Noble Savage Myth exploded just before the VOICE Referendum

One of my favorite gripes has been the adverse effect of the Noble Savage myth. It’s actually done more damage to the English speaking world than Marxism. It was invented popularised by Rousseau, a French revolutionary philosopher who preached disguised self hatred by nobelising primitive people. It’s now pushed heavily by Marxists and it’s so bad that even now they teach it in preschool in Australia, 3 year old kids are taught to apologise to aboriginals for upsetting their idyllic perfect Noble Savage lifestyle with their British Colonialism. Done by marxist schoolteachers. University trained. As complained about by Jordan Peterson. That’s how pervasive and insidious the Noble Savage Myth is. It begins as child abuse in pre school.

And it is absurdly wrong as pointed out by numerous academics. Its partly the Anglos fault for being so damned gullible. Though Lying fake academics for generations have proagandised the Population.

So as we approach a federal referendum this year about whether we should give an aboriginal unelected aristocratic VOICE a third house of parliament to veto our Federal parliament that has functioned well for everybody, we discover the VOICE is not new at all, but is a communist idea to subvert established nations with indigenous people fighting the communists’ battle for them.

The idea came from Lenin and Stalin. And they killed 66 million indigenous Russians. And the intended VOICE aristocracy to be are hard core communists, and very few of them are actually aboriginal. And the usual suspects are there.

So I welcome Andrew Bolt seizing upon a mistake made by our CNN style ABC our Government broadcaster that hates every aspect of Australiana. Totally marxist they are.

The mistake the ABC made was highlighting the violence of aboriginal life which directly contradicts the Noble Savage myth that they were serene and profoundly philosophical and wise.

Tremendous background knowledge is available from the comments below the video. I paste a few in here. It just goes to show how much useful information is stored in senior peoples heads.

This is the video description

The ‘woke’ ABC ‘let slip’ ‘Something actually, very big that explodes a big fantasy that aboriginal violence today is all the fault of racist whites,’ says Sky News host Andrew Bolt. He says the ‘fantasy’ that Aboriginal people used to be ‘so peaceful’ was blown in a broadcast by the ABC. ‘Now, the ABC’s big mistake was to say, yes, aborigines did have shields. You see, the only reason they’d need shields was not to defend themselves from kangaroos, or wombats, or koalas – but to defend themselves from other aborigines,’ he said.

They thought Captain Cook was a God. He had guns. And was handing out gifts. So everyone “behaved”.Everyone on their best behaviour. What else would they do? But by his second visit to Hawaii the Noble savages decided he wasnt a God after all and he was speared and eaten. After all the gifts he gave them.


14 hours ago

They try to spit that narrative about American Natives, too. However, the truth is that they had wars, slavery, human sacrifice and a distinct lack of either technology, industry or an economy worth writing about. Verbal histories are hilariously inaccurate.


16 hours ago

All that one needs to do is to read the interviews of PapuaNewGuinea elders, on the welcoming of Australian Police as an end to chronic tribal warfare.



16 hours ago

Aborigines and Torres Strait islanders slaughtered hundreds of shipwreck survivors along the north Queensland coast line in the 1800s. They killed men, women and children and some of their victims were eaten. Read “Cape York, Savage Frontier” by Rodney Liddell.


12 hours ago

Fake Scottish Aboriginal Professor Pascoe’s now claiming 120,000 years of Aboriginal culture and society. In the 1970s it was 40,000 years, then 50,000 and lately 60,000. Whatever the number, after all that time they’ve not much more to show than some infantile paintings on a rock.



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Everybody else has 200,000 years of ancestors. So what ? Its a meaningless number. Trees ancestry goes back millions of years. So how do we spin that to somebody’s disadvantage? We can have the same problem with astronomical numbers many people being irrationally emotionally overcome by the distance to Jupiter.


10 hours ago

10 years ago the Darwin hospital had the honour of having the highest rate on earth of people being admitted for broken jaws who were mostly Aboriginal


And I found newspaper headlines announcing just that.

Australian city of Darwin named ‘broken jaw capital of the world’

The north Australian city of Darwin has won the unenviable title of “broken jaw capital of the world”.

By Bonnie Malkin in Sydney07 January 2010 • 10:41am

A doctor at the Royal Darwin Hospital said the emergency room dealt with 350 cases of broken jaws and noses each year.

“(This) puts us at about 17 per 10,000 population, which is well above anywhere else in the world,” Dr Mahiban Thomas told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Dr Thomas said the shockingly high rate of broken bones could be attributed to

alcohol-related violence in Darwin.

“Only 12 per cent of the trauma patients have not been a victim of an alcohol-related assault,” he said.

Most of the assaults that lead to hospital admission take place outside Darwin’s busy pubs and nightclubs on Thursday and Friday nights.

Darwin has long had a reputation for alcohol abuse and violent crime, and the situation appears to be getting worse.

There were more than 6,000 assaults in the Territory last year, up 18 per cent on 2007 figures.

A report released last year also revealed that the Northern Territory has the highest level of alcohol consumption in the world.


14 hours ago (edited)

Why pretend? It was Aboriginals that told me about how their grandparents had hunted and eaten the Chinese workers around the Palmer River during the gold rush. Western Yallanji people did that. The stories I’ve been told go beyond just killing and eating. How about rounding up five or six Chinese, tie them all up then pick one out. Hang that one up in a tree and start taking limbs one at a time and sealing the wound with a burning branch so they don’t bleed out before they wanted the next piece. Keeping them alive kept them fresh apparently. All the Chinese captives got to watch the cooking and eating part until no one was left… Oddly enough, we were also told about this in a Qld primary school in the seventies, though in vague terms. It was the Bama that told me those and other details… It’s not hard to find this stuff out. Aboriginals are human beings, and, war and killing is within human nature whether we like it or not. Sounds like rainbows and butterflies doesn’t it? I suspect that this didn’t start with the Chinese.


16 hours ago

26 February 1606, Dutch explorer Janszoon and his party made landfall near the modern town of Weipa and the Pennefather River, but were promptly attacked by the Indigenous people.[18] Janszoon proceeded down the coast for some 350 km (220 mi). He stopped in some places, but was met by hostile natives and some of his men were killed.



So I thank Andrew Bolt for briefly outlining the Noble Savage Myth and the damage its done to the entire Anglo world partly due to our own gullibility and lack of assertiveness. And still today mass murders Lenin and Stalin are abusing our smallest children from 100 yrs ago thru University trained Marxist teachers.

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