Lay Gnosis Feedback 14 Adam UK OBEs

Steve I would like to say that all throughout my life I have been experiencing falling sensations during my sleep I would feel like I am falling off a building and I would wake up in the middle of the night and feel my body hitting the mattress of the bed. When I would use listen to meditation music and mantras I would feel my whole body vibrating and once again it seems that it’s the fear of falling that would cause me to be unable to have a fully fledged conscious OBE. Once again we really do live in a society that doesn’t acknowledge any of these things I would always wonder to myself why my limbs would all of a sudden twitch at a very very fast speed during my sleep and once again after coming across truebluehealer I would find myself being led to books like the book called “the body electric” and just like that just like you said Lay Gnosis is indeed a sleigh ride through a magical forest it’s incredible just how good source is at answering our questions, source communicates with us all the time during our dream state but it’s because we are dumbed down by the food we eat and the vaccines in our body, and what we are being shown on TV and on mass media platforms. I would always have dreams of finding myself in an otherworldly setting as if I am on a completely different planet altogether and just like that I would understand that this reality is not what most people believe it is. It’s definitely no coincidence that dreams are not being acknowledged in the society we live in the culture we live in. 

Very interesting!  You are OBEing in sleep. I have the height problem too. One of my favourite places is Grand Canyon where the Coyote falls a mile to the canyon floor. I have actually been there it really is a mile deep and causes one giddiness peering over the edge.  Its natural fear of heights that one must learn to suspend somehow  to remain in the OBE. Could try typing the question into Google.

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