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Lay Gnosis 61 Adam UK Question about Marxism and also how Layman’s gnosis goes a long way in increasing the discernment levels of people

When we look at how Marxism is all about engineering a non thinking populace that automatically goes accepts and goes along with whatever they see in front of them. When we look at how laziness and a complete lack of creativity and industriousness is really the cornerstone of Marxist ideology. When we look at how nihilism and Marxism and atheism go directly hand in hand. 
Marxists talk about how there is no such thing as group differences there is no such thing as one individual performing better than another more gifted or more talented than another. Marxist idealogy is essentially saying that the health and wellbeing of a human being living under the state and the health and well being of a brick at a construction site is of equal value that is literally Marxism summarised in a single sentence. 
Marx talked about how all those who are unable to master the new conditions of life would be holocausted. Marxism and European civilisation are like two mega giants that are clashing, Marxism is completely incompatible with western civilization the same with nihilism, when we look at how the cultivation of creativity and industriousness and individuality is the backbone of European civilisation and how Marxism calshes not just with western civilization but also with humanity itself and all things human. When we look at how civilization would not have been built if it wasn’t for a population that has industriousness and nobility as it’s very way of life. Just like you said Steve Euro civilization surpasses all others and it would be an even greater crime against humanity than even mongols did if this civilization was wiped out if Europe went extinct it would be a disaster for humanity. 
No other part of the planet values and acknowledges human nature and human health and well being more than Europe and European civilisation when we look at other parts of the planet they really are a living hell when compared to Europe as other civilisations in the world simply do not acknowledge human nature anywhere near as much as Europe. 
Hence why the migration patterns are very obviously pointing to Europe everybody wants to come to Europe the entire planet wants to enjoy the Disneyland lifestyle of Europe just like you said. The very people who are most eager to turn Europe into a carbon copy of the middle east are the very same people who don’t want to live on any part of the planet other than Europe but at the same time they despise European civilisation  philosophy and cultural values.  And it was the European Soviet Union wrote a secret letter to Saudi Arabia to build hundreds of mosques all over Europe. Many of them are empty. Sometimes in Country areas where nobody lives. It was the Loony Marxists of the EU who can only destroy things, who engineered this.

So it is in humanity’s best interests to go to great lengths to preserve Europe and everything that symbolises Europe as other civilisations in the world can also be uplifted to the same level of Europe if they adopt European values and culture by bringing in huge hoards of people who are clinging onto a stone age style philosophy and way of life this will only cause Europe to be completely drowned and dragged down and eventually cause Europe to disappear completely. 
Which would probably be the greatest crime against humanity in recent human history. It’s very obvious why millions are not migrating to places like the middle east or central Africa, it’s because these civilisations are nowhere near as developed and as advanced as Europe as their philosophy and culture and way of life is one that does not acknowledge human nature that denies and is at at war with human nature. 
When we look at Marxism and nihilism and communism and capitalism and Christianity and Islam all 6 of these ideologies are from the middle east they are from a desert kingdom that everybody happens to be aware of. 
You talked about quite  possibly the bloodiest century in human history the 20th century and how by importing the entire middle east into Europe we are essentially asking for the 20th century to be repeated possibly an unlimited number of times a perpetual Soviet Union, The E.U. is effectively a carbon copy of the Soviet Union it is almost identical. Nobody wakes up in the morning and says I wish I was in a freezing hellhole gulag nobody says that nobody feels the need to experience that and yet people don’t understand that’s exactly what’s being pushed for as we speak it is already in full swing. 

Serious Push back against Marxist Globalism has occurred such that its on the run. On the wane.And the lefties are losing so much they are getting seriously desperate.

Major anti marxist conservative traditional values were brought back with a vengeance with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. Brexit is nearly finalised and the lefty fifth column BBC that hates everything British is being finally taken down bigtime with licence fees being abolished soon and its going to a subscription model where people just wont watch marxist hate programs funded by the taxpayer, because the funding stops. And Nigel Farage is starting a new TV channel run by normal people. (Not marxists)

Good Hatchet job on BBC below

So what’s wrong with the BBC ? Its infiltrated by University trained Marxists who are imbued with self hate. Marxism appeals to young naive people. Weak people. At first sight it seems to readily answer questions. It even fooled gifted economist Thomas Sowell. But then he grew up and realised he had been “had” Late 20s. The basic flaw of Marxism is that it doesn’t understand human nature. Marx was never friends with any workers. He ran away from them. He hated workers. They weren’t qualified to have opinions contradicting him ! They didn’t have philosophy degrees like himself, he maligned them. So he himself was the petty burgeoisie that he despised so much ! Actually spent most of his life borrowing money off aristocrats and his relatives. Always lived way beyond his means. Couldn’t manage his own personal finances. So how can we listen to his crackpot economic theories that didnt work ? He predicted that because of their oppression globally workers would soon rise up and decapitate company owners everywhere, Jewish banks would rush in and buy everything at 10 cents in the dollar. His theory would run the world and oppression would be over replaced with the Utopian workers paradise. Well that prediction totally failed. WW1 came along and people fought and died for political and territorial goals. Homeland stuff. So the Frankfurt Institute 1923 organised the Long March thru the Institutions to infiltrate every University, school,and areas of “science” including the BBC national broadcasters and media. They also control book publishing which is Marx and Freud and Einstein being created literary “greats” by the Zionist controlled entire publishing world See Christopher Jon Bjerknes

And the other turning point was that the disaster of the Soviet Union was so appalling, even French intellectuals couldn’t defend it, so they invented Post Modernism in the 60s.. So called critical theory which is essentially deconstructing everything at university and criminalising people’s natural behaviours. Natural Territoriality was criminalised as “racism”. Yet its in all of our DNA. Anyone disagrees with the left is a Bigot. A long list of invented false crimes isms and phobias the Cultural Marxists have invented, to pathologise opponents.

One aspect of Marxism/ Post modernism is that its only contrarianism turning common sense on its head. Contrarianism just to remain in conflict with conservatives. And the left is busily eating itself because its so devoted to conflict. An example would be the left clamoured supporting Martin Luther king in the 60s to stop segregation and discrimination on the grounds of skin colour……….. so laudable everyone thought.

But now the Left want to repeal equal rights legislation in California and reintroduce segregation in colleges etc. YES Black colleges only . Black dormitories etc. A complete reversal of Martin Luther Kings preaching. That’s how contrarianism ultimately destroys itself. Tim Poole is hopping mad about this

So left wing campaigning is change (progressivism) for its own sake to gain power, which translates to destruction of things that work. All things. The true problem being anger in many disaffected individuals coupled with being gullible.

And Marx himself never practiced any of his own preachings, exposed rather well by Stefan Molyneux

Lay Gnosis Lay Gnosis question

Lay Gnosis question on the origin of Anthropology

Steve you mentioned anthropology I would like to ask what is it all about?. When we look at anthropology the first thing that comes to mind is the study of human societies and human culture. Tell me more about the origins of anthropology is it a Marxist invention?. I have very much enjoyed all of this video on your YouTube channel toy really haven’t the slightest clue just how much of a positive impact that you have had on my life.

You have empowered me immeasurably and inspired me to practice service to others as much as possible just like source said in cwg life is a process of constant creation not a process of reenactment and a life lived by chance is a life of unconscious reenactment a life lived by choice is a life of conscious action.

After they married their women into British aristocracy over centuries they invented the Study of Man. Anthropology is indeed a Marxist invention. Romans complained they produced obviously fake Greek literature and just weren’t up to the task. Jeered at them Anthropology is weaponised “science” It’s psychological warfare against everybody else. Done by a single ethnic group that is fearful toward the rest of humanity. With such a fancy name it has a scientific air to it. So you don’t think to question it. Its very similar to Psychology which is not really a science at all either, and they go to some lengths by importing spreadsheets and statistics to make it seem like a science. So unsurprisingly it was invented by the same ethnic group. Sigmund Freud. He only saw his own ethnic group in Vienna and saddled the world with Freudian psychology which is based on jewish sexual genital potty hang ups which don’t exist in western societies. Its their own perverted religious priesthood that installs these hangups in young jewish people. Part of training to become a rabbi at one yeshiva included peering thru a knot hole at senior rabbis on the toilet. There is a book on this. A damned good read. By Michael Hoffman. Judaism Discovered.

Now a free PDF download

Wonderful book. Takes a while to read. Months to digest.

Hoffman explains that Judaism inverts the ten commandments including the golden rule, and essentially they practice self worship. They have no official policy on afterlife. And there are Atheist rabbis. They still do animal sacrifice and pedophilia is a religious privilege. Very high rate of pedophilia in the NY jewish community. And they particularly hate Christians and Christ. Talmud boils Jesus in excrement. Even today jewish Sarah Silverman unfunny comedian says she would crucify Christ again if he returned. Brother Nathaniel says clearly her problem is due to 2000 yrs of inbreeding.

Much of the Talmud is about how to do disservice to others and religious services that absolve them of any crime against gentiles.

So anyway longterm, western science slowly discredited Freudian psychology as not a science but a personality cult. A religion worshipping a living person. One of its greatest defects was pointed out by CS Lewis. That Freudian Psychology could explain anything. It had explanations for the presence and absence of anything. And that is the Karl Poppa definition of a RELIGION. He advises A scientific theory must have limitations. Things it cant explain. Things where the theory doesn’t apply. it must be Falsifiable.That is science.

But still we are lumbered with Freudian psychology today in popular parlance and literature. Anal retentiveness, genital fixation, castration complex, penis envy. All of them based on young jewish people being preyed upon by their sexual predator Rabbis which insisted on supervising girls menstruations, inspecting their panties etc. Complex religious rules they had on how to sleep with an erection, the right posture and direction etc. There was a 50 page tract produced by one rabbi on the religious implications of the shade of red of girls menstrual blood in their panties. That’s why young jewish girls were so deeply troubled going to see Sigmund Freud and a sick psychology was invented.

Anthropology was invented by the same group. in the 1890s I believe. Just like Sigmund Freud. As a weapon against the rest of the world. Margaret Mead was a leading proponent pushing the Noble Savage idea., to encourage self loathing in western people to fulfill their Marxist world domination plan. Your BBC is infiltrated by Marxists and that’s why there is currently controversey over Nationalist Songs like Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory. The marxists in the BBC are English people who attended University and were brainwashed with marxism which translates to hating everything British. British History. British achievements etc. I hope the controversey gets hotter, so the more quickly the BBC is done away with, the better .

As usual the Marxists don’t know history at all

Australian ABC is identical. Totally staffed by sneering marxists accusing everyone else of Racism Xenophobia Bigotry white supremacy and lionising the Noble Savage etc And we all pay taxes to be abused by these onscreen people who hate everything about us. Universities preach self hatred. They learn all that in Marxist University courses. That’s why most of the worlds media is Marxist. All journalists go to Uni.

Evolutionary psychology, another pseudopsychology, was totally invented by the same ethnic group. They promote the absurd notion that there are 72 genders as if its a scientific fact. And they promote transexualism and homosexuality. LGBTQ etc Anything to lower the birthrate of the western world. It is in fact attempted genocide.

On the Character of Karl Marx
Never practised what he preached and was a verbally violent philosophical bully. Was anti semitic- always in debt to jewish moneylenders, and had no personal contact with the poor people opinion leaders (workers) that he polemicised against. YES he hated workers. Was the petty bourgeousie that he so much despised, forever hobnobbing with aristocrats from whom he was always borrowing money, while criticising capitalism for exploitation. Failed his only 1 job application because of his illegible handwriting. (Railway Clerk) Had a live- in housekeeper for her whole life. Never paid her a dime. While railing against capitalist exploitation of workers. Got her pregnant, and disowned the child and got his benefactor friend Engels to pretend HE was the father.

Good background intro on Marx

And Brother Nathaniel Genetic jew who became a Christian has intimate knowledge of jewish “philosophies” about hating Christ etc and openly denounces them. Is a very cogent speaker.

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