Ousting Trangenderism using Workplace Safety Rules in Classrooms

Enforce occupational health and safety rules to oust the Transgender Suicide Cult from classrooms.

In our certified ultra safe workplace classrooms, where chalk dust is banned in favour of white boards, asbestos is removed at any cost, Lead free paint is mandatory, fire alarms, extinguishers, fire doors and fire drills exist to preserve human life, its plain crazy and seriously and legally  WRONG to allow the classroom workers, teachers, to proliferate the Transgender suicide cult. Where are our Industrial safety inspectors WTF ? Don`t know why this has never occurred to legal eagles and activists. But it`s about bloody time.

In Australian Newspapers currently Daily Telegraph Sydney

Sunday 1st March.

Gun Control Australia President, Peter Grove  said loaded firearms and shooting ranges on campuses were an unnecessary risk for students and teachers. Maybe.  We need to be consistent he said, guns don`t belong there. Schools are meant to be really safe places. Consistency eh ? So why don`t we outlaw the   Transgender suicide cult from schools ? In the holy name of safety. Transgender suicide is ca 40-50pc. A lot more than guns.

Layman’s take on this issue.

Little Johnny goes to school and is convinced by Marxist teachers he suffers “gender dysphoria” Being obedient and compliant   he agrees and begins  hormone therapy leading to transgender surgery and some years later, suicides.

Questions arise-

Did the teachers advise little Johnny of the very elevated suicide risk?

I’ll bet they didn`t. So the teachers and education department have breached their duty of care.

Would little Johnny even understand suicide at his tender age ? I think NOT.

And does he have the intellectual and emotional equipment to make such a grave decision?

For Activists and legal eagles this must surely be a serious legal foothold

Funny how Suicide  (S)  doesn’t appear in the LGBT series as “just another lifestyle:” option. No duty of disclosure  ?

Corona update    Post corona schoolrooms to be disinfected daily, ostensibly to preserve life, while still running the LGBT Transgender Suicide cult with a 40-50 pc death rate WTH ? Also running in Sydney Australia. Workplace safety regulations should be enforced to prevent suicide cults from being run inside safe work area classrooms Am I the only one joining the dots ?

          Steve Trueblue


I`m shotgunning as many activists as I can think of with this idea. Tommy Robinson in particular. His anti Transgender video was taken down in a few hours. He has his own legal team. I am hoping to plant this simple idea using existing established Industrial Safety Law to oust transgenderism from pre-schools, schools and Universities. 3 birds with one stone. The solution lies in sueing Industrial Insurance companies for neglect causing suicide. So please spread this idea and kick it around. We need to start a loud twitter conversation about it. If lawyers see profit sueing insurance companies then it will happen big-time. This kind of anti marxist pushback could take place in 10 countries at once. Could be a landslide anti marxist event. for all of the conservative Mums and Dads who don`t know what to do. I have even tweeted Donald Trumps son who hates SJWs

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