Christianity Judaism and Gnosis and Zionism

Unusual fellow Youtube moniker Narrow raises some issues worthy of discussion
It began under my video `Ousting Transgenderism by enforcing Workplace Safety Rules.

Unusual status is announced in the first line
NARROW writes

@Steve Trueblue I am a Jew but I’m not Jewish I am a Christian I know that my brothers and sisters for a long time I’ve been trying to take over the world because they believe in Zionism Rothschild is a Jew he just changed his name as many of them dead when they started Hollywood interesting I had no idea this was going on until you sent me the article so they’re trying to convert our money into digital currency probably because the money that’s currently on the market is worth noting and the world’s economy is going to collapse no matter what we do but if they can change it I could see how this could save their necks. I knew something was up when Trump said that he made a deal with the Federal Reserve you don’t make deals with the Federal Reserve the Jews have on that for a very long time we should have voted that into Treasury and taken out of their hands but they have so much power it’s very hard to take it away the last one who tried to got his head blown off whenever we’ve had a Corona in our Hospital they’ve transferred them somewhere else instead of allowing them to stay here interesting I know the coronavirus has existed forever there’s dozens of versions of the virus I know it’s a real virus something for me to think on understand not all Jews are like these people most of us despise what these Zionist bastards are doing thank you for the information

Steve True blue 
Under my other videos with content critical of jewish behaviour and history he voiced some displeasure at what seemed to be over-the-top emphasis on this subject, though its just a collection of what has been said and observed over centuries.
Here is a reply I penned to him. Its my take on this `elephant in the room`

To @NARROW Done your history studies with admirable thoroughness. Marines Tripoli Barbary Coast etc been there done that. I was awakened to the holy spirit in your parlance in about 1995.
Was euphoric floating around all day in the arms of God. Surrounded by sleepwalkers, the unborn, who think they are awake. Soaring and great upwellings of biochemical bliss were rudely interrupted after only 3 weeks. Mr G suddenly messaged me in a very nasty tone about a subject I had no interest in whatsoever. Had ignored it. All my life. It ruined my whole day. The message was That the Holocaust was a giant lying hoax.  Errr… What ? was my reply. What ? So I dutifully began  collecting information on that subject. And in that I found some jewish heroes. Christopher Jon Bjerkenes, Brother Nathaniel, Gilad Atzmon, Norman Finklestein who in  the 60s invented the phrase `Holocaust Industry` So the H event sort of ruined my awakening kinda like a murder at my wedding. The good times did return. But I was nudged around the NET to find and collect and study things. While routinely connecting people to Mr G in 20 minutes at Vastly enjoying that. So I was awakened a little more with every discovery and the information proved very explanatory toward puzzling things. Thrown out of 109 countries, before I came along, I have made videos apologising for them. My explanation is that we are all born into captivity and thus we grow up tame. The same way many wild animals can be raised in a human home like lions who adopt humans as their parents. Our tameness enables our civilisation to flourish. We trust people in the queue at MacDonalds not to eat us. But not all animals can be domesticated. Like Wolves cannot be raised in captivity. Its in their genes. Too savage they are. Similarly not all breeds of human can be completely domesticated and be relaxed and happy surrounded by a herd of people. They suffer a little bit of residual feral fear. Anxiety. Jewish Bro Nathaniel reports most jews take PROZAC because of their anxiety their fear. Which is inherited due to their inbreeding. So they identify themselves in Israel as having proven genetic predispositions to some 25 serious disorders. Aspergers, autism, Crohns, diabetes, schizophrenia. And ANXIETY which is the psychobabble word for FEAR. So surprisingly, what may have got them thrown out of 109 countries could just be lack of a decent tranquiliser. So a solution to jewish anxiety about living amongst a herd of different people, which alters their behaviour adversely, may be solved with better pharmaceuticals. So that`s ONE explanation. Hope it helps.

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