Christian Prophets Lay Gnosis Scientism

Myths about religion- Tamara Sonn at TEDxCollege of William & Mary

This is a 2013 Ted talk where a typical loony left wing academic advocates global liberalism and scientism as the way to deal with religious excesses. I left this furious reply

And below I included the video transcript because reading is faster than listening.

This was my furious comment left under this video.

2022 This is a very much atheist liberal propaganda advocating a scientific technocracy should rule. That science is some great bastion that moderates religious excesses. And it brought us Fauci and Covid 19 scientifically produced to kill millions. To produce inhumane lockdowns and mandatory vaccines that have killed 20 million people so far and introduced a new raised death rate boosted by 40 pc calculated to kill 3 Billion in a couple of decades. Insurance companies verified this. So the religion of “science” has outstripped the excesses of old fashioned religions. If you don’t know the holy spirit your opinions are next to worthless. BUT you will be pleased to know that in 2022 God now makes daily broadcasts thru verified prophet Julie Green on Rumble. In the daily lessons God vigorously campaigns to ELIMINATE RELIGIOUS thinking and legalist thinking. And listen only to his internal, mentoring voice in a state of Gnosis. (knowing the spirit).

And below I included the video transcript because reading is faster than listening.

Transcript of this video faster than watching

Myths about religions transcript

Notice only Christianity is demonised. So academics work for who ? Can you deduce that ? 10 guesses. Warning it finishes with Obama worship.

Thanks so much Prave and Alex and Anna and Todd and all of you who worked so hard to bring TEDx to William and Mary are really more to bring William and Mary to. TEDx, I know you’ve worked for so long. The program has been so good so far. Lots of historic innovation, lots of tech prezis PowerPoint, none of that with me. It’s just myth and religion. And what could possibly be historically innovative about myth and religion? Well, I’m glad you asked that question, actually. We have a lot to learn from studying myths and how they work in our lives, especially myths about religion. But before we can talk about it, we have to know what we mean by myth. We usually think of myths as simply false beliefs. And some myths about religion really are just false beliefs. Like the belief that the stories of the Hebrew Bible and the Qur’an were uniquely revealed to the prophets. In fact, some of those iconic stories have precursors in earlier texts. Like the story of the creation of the world by a god who tamed the raging seas and separated the earth from the skies or earth from the heavens. This story is told in the Book of Genesis and in the Quran, but it’s also told in the Enuma elish of ancient Iraq, the homeland of the biblical patriarch Abraham. And that version probably dates to at least 1000 years earlier than the biblical text. Or the belief that the Quran teaches that Muslims will be greeted in heaven by 72 virgins. The Quran does describe heaven as populated with pure and ageless partners and refers obliquely to the ancient tradition of psychopomps. One of my favorite words pure souls serving as guides for the righteous across the narrow bridge from earth to the heavens. But these figures are not defined as people who have never had sex. And nowhere is the number 72 mentioned. But many scholars don’t use the term myth to mean a false belief. For them, myths are stories that may or may not be true, but that we cherish anyway as part of our group’s story. Because they tell us who our heroes are and they highlight our values. Like the story of George Washington. We’ve mentioned him before in the cherry tree. In religion, myths are stories about things in the deep recesses of prehistory, or stories about things in the far distant future. Stories that are beyond the realm of science and history and may even sound a bit fanciful to scientists and historians. But we cherish them anyway because they do highlight our values and tell us about our heroes. And they help us answer the big questions like why we happen to exist in the first place, why life is so difficult sometimes, who can we trust? What might happen next? And when we hear these stories, we get a sense that we’re in touch with a higher reality, a transcendent. And we feel a measure of assurance that things are basically under control and that there’s a reason for us to carry on. In that sense, in their own way, these myths are true. In that sense, as the fourth century historian Seleucius put it, myths are things that never happened but are always true. Very much like what Picasso said about art a lie that makes us realize the truth. And in that sense, myths are not separate from religion. These sacred stories are part of religion. Scholars like Mercia Eliade, Joseph Campbell and Karen Armstrong take this approach to myth. But other scholars caution against such a romantic view of myth and advocate instead a more critical approach to matters of belief. Because too many people can’t tell the difference between this special or sacred kind of truth and everyday reality. Too many people can’t tell the difference between transcendent myth and literal truth, and that can lead to serious problems in real life. Take that creation story that a single mighty maker accomplished the job in six days. It’s one thing to find in this story assurance that we don’t just exist by accident and quite another to insist that the story is literally true and therefore to dismiss the science that demonstrates otherwise as an attack on a higher and more unquestionable authority. That is, to insist on choosing between myth and science in such a way that science loses. A 2012 Gallup poll indicates that 46% of Americans believe the Adam and Eve story is literally true. And that’s up 2% since 1982, perhaps because of the increasing tendency to teach creation teach the creation story instead of science. And that despite a Supreme Court ruling prohibiting the teaching of the creation myth as science. The Spread of anti-science was alarming enough in Europe that the parliament of the Council of Europe passed a resolution in 2007 titled The Dangers of Creationism in Education. The resolution warns that denying the science behind the theory of evolution in favor of unquestioning belief in our group’s stories can undermine the research necessary to deal with major challenges facing humanity today, including epidemic, disease and environmental disaster. So that’s one of the major issues identified by scholars who caution against romanticizing myth the danger of sacrificing scientific reasoning even in areas when we need to use it most. There’s another danger involved in confusing sacred myths with everyday reality, though it’s one thing to believe that Jesus founded a church with authorities headquartered in Rome and quite another to justify killing people who disagree with those authorities. Within five years of Christianity being declared the official religion of Rome in the fourth century, the Church executed someone for disagreeing about how to worship. In the same century, Augustine became an authority of that church, claiming that the commandment forbidding killing was not broken by those who wage wars at the command of the Church. This paved the way for Christians to serve in the military, which until then had been considered a violation of Jesus pacifist teaching, and it would ultimately legitimate wars to expand Christian sovereignty, wars against pagans and heretics. So this is an example of another danger involved in valorizing, uncritical belief, belief in our own stories to the extent of sacrificing those who do not fit into them. Need more examples? If you think pagans and heretics had it bad, what about Jews? After Christianity was politicized in the fourth century, if you didn’t accept trinitarian Christianity, you were at best potentially a traitor, and at best, sorry, at least potentially a traitor and at best looked upon with suspicion. In times of turmoil, war, depression, disease, people tried to figure out why such bad things were happening and sometimes resorted to just finding someone to blame. And that’s when stories about the treachery of Jews went viral. The most common one was that Jews killed Christian children to drink their blood because of its purity or to make mozz. I’m not making this up. There’s the famous case of the English child who was found dead in a well in 12 55. 90 Jews were accused of participating in torturing him, draining his blood, and crucifying him to mock Jesus. 18 were hanged, and King Henry confiscated their property. Miracles were attributed to the child. He was called a saint, and he got a shrine in Lincoln Cathedral. It took 700 years for the Anglican Church to disavow the story of little Saint Hugh of Lincoln. And this kind of slander wasn’t limited to just the ignorant masses. In 1534, Martin Luther wrote a book titled The Jews and Their Lies. In it, he said that Jews were nothing but thieves and robbers who wear and eat only what they have stolen from us. Through their accursed usury, they suck the marrow from our bones. What shall we Christians do with this rejected and condemned people? He asked. He suggested burning their synagogues, schools, and houses, forbidding rabbis to teach on pain of death, and confining Jews to their homes. This, Luther said, is to be done in honor of our Lord and Christendom so that God might see that we’re Christians. You see, the Jews didn’t fit into the story. It’s not very difficult to see a connection between such teaching by one of the founders of the Protestant Reformation and the horrors of the Holocaust some 400 years later, a connection that’s been acknowledged by Lutheran groups in apologies since by the Roman Catholic Church since 1998. Again, these two issues rejecting science and demonizing those who aren’t a part of our stories call uncritical belief into question. This does not mean that there’s no room in our lives for the myths that enrich us, that give shape to the shapeless mysteries of existence and that motivate noble behavior even in our darkest days. But it does point to the importance of understanding myths so that we can appreciate when it’s unique sacred realm, the realm of life sustaining paradigms, when the boundaries of that sacred realm have been breached and its stories perverted. Some of you may have been watching the dramatizations of biblical stories that have been showing on TV for the past couple of weeks as people prepare for Passover and Easter. It’s pretty terrifying stuff death and disaster everywhere. Confiscation of property by divine command. What can happen when people take those stories out of the sacred plane and use them for political programs? Here’s an example. In 1630, the governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, John Winthrop, declared that God had called upon the English settlers to build a model Bible commonwealth. If we are six, if we are faithful to our mission, Winthrop wrote, we shall find that the God of Israel is among us. When tens of us shall be able to resist a thousand of our enemies, we shall be as a city upon the hill, the eyes of all people upon us. That biblical illusion became a powerful motivator for colonial expansion or exploration, as Euphemistically called in 1045. An article in the Democratic Review called for Americans to take more land on this continent, saying that it would be the fulfillment of our manifest destiny, a destiny that had been allotted by Providence for the free development of our multiplying millions. How many Native Americans lost life and property in confrontations with zealous European settlers? Enough for us. Congress to pass a resolution of apology to native peoples, acknowledging, quote, the years of official depredations, ill conceived policies, the breaking of covenants violence, maltreatment and neglect inflicted on American Indians by US. Citizens. But that wasn’t until May 2010, after the damage had been done. The chief of the Cherokee Nation, Chad Smith, spoke at the ceremony marking of the congressional apology. He said that apologies for atrocities are difficult. The past obviously can’t be changed, but we can learn from it. The real question, Chad said, is what happens from this day forward. So what can the study of myths and religion tell us today? That our sacred stories can be sources of inspiration and consolation, even if they’re not empirically verifiable, but also that we have to be careful how our stories are used? Are we responsible for how other people use our beliefs? And how do we even know if our stories, if some of our beliefs are impacting other people in negative ways? These are the questions raised by the study of myth and religion, and I have the audacity to hope that asking them could change the way we look at belief. As President Obama said last week when he visited Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, we see the barbarism that unfolds when we see other human beings as less than us. We have the choice to ignore what happens to others, he said, but knowing what can happen when we do it is our obligation to act for us in our time, the president said this means confronting bigotry and hatred in all of its forms. The courage to do that, I believe can also be found in our sacred Stories. Thank you.

Death Cult Scientism

Harari the globalist “prophet” is a shallow sloganiser- wants to out- do Hitler and Stalin

He is only a gay jewish history teacher.

Yuval Noah Harari | “God Is Dead It Just Takes Awhile to Get Rid of the Body.” Says WEF Advisor “

Like the oh so shallow Randi skeptics, like the New Atheists of the 90s they think if something can be copied then its debunked !

Yuval Noah Harari | “Hitler & Stalin Would Be Nothing Compared to the Combination of AI & Bio-Tech”

Yuval Noah Harari | “What to Do With Useless People? My Recommendation Is Drugs & Computer Games.”

The usual problem of these militant atheists is that they have no idea what they are. So their “logical” conclusions are often woefully wrong. Because one’s thinking can be heavily dependent on self image. (I am just a bag of robotic meat) Angry sleepwalkers are they. Much aggression and depression they can have often due to father deficiency in childhood. Or being molested by older gays in childhood. Father deficiency can range from complete absence to hardly ever being home, domestic violence, drunkeness. to molesting the child. There is also the likelyhood of Asperger Syndrome.

Plenty other videos like this at Banned Video (

My only comment about these angry atheist people is that they are a death cult and don’t stand a chance against the power of God.

Their death cult has been going for maybe 100 yrs.

The Serial Killers Of The Great Reset video

Communism in the US is NOT from Russia but from US Billionaires.

They formed a powerful fantasy death cult explained in this video. The story starts with the Phoenix program in Vietnam. An assassination program to incite maximum terror in “enemies” .That program is now in wide use in the US against the whole peaceful  population. With Food processing factories burning down, even in Russia, as well as the US,  fears of further bioweapons, Ukraine Nuclear War fear,  Multi layers of fear being added. Like Global warning, gas prices, covid terror, smallpox terror, rising crime the list keeps growing.

Jay Dyer of guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the globalist buildup to the Great Reset takeover of humanity for their orderly disposal.

Video opens in another tab

Jay Dyer often on studies and explains the death cult of the billionaire “communists” who only want to kill everybody starting with the English mathematician Betrand Russell. Utterly beyond his comprehension why average IQ people exist. Useless eaters. The answer is so simple. Planet Earth is a Godling hatchery. WE are how Gods reproduce themselves. Hence the value of a large population. One of the rrequirements of incarnation is contacting God directly in a state of Gnosis. This just doesn’t occurr to scientism practitioners. They are too busy practising self worship.


Lay Gnosis Scientism Theme park Universe Distraction

Lay Gnosis 91 Loss of attunement by self induced grief of separation

A miserable virtual atheist posts here his unfounded shallow belief that the Divine is unreachable in this universe. His belief causes him a lot of grief.

Most usefully Adam, gnostic from the UK, at just the right time, provided source’s explanation for the grief of separation of Narrow. Can God use the internet thru people ? Is that OK? Umm its not mentioned in the bible….. but… can God change the rules sometimes ? That’s NOT OK with fundamentalists which is what Narrow claims to be.
Further explanation below here of Adam’s intervention into Narrows misguided conversation by quoting source’s advice of self caused misery. the Timing is remarkable.

Narrow doesn’t answer 4 questions though he loves arguing and parading his knowledge which is lot of praiseworthy book study, and a difficulty there, is, he must have absorbed a fair bit of mis and dis information. And this vociferous arguing is his method of avoiding personal experience. A hallmark of pseudoskeptics. This bitterness of separation is widespread and greatly encouraged in our atheistic materialistic society. Narrow just won’t go into TBH for 20 minutes………. he is unable to be calmly curious. Too much anger and grief.

Fundamentalists Lay Gnosis Scientism

Lay Gnosis 57 Mind is not the brain -Debate between materialists and dualists

Watching these videos in the comments are two classes of people locked in combat. That’s about all they are interested in. Endless acrimonious debate testing their arguing skills against strangers and both sides lack any interest in learning anything. NO CURIOSITY. So I leave among them dozens of instances of the footprint message for Laymans Gnosis 20 mins instant physical evidence etc answering many questions that they love to argue about forever with virtually NO interest in obtaining answers to their Holy Grail questions. Most of this combat with strangers takes in the US Bible belt which is 60 million bible bashing evangelical Christians who in their excessive fervour produce as a societal byproduct Militant Atheists. They meet online do the atheists to headkick the Christians they detest under the cover of anonymity. Christians generally win the arguments because they are smarter more complete people. Their general knowledge is much wider than atheists. An Atheist can be produced in a variety of ways. One way is simple contrarianism. A person can be just irritated being surrounded by enthusiastic Christians and contrarianism is one response. Demanding proof evidence etc For which there is little proof because most religions are just metaphors that take advantage of our natural religious tendencies. Now religious people do something very adult, they think very metaphorically (its still legal) and their thought processes consist of evaluating incoming information and saving the information in a great archipelago of Metaphorical Islands. An endless filing cabinet. And they can, and do successfully, usefully connect dots between these metaphorical islands and their memory archipelago grows bigger and bigger as they follow life’s path forward with more and more connections being made in their natural comprehension of what’s going on. And many of the connections are tentative and can be altered improved or deleted anytime as new information comes to hand. So we are all quite happy doing this.

Atheists are distinctly different their brains never fully develop and they are stuck in the Materialism of believing all things are physical. And things exist only because they can be touched felt, eaten weighed etc. That’s where the atheist understanding stops. Its a distinct brain defect. Another attribute we notice is they cant join dots infinitely like we can. They can only join a few dots and that’s that. So their outlook is very tunnelled and a lot narrower because of their inability to assemble an average persons general knowledge. YES its a learning disability they acknowledge by showing their anger toward religious people who can endlessly connect metaphors while talking. Militant atheists demand constant spoon fed “truth” backed up by peer reviewed science as a crutch to their learning disability. To which theists have a don’t care attitude buoyed by confidence.. Having religious beliefs makes them feel better and happier and fulfilled. Its their natural religious tendencies working for them. Militant Atheists want to do damage to people smarter than themselves. Many of them have Aspergers. Many scientists join science to prove that God doesn’t exist and spend their whole career bent out of shape because of their bias. and doing bad science

Similarly there are people who enter the legal profession not to practice law but to subvert the constitution of their country. In mind here , we have activist Judges in the US who seriously undermine the civilising rule of law. Lotsa closet rebels around.

I dropped a foot print Lay Gnosis message about twenty times under this video addressing commenters directly. I have already been abused by asperger people, militant materialists, people who are learning disabled. They get angry being unable to learn a new idea. Say by reading a page of text. Its beyond them. So they are living a life of anger and frustration.

And the religious people will likely accuse me of being duped by Satan, false prophet, biblical warnings I’m going to burn in hell if I don’t surrender to Jesus who loves me…….. Those are the religious fundamentalists. LMAO. This video is a 3 or 4 part series. Its about the materialist dualist argument. This is part 3

These videos come out of a fundamentalist Christian channel thus they explain as much they can from a religious point of view using scientific support when they can.

Christians are essentially good people. More successful. They are happier and have more kids than atheists. And the fastest growing ethnic group in the US is not Islam but Amish people.

And in the collapsing globalist secular European Union most of the leaders of the EU, it has been noticed, are childless and atheist. So they have the wrong people in charge.

Pasting in a variety of replies with explanatory commentaries on the status of those individuals and how difficult it can be to get a simple message to them

This fellow is referring to a book 20 yrs ago that combines quantum physics and chinese metaphors to produce enlightenment somehow. Dancing Wu Ling masters was part of the title I recall. I might put a test question. What do you do for others ?
This fellow Saint Christopher is feeble minded and repeats this line over and over. Its all he can do. We encounter this a lot among skeptics and fundamentalists. They are often illiterate, school dropouts, learning disabled. Unable to read a paragraph and grasp it. So they they communicate using short sentences. Anger and fear greatly ruin their lives. Sorry I cant do anything for them.
This boasting “classical pianist” smb12321 apparently is unaware that vocals can accompany music and carry instructive messaging. It tests my patience when she starts lecturing me on how many gnostics there are. 5 in the world. Have supplied a lecturette with a blog link. I’m challenging him/her about hearing internal music and ignoring it.

This next one. The Merciless Eye is a pseudoskeptic who demands to be spoon fed everything suggesting intellectual feebleness. Its one of their outstanding markers. I advise him to get evidence to answer his question by visiting a few seances. he reals an inability to read English. Expected.

Next snapshot I chide TheMercilessEye for being unable to read plain English but he doesnt get any better. Actual evidence scientific he doesnt want to read he just wants videos. I reply that I just supplied him with a video and resupplied the video link. He has poor reading skills or cant recognise a video link when he sees one. What sort of yobbo could be so ungrateful and be spitting out the evidence he is asking for like an angry child in a high chair. Low IQ pskeps do this is a big marker. because they have no interest in evidence, only disputatiousness. A smarter person a duallist explains that he is dumb spacemanjupiter provides a discussion way over his head and MercilessEye spits it back in his face calling his argument “beyond stupid” Huge difference in IQs here.

I explain here below that there there is physical evidence of afterlife of deceased people. In the form of Physical Mediumship. That deceased can physically appear in seances.
So having been supplied with a huge unexpected pile of evidence MercilessEye ignores it and says he doesn’t read scientific papers (requires reading skills) he just wants videos. So he didn’t even read my entry and see the video link. So we can see here.,that both religious fundamentalists and pseudoskeptics are broadly feeble minded angry people with serious defIcIts in their reading skills. By word count alone. More intelligent energetic people make much larger fact filled entries which the skeptic dismisses in 6 words. There is always a signature meagre intellectual output from Pseudoskeptics by sheer word count.
So pseudoskeptics have no interest in the evidence they continually demand to be spoon fed with. Its only ammunition to spit back in peoples faces. Their sole interest is disputatiousness. Is he so feeble that he cant click on a video link ? Will he have some off point dismissal almost certainly. That’s his pattern so far

Six Recent Seances with Physical Medium David Thompson Sent to the pseudoskeptic MercillessEye I even arrowed the video link. for him. Expect some shallow offpoint dismissal.

Physical evidence of afterlife Need to know stuff, Adam Only 6 or 7 in the whole world

And here is his avoidance reply

Spitting out the evidence demanding to be spoon fed more spitting ammunition So predictable. And what video would he believe or consider, knowing his spit-out patterned behaviour ? Skeptics cant be convinced of anything

Here is another one A standoff argumental tirade to avoid personal experience ( Real True Life) their sole interest is second hand experience somebody else’s third party report, declaring it all safe via a much prayed -for dismissal.

Al Garnier Foul mouthed angry tirades are all a shield to keep scary real life at bay. Don’t come near me !

Lay Gnosis Scientism

Lay Gnosis 48 Science and Scientism in the Age of COVID-19: Wisdom from C.S. Lewis

CS Lewis pointed out the menace of Scientism in the 40s. How it pervades our society as a substitute “scientific” religion. All too often its pseudoscience and pseudoskepticism deployed to achieve political and commercial goals. For example the White Coated “Doctors” in the US who advocated smoking cigarettes to clear the lungs. Can be found on youtube today. This sterile scientism is a fundamental plank in the very destructive globalism pushed by international communists intent on a single world government with themselves in charge. The UN only exists for that purpose. Its entirely owned by Bankers. And runs like organised crime. Globalism falsely maintains that many of the distinctive aspects of our societies are irrelevant superstitions and social constructs. Our culture religions, history and traditions our natural territoriality are utterly irrelevant and “evidence based science” should steer every aspect of government. Which stems from the myth that white coated scientists are more objective than average people and therefore their advice is of higher quality than even politicians. Well its NOT. Academics and scientists are mostly left wing and turn out to be seriously naive and authoritiarian. And thus quite happily they will outright lie, confuse and obfuscate and pretend vital things don’t exist. Bear in mind political attitudes tend to be genetic. Lefties come across as immature. Their brains never fully mature.

In this covid 19 scam we have scientific task forces doing hatchet jobs on cheap medicines that work, to boost the casualty count to raise the “terror” of covid 19. Yet still in Australia, last years ordinary flu killed more people than this years covid 19. Only 20 people in hospital and 20 million healthy people under house arrest. Victorian state premier Lefty Daniel Andrews has ordered married couples can’t go out shopping together. And people can’t go more than 5 kms from home. This has never been done by any dictator in human history. And with only 20 people in hospital. And a scientific task force composed of leftwing activists disguised as doctors and scientists has done a series of hatchet jobs on Hydroxychlorquinine and zinc and ignored Ivermectin (proven) and doxycyclin freely available over the counter in malaria countries.

Here Sky Channel Outsiders bring us up to speed on the mendacious behaviour of scientism technocrats. They are left wing loonies. Far far from their objective white coat “reputation”

Scientific hatchet jobs on cheap efficacious drugs done by our “scientific task force” in Australia. Trump Derangement Syndrome derailing left wing “scientists” and medicos. Left wing medicos happy to kill people for political ends. Cardiac mortality a furphy. Switzerland started using it again after stopping, because it works ! Fauci recommended HCQ in 2015. False drug trials. Wrong drugs administered and published. Can this be serious?

Lefties are forever screaming that they care most about human rights and thus have the moral highground but they also champion convenience abortion which is mass murder. Estimates are 50 million people have been aborted since the 60s. Where are their human rights ? Lefties are only angry weak people who rage at everything, always the contrarians. If you listen long enough to them they always contradict their own arguments. So what do they actually stand for ? Nothing, except angry contrarianism. Example right now lefty Liberals are advocating Black only US colleges with whites excluded, which is diametrically opposed to what the left did in the 60s. Stopped US segregation and apartheid and moved to integration. Martin Luther king etc. So now the left want to Dis-integrate America. Like they always do.

.Astonishingly in Australia, anyone identified as having covid 19 is forced into 14 day quarantine but given NONE of those preventive drugs. The drugs efficacy is supported by hundreds of hands-on doctors on youtube, These working meds are ignored by the scientism technocrats in favour of the left wing authoritarian Utopian vaccine idea. Even though natural immunity from covid 19 only lasts about 3 months. People are getting it twice in 1 year. So how long will any vaccine last for ? Are you gonna take 4 booster shots a year for the rest of your life ? That’s NOT an immunity vaccine. It makes preventive drugs like cheap HCQ look good.

Covid Solution
Declare First world nations potential Malaria zones so Doxycycline Hyrdochloroquinine and Ivermectin and Zinc are all Over-The-Counter meds cutting out the medical mafia scrip system so we can all go back to work and school. End this fake lockdown. Give it to everyone in quarantine. Even NZ could stop locking cities down for 2 cases. Preventive malaria meds could breathe life back into the Cruise ship and airline industries. HCQ 2 tabs weekly prevents corona.

Belief in God is NOT a virtue in most scientists eyes. Many researchers go into science to disprove the “superstition of God” Thus they are militant atheists. Many science prominents happily say that.

Some comments and questions below the Sky Channel Outsiders Video

Gillian Mason

Gillian Mason14 hours agoThey should ask the patient first, it is their body.71REPLYView reply

Delage Eric

Delage Eric15 hours agoMarxist Democrats and CNN are America’s biggest existential threat221REPLYView 31 replies

Keith Kimsten

Keith Kimsten15 hours ago (edited)That headline is only part of this story as this whole panic driven fake Pandemic has been pushed by hatred of President Trump including the fact that nearly 50% of the deaths were from Democrat Governors who pushed Covid infected patients and workers BACK INTO Nursing homes and assisted care units… That was then and is now premeditated Mass Murder. WHERE IS THE CALLS FOR JUSTICE?Show less79REPLYView 28 replies


MsJackamara14 hours agoIt’s criminal that the government can intervene between a Doctor and their patient. I see class actions popping up all over this country. A bloody disgrace withholding proven curable medication.19REPLYHide reply


rangojack15 hours agoClass action my back side…the judges are all corrupt and at the moment we live in North Korea with a little bit friendlier politicians but that is only because they are trying to condition us for hard core comunisam2REPLY

Birgitta Birgersdatter

Birgitta Birgersdatter13 hours ago“Trump has the last laugh” as if Trump would actually find it funny that they finally realise that the drug can save lives. Pathetic!58REPLYView 5 replies

Antonia Meadow

Antonia Meadow15 hours ago

If this Covid-19 is as dangerous as it seems, why is it that governments don’t even want to ‘try’ a drug that has been used for many years? Many countries permit use of HQ with success if it is used early on and with zinc.109REPLYView 10 replies

Tom Brown

Tom Brown15 hours ago (edited)The media are such liars, this drug if supported would end the fear, this is a huge conspiracy that needs to be uncovered. 144 Likes

REPLYView 10 replies

Dictator Dan is a Moron

Dictator Dan is a Moron15 hours ago

The media & Chairman Dan fear mongers have to be charged with manslaughter for not allowing the use of hydroxychloroquin to save lives! 133

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mrcutube15 hours agoGet PM on Outsiders to explain himself. He dictates a vaccine that may work and bans something that does work. Follow the money. 65

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Larry Rudedude

Larry Rudedude17 hours agoScott Morrisons recent attempts since that vaccine mask slip to reinvent himself as some kind populist savoir figure have fortunately fallen on deaf ears. We’re waking up. B) ain’t it sweet?6REPLY


richard17 hours agoevent 201 or agenda 21, Rockefeller Lockstep 2010. Research those, and you’ll see the conspiracy…i mean truth, we need to stop them.10


Jimmy Dodger

Jimmy Dodger4 hours agomrcutube our PM is a disgrace.REPLY

tom cousins

tom cousins14 hours agoOh dear Dan, I hope this is a comedy sketch. “Ask not for whom the bell tolls….!20


White Samurai

White Samurai13 hours agoCaptain Kirk; “Bones! When will this Pandemic end”?!?! Bones; “Dammit Jim, I’m a Doctor, not a Politician”!!14REPLYView reply

Violin Player

Violin Player15 hours ago (edited)If it’s banned, it is working. As one doctor said ” We are in business of making money, if we cure someone along the way, fine”108REPLYView 6 replies

Apex Gemini

Apex Gemini14 hours agoThey’ve been inciting deadly riots across the country for months because they somehow think it makes Trump look bad…. despite all the damage being done to democrat cities exclusively.17REPLY

Melanie Taylor

Melanie Taylor15 hours ago

I applaud you for Again shining a light on HCQ only thing is the powers to be are NOT listening bc it doesn’t fit the end game.54REPLY

Jonathan King

Jonathan King15 hours agoCorrect and they are doing the same here in Australia37

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cruisersism14 hours ago

“We the people” must be aware of what is now going on here? We have now with us in every country in the World “The Unholy Trinity” Government, Media, and Medical Terrorism of the People, all working hand in hand. Now just think about this for a moment? If that’s not a conspiracy well Are you getting the message ? Its time to listen to the real doctors not the SPIN Doctors!!! No mandatory vaccine are you listening to politicians on all sides?15REPLYHide reply


rangojack15 hours ago100000000000 %REPLY

Ivan Sultanoff

Ivan Sultanoff14 hours ago

Stay away from vaccines backed by GATES, not about health,about money, power,control and depopulation43

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