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Lay Gnosis 91 Loss of attunement by self induced grief of separation

A miserable virtual atheist posts here his unfounded shallow belief that the Divine is unreachable in this universe. His belief causes him a lot of grief.

Most usefully Adam, gnostic from the UK, at just the right time, provided source’s explanation for the grief of separation of Narrow. Can God use the internet thru people ? Is that OK? Umm its not mentioned in the bible….. but… can God change the rules sometimes ? That’s NOT OK with fundamentalists which is what Narrow claims to be.
Further explanation below here of Adam’s intervention into Narrows misguided conversation by quoting source’s advice of self caused misery. the Timing is remarkable.

Narrow doesn’t answer 4 questions though he loves arguing and parading his knowledge which is lot of praiseworthy book study, and a difficulty there, is, he must have absorbed a fair bit of mis and dis information. And this vociferous arguing is his method of avoiding personal experience. A hallmark of pseudoskeptics. This bitterness of separation is widespread and greatly encouraged in our atheistic materialistic society. Narrow just won’t go into TBH for 20 minutes………. he is unable to be calmly curious. Too much anger and grief.

  • 20 minutes at BEGINNERS TOUR
  • Expect immediate physical verification that something has changed
  • Expect Vivid messaging night dreams within a week
  • Expect Keywords typed into your mindseye
  • Day dreams (visions) with physical verifications
  • And much more. All questions answered
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