Lay Gnosis 77 Electric Explanation of Dragons

Transcript here people. Drink it in.

All of this Electric Universe stuff is wonderfully stimulating while being the bread and butter of an electrical engineer like myself. Its not so clear to non electrical people. I spent years learning and being examined on the complex relationships og alternating electric currents, resonance and tuned Resistor Inductor (L) Capacitor circuits. Its actually a philosophy and a complex way of thought that baffles most people yet makes all things electronic work. Phones Computers to Satellites. people doing this trade/profession are well versed in Operator J notation which are renamed Imaginary numbers based on the square root of Minus One. Just that is a 12 month course in itself. So electric people readily gravitate to Andy Halls rewriting of modern Geology where he shows us established Electric Patterns in landmarks that no one else has ever noticed. This is a thrilling sleigh ride. Compellingly his theories work on other planets and moons providing simple electrical explanations for such things as hexagonal shaped craters caused by lightning and the masive Valles Marineris on Mars the 4000km Valley. His challenge to conventional Geology is very energetic and direct as geology based on Charles Lyell ,who inspired Darwin to believe that things only change over vast periods of time and Biblical cataclysms never really happened. Charles Lyell hated the bible. Andy Hall says OH YES they did and points out much evidence for this. Exciting writer/ narrator he is, as well as a professional Engineer designing Power Transmission lines.

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