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Natural born Gnostic Adam in the UK provides a useful opinion piece on some of the difficulties Julie Green experiences explaining the metaphysical significance of the implications of Christ’s death in light of her censored bible.

In the Afterword I provided some background about how Julie Green, bible proponent, is hampered by religious censorship from way back in 325 AD. Nicea.

Here Adam UK, provides commentary.

Indeed I couldn’t possibly agree more. And even modern science with the knowledge of electricity and the nature of electricity, and with all the great breakthroughs and knowledge we have of electromagnetism and electrical engineering,  and the study of computer science having reached heights never before possible, 

modern science STILL doesn’t even entertain the idea that physical death/ or rather the illusion of physical death can be explained with modern science because it’s basically electromagnetism in action. 

I am not the ideal person to explain exactly the science behind how this works it’s outside of my limits of cognitive ability. 

But I’m sure it can be done and there is no shortage of people out there who can explain the science of the illusion of death. 

It is indeed a most fascinating subject and thing to study. 

And just like you once said “controlled science is holding us back 100 years”. 

One of the biggest psychological barriers that causes people to not be able to accept the idea that reincarnation is real, is that reincarnation on its own STILL doesn’t answer the question of What are we?

And Secondly people CANNOT accept that what we are is divine and in our very core native form we are made of and consist of the very substance of God, the very spirit and essence of God, is what we are made of and thus what we are. 

Just like source told me during K rise “What you are is a young version of ME, you are the me that doesn’t yet fully know and understand that it is ME”

And the very purpose of life is to have a conduit, a mechanism, a material world for us to be able to have the experience of experiencing ourselves as what we are.

And this is only possible if we are in a state of amnesia and DO NOT remember what we are. 

So we can constantly live and have the ecstatic experience of REMEMBERING what we are. This is the very Purpose of Life Itself. 

And Layman’s Gnosis is one of the very very few means that we have to not only know God directly (and very very quickly almost instantly). 

But to also know the answer to the question of What are we? 

The nature of consciousness is very easy to understand for a natural gnostic such as myself.

And the fact that I have autism means that I am already someone who is overly meticulous when it comes to understanding stuff (Especially esoteric/mystical stuff).

So naturally I find it very easy to know and understand what Consciousness is and the nature of consciousness. 

But sadly this isn’t the case for most people and they get caught in a trap of not being able to properly understand what exactly consciousness is, and that WE ARE CONSCIOUSNESS. 

We are natural creative beings, we are consciousness, and thus we are “divinity in human form” as was said by God in the books “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsh. 

Accepting that we are “Divinity in human form” is too good to be true for almost all people. Because most (almost all people) have never experienced gnosis (for a whole list of reasons, a really long list of reasons). 

Because of the way our societies are set up with extreme materialism. And because people invest almost no time at all into introspection and meditation. 

And because Gnosis never was something of very big significance in recent human history. Because Gnosis never took off, gnosis never really had it’s golden age to be able to make it’s mark in human history and human civilization. 

And also because people have been very carefully and consistently taught for a very long time. To be naturally suspicious and naturally weary of “all things Supernatural and all things Mystical”. 

The nature of what we are (which is consciousness) is very esoteric stuff it’s not something that people can find easy to understand and accept. 

The overwhelming majority of people are not particularly bright people (with all due respect to them). 

And they find it extremely hard to be able to put their prejudices and societal and cultural conditioning to one side. 

They find it very hard to look at something and study something from a psychologically and spiritually and emotionally impartial perspective. 

And I can understand perfectly well how God is basically stuck in a wedge, or stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

Because he has no choice but to play ball with both the masses, and with the great religions which the masses adhere to.

Because he wants to get through to them (because he wants the best for them).

But he cannot mobilise them and properly get their undivided attention (most of them at least) without using biblical prophecy and biblical doctrine and text to present himself to them.

This is especially the case for the comical 60 million strong US southern bible belt. No mortal worth entertaining has any chance of changing their minds , only God stands a real chance at changing their minds. With all due respect to them, God bless them ☺️.

It’s a wonderful email you have sent me Steve, source has got my attention and got me to read the email, and has given me a perfect response email to write to you. 

Please do get back to me and please do feel free to add this email into the Lay gnosis Blog. 

Many thanks,

Yours sincerely,

Adam in UK. 

Notice Adams report ending – God triggered this discussion by nudging him to compose an inspired reply. Very similar to Julie Green at 4 am don’t you think ? Receiving messages and writing them down ?


From the blued statement Julie finishes the prophecy message and moves into her elaboration and preaching session.

Now, as you know, I will go back over this word, but I want to read something to you. 

Both God and Julie are required by history and practicality of the 60 million strong southern bible belt to adhere to the bible as its preserved from ancient times to narrate us thru the Endtime. Which is NOW. End of Tyranny that is The Fall of the evil One World Order.

We could bear in mind that material was removed from the Bible in 325 AD at the Council of Nicea. One theme removed was any references to reincarnation, so that people concluded we physically die once, have a long sleep in the grave and one final day we are all resurrected and judged. So it was kept very simple.

But there is today on the near miracle of the Internet particularly Youtube, abundant physical evidence supporting reincarnation. For example medical Dr Ian Stevenson in Sri Lanka collected 2000 reports of reincarnation which he published. Small children report they had another set of parents and display physical birthmarks from a physical wound that killed them in their previous life. It seems to be that the standard memory blanking process before birth, is damaged, by their overly violent death, and thus a previous life and violent death are remembered by infants. Many of these stories are confirmed after the other parents are contacted and the infant recognises his old family and they recognise the infant.

So Julie and God are both required to adhere to an edited simplified inadequate bible. Created by early Nicean editors doing their best.

On top of that, this author has personally experienced and made videos about, CONTACT with two different deceased individuals, irrefutable repeating evidence that physical death is the most carefully crafted, most convincing illusion in our physical existence. Which raises the question what else could be carefully crafted illusion ? 

One is tempted to guess maybe some or much, or most or all of our existence here is a magnificently created illusion. We all have the divine spark (the potential of knowing the Holy Spirit) even the Bible says that 2 Corinthians 7-11.Amplified. And having the divine spark, a piece of God, we are given the illusion of autonomy which convinces us we exist, so that God, the divine spark can enjoy a myriad exhilarating permutations of consciousness meeting consciousness dressed up as many different people who are convinced they really exist. They think physical death exists and naturally dread it for self preservational reasons.

So in this mostly under examined reality, we have Julie Green today valiantly trying to explain the significance of the crucifixion and the meaning of Christs death. Its so hard to explain when death is really only the most convincing illusion to start with. Now Julie, God bless her, her explanation here today is a preacher’s parade of smoke and mirrors and guilt tripping and crazy inverted reasoning and philosophical ambush and theocratic attitude and she believes in one physical death and the long sleep and far future judgment.

So personally, my advice is anyone can get to know God directly in a state of Gnosis, that is knowing the Holy spirit.

No books or study or knowledge are necessary for Laymans Gnosis.

And one can directly converse with Head Office, one can adopt any version of the complex Jesus death story that pleases you, OR bypass the death of Jesus seeing it as an unwanted baffling complication, or anything in between. Select your own metaphor. Both approaches work for any person in a state of Gnosis. And that’s the goal —to replace religions with every person having direct connection to God that wishes it. That’s the Harvest.

One can well understand why God is firmly campaigning against religious and legalistic thinking. Its a manmade mess to be discarded. 

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Lay Gnosis

Lay Gnosis 71 Query to Natural Gnostic Adam on stranded whales

Question put to Adam the Natural born Gnostic.

Adam Question On your feeling inside other people sometimes. Can you do that with everybody ? Must you be directly in front, facing them ? Can you do it with people’s back to you? Can you detect lies ? Mendacious people ? Deceptive people ?
Can you do this Vulcan Mind Meld thing with animals ?  Like Mr Spock did on the old Star Trek.
Do you get anything from dogs or cats ? Parrots? Budgies ?
Reason I ask is, we had 380 stranded whales on a Tasmanian beach.
I would love to know what they are thinking and feeling. And why they all beach themselves en masse.
Theories abound, such as ear infections, underwater explosions by mining companies and the military, Underwater sonar from submarines and surface ships is very loud, like 2-3 kilowatts of sound.
Did you grow up having any pets ?

I know on the old  Medium TV show with Alison Dubois ( a real person) was used by the Phoenix District attorney to tap the heads of potential jurors with a desire to know what their biases are.  Was done during jury selection.
Might you do that ? 

I would have to think about it for a while. I certainly can tell the intent of a person standing in front of me, for instance, source will play a video in my mind’s eye giving me a subtle prompt just like source said in Conversations With God (a gnostic writer), a good psychic/medium will not have any thoughts about the prompt that they have received but will automatically latch onto the feeling, they will not dwell on it but instead spit it out automatically. 
A lot of factors can affect our sixth sense for instance when I mentioned selfish discarnate spirits, that have an extreme service-to- self nature, source told me there is a whole variety of non-physical “races”. For instance some are very highly sophisticated and they know every nook and cranny about the human psyche and how it works. 
When you mentioned how earth is seen as a kind of wildlife reserve source told me “Adam do you remember Ben 10 that very popular kids cartoon that you would watch as a child?” I don’t know if your familiar with the cartoon. Source told me that the deep state releases information in all sorts of very clever ways, and cartoons is one of those ways. For instance all the politics that are happening all over the cosmos, and the politics that are ocurring planet earth, these things have to be released to the general public in some way. Source told me E.T.s put pressure on the deep state to release information to the public, just like the decoded crop circle talking about “Greeks bearing gifts”. 
When we look at things like movies and cartoons it’s actually referring to very real stuff that is happening in the cosmos. We are multidimensional beings by nature and we have all had dreams where we have seen things that we would consider as pure fiction or fantasy, but in reality it’s 100% real just as real as eating and drinking. 
So when we look at beached whales for instance there is most likely an alien race that resembles whales very closely and all the events that are happening on their planet, and their ecosystem, most likely does have something to do with beached whales. This is coming from what source told me, and I think it makes a lot of sense. I have certainly had dreams where I would find myself on other worlds. 
When we look at shows like Star Trek and movies like Star Wars it’s actually referring to very real stuff. It’s definitely not a joke. It’s not made purely for entertainment purposes. Just like Ingo Swanns book “star fire, the war to end all wars has begun” so when we look at the fires happening in California, and things like climate change, beached whales, etc its most likely got something to do with what’s going on between different E.T. groups on other solar systems or solar systems that are neighbouring our solar system. 
Linda Moulton Howe ( of cattle mutilation documentary fame) mentioned how E.T.s have been involved in doing biological experiments on planet earth going back 270 million years. So it seems that all the lifeforms we can see around us like insects and all the different kinds of sea creatures were actually created in the image of E.T.s for instance the wildlife on other planets is probably very similar to the wildlife that we have here on planet earth. 
When we look at lizards and dinosaurs they look extremely similar, when we look at rocks and gemstones there is probably all sorts of races of E.T.s that have lived on this planet and probably still do live on this planet. And gemstones and their names do tell us about their origin. For instance vanity is referring to someone who cares greatly about their image and loves their image a lot and is obsessed with their image and the way they look and there is a gemstone called vanadinite so this gemstone and the word vain probably are linked in some way. 
Words do tell us a lot of information. For instance place names do tell us a lot about the history of a place, the name of a town or region etc. Source told me that colours tell us a great deal of information for instance when we look at coca cola it is black. Source told me it is colour coded for a reason. To let people know that it’s a very bad idea to drink coca cola. The same with energy drinks. They’re called energy drinks for a reason. People often report hearing internal voices, their own voice saying I’ll stop I’ll quit smoking, I’ll get around to it, source is doing that. Source is telling them to stop that terrible habit. Just like you said Steve, occasional rescue messages are fleeting gnosis. 
The same with tobacco there was a time when tobacco was seen as something which clears the lungs something that is a healthy life practice today that’s no longer the case. Source told me that just by sitting and thinking, and practicing introspection paying attention to our sixth sense, we are able to receive streams of information about ourselves and our world. For instance when we think about ourselves and who we are, that we have indeed lived in this world many times before, we are definitely not here for the first time. 
For instance I would have videos playing in my mind’s eye showing me blurry clips of what seems to be myself in past lives. For instance resourcefulness is something that has always been a very big part of me, I would think to myself if you have very little, what is the best that you can possibly do, with what you have?.
You have to be very good at logic and abstract thinking I would think to myself if I have just one single pencil and one single canvas if this was all I had what is the biggest impact that I could make, to make the world a better place to spread enlightenment? Just like what you said about cat videos getting 28 million views and how Layman’s Gnosis can also get 28 million views if only it were presented to people in a way that will appeal to them. Cats are seen as a very majestic very loving creature, and the human being is also majestic and loving by nature, cats remind us of this. 
Logic riddles and logic puzzles is something that I have always cherished a great deal. I would look at philosophical literature and how logic is what it all boils down to, simply the golden rule of “treat others the way you want to be treated” Treat others literally as if you yourself are in their shoes that is the divine revelation something so simple is somehow turned into a logical engima, when it really doesn’t have to be like this at all. Just like the gnostic saying “so close yet so far” this simply means source is literally right behind your eyes, but the first thing that comes to mind when the average Joe thinks of god, is an image of the clouds. God is somewhere above the clouds. 
When really he’s literally right behind your eyes, much closer than you can ever possibly imagine. Source would tell me, if you simply understood the real meaning of words then you would have a much easier time understanding reality, and the true nature of reality, the words “know” and “now” source said to me is it pure coincidence that these words sound almost exactly the same? You really believe that is pure coincidence?. 
When we look at smells for instance a good smell it has the power to completely and utterly overwhelm you, and a horrible smell has the power to completely stop you in your tracks. You don’t have to be a genius to understand that if something smells bad then it’s because it most likely is bad. The same with your sense of sight and your sixth sense. We often hear the saying “go with your gut listen to what your gut is telling you” just like the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf that was pretending to be the grandmother. This is a gnostic story about how looks can be very deceiving, and one must always listen to their “gut feeling” one must always listen to their sixth sense. 
For me I have always found it very easy to consult with my sixth sense. Telepathy is not far away at all, I am confident of this. Steve the video you made about children in school staring at tiny screens and having the eyesight of a 50 year old as a result- This video really has sat with me and on the question of human telepathy, it seems that practice is really all it takes for us to develop telepathy- I remember reading online about how a woman communicated telepathically with her dog, the dog was injured if I remember correctly and the dog communicated with the woman by telepathy, and it led her to the exact location where it had been injured, so it seems that we speak to animals telepathically all the time, source led me to books about animism which is the traditional religion of remote tribal communities in places like Papua New Guinea. 
Animism is the belief that animals hold spirits. The native American tradition was also very much the same and we all know that their attunement was exceptionally high one of the most advanced cultures on this planet as source said in Conversations With God cwg. I was looking at a book called “when animals were people” the book was about culture of the Kalahari bushmen one of the world’s oldest surviving cultures they probably lived in that region for hundreds of thousands of years probably several million years and how this ties in with what you said about how those that wish to use existence here for carnal activities start to reincarnate into lower and lower lifeforms. 
So it seems that the biophysics of certain animals is what enables us to communicate with then telepathically. When you mentioned how the body is a modified hominid, dogs especially wolves are probably one of our closest ancestors. This is most likely the reason why telepathy with dogs is the easiest for us, because the biophysics of dogs is the closest to our biophysics. The dog is often called man’s best friend. Dogs are very close to us biologically and metaphysically when dogs were developed in the chain of creation. This is probably the last sort of major milestone. 
When we look at the brain it’s a very complex organ and the reason why we are very limited in our ability to communicate telepathically, might be because the brain is accustomed to speech and a very cluttered lifestyle. When we look at the book by the Kalahari bushmen called “When animals were people” there was probably a time when we would communicate telepathically with all sorts of animals. We know that the brain is indeed affected by all of the kinds of stimuli. When we look at all the chemicals and toxins in food and all the toxins in the air we breathe. 
Also the electromagnetic energy streams coming from what we tune into things like parasitic astral attachments these things can affect the brain in all sorts of ways electromagnetism and the electromagnetic spectrum is a very useful key that explains a great deal. The word “attention” and the word “antenna” once again it is no coincidence that both of these words are extremely similar.
When we think of an antenna we think of a radio antenna tuning into different frequencies so when we practice introspection when we think we are tuning into different frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum it’s not easy it takes practice just like source said in cwg repetition produces recognition. When we look at the phrase “critical thinking” we think of a critter a critter is a very small creature so when one does critical thinking they must take into account all the tiniest details just like a teacher mentioned when I was in a school assembly “leave no stone unturned, take nothing at face value”. 
Source told me that those selfish spirits you mentioned are able to drain us of chi or what some would call prana or lifeforce, and they are able to choose what to do with it and when for instance we might have thoughts of lethargy or we might be reading a blog online and all of a sudden we are struggling to focus, we are struggling to read the blog, our perception is being wobbled by the lowly parasitic psychic attachments that have latched onto us. 
And they lose vast amounts of energy, they lose vast amounts of lifeforce when they do this, and the best way to deal with these selfish spirits is to simply not pay attention to them don’t give them the time of day. What they rely on is getting a reaction out of us. They want us to satisfy their needs. Some say they are much like astral wildlife. Not all of them. Keep in mind some are highly sophisticated and very dangerous things like mindlessness in popular TV shows. These things appeal to gullible people and create a fertile ground for these lowly parasitic entities., These selfish spirits are able to gain a foothold in the individual. 
So when we are not paying attention we are unconsciously consenting to all sorts of things without us realising. Steve when you said Laymans Gnosis is a sleigh ride through a magical forest I really didn’t have the slightest clue just how enjoyable an experience it would be. I was watching your YouTube video like a hawk when you said the words “what are you”? I automatically experienced a surge of internal ecstasy, the electricity of my body was jolted, I thought to myself he must be referring to something else altogether- there’s no way he’s about to answer the question of “what exactly is a human being?”. Once again Steve I can never thank you enough you have transformed my life, I’m currently waiting for my Kundalini Rise to finish before I properly invest myself into really making Lay Gnosis take off and take flight. 

Wow.  What a wonderful answer Adam. Source is telling me I can do telepathy as I read your note. So perhaps I am just too habituated to verbalising and speaking. I certainly did telepathy as a child then lost it with maturation hormones. And pursuing the original question, must you be nearby to what you sense in another person/creature ? Can you find out what the stranded Tasmanian  whales are feeling and thinking? It traumatises us humans as it seems like mass suicide. Global headlines. And you are saying its possibly an off planet influence that causes the whales to suicide ? No wonder the materialist explanation eludes us.

Your essay gives me great food for thought and it will be instructive to others.

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Lay Gnosis Lay Gnosis Feedback

Lay Gnosis Feedback 21 Adam UK

Steve when you said source has a sense of humour once again Steve it is now during k rise that I am being reminded by source of this. I am being reminded of all the videos that have been playing in my mind’s eye all throughout my life ,having access to an unlimited stream of entertainment without having to pay a single penny and how source would lead me to things that source already knew would entertain me a great deal.
Once again if only the sleepwalkers knew what a world we could have, source is watching everybody and source already knows exactly the best way to entertain us it’s something like 1 in every 1 million people who report never seeing anything in their mind’s eye no imagination nothing of the sort everybody has a mind’s eye input everybody has a sense of humour and source has told me over and over again you are born of my essence you are a young version of me and what comes naturally to you is my will so when I would be laughing at my mind’s eye input it’s really just source reminding me of what I am in my native form.
Source is telling me that when we laugh it is really just a huge reminder that we are not separate at all and the idea that we are separate is just an illusion, we are a planet full of godlings the whole of humanity including all forms of life are our extended family, when we look at trees being cut down it causes the human being to experience a great deal of sadness and the reason why is very obvious it’s because trees are literally a part of our body just like our arms and legs are a part of our body trees are also a part of our body trees provide us with oxygen it’s really just a simple joining of the dots just like you said Steve, it really is amazing how people are unable to understand.
It is definitely no coincidence that humanity has a love of nature a live of animals and beautiful landscapes there’s no way this is just pure coincidence it’s very obvious what we are in our true form just like you already stated in that natural origin page something clicked inside me when I read it because it reminded me of what I really am that yes we literally are nature and when we embrace our true nature and what comes naturally to us that’s when we will experience joy and true happiness and true warmth of heart and peace of mind it is only when we embrace things that are not in alignment with human nature that’s when we will experience a great deal of grief and heartache. 
There really has never been a greater comedian than source. When you said George Carlin is an atheist comedian my eyes lit up because he’s literally screaming (wannabe) Gnostic at the top of his voice and this ties in directly with what you said about how “he hangs on every word you speak” that couldn’t possible be closer to the truth and George Carlin is a shining example of this if George Carlin  was brought into truebluehealer he would automatically have his divine spark activation and he would become a gnostic I am sure of it, there’s no way he would be able to deny the physical signals and say he has experienced absolutely nothing.
 It seems George Carlin instinctively cares a great deal about the well being of humanity and he sees all the horrible things happening in the world and thinks to himself if a loving God exists then he would never let such things happen he would intervene and a lot of people are atheists for this reason because they are unable to imagine a god that would let horrible things such as wars, rapes, pedophilia etc happen a loving God would make these things impossible so yes indeed there are many atheists out there who would become gnostics if they were brought into truebluehealer. 
George Carlin is a perfect example of how the human being instinctively already knows the answer to the question of “what are you” and they are unable to understand why the world is the way it is if a loving God exists why would the nature of God and the nature of the human being not be the same? That’s what atheists think to themselves that’s why people become atheists I myself as a 13 year old was thinking to myself this exact same thing but I didn’t agree with atheism because I already knew instinctively the answer to the question of what are you? 
I would look around me and understand perfectly well that the whole of humanity are a part of my body the trees and animals etc are a part of my body instinctively everybody understands this perfectly well and they feel a sense of embarassment when they don’t listen to their instincts when source says to them no that’s not correct that’s not the right way to live that’s not the right way to behave they already know source is right.
 If only George Carlin knew about truebluehealer he would become a gnostic just like that in 20 minutes. Steve when you said source loves service to others this couldn’t possibly be more of an understatement, the biochemical reaction the biochemical switch closure it’s something that’s impossible to deny you would have to be an incredibly intelligent person to somehow find a way to convince yourself that it’s simply not there it doesn’t exist, the evidence that something has changed is overwhelming. 
On the question of whether or not we have free will George Carlin is a perfect example of just how close source is to us he literally hangs on every word you speak. George Carlin is a comedian because he instinctively feels a need to practice service to others to entertain people to make the world a better place.
George Carlin is a perfect example of how source is always trying to live through us and that our will and the will of source is largely the same a lot of the time once again just like source told me you are born of my essence you are a young version of me and George Carlin is a perfect example of how we are indeed Godlings source is closer to us than we can ever possibly imagine. 

Your essay writing is improving Adam ! Well done ! George Carlin’s grief of separation is so gross it bordered on a pathology. It disabled him. Great anger in him.Yet still he served a very useful purpose repeatedly pointing out the moral anomalies and absurdities around us which serve to raise the awareness of millions.Why would we likely have great difficulty getting George Carlin into TBH ? There are many obstacles. The dullest people are convinced they know the most, and are the most arrogant. They can’t recognise their own incompetence. The smarter people are, the more doubts they have, because they can see so many possibilities, so they are less vocal. So wise people don’t lead general public opinions. George would have thought he knows just about everything. Because he was intelligent. There is no proof God exists he would say. Show me physical proof. There is NO evidence.

Here is one answer I got just yesterday, from someone so self assured that he knows everything. And that his meagre knowledge finishes at an  abyss. Meaning there is nothing more to know than what he knows. It’s a widespread learning disability.
In fact this interlocutor reveals in his angry opinion the methods of psychological counsellors advising people who hear voices what to do. This occurs in some people with schizophrenia and Post Traumatic stress Disorder PTSD. Following a car crash, criminal attack or say battlefield horror. I am teasing more out of him  and will present this in a separate blog page.

Episode 5 – Florence Nightingale History debunked

Steve Trueblue I left an entry
1 month ago
No-one is curious that she was Gnostic and listened to an internal mentoring voice ?
Kwodlibet Disputes it and Opines.
13 hours ago
A VERY common thing back then. One may say that perhaps even a fashionable one. As the importance of religion in Britain dropped almost to zero so did the cases of hearing “magic voices”.

Note the purported wisdom- here the man reveals the standard counselling  conventional wisdom. Done by Atheist psychologists in our secular materialistic modern age.

This dialog is instructive and continues on another blog page. “Hearing voices”

This is need-to-know stuff for you, Adam.This will be another blog page.

The huge difference is YOU can show anyone physical proof that a second intelligence exists in all of us. So you have a big ACE up your sleeve, Adam.

Lay Gnosis Lay Gnosis Feedback

Lay Gnosis Feedback 5 Adam UK

Adam is a natural born gnostic meaning he has always had communications access to Mr G. But it took decades for him to work out why and how, he was different from everybody else. Because he was surrounded by sleepwalkers. Unborn Godlings. Instrumental in his discoveries is the Lay Gnosis website immediately gave him a physical inrush of the divine, glittering images in his mindseye, and importantly a vocabulary that puts us all on the same page. The vocab specifically avoids psychological psychiatric or arcane mystical language preferring simple every day terms that quickly accelerated his grasp of what was happening to him since childhood. Enabling him to pen this entrancing account of what happened in the BEGINNERS TOUR at

Adam writes of his experiences

Steve regarding what you mentioned about source playing with us and joking and playing about and frolicking

AdamAug 5, 2020, 2:20 AM (1 day ago)
to me

I have to say source has revealed himself to me on so many different occasions far too many to list and now during k rise these things have become so much more clear I would see visions in my mind’s eye of me as a 6 year old playing with marbles and I would be able to draw exactly what I am seeing this exact vision I have seen many many times before and it would be so heartwarming for me something else would be looking at me from behind and I would see my legs and the marbles and the other children I was playing with and I would also be able to see as far as the eye can see.
And this has always reminded me that yes indeed life is there to be lived it’s a wonderful adventure of an incomprehensibly colossal scale that specific vision was source telling me that YES I am by your side all the time and the way you look at the world, the way the world is presented to you, is really just me speaking to you and reminding you of what you are in your native form.
Steve, when I had my initial divine spark activation, at where I saw the huge painting of Jesus, the painting was so huge it went from the floor all the way up to the ceiling, and the soldier in a full suit of armor with the confused facial expression writing down what Jesus was saying, never in my life will I forget that experience, it was a one billion percent divine experience. I could hear the music from truebluehealer site playing live and I could see myself in my mind’s eye wearing the exact same clothing as Jesus with a halo above my head and I could see myself making the exact same hand gesture as Jesus himself. 
So this was really just source telling me that what lies inside Jesus is the exact same thing that lies inside me and every other sentient being one of the things that source showed me during that divine spark was an image of an earthquake and the black tar of a road that was completely split in half and just like that I got the message ? in a single moment, I was able to understand exactly what I am in my native form.
Source told me right there and then, that yes I’m the one that did that I’m the one whose responsible for that and it caused me to have a fearful reaction but it was very little fear that I was experiencing, because I understood that source is a friendly force and he does not pose any kind of danger to beings like me, who have deliberately come here, on a mission to act as a catalyst to help anchor the earth and balance humanity at this crucial time. 
When I was a 10 year old one day randomly I began experiencing a great deal of pain on my groin my testicles would be hurting and i kept it secret for a long while because I did not want to have an operation.
I didn’t want to go anywhere near a hospital because I would remember being shown medieval surgeries in a history lesson and the pain got to a point where it was unbearable so I told my parents, and they took me to a hospital and I had an operation literally the same day and now during k rise I ask myself what exactly was it that was done to me during that visit to the hospital, I was told by one of the surgeons that I came at just the right time and that I should’ve come much earlier. 
And now during k rise it becomes so much more clear just like you said he literally hangs on every word you speak, the words that were spoken by that surgeon were a message for me, and again just like you said, it’s almost like our prison sentence of separation is over and it’s something that is happening gradually it’s not something that will happen overnight. 

But now Laymans Gnosis is physically contagious, enabling mass induction for anyone calmly curious. That’s quite a turn around, after millennia of separation. And to lock in their correct trajectory they need only do the 20mins BEGINNERS TOUR

When varg made the video when he showed the quote that was made by that ancient Christian figure that said ” you have become the unknowing carriers of our racial tradition of our mission to the world to the barbarous races of this earth” just like astral boo baby said everything is mind and consciousness so now I understand the real meaning of that quote, it’s referring to this faction that has come to the world and brought with them a completely different way of life altogether just like the San bushmen that were the native race of Africa with a gnostic culture a gnostic mind a natural mind not a man made mind. 
The word barbarous really just means something else altogether and that language itself has been turned inside out so once again ABB said it perfectly when he said everything is mind and consciousness that quote by varg is just source helping it’s just source creating a message for us to read just like ABB said the genetics of the human race have been changed and just by saying words that we do not know the real meaning of, we have already engaged in consciousness and we have already lost control of our mind ? lol once again ABB said it perfectly when he said when you are not in control of your mind someone or something else is. ,

A good example of the ensuing mindlessness as words change meaning overtime, is the often used phrase “Human Being” which people often say with noticeable reverence, and in a hushed tone. Most people think its a biological classification that we are top of the evolutionary heap and therefore scientifically sacred.. But NO.

HU is an ancient name for GOD Hu-man means God-man or Gnostic Man. Phrase coined by a Greek speaking Egyptian Priest about 500 to 1000BC. Hermes Trismegistus.

When I was 11 years old I came across the story of Joan of Arc during a history lesson and it was something that always sat at the back of my mind it reminded me of something but I couldn’t quite put my finger on exactly what it is, but instinctively I understood perfectly well what that story is all about. 
And when I was listening to conversations with God source said in the whole history of your race only a few have done my will consistently and source showed me images of Joan of Arc in my mind’s eye.
And now during k rise I am being told that I might well be one of those few that have done the will of source consistently because  as a child I would be looking at Genghis Khan and ancient civilisations.
And you telling me that wise rulers retain secret esoteric wisdom and source would tell me after showing me images of Joan of Arc in my mind’s eye source would say the words “with immense prestige comes immense price”.
And once again I would have a humongous smile on my face because I would remember me as a child leaving a high school religious studies lesson being taught about the crucifixion of Jesus and me leaving that lesson and imagining in my mind’s eye what crucifixion would feel like, it rang so many bells in my head.

Steve here Just supplementing your crucifixion account Adam.

And I, was put thru the crucifixion experience it took a few hrs and made me quite sick. All done in a watered down fashion but still very real and horrifying. I took it to mean that we are all sons of God. This is how Gods reproduce. And that we all come here to be crucified on the cross of space and time.

And now during k rise it seems that I am indeed one of those few humans that have done the will of source consistently lol? Steve once again to me you are a saint I can never thank you enough. 
Just like ABB said you are unable to see someone’s electromagnetic accumulation just by looking at them but your sixth sense will tell you exactly what sort of person is in your presence. 
Videos of me in the ancient world (previous lives) are definitely tied to who I am it is definitely no coincidence that I would be seeing these videos in my mind’s eye over and over again as a child and even in my dreams and just like ABB said it’s only when we become older and more dense that we lose that connection and our mind becomes more and more numb just like if your leg is injected with an anaesthetic the idea that your leg has gone and disappeared completely is just an illusion it’s still there but it’s completely numb you are unable to feel it and it’s the same thing with the mind just like ABB said enslave the mind enslave generations and when you are not in control of your mind someone or something else is. 

When I was an 8 year old in an elementary school history lesson we would be taught about people colonising distant lands and being hailed as great people being given all sorts of titles and my teacher would be saying that they would be called counts or dukes or pioneers and I said “saints” as a joke and my teacher said no not saints and from what I can gather she was a Christian and a devout one at that so she was amused when I said this and looking back now at how you said k rise will emphasise that your existence is entirely dependent on the whim of God I couldn’t possibly agree with you more.
Just like astral boo baby said everything is mind and consciousness and when you are not in control of your mind someone or something else is this is what he would call a “full circle moment” ? Steve I can never thank you enough once again to me you are a saint and just like you said there is a worldwide bootstrapping that is happening even as I am writing this the screen on my phone is flickering as if the sheer scale of my mind and consciousness is causing this to happen lol? and it sure is there is indeed a worldwide spiritual ascension that is happening and by sheer thought and intent we are able to balance and anchor the world by way of our electromagnetics as was said by ABB. 
Steve I would love to share so much more with you the list just goes on and on as a child I would have these horrible colossal nose bleeds where I would wake up to a wet sensation of being completely soaked in blood and now during k rise its very obvious the reason why just like ABB said machines are used to create this reality and even as I am writing this I am able to feel the nerves of my brain so just like you said there is indeed a worldwide cataclysm of consciousness that is happening. 
I remember my mother telling me Adam when I gave birth to you it was very different to when I gave birth to all your siblings it was so much less painful and she told me this several times on separate occasions. My mom said that she always sensed something about me she would give me all sorts of nicknames and now during k rise it all falls into place.  

Source has led me to so many books and so many websites and shown me so many videos in my mind’s eye and this has helped me deal with the already established mental programming it was like source grabbed a broom and just sweeped all of the man made rubbish to one side
Source has chosen to use my mind’s eye to balance me and keep me centered as I am downloading all of the information. Believe me Steve you would be shocked if you saw the videos source has shown me in my mind’s eye source is indeed a genius it’s incredible just how good source is at showing you the sheer power of the mind and the sheer power of thought. 

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