Lay Gnosis Feedback 16 Adam UK- Internal native voice

Regarding what you mentioned about the metaphor of how source sees mankind as something like a beloved pet

Steve, when Astral Boo Baby said we are ascending in 5d and that we are able to feel this I couldn’t agree more when I am walking outside i am able to feel like I am a million feet tall I am able to feel like there is an earthquake that is about to happen at any moment so yes indeed the earth is a living thing.

And nature is what we are in our native form as was said by gaia earth. So it seems that time is indeed just a local phenomenon that is decoded by the mind, the brain tries it’s best to understand what is going on it tries to interpret reality and present reality to us in a way that we will be able to comprehend. 

So when events happen in the astral it takes a bit of time for it to trickle down and reach earth, of only the sleepwalkers understood the shear scale of what they are in their true form. When we look at mountains for instance it gives off massive amounts of majesty the same goes for when we look at birds and animals so the human being already knows exactly what it is in its true form. 

Steve when you said source sees us as something like a beloved pet this is the perfect metaphor when we look at human history it becomes very obvious the shear power of fear. When you said because our attunement is so low and our barbarism is so gross E.T.s see us as a planet of the apes and when you mentioned that lost gnostic civilization now during k rise I am seeing all of this information fall into place perfectly. Now during this worldwide ascension it becomes very obvious how source looks at us source was enjoying himself thoroughly the entire time watching his beloved pet ?lol so for tens of thousands of years probably a lot longer  the evolution of mankind has been delayed and source was watching from a third person perspective just like source told me during that divine spark from tbh I am watching you literally through all the objects around you there is nowhere you can go where I cannot see you, you have no privacy.  So from the perspective of source watching mankind is an incredibly enjoyable experience but from our perspective looking at human history it was an incredibly brutally painful experience it was an incomprehensably painful experience just like source said in cwg “knowing is a divine state” lol?. Steve you really did put it perfectly when you said you can only look at all the sleepwalkers and weep for them living in a bad dream!????

When we look at books about Australian Aboriginals “living the dream” in Australia’s desert this is really just source telling us that when you practice introspection when you are not distracted, you will be able to understand the sheer power of thought when you have complete mental silence and mental tranquility you will understand this very easily. When we look at planet earth from the perspective of outer space it becomes very obvious just how vast the world is and the sheer power of thought sometimes you wonder do most people not have an imagination? Do they have no mind’s eye do they have no ability to visualise anything? How are they unable to understand what they are?

When you said Lay Gnosis is a sleigh ride through a magical forest and that it’s an experience that lasts two years and cannot be repeated and that most people will be unable to download all of the information in one go and that this doesn’t apply to everybody for instance myself. A natural born Gnostic. I was able to download the information very quickly and just like you said he hangs on every word you speak it’s truly incredible how people struggle to understand what lies inside them. 

When we look at a forest it’s an incredibly majestic sight it’s unbelievably vast and just like when you look at society the idea that we are separate from each other and that we live in separate houses is just an illusion just like when we look at different planets and alien races the idea that they are far away from us and separate from us is just an illusion just like rows of houses on a street it’s the exact same thing with the cosmos and different planets.

When physical death happens it’s not even death at all just like when someone leaves their house and goes to somebody else’s house the idea that that person has died is just an illusion they know exactly where their house is they can come back any time they like and there are many houses out there there are many realities out there the idea that planet earth is the only planet in all of existence is just an illusion it’s an insane idea. 

Adam you mention Aboriginal people leading a quiet simple life can actually be ahead of us in attunement.

LAY GNOSIS activates your TRIBAL VOICE as in Yothu Yindi


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