Pet videos trigger your most Godlike behaviour

Steve Trueblue

That rush of affection you feel is a clue to how YOU are regarded when you awaken into a state of Lay Gnosis after your divine spark is activated.  Upwellings of biochemical bliss into your physiology occur. Sometimes into your most secret places…… You are literally being stroked by God. As a newborn. It occurs in a daily drip feed so as not to alarm you, and get you drunk on pure affection, which pours itself all over you, gradually, over months. Get used to it. Its a life sentence. 


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2 thoughts on “Pet videos trigger your most Godlike behaviour

  1. Esses são exemplos de meios de marketing do dedo.

    “These are examples of means of finger marketing”

    You have missed the point.
    This is NOT religion.
    Pointed buildings, and faith, are unnecessary. Do not work.

    This is GNOSIS.
    Direct contact with God.
    With immediate physical evidence.
    Vivid messaging night dreams.
    Physical signals to prove it is not your imagination.
    Internal mentoring voice.
    Expect key words to be typed into your mindseye
    Takes only 20 minutes. Free.

  2. Did you ever make comments under my videos ? I don`t know you yet, at all.
    Are you on Facebook ? Tell me about yourself a little bit.
    My story is that while I made 600 videos with 14 million views and 11,000 subscribers my videos literally saved lives with the first videos on Youtube on the subject of reversing Diabetic Neuropathy with a very simple cheap unknown medicine, Benfotiamine, which extends diabetic lifespan by up to 20 yrs. My other favourite video with 800,000 views is Reversing Dementia with Coconut Oil in an 85 yr old. That video receives commendations daily still, from people whose lives I have boosted. Big Pharma hates it and has feathered the view count. All those years since 1995 I have been Gnostic and advertised it in almost every video at the BEGIN. You likely missed it. Like most people. I was asked to do this. Began the videos 12 yrs ago. And my wife is Muslim, and you didn`t enjoy my blog article connecting people`s deep affection for dogs with the behaviour of God. Because in the Twitter posting by James Woods, numerous people connect their dogs behaviour with god, the unshakeable loyalty of dogs is renowned and considered Godlike. So what part of this idea, don`t you like ?
    And did you see the adjacent blogpage How to dream of Jeannie in 7 days

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