trust your love. We thank you, Father God, that you still are the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You are the God that was with Shadrach, Meshach and Amenigo. You are the God that was with the Israelites when they were in the wilderness.

Father God, we thank you that you have never left us nor forsaken us. And we thank you for your promises. And we thank you for the blood and covenant that we have with you, that we have the victory, so we will celebrate. We receive, Father God, that nothing our adversaries are doing, they will not prosper. They will not win. They cannot have this nation. They will not destroy us. We thank you, Father God, for picking us and choosing us for such a time as this. We thank you each and every one of us will fulfill the assignment that you’ve put us on this earth to fulfill. We thank you for giving us the ability we give you your willing, our willingness, Father God, to trust you. We thank you for victories. We thank you for the deliverance. We thank you for your love and your mercy and for your grace this very day. In Jesus name, amen. And amen. Again, I hope it’s encouraged you today. God will never let our enemies win and God will never fail. We can look in Hebrews chapter six. He’s got two unchangeable things his promise and his oath. If you don’t know that, go look in Hebrews chapter six and verse 13 on and go read that and get it down into your heart that God is that God who goes before us. So who can be against us? God is on our side. To whom shall we fear? Well, please, like subscribe and share and give this to everyone you know who needs to hear an encouraging word, who needs to hear the truth. Because the truth will set you free. God loves you. I love you. God bless you and have a wonderful day.


Initially this advice is counter-intuitive. Especially for this DIY everything type person. More like anathema……..

Do not trust in your own ability. Trust in ME

But there are many large scale things beyond our personal ability to effect, that only God could do. Like taking down corrupt judges, exposing election cheating, infiltrating whistleblowers etc. Hence God’s advice Trust in ME by realisng our own personal limitations.

Now this is just plain astonishing for its breadth and scale and comprehensiveness.

Every person that has been against me will fall and you will soon see. You will see them fall before me”

So not just a few of the evil elite, but all their puppeteers, and enablers, their financiers, their support base, right down to crooked prosecutors, police and election officials. And RINOs. And foreign spies.

The legal system can’t possibly deal with a million felons. Nor could the new Republican dominated Congress handle this volume of investigations and prosecutions.

The answer to me seems to be they just die after exposure so that the death pattern will be noticed by even the most obtuse atheists.

The principals could die on TV. The smaller fry could just die in their sleep. Just stop their breathing.

The gravity of what they have done is beginning to dawn as now The Atlantic lefty rag is now raising the idea of Covid Amnesty. Because they fear the incoming Republican Congress will be vengeful. It doesn’t occur to them to fear God because they are mostly atheists. Though many are God Haters like Karl Marx.

In previous lessons its revealed some treasonous democrats have secretly contacted Trump pleading for mercy and lets-make-a-deal type plea bargains. Some have been refused. There is a list.

Succinct explanation here for what motivates Democrat nihilism. Its not political.

United Nations insider explains the reasoning behind their enthusiasm for Genital Mutilation of Children. And it explains all their other evil practices

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