Lay Gnosis 71 Query to Natural Gnostic Adam on stranded whales

Question put to Adam the Natural born Gnostic.

Adam Question On your feeling inside other people sometimes. Can you do that with everybody ? Must you be directly in front, facing them ? Can you do it with people’s back to you? Can you detect lies ? Mendacious people ? Deceptive people ?
Can you do this Vulcan Mind Meld thing with animals ?  Like Mr Spock did on the old Star Trek.
Do you get anything from dogs or cats ? Parrots? Budgies ?
Reason I ask is, we had 380 stranded whales on a Tasmanian beach.
I would love to know what they are thinking and feeling. And why they all beach themselves en masse.
Theories abound, such as ear infections, underwater explosions by mining companies and the military, Underwater sonar from submarines and surface ships is very loud, like 2-3 kilowatts of sound.
Did you grow up having any pets ?

I know on the old  Medium TV show with Alison Dubois ( a real person) was used by the Phoenix District attorney to tap the heads of potential jurors with a desire to know what their biases are.  Was done during jury selection.
Might you do that ? 

I would have to think about it for a while. I certainly can tell the intent of a person standing in front of me, for instance, source will play a video in my mind’s eye giving me a subtle prompt just like source said in Conversations With God (a gnostic writer), a good psychic/medium will not have any thoughts about the prompt that they have received but will automatically latch onto the feeling, they will not dwell on it but instead spit it out automatically. 
A lot of factors can affect our sixth sense for instance when I mentioned selfish discarnate spirits, that have an extreme service-to- self nature, source told me there is a whole variety of non-physical “races”. For instance some are very highly sophisticated and they know every nook and cranny about the human psyche and how it works. 
When you mentioned how earth is seen as a kind of wildlife reserve source told me “Adam do you remember Ben 10 that very popular kids cartoon that you would watch as a child?” I don’t know if your familiar with the cartoon. Source told me that the deep state releases information in all sorts of very clever ways, and cartoons is one of those ways. For instance all the politics that are happening all over the cosmos, and the politics that are ocurring planet earth, these things have to be released to the general public in some way. Source told me E.T.s put pressure on the deep state to release information to the public, just like the decoded crop circle talking about “Greeks bearing gifts”. 
When we look at things like movies and cartoons it’s actually referring to very real stuff that is happening in the cosmos. We are multidimensional beings by nature and we have all had dreams where we have seen things that we would consider as pure fiction or fantasy, but in reality it’s 100% real just as real as eating and drinking. 
So when we look at beached whales for instance there is most likely an alien race that resembles whales very closely and all the events that are happening on their planet, and their ecosystem, most likely does have something to do with beached whales. This is coming from what source told me, and I think it makes a lot of sense. I have certainly had dreams where I would find myself on other worlds. 
When we look at shows like Star Trek and movies like Star Wars it’s actually referring to very real stuff. It’s definitely not a joke. It’s not made purely for entertainment purposes. Just like Ingo Swanns book “star fire, the war to end all wars has begun” so when we look at the fires happening in California, and things like climate change, beached whales, etc its most likely got something to do with what’s going on between different E.T. groups on other solar systems or solar systems that are neighbouring our solar system. 
Linda Moulton Howe ( of cattle mutilation documentary fame) mentioned how E.T.s have been involved in doing biological experiments on planet earth going back 270 million years. So it seems that all the lifeforms we can see around us like insects and all the different kinds of sea creatures were actually created in the image of E.T.s for instance the wildlife on other planets is probably very similar to the wildlife that we have here on planet earth. 
When we look at lizards and dinosaurs they look extremely similar, when we look at rocks and gemstones there is probably all sorts of races of E.T.s that have lived on this planet and probably still do live on this planet. And gemstones and their names do tell us about their origin. For instance vanity is referring to someone who cares greatly about their image and loves their image a lot and is obsessed with their image and the way they look and there is a gemstone called vanadinite so this gemstone and the word vain probably are linked in some way. 
Words do tell us a lot of information. For instance place names do tell us a lot about the history of a place, the name of a town or region etc. Source told me that colours tell us a great deal of information for instance when we look at coca cola it is black. Source told me it is colour coded for a reason. To let people know that it’s a very bad idea to drink coca cola. The same with energy drinks. They’re called energy drinks for a reason. People often report hearing internal voices, their own voice saying I’ll stop I’ll quit smoking, I’ll get around to it, source is doing that. Source is telling them to stop that terrible habit. Just like you said Steve, occasional rescue messages are fleeting gnosis. 
The same with tobacco there was a time when tobacco was seen as something which clears the lungs something that is a healthy life practice today that’s no longer the case. Source told me that just by sitting and thinking, and practicing introspection paying attention to our sixth sense, we are able to receive streams of information about ourselves and our world. For instance when we think about ourselves and who we are, that we have indeed lived in this world many times before, we are definitely not here for the first time. 
For instance I would have videos playing in my mind’s eye showing me blurry clips of what seems to be myself in past lives. For instance resourcefulness is something that has always been a very big part of me, I would think to myself if you have very little, what is the best that you can possibly do, with what you have?.
You have to be very good at logic and abstract thinking I would think to myself if I have just one single pencil and one single canvas if this was all I had what is the biggest impact that I could make, to make the world a better place to spread enlightenment? Just like what you said about cat videos getting 28 million views and how Layman’s Gnosis can also get 28 million views if only it were presented to people in a way that will appeal to them. Cats are seen as a very majestic very loving creature, and the human being is also majestic and loving by nature, cats remind us of this. 
Logic riddles and logic puzzles is something that I have always cherished a great deal. I would look at philosophical literature and how logic is what it all boils down to, simply the golden rule of “treat others the way you want to be treated” Treat others literally as if you yourself are in their shoes that is the divine revelation something so simple is somehow turned into a logical engima, when it really doesn’t have to be like this at all. Just like the gnostic saying “so close yet so far” this simply means source is literally right behind your eyes, but the first thing that comes to mind when the average Joe thinks of god, is an image of the clouds. God is somewhere above the clouds. 
When really he’s literally right behind your eyes, much closer than you can ever possibly imagine. Source would tell me, if you simply understood the real meaning of words then you would have a much easier time understanding reality, and the true nature of reality, the words “know” and “now” source said to me is it pure coincidence that these words sound almost exactly the same? You really believe that is pure coincidence?. 
When we look at smells for instance a good smell it has the power to completely and utterly overwhelm you, and a horrible smell has the power to completely stop you in your tracks. You don’t have to be a genius to understand that if something smells bad then it’s because it most likely is bad. The same with your sense of sight and your sixth sense. We often hear the saying “go with your gut listen to what your gut is telling you” just like the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf that was pretending to be the grandmother. This is a gnostic story about how looks can be very deceiving, and one must always listen to their “gut feeling” one must always listen to their sixth sense. 
For me I have always found it very easy to consult with my sixth sense. Telepathy is not far away at all, I am confident of this. Steve the video you made about children in school staring at tiny screens and having the eyesight of a 50 year old as a result- This video really has sat with me and on the question of human telepathy, it seems that practice is really all it takes for us to develop telepathy- I remember reading online about how a woman communicated telepathically with her dog, the dog was injured if I remember correctly and the dog communicated with the woman by telepathy, and it led her to the exact location where it had been injured, so it seems that we speak to animals telepathically all the time, source led me to books about animism which is the traditional religion of remote tribal communities in places like Papua New Guinea. 
Animism is the belief that animals hold spirits. The native American tradition was also very much the same and we all know that their attunement was exceptionally high one of the most advanced cultures on this planet as source said in Conversations With God cwg. I was looking at a book called “when animals were people” the book was about culture of the Kalahari bushmen one of the world’s oldest surviving cultures they probably lived in that region for hundreds of thousands of years probably several million years and how this ties in with what you said about how those that wish to use existence here for carnal activities start to reincarnate into lower and lower lifeforms. 
So it seems that the biophysics of certain animals is what enables us to communicate with then telepathically. When you mentioned how the body is a modified hominid, dogs especially wolves are probably one of our closest ancestors. This is most likely the reason why telepathy with dogs is the easiest for us, because the biophysics of dogs is the closest to our biophysics. The dog is often called man’s best friend. Dogs are very close to us biologically and metaphysically when dogs were developed in the chain of creation. This is probably the last sort of major milestone. 
When we look at the brain it’s a very complex organ and the reason why we are very limited in our ability to communicate telepathically, might be because the brain is accustomed to speech and a very cluttered lifestyle. When we look at the book by the Kalahari bushmen called “When animals were people” there was probably a time when we would communicate telepathically with all sorts of animals. We know that the brain is indeed affected by all of the kinds of stimuli. When we look at all the chemicals and toxins in food and all the toxins in the air we breathe. 
Also the electromagnetic energy streams coming from what we tune into things like parasitic astral attachments these things can affect the brain in all sorts of ways electromagnetism and the electromagnetic spectrum is a very useful key that explains a great deal. The word “attention” and the word “antenna” once again it is no coincidence that both of these words are extremely similar.
When we think of an antenna we think of a radio antenna tuning into different frequencies so when we practice introspection when we think we are tuning into different frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum it’s not easy it takes practice just like source said in cwg repetition produces recognition. When we look at the phrase “critical thinking” we think of a critter a critter is a very small creature so when one does critical thinking they must take into account all the tiniest details just like a teacher mentioned when I was in a school assembly “leave no stone unturned, take nothing at face value”. 
Source told me that those selfish spirits you mentioned are able to drain us of chi or what some would call prana or lifeforce, and they are able to choose what to do with it and when for instance we might have thoughts of lethargy or we might be reading a blog online and all of a sudden we are struggling to focus, we are struggling to read the blog, our perception is being wobbled by the lowly parasitic psychic attachments that have latched onto us. 
And they lose vast amounts of energy, they lose vast amounts of lifeforce when they do this, and the best way to deal with these selfish spirits is to simply not pay attention to them don’t give them the time of day. What they rely on is getting a reaction out of us. They want us to satisfy their needs. Some say they are much like astral wildlife. Not all of them. Keep in mind some are highly sophisticated and very dangerous things like mindlessness in popular TV shows. These things appeal to gullible people and create a fertile ground for these lowly parasitic entities., These selfish spirits are able to gain a foothold in the individual. 
So when we are not paying attention we are unconsciously consenting to all sorts of things without us realising. Steve when you said Laymans Gnosis is a sleigh ride through a magical forest I really didn’t have the slightest clue just how enjoyable an experience it would be. I was watching your YouTube video like a hawk when you said the words “what are you”? I automatically experienced a surge of internal ecstasy, the electricity of my body was jolted, I thought to myself he must be referring to something else altogether- there’s no way he’s about to answer the question of “what exactly is a human being?”. Once again Steve I can never thank you enough you have transformed my life, I’m currently waiting for my Kundalini Rise to finish before I properly invest myself into really making Lay Gnosis take off and take flight. 

Wow.  What a wonderful answer Adam. Source is telling me I can do telepathy as I read your note. So perhaps I am just too habituated to verbalising and speaking. I certainly did telepathy as a child then lost it with maturation hormones. And pursuing the original question, must you be nearby to what you sense in another person/creature ? Can you find out what the stranded Tasmanian  whales are feeling and thinking? It traumatises us humans as it seems like mass suicide. Global headlines. And you are saying its possibly an off planet influence that causes the whales to suicide ? No wonder the materialist explanation eludes us.

Your essay gives me great food for thought and it will be instructive to others.

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