Natural born Gnostic Adam in the UK provides a useful opinion piece on some of the difficulties Julie Green experiences explaining the metaphysical significance of the implications of Christ’s death in light of her censored bible.

In the Afterword I provided some background about how Julie Green, bible proponent, is hampered by religious censorship from way back in 325 AD. Nicea.

Here Adam UK, provides commentary.

Indeed I couldn’t possibly agree more. And even modern science with the knowledge of electricity and the nature of electricity, and with all the great breakthroughs and knowledge we have of electromagnetism and electrical engineering,  and the study of computer science having reached heights never before possible, 

modern science STILL doesn’t even entertain the idea that physical death/ or rather the illusion of physical death can be explained with modern science because it’s basically electromagnetism in action. 

I am not the ideal person to explain exactly the science behind how this works it’s outside of my limits of cognitive ability. 

But I’m sure it can be done and there is no shortage of people out there who can explain the science of the illusion of death. 

It is indeed a most fascinating subject and thing to study. 

And just like you once said “controlled science is holding us back 100 years”. 

One of the biggest psychological barriers that causes people to not be able to accept the idea that reincarnation is real, is that reincarnation on its own STILL doesn’t answer the question of What are we?

And Secondly people CANNOT accept that what we are is divine and in our very core native form we are made of and consist of the very substance of God, the very spirit and essence of God, is what we are made of and thus what we are. 

Just like source told me during K rise “What you are is a young version of ME, you are the me that doesn’t yet fully know and understand that it is ME”

And the very purpose of life is to have a conduit, a mechanism, a material world for us to be able to have the experience of experiencing ourselves as what we are.

And this is only possible if we are in a state of amnesia and DO NOT remember what we are. 

So we can constantly live and have the ecstatic experience of REMEMBERING what we are. This is the very Purpose of Life Itself. 

And Layman’s Gnosis is one of the very very few means that we have to not only know God directly (and very very quickly almost instantly). 

But to also know the answer to the question of What are we? 

The nature of consciousness is very easy to understand for a natural gnostic such as myself.

And the fact that I have autism means that I am already someone who is overly meticulous when it comes to understanding stuff (Especially esoteric/mystical stuff).

So naturally I find it very easy to know and understand what Consciousness is and the nature of consciousness. 

But sadly this isn’t the case for most people and they get caught in a trap of not being able to properly understand what exactly consciousness is, and that WE ARE CONSCIOUSNESS. 

We are natural creative beings, we are consciousness, and thus we are “divinity in human form” as was said by God in the books “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsh. 

Accepting that we are “Divinity in human form” is too good to be true for almost all people. Because most (almost all people) have never experienced gnosis (for a whole list of reasons, a really long list of reasons). 

Because of the way our societies are set up with extreme materialism. And because people invest almost no time at all into introspection and meditation. 

And because Gnosis never was something of very big significance in recent human history. Because Gnosis never took off, gnosis never really had it’s golden age to be able to make it’s mark in human history and human civilization. 

And also because people have been very carefully and consistently taught for a very long time. To be naturally suspicious and naturally weary of “all things Supernatural and all things Mystical”. 

The nature of what we are (which is consciousness) is very esoteric stuff it’s not something that people can find easy to understand and accept. 

The overwhelming majority of people are not particularly bright people (with all due respect to them). 

And they find it extremely hard to be able to put their prejudices and societal and cultural conditioning to one side. 

They find it very hard to look at something and study something from a psychologically and spiritually and emotionally impartial perspective. 

And I can understand perfectly well how God is basically stuck in a wedge, or stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

Because he has no choice but to play ball with both the masses, and with the great religions which the masses adhere to.

Because he wants to get through to them (because he wants the best for them).

But he cannot mobilise them and properly get their undivided attention (most of them at least) without using biblical prophecy and biblical doctrine and text to present himself to them.

This is especially the case for the comical 60 million strong US southern bible belt. No mortal worth entertaining has any chance of changing their minds , only God stands a real chance at changing their minds. With all due respect to them, God bless them ☺️.

It’s a wonderful email you have sent me Steve, source has got my attention and got me to read the email, and has given me a perfect response email to write to you. 

Please do get back to me and please do feel free to add this email into the Lay gnosis Blog. 

Many thanks,

Yours sincerely,

Adam in UK. 

Notice Adams report ending – God triggered this discussion by nudging him to compose an inspired reply. Very similar to Julie Green at 4 am don’t you think ? Receiving messages and writing them down ?


From the blued statement Julie finishes the prophecy message and moves into her elaboration and preaching session.

Now, as you know, I will go back over this word, but I want to read something to you. 

Both God and Julie are required by history and practicality of the 60 million strong southern bible belt to adhere to the bible as its preserved from ancient times to narrate us thru the Endtime. Which is NOW. End of Tyranny that is The Fall of the evil One World Order.

We could bear in mind that material was removed from the Bible in 325 AD at the Council of Nicea. One theme removed was any references to reincarnation, so that people concluded we physically die once, have a long sleep in the grave and one final day we are all resurrected and judged. So it was kept very simple.

But there is today on the near miracle of the Internet particularly Youtube, abundant physical evidence supporting reincarnation. For example medical Dr Ian Stevenson in Sri Lanka collected 2000 reports of reincarnation which he published. Small children report they had another set of parents and display physical birthmarks from a physical wound that killed them in their previous life. It seems to be that the standard memory blanking process before birth, is damaged, by their overly violent death, and thus a previous life and violent death are remembered by infants. Many of these stories are confirmed after the other parents are contacted and the infant recognises his old family and they recognise the infant.

So Julie and God are both required to adhere to an edited simplified inadequate bible. Created by early Nicean editors doing their best.

On top of that, this author has personally experienced and made videos about, CONTACT with two different deceased individuals, irrefutable repeating evidence that physical death is the most carefully crafted, most convincing illusion in our physical existence. Which raises the question what else could be carefully crafted illusion ? 

One is tempted to guess maybe some or much, or most or all of our existence here is a magnificently created illusion. We all have the divine spark (the potential of knowing the Holy Spirit) even the Bible says that 2 Corinthians 7-11.Amplified. And having the divine spark, a piece of God, we are given the illusion of autonomy which convinces us we exist, so that God, the divine spark can enjoy a myriad exhilarating permutations of consciousness meeting consciousness dressed up as many different people who are convinced they really exist. They think physical death exists and naturally dread it for self preservational reasons.

So in this mostly under examined reality, we have Julie Green today valiantly trying to explain the significance of the crucifixion and the meaning of Christs death. Its so hard to explain when death is really only the most convincing illusion to start with. Now Julie, God bless her, her explanation here today is a preacher’s parade of smoke and mirrors and guilt tripping and crazy inverted reasoning and philosophical ambush and theocratic attitude and she believes in one physical death and the long sleep and far future judgment.

So personally, my advice is anyone can get to know God directly in a state of Gnosis, that is knowing the Holy spirit.

No books or study or knowledge are necessary for Laymans Gnosis.

And one can directly converse with Head Office, one can adopt any version of the complex Jesus death story that pleases you, OR bypass the death of Jesus seeing it as an unwanted baffling complication, or anything in between. Select your own metaphor. Both approaches work for any person in a state of Gnosis. And that’s the goal —to replace religions with every person having direct connection to God that wishes it. That’s the Harvest.

One can well understand why God is firmly campaigning against religious and legalistic thinking. Its a manmade mess to be discarded. 

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